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  • February 2013 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    industry Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes It s not until something goes wrong or someone has a near miss that questions are raised and solutions are sought to areas of non compliance In an effort to assist gas users Gas Safe are offering a cost effective site safety walk package for a limited period of time We are able to visit your site and undertake a site safety walk with your operational and safety personnel to identify areas of non compliance and provide guidance as to how the organisation can work safely with compressed gas cylinders and or cryogenic liquids Your staff will be able to ask our highly trained professional industry experts about key gas safety issues on your site and seek advice about areas of concern After the site visit we will provide an overview report that identifies areas of non compliance and provides practical safety advice Due to the success of our Site Safety Walk initiative we continue to offer this service on a cost only basis until the end of December 2013 Our fees will simply be travel and any overnight accommodation expenses and a L50 fee for the post visit report If you d

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  • October 2012 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    any gas which is deliberately breathed or inadvertently released into a confined space such as a pub cellar can lead to death by asphyxiation Compressed or liquefied gas cylinders hold a vast amount of gas which once released is more than enough to displace the oxygen in even very large rooms Most inert gases have no odour or taste and victims will simply fall unconscious without warning There have been numerous sad examples of colleagues entering confined spaces to try to rescue victims of such asphyxiation only to also fall victim themselves Publicans in particular should read BCGA leaflet L10 available free to download from our website For those who have concerns that their cellar may be a potential death trap BCGA has published a Guidance Note GN9 which enables a simple calculation of the risk and recommends methods of mitigating it Using gas pressure to propel things There have been a number of examples of the contained pressure in industrial gas cylinders being misused and depicted as such on TV in very dangerous ways ヨ e g smashing with such as a lump hammer the valves off cylinders of compressed CO 2 or nitrogen and letting the cylinders themselves be propelled through the air or doing the same with cylinders strapped to improvised vehicles shopping trolleys go carts etc has been depicted as great fun But people have little understanding of the hazards of releasing contained gas pressure suddenly in this way The pressure in a car tyre can be sufficient to cause death industrial gas cylinders contain typically a hundred times this pressure If the pressure release causes 80 kg plus of gas cylinder to fly about the consequences can be dire In summary Industrial gases have wide use in a number of industry sectors and are invaluable in their correct use But untrained persons particularly youngsters should not mess with gas cylinders Personal insurance will not pay in cases of recklessness such as those highlighted in this leaflet The media should adhere to their own codes of practice and stop depicting industrial gas cylinders in irresponsible ways For more information Please click here to download this free leaflet www bcga co uk ISSN 0260 4809 RoSPA Approval for Gas Safe Workshops 10th October 2012 12 00 am One of the key considerations for any organisation wishing to undertake safety training will be How do we know that the material being delivered by the training provider is technically correct It is vital that training providers are able to give the market assurances that their training materials have been independently evaluated and approved backed up by detailed lesson plans and tutor s notes and delivered by Industry Professionals We are proud to announce that all training materials contained within our Industrial Gases Laboratory Gases and Cryogenic Liquids workshops are now RoSPA Approved This approval provides organisations with the necessary assurances that the training they receive from Gas Safe has been independently audited and approved by the UK s major

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  • May 2012 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    A Model Risk Assessment intended to support BCGA Code of Practice 30 and which provides a structured approach for employers and employees to evaluate related workplace hazards Included are a series of tabulated risk assessment documents which address the main aspects of the storage handling use and transportation of liquid nitrogen in dewars Download document as a PDF here News Archive September 2015 2 April 2015 2 March 2015 1

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  • March 2012 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    cargo areas of some open type vehicles with sides eg utility vehicles can potentially retain escaped gas This is due to escaped gas flowing to and accumulating in low enclosed and poorly ventilated areas If you are not sure if your cargo area may allow gas to accumulate assume it can until a competent person determines otherwise The cargo area should be assessed by a competent person for its potential to retain gas and to identify the likely areas where gas could accumulate Consider installing vents in these areas Closed type vehicles Closed type vehicles are vans utilities and other vehicles that have cargo areas with restricted natural air movement and ventilation This includes vehicles where gas cylinders are stored under canopies inside service bodies or toolboxes and vehicles where cylinders are covered by tarps or tonneau covers If you cannot avoid using a closed type vehicle it should be fitted with a separate gas storage cabinet that is vapour tight from the rest of the vehicle The gas cabinet must be secured to the vehicle and be big enough to store all cylinders carried in the vehicle including empty cylinders It must be designed to ensure gas from leaking cylinders cannot accumulate inside the cabinet but is vented to the atmosphere outside the vehicle The cabinet door must be securely sealed whenever cylinders are stored in the cabinet The cabinet must have ユ one or more permanent vents or drains positioned at the bottom of the cabinet either floor or side with an internal diameter of at least 25mm ユ vents located so they cannot be blocked when the cylinders are in the cabinet ユ a way of securing cylinders in an upright and stable position eg straps ユ a visible flammable gas label on the outside ユ regular inspections and maintenance of door seals and vents Gas cabinets must also be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions Gas cabinets are available from plumbing wholesalers gas suppliers and safety equipment suppliers Information and training Ensure workers are informed and trained in procedures for ユ checking and testing for leaking cylinders ユ securing cylinders and sealing gas cabinets ユ regularly checking cabinet seals and vents ユ dealing with damage to the gas cabinet gas leaks or explosion OHS News Australia March 2012 By Julia Alder Tuesday 27th March 2012 02 52pm Businesses to pay penalties for safety failures 22nd March 2012 12 00 am As early as next month the HSE could start recovering its costs from employers who are found to be breaching health and safety laws Although the HSE is clear that this does not impose any new requirements on businesses it has serious financial implications for those companies who are found to have been negligent The proposals which have already been agreed in principle by the government would mean that from April 2012 the HSE could charge up to L133 per hour for their inspector s time This will only apply in cases where

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  • February 2012 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    plumbing ヨ leaking carbonators syrup pumps bag in box BIB racks i e any equipment using carbon dioxide and ヨ leaking beer keg connections and equipment Carbon dioxide detectors with alarm systems should be installed in appropriate areas to detect hazardous concentrations of carbon dioxide Do not depend upon measuring the oxygen content of the air because carbon dioxide can be dangerous even with adequate oxygen for life support Carbon dioxide beverage systems carbon dioxide detectors and ventilation equipment need to be properly maintained and periodically inspected per the manufacturers recommendations Operators and users should be trained to understand the proper installation and operation of carbon dioxide systems and storage contain ers as well as the properties and hazards of carbon dioxide as provided in CGA publication CGA G 6 Carbon Dioxide 1 For more detailed information on the proper installation and maintenance of carbon dioxide supply systems alarm systems and carbon dioxide containers at customer sites refer to the original equipment manufacturers instructions and CGA G 6 5 Standard for Small Stationary Insulated Carbon Dioxide Supply Systems and CGA SB 29 Prevention of Injury and Loss from Carbon Dioxide Delivery to Small Customer Sites 2 3 To download Safety Alert click here The Compressed Gas Association Announces Safety Alert for Carbonated Beverage Systems February 17 2012 Cutting Edge Graphics 15th February 2012 12 00 am By using Gas Safe Consultants our clients have always been assured that the training they receive is of the highest quality incorporating all relevant up to date Legislation Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes as well as utilising the very best training materials Our investment in new and updated graphics continues into 2012 with our on going association with Animation Studio Ltd Ely Animation Studio Limited works with many household names to deliver 2 D 3 D animation and stills plus live action footage We have used them for many years to produce high quality graphics for use in our training materials and to produce training DVD s for some of our major clients and the UK s leading gas suppliers Our customers can always be confident that Gas Safe s training presentations incorporate professional clear and up to date graphics and images carefully selected to enhance the learning experience not distract from it Our traditional instructor led workshop and our e learning products offer excellent value for money delivering the very best training at an affordable price If you need training or would like our help please contact us on 01270 758890 BCGA Conference 19th April 2012 2nd February 2012 12 00 am The British Compressed Gases Association Conference will be held at Oulton Hall Leeds on 19th April 2012 Showcasing progress made on the issues facing our industry Giving Members and non Members alike the opportunity to catch up on the work of the various Technical Committees that meet throughout the year and network with their fellow industry contacts and the review of general interest papers For full details click here or

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  • January 2012 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    needed to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health and safety of its employees Current market conditions and economic pressures can sometimes divert attention away from the key issue of safety compliance It is also difficult to ensure that staff and operators are up to date with relevant Legislation as well as industry Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes In an effort to assist BOC s customers Gas Safe recently designed a half day Compliance Workshop aimed at Operations and Safety Managers The training provides key information that will assist delegates with their gas related health and safety obligations under current legislation This new workshop was trialled in late November at BOC s state of the art Technical Centre in Wolverhampton The session was attended by 25 invited clients whose job descriptions varied from Safety Directors to Operations Managers and Production Supervisors The workshop was extremely well received MD Terry Broughton conducted the classroom and interactive led sessions whilst BOC s Technical Specialist Phil Sant conducted a practical demonstrations using an oxy acetylene workstation see image Please contact BOC Safety Training on 01270 758898 for details of 2012 Compliance Workshop dates News Archive September 2015 2 April 2015

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  • December 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    Health Practitioners as well as what members should be aware of when conducting client visits After the meeting April Fisher a Senior Environmental Health Officer with Leeds City Council commentedナナ Gas Safe Consultants delivered a very interesting and informative presentation to our group of Environmental Health Officers at Leeds relating to the safe use of gas cylinders and how to avoid accidents which resulted in some very good feedback from the attendees Terry was knowledgeable and delivered the presentation in a very professional manner On behalf of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Leeds and Wakefield Branch thank you The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health CIEH is a professional awarding and campaigning body at the forefront of environmental and public health and safety It sets standards accredits courses and qualifications for the education of members and other environmental health practitioners Due to the variety of their workload and the challenges faced by Environmental Health Practitioners it is essential that they have up to date information regarding the latest health and safety developments within the numerous market sectors that they operate The CIEH has a number of regional safety groups who meet on a regular basis in order to appraise themselves

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  • November 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    risk assessment Working alongside Gas Safe Consultants Julie Broughton Marketing Director Working with gas cylinders by Gas Safe Consultants 19th November 2011 12 00 am Ian Constable General Manager of Gas Safe Consultants Ltd highlights some key issues to assist users of gas cylinders cryogenic liquids and associated equipment to work in a safe environment Accidents involving gas cylinders can cause serious injury ヨ or even death It is vital that relevant and complete risk assessments are undertaken covering all aspects of the use of gas cylinders and cryogenic liquids This includes storage handling transportation and general use As a gas safety consultant I visit a lot of organisations and find that whilst most have conducted risk assessments on most key factors within their organisations many have neglected to complete any specific risk assessments with regard to gas cylinder and or cryogenic liquid use In addition my colleagues and I find that in many workplaces it is the job of only one or two people to produce all risk assessments The problem with this approach with respect to gases is simple if the assessors concerned do not understand the hazards that may be posed by the use of gases how can they spot those hazards and calculate the risks Employers should always remember that if there is insufficient knowledge within their organisation to enable suitable and sufficient risk assessments to be conducted they should contact appropriate external experts for assistance and this rule definitely applies to employers using gases and related equipment click here to view article The RoSPA Occupational Safety Health Journal August 2008 Welding Approvals and Procedures 17th November 2011 12 00 am For a number of years Gas Safe has offered a range of welding cutting brazing and soldering workshops that provide practical hands on training and

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