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  • How not to run a shop or stall
    of selling there involved having people hanging around to stop thieves and protect customers Unfortunately they used the same system when they opened their shop locally Sure there are shoplifters but local traders say its not a major problem they know most of them and just call the police when they spot them on the street So what was the problem and why was I so confident that their shop would fail I drink coffee in a cafe across the road from them and watched them destroy their business every time they opened for customers The first thing that would happen would be a male member of the family would station himself at the doorway usually chain smoking and looking tough So many people who hesitated before moving on and going into the shop a few doors down would in my view be considered lost trade The sentry really was that off putting I ve seen similar things happen at markets and fairs where stall holders smoke in front of and next to their stalls one guy was selling food and had a customer walk away after placing the order because the seller had a cigarette between his teeth while wrapping it heaven alone knows where the ash was going Whats the point Times are tough have you ever had anyone take an objective look at your business and the way you run things and give you some honest feedback Surprisingly few business people do If I can spot blatantly obvious stuff like this mentioned above while drinking a coffee or just walking around just think what someone paying close attention might come up with If you are not getting feedback from both your customers and independent observers ask a neighbour friend cousin Jane chances are you are missing something

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  • How the self-employed can employ contractors
    the next day and so on is not great You spend more time helping the person you ve hired get their job done then have to stop back and catch up on your own job once they ve gone part of which involves paying the agencies invoice sigh Remote working can be a solution for many businesses I ve used odesk for years https www odesk com o profiles There is a seriously impressive range of talent available and the sign up process etc is easy and clearly explained It works basically by your opening an account adding a payment method for verification they take 2 small payments which are refunded within 10 days You can then either search for freelancers or post a job and invite people to bid you decide your budget you can set a project limit or pay by the hour Rates are in US dollars It s a good idea to check ratings and feedback from other customers and you get to email and ask questions of your free lancer before committing to anything For projects they only get paid when you sign off the job odesk holds the payment they make their money by charging a commission there are similar sites offering the same services but I ve found odesk to be the most user friendly and reliable I ve not had a single problem with anyone I ve ever worked with via this site So whether you are considering a one off project or a long term relationship with a contractor it s as good a place to start as any Filed Under Business development Recent Posts Daily Mail article on dangers of fake make up The famous olive trees of Puglia are ravaged by disease Video Why hypoallergenic isn t a thing

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  • Book Review: Make Your Own Perfume by Sally Hornsey
    slight quirkiness and the personality of the author shines through As with Sally s other book Make Your Own Skincare Products this is a basic hands on how to book with no frills but the writing has a lightness of touch which her other book good as it is somewhat lacks The result is that it s an enjoyable read It takes the reader through the basics of perfumery and there are a number of formulations to try out It should have been made clear on the cover that these perfumes are made using essential oils and not synthetic chemicals as it is this which enables the average person to take up this fascinating hobby essential oils being far easier to obtain than some of the ingredients of commercially produced perfume Anyone who has an interest in perfumery and likes making things will enjoy this book Filed Under Book Review Recent Posts Daily Mail article on dangers of fake make up The famous olive trees of Puglia are ravaged by disease Video Why hypoallergenic isn t a thing Archives May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 January 2015 November 2014 September 2014 August 2014 July 2014 May 2014 March 2014 January

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  • Awareness letter to MP’s, MEP’s and other elected representatives
    fact valid have also been ignored In July 2013 the Guild had a membership of 373 compliant crafters with a steady stream of new enquiries every week In order to join the Guild members have to provide evidence that they are in compliance with the cosmetics products safety regulations Since then following the amended regulations coming into force we have seen membership drop to 184 at end Sept 2013 this means that unless we receive any more overdue updates we are set to lose or have already lost over 180 members These figures reflect Guild membership only there are likely to be many hundreds more similarly affected compliant crafters UK wide that we do not know about 180 plus small businesses forced to cease trading is a massacre representing a lot of pain and misery Not only are those affected directly but the knock on effects through loss of business to their former suppliers loss of their contribution to the local economy and so on are bound to be significant Training providers have also suffered a loss of business When all that everyone reads when they go online is about people going out of business and how tough it s been to stay in business who can blame people for not wanting to train to set up a craft business Anecdotal evidence indicates that this adverse trend is repeated throughout the industry the Guild represents a relatively small number of compliant crafters Our face book page for example has often attracted up to 8000 plus views of posts relating to the legislation which indicates a high level of interest Not to mention the potential drain on public funds as a certain number of those members who have ceased trading will live in remote areas where opportunities for employment are not so plentiful I m particularly concerned that a number of people with disabilities who can t to a regular job have lost their businesses This when our own UK Government are striving to keep disabled people gainfully employed while tightening the criteria that have to be met before they qualify for the help that they need Not a single one of our members has a problem meeting standards however craft production is being treated on a par with large scale production line and plant production when craft is and deserves to be treated as a unique sub division of the cosmetics industry Why Because as a rule craft toiletry makers work with ingredients that have a proven and safe history of use in cosmetics The approach adopted in implementing these regulations flies in the face of EU stated position of wishing to reduce the burden of legislation on SME s as it recognises the contribution that such business makes to the economy and accepts that they are disproportionately affected by having to meet conditions imposed by regulation etc An example of such from 2007 http www esba europe org sub sub section asp SectionID 5 SubSectionID 24 SubSubSectionID 191 What

    Original URL path: http://www.gcstm.co.uk/awareness-letter-to-mps-meps-and-other-elected-representatives-2/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Is sustainable palm oil becoming the new norm?
    uncertainty and risk Therefore robust market information on availability on supply and demand cycles is crucial when trading in commodity markets Crude Palm Oil Future Contracts FCPO Crude Palm Oil Kernel Oil Futures FPKO protect the buyer against price fluctuations They work exactly like a fixed term energy contract at home you decide on a price on the day of signing the contract with the trade taking place on a futures exchange FCPOs cover spot month and the next 5 succeeding months alternate up to 24 months ahead The maximum contracts a participant can hold or control is 800 for the spot month or 15 000 for all months combined Source Crude Palm Oil Futures 01 November 2013 Furthermore the prices of FCPO also serve as a reference point for the pricing of other oils and fats industries Commodity price of palm oil is influenced mainly by the demand supply balance especially by Increasing demand from both food and biofuel industry Weather both Indonesia and Malaysia are at risk of significant rainfall that can impact the quality and size of the harvest Substitution if a substitute product e g soya can be purchased at the favourable price then it could decrease price of palm oil At the beginning of November Crude Palm oil was traded at RM 2 623 which equals 826 per metric tonne Palm Oil and Sustainability It is widely recognised now that increase in demand for palm oil as well as a move towards large plantations between 2 500 10 000 hectares is contributing to environmental damage including deforestation and loss of biodiversity in particular orang utan habitat The topic has become a focus of leading non governmental organisations NGOs like WWF Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace with the latter launching an internet campaign against Nestle called Give the Orang utan a break reaching almost 650 000 views on Youtube The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO was set up in 2004 to promote production and use of sustainable palm oil Nowadays it is a leading organisation that works with the growers oil processors and traders consumers as well as NGOs and investors Additionally RESPO has developed an international certification standard which helps to ensure that environmentally and socially sound practices are implemented across the palm oil supply chain In July 2013 there were 240 Companies and 621 Facilities certified to RESPO Supply Chain Standard worldwide On the 27th of October 2013 Malaysian Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas announced that they were at the final stages of drawing Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil MSPO certification to improve standards and the image of locally produced palm oil products He argued that RESPO certification scheme is too expensive for small producers hence the new standard will be focusing on local laws and will take into account 60 local laws including wildlife legislation and state enactments Unilever a RESPO member and the world s biggest palm oil buyer has declared in its Sustainable Living Plan that

    Original URL path: http://www.gcstm.co.uk/is-sustainable-palm-oil-becoming-the-new-norm/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Book Review: Soap Craft by Diana Peacock
    it an information source for making a wider range of toiletries such as bath bombs shampoo bars and face masks it is an interesting book featuring clear instructions and some very tasty recipes One huge omission is any mention of the increasingly stringent regulations which govern small scale soapmaking This would be acceptable as this book is clearly aimed at complete beginners except for the fact that the author suggests users might like to move on at a later stage to taking a stall at a local market or running their own business As experienced soapmakers will know there is a huge leap to be made from home soapmaking for family and friends to selling soap to the general public While it s understandable that the author wouldn t want to frighten off new soapmakers by discussing EU regulations it might have been better in the circumstances to avoid all mention of market stalls and small businesses There are minor criticisms Many of the photos are in black and white where colour would be more attractive and perhaps useful However publishers always have to keep a careful eye on expense and most people who buy this book will understand this economy and find it doesn t detract to any great extent The author suggests using food colourings yet nearly all the ingredients will have to be ordered from a specialist supplier It might have been wiser to point users more strongly towards colourants manufactured specifically for toiletries All in all at a cover price of 9 99 this is a nice little book whose strength lies in the number and quality of recipes for a wide range of toiletries As a basic guide to soapmaking there are better titles on the market It does the job but no more than

    Original URL path: http://www.gcstm.co.uk/book-review-soap-craft-diana-peacock/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Book Review: Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey
    Thankfully she has not padded out the pages with unnecessary information or descriptions but explains what to do why you should do it and any pitfalls you should look out for in a matter of fact manner This is very much a how to book rather than one designed to showcase the talents of the author and is all the better for it There s a surprising amount of information packed into this book with a number of lists and tables to refer to as and when needed There are also a satisfying number of formulations to try out The book would have been enhanced by the use of coloured photos as opposed to black and white or strangely in some cases blue and white However it is obvious that the publishers were working within a budget and given this constraint it is well presented This book constitutes a nice unpretentious starting point for anyone wanting to experiment with making their own skincare products Filed Under Book Review Recent Posts Daily Mail article on dangers of fake make up The famous olive trees of Puglia are ravaged by disease Video Why hypoallergenic isn t a thing Archives May 2015 April

    Original URL path: http://www.gcstm.co.uk/book-review-make-your-own-skincare-products-sally-hornsey/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Book Review: Natural Soap by Melinda Coss
    it is Some may not like to hear that healing properties of oils will to a large extent be destroyed by the soapmaking process or that setting up a soapmaking business requires skills which are at least if not more important than the ability to make nice soap However this is a good buy and even experienced soapmakers will find something of interest in it as Melinda has included formulations based on her experiences in Africa and the product she found there There is a section on spa products which is just the right length constituting an introduction to the subject rather than attempting to go into the creation of spa products in depth The photography is excellent and in general enhances the book both visually and as a means of providing information It is in fact hard to fault this book Will you learn everything about soapmaking from it No But you will learn enough to start making nice soap and to gain a realistic idea of what running a soapmaking business involves Filed Under Book Review Recent Posts Daily Mail article on dangers of fake make up The famous olive trees of Puglia are ravaged by disease Video

    Original URL path: http://www.gcstm.co.uk/book-review-natural-soap-melinda-coss/ (2016-04-29)
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