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  • BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election
    time mr griffin check it out i assure you it aint white we all bleed red mate wether your asian african or white Reply to Comment BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election David Clark Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election Blah Blah Blah Blah sickle cell Yeah We We all bleed Reply to Comment kashi Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election Dear Mr Griffin you are a complete bigot i think gordon brown made a mistake for saying it to a supporter of labour He meant YOU we are a country of mixed races and culture i think your trying to make a master race like hitler and i think its wrong to set a stupid propaganda that makes people believe that britain is all white i beleive that muslims will not take over the world and spread terrorism they will spread peace and other races will do same spread peace Reply to Comment BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election David Clark Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election Never heard of a suicide peace maker Muslim or other wise The only thing you understand is a kick up the arse By the way I am a complete and total bigot and I am proud of it Bring back Hanging national service the S P G tear up the H R act Reply to Comment David Cock Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election I agree with the BNP all the imports have brought over is crime and children Reply to Comment Ola Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election You people are completely and utterly sick David you are a wanker You are a closed minded who can t accept change Foreigners didn t bring crime There was already crime here You guys just use people that aren t British as scapegoats You are bigots that don t consider the lives of others Pat yourself on the back David Clark David Cook Liam Atheron Julian and all other closed minded BNP supporters Go yourself Nick Griffin May God punish you all Moderator can we not have so much swearing it s not necessary and remember kids might be reading this Reply to Comment BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election Renesmee Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election Lol i m a kid 13 yers old and i m reading this but i happen to agree so swear all you like x Reply to Comment Black Diamond Comment on BNP Manifesto 2010 General Election I seriously don t comprehend what you think Asians have done you say Asaians are terrorists actually NO they re not Youd be callling the Chinese the Inidans the Japanese and soo on all terrorist and Im sorry but have you heard of Hitler he did the same thing he told everyone that The Jews were causng havoc and that they needed to be killed for what they had done to their country look what happenened it started a war and the same is going on here

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-manifesto-2010-general-election (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Agriculture Policy
    as long as we see ourselves as part of the world and are willing to trade for resources like food Food is no different to any other resource if we didn t buy in gas from Russia we d freeze in winter We are no longer living in a world where our land can supply most of the raw resources we need to live Most of the resources under our land and seas have been used up and so we have no choice but to trade for them until if ever we replace them with renewable sources like energy from the sun sea and air I m sure as a BNP voter you are completely against immigration OK fair enough imagine we ve stopped immigration completely we ll still get to a population amount that this country can not sustain stopping immigration just slows population growth it doesn t reverse it without importing food from other countries we have to see ourselves as part of the world and trade in a way where we are so closely linked with our neighbours and them with us we can not ever go to serious conflict with each other Reading what the BNP says this is the exact opposite of what they want We do not have the land like the USA and Russia have for mass agriculture and though I m sure over time we ll have better farming techniques like farming on more than one level GM crops if we ever grow up and embrace the technology we live on a relatively small island and will struggle to feed us all just like we can no longer supply our energy needs If you ve looked into mass farming on the scale they use in places like the USA and Brazil you d understand it s part of the solution Enormous farms that stretch as far as the eye can see producing relatively cheap food on almost a factory scale There s no way we could do anything like that in Britain we ve already cut down the majority of our forests and already use the majority of our fertile land for farming we have no where to expand further farming into Imagine what we could do with a continent like Africa if it were managed better and technology was embraced As a side note in Britain people break into land growing genetically modified test crops to destroy them in Africa people break into farms growing genetically modified test crops to steal them so they can grow them on their farms The difference is we don t perceive a need for GM crops a continent like Africa does The future will be mass farming on the large continents with fertile land and we ll trade for what we need Yes we should maximise our own farm production but unless we had a substantial decrease in the number of people living on our island AND that number won t increase significantly we can

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-agriculture-quality-before-quantity.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Democracy Policy
    freedoms to the British people We will ensure that ordinary British people have real democratic power over their own lives and that Government local and national is truly accountable to the people who elect it In addition the BNP s policy is to Abolish anti discrimination laws which prevent people from making a free choice Abolish the Human Rights Act which has been imposed on this country through the European Union and which is nothing but an excuse to prevent British laws stopping the scroungers of the world parasiting off this nation Abolish all restrictions on traditional free speech common law provisions against incitement to violence are the only proper limits in a free society Reject ID cards intrusive surveillance and the retention of DNA samples of the innocent Introduce an English parliament within the United Kingdom Introduce citizen initiated referenda whose outcome is binding on Parliament The BNP Britain s most democratic party British National Party Democracy Policy http bnp org uk policies democracy I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on BNP s Democracy policies in the comments below 6 responses to BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy Simon Comment on BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy This is how Brave The BNP are and how Democratic they are Oh and I forgot to mention how stupid Ive passed this along to Swansea Hedlu who are reviewing it Reply to Comment Simon Comment on BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy Why are people presumably BNPers on this site marking thumbs down on the Video that I put up which shows BNPers physically intimidating anti racists on the streets of Swansea Is it because they disagree with what the BNP are doing in the video or is it because they are condoning BNP physically intimidating people on the streets and acting in a totally thuggish and anti democratic way Reply to Comment britishbred Comment on BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy Its because we know your anti BNP UAF Vote BNP Reply to Comment Simon Comment on BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy It was filmed by BNPWales you Numbskull I m glad you dislike what BNP intimidation means though The nice fella at 2 49 is Roger Brave WalesBNP Philips So youre just marking down posts because of who is saying it Thanks for clarifying that the BNP are not interested in facts rationale or debate Yes well done Youve really shown yourself for what you are there The BNP admit that they are racist favour bullying intimidating and thuggish behaviour How about you actually view for content next time then you wont look so stupid will you Yes im anti BNP and the above video is reason enough to be against the fascist bully thug tactics of the BNP Respectable my arse Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy k williams Comment on BNP Policies BNP Democracy Policy Funny how if anyone bothers to watch the video it is the BNP cameramen who are being assaulted by

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-democracy-letting-the-people-decide.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Economic Policy
    man s allowance The raising of the inheritance tax threshold to 1 million The encouragement of savings investment worker share ownership and profit sharing Halving council tax by centralising education costs and eliminating multiculturalism spending and unnecessary bureaucracy The renationalisation of monopoly utilities and services compensating only individual investors and pension funds Privatising monopolies does not benefit either the consumer or the country All that happens is the family silver is sold off and monopoly utilities and services are asset stripped often by foreign competitors The economy should be managed for the benefit of the nation The other parties are enslaved to laissez faire globalism which means that British workers must compete against those in China and India who work for as little as a pound a day Oriental countries such as Japan South Korea and Singapore have managed their economies to combine private enterprise competition with the national good and these are the models the BNP would emulate In a world in which irreplaceable natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate we have a duty to our children and future generations to move towards economic growth which is socially environmentally and economically sustainable in the long term rather than the present boom and bust policies Personal tax is far too high Billions of pounds can be slashed off government spending by inter alia Ending the 9 billion foreign aid budget Ending the 4 5 billion a year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Ending the untold billions spent subsidising the immigration swindle and all its ancillary costs benefits court and jail services counter terrorism measures the race relations industry and a host of others Ending the billions pumped into the EU swindle Severely curtailing the tax subsidised feeding frenzy at Westminster and other levels of government and Cutting back all unnecessary layers of government which have been artificially created by years of politically correct Labour and Tory rule The time has come for change British National Party Economy Policy http bnp org uk policies economy I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on BNP s Economy policies in the comments below 4 responses to BNP Policies BNP Economic Policy Previous 1 2 3 Stop the BNP Comment on BNP Policies BNP Economic Policy Immigration Myth Refugees are a burden to taxpayers Fact Asylum seekers refugees and immigrants have made an enormous contribution to the economic and cultural life of the UK Refugees bring with them a wealth of skills and experience Even the Home Office has recognised this and made a commitment through its Integration Unit to put such skills to good use Migrants including refugees are far from being a burden on UK taxpayers On the contrary in 1999 2000 they made a net fiscal contribution of approximately 2 5 billion worth 1p on income tax Research carried out by Personnel Today in November 2001 found that nine out of ten employers want to take on refugees to meet skills shortages but do

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-economy-british-workers-first.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Education Policy
    the boys Further more they mention a free university education how does the BNP expect to do that when not even the best political parties can t promise such a thing Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Education Policy Amy Comment on BNP Policies BNP Education Policy Dear Mr Williams if you honestly think citizenship blogging and the like is going to replace History and Geography then you clearly have nothing of worth to say on Education Get out from under that rock and start living in the real world where this strange thing called logic rules over conspiracy theories No schools have punished students for failing to observe any non Christian rituals aside from schools based on other faiths which hardly seems unreasonable and I d love to see your sources for the rest of those facts of yours They stink of BNP propaganda Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Education Policy jan Comment on BNP Policies BNP Education Policy test all children for school readiness and retest them every year in order to go up this way everyone will know from the beginning that they have to learn in order to get on in life and work hard keep all religion out of schools bring back discipline make the child responsible for his wrong doing if that s not possible then discipline the parents Reply to Comment VoteNo ToBNP Comment on BNP Policies BNP Education Policy Just thought I d drop a quick post here with ref to The abolition of fees and the restoration of full grants to university students studying proper subjects as opposed to fake social sciences The LibDems have the same policy and have today admitted it would take six years to impliment and would end up costing 7 5 billion a year for the state to pay for all students that want to go in to further education So we d have to therefore assume that the same cost would be incured under a BNP Government Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Education Policy Abdullah Erkas Comment on BNP Policies BNP Education Policy Social Science is something the BNP no nothing bout and lack heavily Subjects like social science include history geography politics psychology ect Without those subjects at A level or at university what do you have not alot Reply to Comment Luke Comment on BNP Policies BNP Education Policy History is not a social science Social sciences are sociology politics criminology etc Either way what a ridiculous notion I m a joint honours undergraduate student studying History Politics and I find the two complimentary I come from a lower socio economic background but I m heading for a First Class Honours Degree because of the state which I intend to pay back in full Every person I know in my situation feels indebted to the state an accepts fees subsidies are a part of that This may be a bit off topic but didn t Nick Griffin get a 2 2

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-education-discipline-standards-achievement.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Environment Policy
    The focus of this conference is the introduction of one of the most critical International Frameworks outside of the Lisbon Treaty the EU and the New Call for a World Banking System and Currency If you want to hear the single most controversial figure in the Climate Change arena one who is well grounded in the evolution of the IPCC and the Science itself who understands and has read the new legal framework which is about to be signed please tune in http bnp org uk policies environment Vote BNP Save Britain Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Environment Policy brit girl Comment on BNP Policies BNP Environment Policy Just a link id like to share with you and comments appreciated on this matter thank you xxx Reply to Comment Andrew Phillips Comment on BNP Policies BNP Environment Policy Very interesting document Brit girl Ive downloaded a copy to email my friends A few highlights For a list of leading scientists and researchers who disagree with the alarmist viewpoint go to www climatedepot com and you ll find a list of some 700 leading scientists Or contact the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine which lists 31 000 scientists of all disciplines around 40 of them Ph Ds and 50 of them in relevant fields who disagree with the so called unanimous consensus Not that science is done by consensus anyway as Al Haytham pointed out a thousand years ago Speak to the American Association of State Climatologists about those who have actually been dismissed by State governors for daring to suggest that global warming was largely nonsense Also Dr Willie Soon of Harvard has been repeatedly driven out into ever smaller offices and now has to work outside the campus of the Harvard Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics to which he is attached because he does not believe in global warming Marc Morano of Climate Depot may be able to give you further details The two editors of Physics and Society were both sacked merely for printing a devastating paper by me last year that explained the rickety methods the UN uses to calculate the effect of CO2 on temperature Skeptical scientists will definitely not be welcome in Copenhagen At one of the preliminary conferences in Copenhagen Dr Mitch Taylor the world s foremost expert on the polar bear was excluded from the polar bear discussion group on the stated ground that he did not believe global warming was having or would have any adverse effect on polar bears whatsoever The total power produced by all 2 300 turbines in Britain amounts on average to a mere 900 megawatts barely the output of one medium size conventional power station Ironically the concrete required to install the turbine often at a depth of over 100 feet is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions The four agencies that track Earth s temperature the Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York the

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-environment-a-cleaner-greener-future.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Europe Policy
    change days before the leaked emails released to the press Nick Griffin EU Speech Preparation of the Copenhagen summit on climate change debate Honesty Vote BNP Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Europe Policy Stop the BNP Comment on BNP Policies BNP Europe Policy Asylum Myth Britain is the top destination for asylum seekers Fact Even within the EU the UK ranked 10th in 2001 in number of asylum applications compared to the country s population The world s poorest countries both produce and bear responsibility for most refugees During 1992 2001 86 of the world s estimated 12 million refugees originated in developing countries while such countries provided asylum to 72 In comparison with countries like Canada the UK is no soft touch In 2001 Canada granted protection to 97 of Afghan asylum applicants while the UK granted only 19 Somali applicants had a 92 success rate in Canada while in the UK it was only 34 An analysis by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees showed that the major reason for lodging applications in a particular country is the presence of an established community there In January to June 2000 of all applications in Europe 96 of people from Mali sought asylum in France 60 of Albanians applied in Belgium 48 of Nigerians applied in Ireland and 45 of Sri Lankans applied in the UK http www stopthebnp org uk index php location campainging link AsylumMythsAndFacts htm Reply to Comment BNP Policies BNP Europe Policy k williams Comment on BNP Policies BNP Europe Policy What a typical uaf rant from a prat who cant even post on the correct site It is of course this twisted logic that has caused the French to build a camp at Sangat nr Calais to accomodate them all Reply to Comment

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-europe-back-to-british-independence.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Foreign Affairs Policy
    be and Maintain an independent foreign policy of our own and not a spineless subservience to the USA the international community or any other country With regard to Europe a BNP government will Resolutely oppose the single European currency Support the overwhelming majority of the British people in their desire to keep the Pound and our traditional weights and measures At the same time a BNP government will strive for the best possible relationship with our European neighbours The nations of Europe should be free to trade and cooperate whenever it is mutually beneficial without being forced into a straightjacket of political and economic unification which is neither desirable ultimately practically unfeasible and which is guaranteed to create conflict rather than avoid it Accordingly a BNP government will withdraw from the European Union In place of the EU a BNP government will aim towards greater national self sufficiency and work to restore Britain s family and trading ties with Australia Canada and New Zealand and to trade with the rest of the world as it suits us Following our withdrawal from the EU the BNP government will use the 43 million per day net contribution Britain at present makes to the European Union to fund many far more useful projects at home In addition a BNP government will reject the idea that Britain must forever be obliged to subsidise the incompetence and corruption of Third World states by supplying them with financial aid Only once poverty and deprivation amongst British people has been eliminated can any thought be given to foreign aid and even then a BNP government will link foreign aid with our voluntary resettlement policy in terms of which those nations taking significant numbers of people back to their homelands will need cash to help absorb those returning

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-foreign-affairs-britains-interests-first.html (2016-02-10)
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