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  • Reasons to Vote British National Party : BNP 2010 General Election
    with do you really want me to argue with them just to balance who I m arguing with Seriously I ll need some tips as I don t think I have the skill sets you think I should have Or do you want me to be a good little moderator and not get involved in the debates that s the fun bit and just manage the site which is bloody boring and time consuming work I am someone who has struggled with disability and re education at University and witnessed the double standards in this country in favour of groups referred to as minorities well for the next 20 years anyway Sorry to hear that hope it s not something that gets worse over time that sucks I ve also struggled still struggle with disability and I went to University as a mature student and I ve not seen favour of groups referred to as minorities in my life time And like you I m a white middle aged is 39 middle aged these days male and in the past have struggled with a young family to make ends meet financially had to drop out of Uni early months from getting a degree in genetics because of my disability and was on the equivalent of Incapacity Benefits for 3 years felt much longer before starting my own business Now we are doing very well gone from renting on the council and housing associations to owning our home and having plenty of spare cash but I can still remember the very hard times when we ate Tescos own brand baked beans for as little as 4p a tin bought in bulk taste as you might expect at that price and I m thankful it was Labour that had taken power when I started my business they made it possible to go from benefits to self employment without having to stop benefits over night Labour Gordon Brown is really good on the economy and encouraging business we ve done really well thanks in part to Labour David Reply to Comment Reasons to Vote BNP Steve Comment on Vote BNP What a wonderful piece of unbiased journalism I don t think Most of what you have written above is out of date and provocative garbage From a personal point of view I would have you know that I am NOT racist I would NOT consider myself to be fascist I am NOT a violent person the same of which I would love to be able to say about Cameron s UAF and I hate nobody What I AM is a BNP Member Reply to Comment Reasons to Vote BNP Mike Comment on Reasons to Vote BNP I thought this was supposed to be an unbiased site I liked some of the other articles but this is just biased trash I won t be coming back As a side note I don t vote Reply to Comment Juli Comment on Why Vote BNP Pleas vote LIB DEMS Every citizen votes counts to bring the right person Reply to Comment Tom Brown Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party BNP 2010 General Election Steve You have clearly not yet had the privilege of employing someone in your business believe me to do this and remain within the evermore idiotic law is now almost impossible Be warned if you inadvertently say something to your employee that could be construed as threatening sexist or god forbid racist you could find yourself faced with having to cough up a huge compensation claim sufficient to put you on the streets Good Luck Tom Brown Reply to Comment Vote British National Party Hotel in St Pancras Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party BNP 2010 General Election I agree with several post s that the BNP are not the only racist party but I would still never vote for anyone who don t allow other s to combine their own ideal s and logics to their own party s just because they were a different colour Tammy Reply to Comment Bob Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party BNP 2010 General Election GIMME MAH RIFLE Reply to Comment David Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party BNP 2010 General Election The BNP were smashed in the 2010 general election and a few days on the BNP are finally quiet on my website I have so looked forward to this day when I could rightly say I told you so however I don t need to rub it in so will ask any BNP supporters left on my site What went so wrong with the BNP s general election campaign As an outside observer it looks like the BNP were imploding just weeks before the election on May 6th with death threats to Nick Griffin from Mark Collett the BNP website being taken down by the BNP webmaster Simon Bennett and silly publicity campaigns like the Marmite BNP Party Election Broadcast I run about 100 websites on a dedicated server like a PC for running websites I rent from a US company At 1pm on election day my dedicated server ground to a slow crawl it was just barely accessible when I estimate well over 100 000 people could have been several hundred thousand tried to view this website on election day and by the evening of the election the server had pretty much ground to a halt couldn t even get it to reboot after having it turned off and on The dedicated server just couldn t handle the traffic for May 6th this site was in the top 20 000 of sites in the world ranked by Alexa After spending half a day trying to get the server working I thought it was a combination of relatively high traffic didn t realise the site was getting 25K visitors an hour though and a software setting issue servers need tweaking to run well I still wasn

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  • Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party: UKIP 2010 General Election
    we vote for proper parties Their supporters have some warped view that to vote BNP is to vote British or to be tough on crime yet the leader of the party a convicted criminal he was given a suspended prison sentence in 1998 for inciting racial He is no more the working man than George Osborne Nick is also a public school boy I say if you have chosen to vote for them now no logical argument would persuade you other wise Reply to Comment Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election Nick Bourne Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election I am 48 years old and have always voted Conservative Not this time though David Cameron and the Conservatives have been unconvincing in their campaign and the TV debates have only highlighted Cameron s weekness I will be voting UKIP as they are the party which closely represent my views Reply to Comment Chelsey Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election I have received the following copy of a Newswire release which may be of interest to both CONServative and EUKIP supporters make of it what you will I do not have a link to the copy yet but will provide it as soon as I can unless someone comes up with one sooner A highly ranked source on UKIP s NEC UKIP s governing body has confirmed the existence of a deal between the Conservative leadership and Nigel Farage ex leader of UKIP and currently the UKIP leader in the European Parliament Apparently Farage is being secretly backed by the Tory leadership as a proxy to oust John Bercow Speaker of the House John Bercow is very unpopular with the Conservative Parliamentary Party for his expressed sympathies for New Labour His election to the office of Speaker was only possible because of overwhelming support from the Parliamentary Labour Party calculated to embarrass the Conservative front bench John Bercow s wife has also confirmed her ambition to represent Labour in the Commons which has caused further irritation amongst Conservative MPs According to the UKIP NEC member If the wheeler dealer Farage is elected Bercow will lose his seat Farage will then resign shortly afterwards creating a by election which the Conservatives will win thereby adding to their number in what may be an extremely thin Conservative majority or possibly a hung Parliament Under new rules MPs are not permitted to serve in the European Parliament Farage would be loath to resign his European Parliamentary seat and the generous salary perks and allowances he receives and not least his co leadership of one of the groupings within the Parliament He will therefore resign his Westminster seat repeating a claim he has often stated that real power lies in the EU anyway The existence of such a deal is likely to cause disagreement within UKIP Already UKIP s new leader Lord Pearson has faced considerable opposition from rank and file membership This follows the revelation of a deal where Pearson proposed to stand UKIP down in the general election in return for a promise by the Conservatives to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty The Conservatives dismissed the approach which will have been made with Farage s knowledge This time however the Conservative leadership is particularly keen to see the back of John Bercow According to sources in the local Conservative Constituency Association in Buckingham Something untoward is going on behind the scenes but if it is true Farage is involved we must appreciate that he is heavily tainted in his own expenses controversy involving 2m He is not someone we would want to represent Buckingham deal or no deal Our source speculates that if Farage is elected in Buckingham and then duly resigns he will receive a Peerage a year or two later Under the new rules Peers are permitted to sit in the European Parliament Reply to Comment Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election VoteNo ToBNP Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election Ok get some real evidence links to actual articles not speculation and rubbish emails Try this article for size http www telegraph co uk news newstopics politics 6729586 Tory voters alienated by John Bercow preparing to back Ukip html Which says as per normal course the speakers seat won t be opposed by the LibDems or Labour as of course Bercow is an elected Tory MP Farage is the only other party so far to declare he will stand against Bercow but suprise suprise there is no mention of some dodgy deal try harder Reply to Comment Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election VoteNo ToBNP Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election Oh and another point if you speculative email whatever source it came from is corretc Farage still wouldn t be able to keep his EU seat if he becomes a Lord very doubtful that would ever happen he isn t allowed to be an MEP so bit of another fail there then Reply to Comment VoteNo ToBNP Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election If the Conservatives don t want Bercow elected again they would simple make sure the local party de selected him as a candidate which they can do so there wouldn t be a need for this type of conspiracy really Reply to Comment Johnboy Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP 2010 General Election This is EXACTLY one of the reasons why I want to see all 3 main parties got rid of All 3 are crooked and only seeking their own agendas in order to be able to feather their own nest None of them are actually interested in what Joe Public thinks Reply to Comment Trooper7h Comment on Reasons to

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  • Reasons to Vote British National Party
    through into mainstream politics in 2010 general election as they hope All eligible British voters should be aware if the BNP ever gained power millions of law abiding British voters would loose the right to vote under the BNP s National Service policy where ALL Britain s over the age of 18 are required to serve a period of military service or LOOSE the right to vote You MUST serve in the military to earn the right to vote under a BNP government though you d also gain the option to legally own an assault rifle as well For information about the BNP s National Service commitment see the BNP General Election Manifesto 2005 as of March 2010 there isn t a BNP General Election Manifesto 2010 BNP Leader Nick Griffin MEP The current BNP leader Nick Griffin along with Paul Ballard has been convicted in a British court of law Harrow Crown Court 27th April to 1st May 1998 for violating section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986 relating to incitement to racial hatred for his editorship of issue 12 of The Rune published in 1996 Nick Griffin received a 9 month sentence suspended for 2 years for the crime of inciting racial hatred During the trial he was accused of denying the holocaust and said I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat I have reached the conclusion that the extermination tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda extremely profitable lie and latter witch hysteria Nick Griffin confirmed he was a holocaust denier during the TV program the Cook Report Nick Griffin Cook Report 1997 Closest Nick Griffin has come to changing his holocaust denying view was during question time in late 2009 His current views on the holocaust was not very clear Does he believe millions of innocent Jewish people were murdered in Nazi death camps like Auschwitz Nick Griffin Holocaust denial on Question Time 2009 British National Party Conspiracy Theories The BNP as a party believe in a multitude of political conspiracy theories from the absurd idea of a New World Order Conspiracy Theories including Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory through to Peak Oil Conspiracy Theories and Global Warming Climate Change is a Hoax The BNP also believe the three main political parties Labour Conservative and Liberal Democrats are in league together one big political conspiracy to maintain the status quo keep the BNP out of power UKIP is the Eurosceptic Conservative front Green Party is the Green front for the Labour Party and the Welsh Plaid Cymru Party is fake I assume they mean it s just the Tories under another name in Wales The British National Party also believe the Labour Party allow in an uncontrolled number of immigrants to boost the Labour Party support according to the BNP all immigrants vote Labour Based on http en wikipedia org wiki

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/reasons-to-vote-british-national-party-bnp-2010-general-election.html?replytocom=41727#respond (2016-02-10)
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  • Weekly General Election Poll Results
    Democrats Party 15 95 6 518 Votes 17 31 1 547 Votes UK Independence Party UKIP 6 26 2 557 Votes 5 63 503 Votes Green Party 4 29 1 752 Votes 3 88 347 Votes Plaid Cymru Party 0 87 356 Votes 0 74 66 Votes Other Political Party 9 88 4 036 Votes 5 33 476 Votes NONE OF THE ABOVE 2 3 941 Votes 3 18 284 Votes Don t Know Floating Voter 4 52 1 847 Votes 9 00 804 Votes This Weeks Voters 8 937 Total Voters 40 862 on April 10th at 2 05pm April 3rd Weekly General Election Poll Results Who will you vote for in the 2010 general election Labour Party 25 38 8 103 Votes 23 36 738 Votes Conservative Party 30 83 9 842 Votes 34 35 1 085 Votes Liberal Democrats Party 15 57 4 971 Votes 16 11 509 Votes UK Independence Party UKIP 6 43 2 054 Votes 5 32 168 Votes Green Party 4 4 1 405 Votes 4 12 130 Votes Plaid Cymru Party 0 91 290 Votes 0 63 20 Votes Other Political Party 11 15 3 560 Votes 6 77 214 Votes NONE OF THE ABOVE 2 06 657 Votes 2 85 90 Votes Don t Know Floating Voter 3 27 1 043 Votes 6 49 205 Votes This Weeks Voters 3 159 Total Voters 31 925 on April 3rd at 2 30pm March 27th Weekly General Election Poll Results Who will you vote for in the 2010 general election Labour Party 25 6 7 365 Votes 21 94 563 Votes Conservative Party 30 44 8 757 Votes 33 90 870 Votes Liberal Democrats Party 15 51 4 462 Votes 14 03 360 Votes UK Independence Party UKIP 6 56 1 886 Votes 6 86 176 Votes Green Party 4 43 1 275 Votes 5 42 139 Votes Plaid Cymru Party 0 94 270 Votes 0 74 19 Votes Other Political Party 11 63 3 346 Votes 7 01 180 Votes NONE OF THE ABOVE 1 97 567 Votes 3 78 97 Votes Don t Know Floating Voter 2 91 838 Votes 6 31 162 Votes This Weeks Voters 2 566 Total Voters 28 766 on March 27th at 2 10pm March 20th Weekly General Election Poll Results Who will you vote for in the 2010 general election Labour Party 25 96 6 802 Votes 22 82 389 Votes Conservative Party 30 1 7 887 Votes 32 20 549 Votes Liberal Democrats Party 15 66 4 102 Votes 15 78 269 Votes UK Independence Party UKIP 6 53 1 710 Votes 5 98 102 Votes Green Party 4 34 1 136 Votes 4 34 74 Votes Plaid Cymru Party 0 96 251 Votes 0 76 13 Votes Other Political Party 12 08 3 166 Votes 7 92 135 Votes NONE OF THE ABOVE 1 79 470 Votes 3 82 65 Votes Don t Know Floating Voter 2 58 676 Votes 6 39 109

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  • Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election?
    2010 General Election Polling Claire Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election I have to say that I have enjoyed the banter on here over the past couple of weeks even though I was fuming half the time due to bnp idiots Glad to see no seats for them though haha Disappointed that I was unable to get on the site from the morning of polling to yesterday lunchtime but I am aware of problems encountered Just want to say thanks to David the site owner for a great site Read alot of comments over the past few weeks you must have been tearing your hair out Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Polling David Comment on 2010 General Election Polling Glad you ve enjoyed the site Claire Unfortunately on polling day around 1pm there was so much traffic to the site the dedicated server that this site is on couldn t cope and it and pretty much died Before the dedicated server was unusable it was like having your PC not even loading Windows there had been around 100 000 visitors to the site between 9am and 1pm Lunch time hit and the server died presumably when people on a lunch break went online searching about the general election I eventually had to buy another dedicated server with more power and cut down on some of the sites features like rating comments to get it running over one day later Got the site running again around 5pm yesterday and despite missing most of the days traffic we still managed to clock up around 50 000 visitors between 5pm and 9am the following morning So far today 9am to 11am we ve had about 6 000 visitors Weekends are normally relatively low traffic days Saturday Sunday can be half the traffic of a Thursday Friday We might be looking at a 40 000 visitor day still a lot of interest since we have the deals between the Lib Dems and the Tories or Labour to come David Reply to Comment Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election VoteNoToBNP Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election I just felt like givin myself another pat on the back so thourght I d post again Anyway cheers everyone I m off to hug the nearest brown person remember VoteNoBNP Moderator Please don t pretend to be someone else this is not VoteNo ToBNP it s probably a bitter BNP supporter irritated at not gaining one MP again Reply to Comment VoteNoToBNP Comment on 2010 General Election Polling Sorry I haven t responded to any of the replies sent re my original I told you so post been busy doing some other things including finally taking a few days away from it all But to the rather sad person who tried using my name there I will let you off this once because within your rather sad devastated mind set it

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/who-will-you-vote-for-in-the-2010-general-election-poll.html/comment-page-56 (2016-02-10)
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  • 2010 General Election Polling
    THEM SERVE THE WHO SENTENCE Dont allow rapist peodos and murderers a short time in prisons while petty crimes get more Any one entering the country illegaly CHUCK EM BACK OUT Lower tv licence I pay 7 a week just to watch eastenders DUMB Lower Utlilty bills for people on low incomes Make people get a licence before they can breed dogs and cats treat scum that are cruel to animals as if they have done it to a human and make danny dyer your leader lol Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Polling David Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election Save General Election Night FaceBook Group http www facebook com group php gid 126713799469 Stumbled upon the above group earlier and it throws up an interesting question would moving the counting of political votes on a general election to Friday morning rather than the traditional count the votes as fast as possible harm to UK politics It s hard enough getting people interested in politics at the best of times I could see this harming the excitement of waiting up late at night to see who wins I have to admit I do stay up on general election night until I know for sure who won Apparently these 25 parliamentary seats will be counting Friday morning with a further 135 undecided Berwick upon Tweed Bracknell Broadland Canterbury Great Yarmouth unless it is not on the same day as local elections Huntingdon Maidenhead wants to count Thursday but currently being boxed in by Wokingham Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Newbury All three Newcastle upon Tyne constituencies Norfolk North West Norfolk South West Norwich North Both Reading seats Redcar Rossendale and Darwen Sittingbourne and Sheppey Slough South Ribble St Ives Windsor wants to count Thursday but currently being boxed in by Wokingham Wokingham If a significant number won t count until Friday there is little point staying up on election night which would be a shame This quote sums things up for me DON FOSTER MP Lib Dem The excitement of watching the results unfold through the night is one of the things that stimulates interest We could be in for a very exciting result this time around and there could even be a hung parliament But dragging the results out across two days like this will only dilute interest David Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Polling Rosie G Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election To the moderator David I know full well that web site visitor stats prove nothing much about voting intentions but the thought crossed my mind that you and your readers visitors might have an interest in the visitor stats for the main contenders in the election I thought it is related anyway and so have included links below I thought also that you might like to consider including them as a permanent feature on one of your pages Just a suggestion up to you of course but it is all part and parcel of what your website is about isn t it http www alexa com siteinfo conservatives com http www alexa com siteinfo labour org uk http www alexa com siteinfo libdems org uk http www alexa com siteinfo ukip org http www alexa com siteinfo bnp org uk I put the BNP last of course Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Polling David Comment on 2010 General Election Polling Alexa toolbar rankings and the BNP I wondered when this would come up I m a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant I get sites ranked high in Google I own over 100 domains and as a person who webmasters regularly come to for advice I know a LOT about Alexa rankings Alexa rankings are very easily manipulated a single person can get a domain into the top 100 000 Alexa website ranking easily it s child s play Even when there is no manipulation the results don t mean much Two of my domains one which regularly breaks 10 000 visitors a day and the other rarely breaks 1 000 visitors a day Guess which one has an Alexa ranking of around 75 000 and which one over 200 000 10K visitors 200 000 1K visitors 75 000 Doesn t make a great deal of sense until you understand how Alexa works There s an Alexa toolbar which is installed on browsers like Internet Explorer FireFox etc and when a person with the toolbar installed visits a website it registers on Alexa as a visitor Only a tiny percentage of visitors will install the toolbar so it doesn t give a true picture of visitor numbers If 1 in 1 000 people have installed the toolbar and your site just so happens to get 3 Alexa toolbar users a day it looks like it s getting 3 000 visitors a day when it might be getting as few as 3 visitors With my example above the users of the site with 10K visitors are not heavy Alexa toolbar users whilst the below 1K site must have a far higher proportion of Alexa toolbar users I know people who make a good living manipulating Alexa rankings When an advertiser considers buying ad space on a site they ll look at Alexa rankings to determine if it s a popular site higher the ranking closer to one the more they will pay I would not be surprised if a core group of BNP supporters are running the Alexa toolbar to boost the Alexa ranking The BNP are very good at online promotion and that s what I d advise them to do if they were one of my clients and it was important to them which it is Take Alexa rankings with a BIG pinch of salt I see this comment going down well David Reply to Comment Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election britishbred Comment on 2010 General Election Results

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/who-will-you-vote-for-in-the-2010-general-election-poll.html/comment-page-1 (2016-02-10)
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  • Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election?
    I am certainly no KKK Neo Nazi or National Front but will be voting BNP Many of my older family members fought in the second world war and do not like what has become of Britain since Do not blame voters for voting BNP UKIP as this is a result reflection of the failed policies of Labour Conservatives governments People have a choice on polling day and hopefully will vote according to their own experiences of the political parties and the social environment within which they live I have done my homework read manifesto s visited websites and found myself agreeing with most of what the BNP preach but not all Helen please do not resort to name calling etc If there is one thing about Britain that I am still proud of is that people are able to have different political opinions I may not share yours or someone elses views but I will always listen and debate with them while taking on board anything I think is relative and sounds like common sense The BNP are in no way facist and are actually hated by neo nazi s the BNP has a Jewish councillor If you would like to debate in depth on any of the BNP s policies I would be more than happy to do so I think you will find that while disenfranchised Tory voters tend to vote UKIP those who vote BNP tend to be disenfranchised Labour voters Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Polling Matt Black Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election Thanks Liam but no thanks your white women men hmmm nice are too lovely xxxxxx plus i like my council paid for detached get to send all my untaxed wages back home Paki Liberation Party forever Reply to Comment VoteNoToBNP Comment on Who Did You Vote For In The 2010 General Election I had to come and say I damn well told you so to all the BNP idiots here The BNP have been wiped off the face of the political map in the last 24 hours Reduced to 15 cllrs left kicked out of Barking Dagenham bye bye BNP Reply to Comment David Comment on 2010 General Election Polling I bet that felt good Vote No To BNP All that rubbish from BNP supporters about the BNP cleaning up on election day and me being undemocratic about editing the poll to remove their manipulation and on the day they were OWNED Has the overall BNP of the popular vote been worked out yet I knew having Nick Griffin on Question Time was the right thing to do many in Britain have racist tendencies but not to the level the BNP want I wanted to post the BNP results as they came in but at 1pm on election day my blinking dedicated server died AGAIN this damn site was getting so much traffic I ve had to upgrade servers twice now and still I ve

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/who-will-you-vote-for-in-the-2010-general-election-poll.html/comment-page-55 (2016-02-10)
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  • UK Local and European Election Results
    Party 1 303 745 votes 8 6 2 4 2 seats 0 seats British National Party 943 598 votes 6 2 1 3 2 seats 2 seats Scottish National Party 321 007 votes 2 1 0 7 2 seats 0 seats Plaid Cymru Party 126 702 votes 0 8 0 1 1 seats 0 seats Almost 1 000 000 British people voted for the BNP what are they thinking do they really want racists in power I m dismayed David Law 2 responses to UK Local Election Results Dedonarrival Comment on BNP Party Activists BNP Party Activists I ve spent time with at all the three main political party meetings and I can fairly say the only party activists I met whose main concern was for their country and culture was at the three different areas BNP meetings I attended No skin headed yobbish chavs as the criminalizing media would have you believe but truly concerned mature people I have yet to find anyone who disagrees with their manifesto read it see if you do Reply to Comment BNP Party Activists David Law Comment on BNP Manifesto BNP Manifesto Well I ve read the BNP manifesto and I disagree with quite a lot of it I don t want us to leave the EU financially speaking we are much better off in than out British Jobs for British workers is protectionism and that can damage British exports If we try to protect jobs other countries will do similar to us in return Daily Christian assembly in schools Are we forgetting not all people are religious let alone Christian Religious worship should not be part of school life if a parent wants their child to follow a particular religion it should be up to the parent to provide suitable venues to

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/local-and-european-election-results-june-2009.html (2016-02-10)
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