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  • October 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    Fuel Gas Safety Hot Work 18th October 2011 12 00 am The US Chemical Safety Board is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents within the United Sates The CSB conducts root cause investigations of chemical accidents at fixed industrial facilities Root causes are usually deficiencies in safety management systems but can be any factor that would have prevented the accident if that factor had not occurred Other accident causes often involve equipment failures human errors unforeseen chemical reactions or other hazards The CSB produce instructional videos that are available on line Their short video illustrates the key lessons to prevent flammable vapour explosions when using oxy fuel gas systems for welding and cutting In our experience many organisations believe that their operators are using oxy fuel gas systems correctly either because they are time served or simply because they have been using the equipment for years and never had an accident The video demonstrates the consequences of poor operational procedures and failure to ensure that staff are trained correctly News Archive September 2015 2 April 2015 2 March 2015 1 February 2015 1 November 2014 1 October 2014 1 March 2014 3 September 2013 1 April

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  • July 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    or welding applications Gas Safe are conscious of the specific gas safety training needs within the quarrying and mining industries and have produced a full day training workshop that meets those requirements The practical based workshop focuses on the safe use of oxy fuel gas systems The initial classroom session highlights the potential hazards posed by the gases used It also illustrates the consequences of bad working practices and the potential hazards posed by the use of damaged old or repaired gas control equipment The afternoon session looks at the function and operation of oxy fuel gas equipment and includes team based exercises that allow delegates the opportunity to undertake pre use visual checks on regulators and flashback arrestors The practical session follows the standard operating procedure that is detailed in the course workbook The session allows delegates the opportunity to correctly set up an oxy fuel gas workstation then pressurise and leak test it The practical session may be undertaken either using small cylinders Portapaks that are typically transported around the quarry or large workstations used within a workshop The session may be extended to include practical tuition on oxy fuel gas operations such as cutting welding and brazing

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  • June 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    guidance The audience may be an IOSH group or a group that is a member of Safety Groups UK We always offer our services free of charge and provide all attendees with a comprehensive handout that allows them to go back to their place of work and undertake a review of gas related practices For more information regarding safety groups please visit www safetygroupsuk org uk and for details of IOSH membership please visit www iosh co uk If you are a member of a regional safety group and would like us to attend one of your meetings please don t hesitate to contact us Name a Puppy Change a Life Gas Safe Consultants 2nd June 2011 12 00 am Gas Safe decided to support Guide Dogs by becoming part of their Name a Puppy Change a Life scheme in 2009 We exceeded our initial target of 5000 in April 2011 and now have our puppy Greg Terry and Julie joined the Guide Dogs running team and have taken part in many events Julie also cycled Lands End to John O Groats in September 2010 and then ran the Dublin Marathon in October In April 2011 she ran her 3rd London Marathon The Kielder Marathon in October was the most stunning and tough challenge so far Roll on Brighton Marathon in April 2012 A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for continuing to donate generously since 2009 and to Guide Dogs for all their support during and after the running events We will continue to donate on a regular basis and we am sure Guide Dogs would appreciate your help too To sponsor us or simply donate click on the Guide Dogs logo at the foot of our website pages This will enable you to make a donation directly to Guide

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  • April 2011 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    2011 12 00 am Analox Sensor Technology alongside Gas Safe Consultants Ltd are offering On site Advisory Surveys Risk Assessments and Online Training Workshops The new support package is designed to assist clients with a range of gas detection needs but is particularly focused upon employees handling potentially dangerous gases Mark Lewis Managing Director of Analox Sensor Technology stressed the importance of safe handling and practices He commented One of the most important aspects of working with hazardous materials is that staff are fully aware of the risks and can ensure they do not put themselves or other colleagues in danger Lewis added Analox is always keen to respond to industry and clients needs and has developed this new range of services with Gas Safe Consultants to provide support and training which responds directly to the requirements we have identified The Online Training Workshops are interactive and flexible e learning resources which promise to provide quality training at an affordable price Currently the range includes Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely non oxy fuel and Using Nitrogen Safely By Jane Dawson 15th April 2011 News Archive September 2015 2 April 2015 2 March 2015 1 February 2015 1 November 2014 1

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  • November 2010 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    there is a lack of awareness or understanding of gases their chemical and physical properties and the risks associated with gas containers pipelines regulators and dedicated devices used by many industries in their day to day production processes In those countries that lack strong health and safety legislation and enforcement the level of knowledge among some workers handling industrial gases may be described as dangerously inadequate A widely held but dangerous assumption is that workers will over a period of time or during an apprenticeship gain sufficient knowledge and skills from on the job training and that long experience naturally implies an adequate understanding of gas hazards and good safety practice It s not uncommon to findthat established work practices are incorrect potentially unsafe and actually put poorly trained workers at increased risk Human nature unfortunately finds a way to undermine many well intentioned training initiatives because some trainees adopt the attitude that training is imposed on them by management in order to waste their time and make their tasks more difficult Therefore they fail to recognise the relevance of the knowledge presented to their own situation and later when management s attention wanes continue to use the same old unsafe methods Short cuts are often perceived to save time and effort allowing workers to feel like they are doing a good job ヨ coping with a few risks may even provide a perverse sense of achievement Effective training depends on planning Training is often viewed as being expensive but ineffective training is a total waste of resources It is absolutely vital therefore that the training process should be planned and executed effectively in order to justify the investment and ensure that worthwhile outcomes can be both seen and measured Effective training starts with the identification of specific measurable objectives and should be designed to meet the needs of the work task the trainee and the organisation in order to help them conduct their business in an altogether safer more effective manner Training objectives should aim to fulfil specific needs and are best identified from task specific risk assessments reference to existing gas systems operating procedures and also the observations of line supervisors and management Needs are identified by comparing workers current levels of skill and knowledge withthe levels required in order to perform their tasks safely efficiently and effectively This process is called a training needs gap analysis and not only identifies the individuals that require training but also indicates the topics that need to be included in the training programme whether their attitudes are compatible and any specific issues for the individual such as height or physical disability One of the most commonly identified skill deficiencies is the ability to identify potential hazards Gas safety training is a means of communicating new knowledge and skills and is an essential component of the effort applied by the industry to continually raise awareness of potential hazards Training provides delegates with an opportunity to explore their existing knowledge base and level

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  • May 2009 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    exposed to fires ヨ resulting in much shorter disruption to the public and services in the future Sir Ken gave some examples where major transport hubs railway stations in London had to be closed for 48 hours due to the poor identification process and old methods of cooling down acetylene cylinders for 48 hours It is hoped that a reduction in the period of disruption can be achieved beyond just London to more than 50 fire services across the UK and eventually in Europe too Working together Various Technical Committee heads presented some of the latest work undertaken while TSC 5 Chairman David Hopper presented an interesting overview of the development of the REACH programme for the gases business ヨ which will take nine years to complete but is necessary for delegates to be aware of and participate in Hopper stated how important it is that industry works together to achieve effective REACH deliverables and standardise product knowledge and labelling across Europe and eventually around the world Gas Safe s Terry Broughton provided an excellent presentation on Safety Training within the Gases Industry and showed examples of how it is all too easy to get it wrong with nasty consequences With proper training programmes and common sense however the industry can continue to improve its current highly respectable safety record Sustained innovation During his opening speech Matthias Kuhn highlighted the role of innovation and referred to the recent gas world interview with John Raquet of Spiritus Consulting quoting how the gases industry is robust and モwill not stagnate as we are an industry of innovation and we will continue to grow through technology and gas developmentsヤ Upholding this train of thought well known BBC journalist Peter Day took to the stage with his speech about Reinventing the Future and reinforced

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  • February 2009 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    provides Instructor led workshops delivered by highly skilled industry trained experienced course directors focusing delegates on the consequences of adopting poor working procedures when using gases and associated equipment The company places great emphasis on the use of interactive and team based learning modules within its workshops which are designed to be both practical and thought provoking With delegate numbers kept to an optimum level to ensure full participation and involvement Gas Safe training shows gas users how to operate in line with best operating practices and in accordance with relevant Codes Of Practice Guidance Notes and Legislation Each workshop allows participants the opportunity to benefit from knowledge sharing and from learning with individuals who have similar gas related experiences while all workshops include graphic case studies of real incidents that resulted from poor working practices Such an approach raises an individual s awareness of the hazards associated with the use of both compressed and liquefied gases the company says and how to approach risk assessments in real world situations In order to maintain its position as market leader and serve clients needs effectively Gas Safe continues to update its workshops and add fresh methods of delivery in response to customer requirements Newly forged and nurtured relationships with gas and equipment suppliers also bring the company s services to a much wider audience Interactive learning Keen to embrace new methods and techniques the team at Gas Safe has introduced and developed a range of practical workshops to meet the client s needs and provide their employees with hands on training This training is coupled with the provision of generic Standard Operating Procedures in the form of workshop literature Furthermore Gas Safe introduced Refresher Workshops in 2007 that have been designed to test a delegate s retention of knowledge in an

    Original URL path: https://www.gassafeconsultants.co.uk/news/2009/02/ (2016-04-24)
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  • January 2009 - Gas Safe Consultants News Archives
    to Training Providers who are members or associate members of the BCGA on the provision of training services related to the safe use of compressed and cryogenic gases and associated equipment Health and Safety at Work legislation places increasing demands on employers and employees in the pursuit of improved safety performance in the workplace Risk assessment and appropriate training are key factors in achieving this in the gases industry technical and safety training for users of compressed or liquefied gases is thus an important focus area The primary objective of the British Compressed Gases Association BCGA is to promote safe practice throughout the gases industry and the Association recognizes the fundamental part that training can play in achieving the desired level of safety performance Gas users in the UK have access to theoretical and practical training workshops provided by a number of organizations While it must remain the responsibility of the Client to decide which training providers best meet their individual needs consistency and common objectives among these providers will ultimately contribute to improving safety standards in the widest sense Equally Training Providers have a responsibility to support the BCGA in achieving its objectives and to deliver their services in

    Original URL path: https://www.gassafeconsultants.co.uk/news/2009/01/ (2016-04-24)
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