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  • Vote BNP or you’ll be sorry!
    a crime then they are deported tell me what is wrong with that This country is full to bursting and you want these good for nothing scum bags to stay here Our taxes are wasted enough on British delinquents without wasting any on those that shouldn t even be here adding to the handouts they are already getting Rejecting asylum seekers who travel THROUGH safe areas to take root in Britain is spot on they only do it to be given handouts when they arrive anyway Man up will you all it s gone way beyond being racist it s not about that any more it s about looking after the people who live here and work here as legal British citizens Our country is in billions of pounds worth of debt this needs sorting NOW Vote BNP and lets try to get this country out of the ditch and back on its feet Popular Vote British National Party Also see the BNP Manifesto 2010 The British National Party BNP Racism This websites 2010 General Election poll has received over 1 000 BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy BNP Policies BNP Defence Policy BNP Immigration BNP Policies BNP Crime and Justice

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  • BNP Policies : BNP Immigration Policy
    stress and unhappiness and a more atomised society India would not tolerate millions of non Indians taking over that society Pakistan would not tolerate millions of Hindus or Christians entering that country and changing it from a Muslim society into something else Japan would not do it China would not do it so why should Britain Can anyone imagine Saudi Arabia allowing the mass immigration of Christians so that in a few decades it would no longer be an Islamic country Each nation has the right to maintain its own identity The right of India to remain Indian the right of China to remain Chinese the right of Pakistan to remain Pakistani and the right of Saudi Arabia to remain Saudi does not mean that any of these nations hate anybody else All it means is that they wish to preserve their identity and national existence This is all the British National Party seeks for Britain the right to be British This is not an extreme demand it is actually just perfectly normal and completely in line with the rights granted to every other nation and with international law All the other parties shy away from this issue because they are the ones who have caused the problem in the first place Only the British National Party has the reasonable sensible fair and just immigration policy which will guarantee that Britain remains British British National Party Immigration Policy http bnp org uk policies immigration I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on BNP s Immigration policies in the comments below 6 responses to BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy Previous 1 14 15 16 charity Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy what difference is there between BNP ZANU PF Reply to Comment ALLAN Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy I think we should listen more to the BNP there polices make a lot of sense and its about time someone stood up for the British people This is our country and lets hope the British people stand up and show them so I have looked at the polices of the BNP and find no racism just good feelings for our country What a shame others can not see this Reply to Comment Leigh Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy Tbh Racism is in every country you cant stop it its been going on for thousands of years the Fact that Foreign people use it to there gain has made this country weak because people are afraid to be called a racist im not a racist but im am concerned about the amount of people flooding in to the Uk and change our Culture im British yes im white and i get Called Snowy and whitey by muslims and coloured people i even reported it to a nearby Police officer and do you know what he said to me there is no such things as racist to white people WTF So a muslim and a

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-immigration-time-to-say-enough.html?replytocom=9579#respond (2016-02-10)
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  • Index of /politics
    faking comments thumb jpg 26 Nov 2009 07 01 14K bnp faking comments jpg 26 Nov 2009 07 01 39K embed youtube video jpg 17 Nov 2009 06 05 26K ukip 2020 energy policy jpg 29 Oct 2009 23 25

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  • 2010 General Election
    a biased event Cllr Howard annoyingly refused to sit down and be quiet to allow the debate to commence and was asked to leave As he left the room he oddly shouted The tail will not wag the dog I assume by this he meant that Andrew Mitchell was too big to debate with other candidates in front of the electorate and would not lower himself to bow to a public need to hear him speak on local issues I started to realise that despite often being impressed by David Cameron his Sutton Coldfield representatives at council and Westminster level seemed to me to be far from desirable and certainly don t appear have the interests of their constituents at heart It is as though they feel that Andrew Mitchell s re election to Westminster is a foregone conclusion and that local people will vote Tory regardless The meeting was indeed carried out in the fair manner that the chair had described at the beginning The Labour candidate and the Lib Dem candidate both seemed passionate about our area they seemed to evaluate the local issues well and were familiar with what s going on here Both agreed the town lacks the identity of other locations in the area such as Solihull and Lichfield A point I whole heartedly agree with this is an historic town with a notable past Sutton Park was the holiday hunting ground of Henry VIII most of the park has Scheduled Ancient Monument status and English Nature have designated it a National Nature Reserve The nearby town centre seems fractured and disjointed however a hangover from 70 s town planning when many historic buildings were demolished to make way for the concrete monstrosity of The Gracechurch Shopping Centre National and international issues were raised and debated in a civilised way during the two hour debate including the economy immigration education Europe care for the elderly and electoral reform I will not list the answers of the candidates here as I am an individual concerned about the future of our society and I do not want this article to be seen as a piece of electioneering for any particular party but I did want to voice my contempt for Andrew Mitchell s failure to attend After a bit of googling when I got home last night I discovered Andrew Mitchell has been on the campaign trail in London and Worcestershire I can find no evidence he has even been to Sutton Coldfield since the beginning of this campaign I also discovered that on the website www theyworkforyou com Andrew Mitchell is the only candidate in Sutton Coldfield not to have completed a questionnaire which allows voters to clearly compare what each candidate stands for UKIP and The Green Party are also both fielding candidates in Sutton Coldfield but neither were in attendance at last nights debate although they had been invited I think this really illustrates a need for electoral reform then maybe safe seat politicians

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/general-election-2010-have-your-say.html/comment-page-8 (2016-02-10)
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  • General Election Politics
    commie nazi Go off the deep end Vote Raving Loony Sincerely Sir Authur Wellingsly III P S Chip Chop Chip Reply to Comment Sir William Cronk Comment on General Election Politics Monster Raving Looney really deserve it this time around they have worked so hard foro ur community compared to all other competitors but do not get the recognition froom the media All vote MRL Reply to Comment Jiggaboo Comment on 2010 General Election after much deliberation i have arrived at the conclusion that the monster raving loony party has the best party platform it s a shame that the lemonparty org has not yet firmly established itself in the U K otherwise they d have my vote Reply to Comment wade Comment on 2010 General Election I of course will be voting for the Monster Raving Loony party Anyone who doesn t is a neo nazi They will bring the peace and prosperity we need Reply to Comment Well Comment on General Election Politics 2010 Your parties suck all the way through my dear Britains I d vote the Monster Raving Loony Party if i was to live in your nation Sincerly the European Reply to Comment skk Comment on 2010 General Election Politics lol monster raving loony party watever makes the bnp loose Reply to Comment Alan Comment on 2010 General Election The BNP haters need a lesson learned from the monster raving loonies Reply to Comment anon i mouse Comment on 2010 General Election MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY FTW Reply to Comment Sp3ckled Jim Comment on General Election Politics 2010 Isn t it past your bedtime young chap D Reply to Comment K williams Comment on 2010 General Election From the ammount of votes received by the MRL party some of the comments today it would appear that school is out the infants are voting totally skewing the whole poll This really negates the whole point of it Reply to Comment France Comment on General Election Politics 2010 Shouldn t of been an option if it would skew the votes 3 France Reply to Comment AndyK Comment on General Election Politics 2010 Hi K Williams If David keeps the voting mechanism running the votes will average out properly and the result will be correct The results are presently been skewed by pranksters because there haven t been that many votes yet Reply to Comment Andrew Phillips Comment on 2010 General Election Clearly the kids are off school voting Monster Raving Loony Party lol I hope they have the same freedoms still available when they are old enough to really vote Youth BNP Link Vote BNP Reply to Comment John Jones Comment on General Election Politics I really think the amount of time the Monster Raving Loony has put into the community is really admirable and by the looks of it they are being rewarded for their efforts A dark horse maybe Reply to Comment britishbred Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say David Just a quick point its now 5 22 am but when posted the time is different Moderator well spotted turns out the server time was correct GMT but the software WordPress used to create this site was using UTC time 7hrs Been using WordPress for years and never noticed that setting so thanks Fixed now I will add I think you have made a great site with a lot of interesting comments from all sides not many for the lib lab cons though yet well mostly in support for the BNP actually maybe that mirrors what us brits are thinking I think the BNP will win with a landslide Reply to Comment General Election Politics AndyK Comment on General Election Politics BritishBred I sincerily hope your right I sort off have the same feeling too Reply to Comment britishbred Comment on 2010 General Election AndyK I was always a labour voter im 35 now and when I left school britain was under thatcher what a mess that was my only option was a YTS remember that or a paper round or goto germany a fews years after leaving school to be a bricklayers labouer I went to germany and made some good money I trained to be a plumber in 98 and got gas CORGI registered on 2004 Things went very well until about 2007 8 when the trade was swamped with polish plumbers who undercut me by more than half Nothing wrong with competition but I just couldn t compete with them Anyway my labour vote was for a change from the torys Im old enough to know that lab con are not for the british working class they are for themselves I dont think im a minority in my views I m not a racist like this gov want me to believe about myself I REALLY hope the British National Party will get power in 2010 because they are the ONLY party who will look after me and mine Reply to Comment General Election Politics 2010 AndyK Comment on General Election Politics 2010 BritishBred Thanks for your reply I m a tad older than you at 40 and did a YTS I believe you are very correct in your assumption that we are not in a minority with our views Until about six years ago I had been a staunch Conservative all of my adult life but was becoming somewhat disgruntled with the fact that my views over many issues remained intact but the parties were changing rapidly I had heard labour and the tories condemn the BNP on the news several times before but never seemed to witness any direct feedback from the BNP itself surprise One day it suddenly crossed my mind the BNP might have a web site which I located The thing that struck me the most was the feeling I got that the articles and comments on the site echoed my thoughts It felt like they were agreeing with me as opposed to me having to draw a line of best fit with which to agree with them 4 days later I was a BNP supporter and have been ever since All of a sudden my eyes were wide open to the high level of deceit and betrayal that is being committed by the establishment The House Of Free Everything and controlled media across the UK Importantly I discovered why the LibLabCon are effectively acting as one body through infultration of EU based change agents like Common Purpose Fabians Tavistock Institute and the Bilderbergers for example If anybody reading this hasnt heard of this lot in particular Common Purpose like you think its a catch phrase as I did then for a politically unbiased explanation please look up videos on youtube by a man by the name of Brian Gerrish who is an ex navel commander This ones the the primer Here are some titles to find Brian Gerrish State of the Nation Brian Gerrish Soviet Britain and there are many more If you havent seen any of this before boy are you in for one hell of a shock Going back to the original thread BritishBred I do believe the establishment is starting to crumble MP s are being caught out left right and centre fiddling expenses while the government doles out billions of pounds of tax payers money to abroad It s now been revealed the massive influx of immigration was yet more treason by Blair and his crew which is effecting our employment as you pointed out and our way of life All this going on at the beginning of a ressesion when unemployment is starting to become rife Not only are they burning further billions on housing immigrants but we are having to put put up with the extra crime The news is full of it while they use programs like East Enders to brainwash us into accepting and sucking up to foreigners that are currently outbreeding us They are even trying to impose Foreign laws upon us the establishment that is I don t blame the immigrants themselves Cameron has proved he is no more than a spineless EU puppet and yet another fraud with his sudden u turn on the Lisburn Treaty Thats a smoke screen in itself Personally I couldnt give a darn about the Treaty I m interested in a vote in or out of the EU which can be made possible with a BNP government Our soldiers are dieying on foreign soil while the tories are preparring to send even more to Afganistan if they gain power Yet another war which Labour and the Conservatives authorised illegally without public consent Our soldiers are abroad while army style foreign police are imported to control us They dont want our army at home because they d obviously protect the British Anybody who thinks we ll be better off under the tories is going to be sadly mistaken and I will say I told you so If the tories succeed in 2010 there will be hell on high water with the demand from the British public for them to fulfill their promises which they cant and dont intend to keep The British tigers tail has been tugged far too hard this time We ve been spat upon from a great height and theirs a strong feeling of contempt growing Only the BNP has the resolve and determination to reverse the sabotage of the LibLab Con You never know BritishBred we might just be preaching to the converted http bnp org uk Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Shell Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say I like the youtube video clips but they are scattered around the site on different pages and they are difficult to find Could you please provide a list of links like you done for the comments I like you site and I vote BNP because it is the only way Britain is going to stay British I don t like being ruled by Europe which is not democratic at all and I don t like the immigrants closing our pubs and churches Vote for BNP Reply to Comment General Election Politics Tony Harrison Comment on General Election Politics Shelly It isn t immigrants closing our pubs and churches If enough people went to church the churches would remain open and if people weren t priced out of going to the pub they would stay open Nothing to do with immigrants You ll be blaming them for the weather next Reply to Comment David Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say The voting on this page was a bit strange yesterday We ve had 900 votes for the Monster Raving Loony Party 300 votes for the British National Party BNP And a couple of hundred for other political parties As this is an open poll that doesn t require registration or anything it s open to cheating if you know what you are doing which is why I keep an eye on the votes and if I ever see clear cheating I ll delete the votes until now there was no indication of serious cheating So yesterday there was apparently 900 Monster Raving Loony Party supporters 300 BNP supporters I m 99 confident those are real votes BTW and about 200 for the rest popular day for this page The 900 Monster Raving Loony Party votes could in theory be from real visitors but for reasons I won t go into as whoever did it would learn to hide their tracks better I m reasonably sure they are fake votes So I m going to delete them I m very impressed with the Monster Raving Looney Party comments to make it look like there was hundreds of visitors voting for that party whoever did the fake votes did quite a good job of making the votes look real though did make the mistake of posting the same comment twice from different IP s I m really curious how this was achieved because I made some subtle changes to the poll to try to trip up automated voting scripts yesterday I find it hard to believe someone would vote manually 900 times over many hours starting at a handful of votes a minute to tapering off to a few votes an hour in the early hours of the morning and the votes kept coming in I know how it can be done but the changes I made should have resulted in votes to another party if it was automated I switched the answers around or no votes at all I replaced the o s with 0 s for that entry in the possible ways I suspected but that didn t happen So I m scratching my head at how this was done in an automated way If it was manual voting now that dedication to being a Raving Loony David Reply to Comment General Election Politics Anonymous Comment on General Election Politics don t underestimate the power of b how dare you remove our votes we crashed gamespot when they did that but lol trolled Reply to Comment David Comment on General Election Politics I deleted 900 of the Monster Raving Loony Party votes Hmm the total number of votes and the are now wrong though it didn t subtract 900 from the total votes cast Will look for a fix I missed something I had to reset Fixed now David Reply to Comment britishbred Comment on 2010 General Election David hi Sounds your the one doing any vote fixing Reply to Comment David Comment on General Election Politics 2010 If I was fixing votes I wouldn t have the BNP in the lead now would I Unfortunately I m reasonably confident the 900 votes are fake by one person and so should be deleted If I m wrong on this they are real votes I m sure we ll see dozens of comments from the 900 real visitors who voted Monster Raving Loony Party yesterday David Reply to Comment Andrew Phillips Comment on 2010 General Election Politics Good Job David Someone out there is auto spamming for MRLP to discredit this open poll which clearly shows popular support for BNP policies Well spotted Reply to Comment AndyK Comment on 2010 General Election Politics Hi Dave I think your doing a great job trying to maintain the legitimacy of the results It s possible that our mischievous monster raving loony friends are relaying emails to each other something like vote on this site from as many IP addresses as possible and send this message Cheers AndyK Reply to Comment britishbred Comment on 2010 General Election Politics David Ive not seen any such comments from the monster party you were expecting Are you still keeping the votes up Reply to Comment AndyK Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say Seems surprisingly slow on votes in general Is the voting mecho running continously David Reply to Comment AndyK Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say David can I also mention I m having problems submitting comments This started this evening After clicking the submit button the page fails to refresh I m using google chrome at present and after a while it times out with the message the link appears to be broken I didn t realise at first but the comment is reaching your server but for some reason not returning with the request I have experienced at programming asp net sites with c Not knowing what the problem was I replied to Sam s message 4 times earlier and have probably confused the issue When I first realised there was a problem I copied the message to notepad Each time I sent the message I thought I d add a bit extra The problems still occurring at present I have tested my browser out with web pages containing submission forms on other web sites and it seems to be fine Based on my findings I can only deduce the problem lies with your server Hope this helps Reply to Comment 2010 General Election Politics David Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say Thanks for letting me know about this the problem was with a plugin to allow visitors to subscribe to comments I ve disabled it until I can figure out why it broke things now was working fine It was messing up where the visitor went right after posting a comment LMK if you have any more problems David Reply to Comment David Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say Since the loony votes was a hoax joke I doubt there will be a lot of new comments from them they have come and gone basically Yes there s an argument to remove them but also an argument not to now I know they are real visitors I can t be sure all of them was a hoax some might be real If I seriously thought it would matter long term it s the loony party and can be ignored I might change my mind but I see the main parties receiving 5 000 plus votes each before the election assuming it s not called early Those 900 votes won t mater then I own other websites and I m very good at getting search engine traffic to them I ve a joke site which regularly breaks 10 000 visitors day for example AndyK the voting seems to come in waves like Saturday about 300 BNP votes if the BNP got that number of votes every day for just one week they d be in the thousands by now so it was a one off spike there was a link from the BNP site I ve not tracked daily votes but other than the 900 loony votes the 300 in one day for one party is the most I ve seen in one day I thought they might be fake

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  • General Election Politics
    cases have NEVER paid into We are told immigration is good as the immigrants are vital to the NHS and leisure industry WHY when we pay 3 million to sit at home watching daytime TV and label them unemployed God this country needs a good shake and none of the mainstream parties have the balls to sort it out Britain the country where you need a GP s salary to afford a modest 3 bed semi The political elite and establishment dont have to live in the inner city squalor their policies have created or alongside the lovely immigrants they are so fond of Reply to Comment General Election Politics pamela ray Comment on General Election Politics Britain is definitely full If money was not made available to families with children there would be more money in the pot for important things I believe if you want children you should pay for them yourself I have no children my choice but have worked all my life and I do resent that some of my money has gone to helping pay for someone elses children If funds were not so readily available people would not be prepared to come here so there would be more money for helping the pensioners who have made their contribution in life If the three parties got round to seeing how these immigrants really live and behave and spoil the areas they have chosen to live I am sure they would do something about it They live in another world where everything is made easy for them Come and live amongst us for a month and also manage on a state pension for a month Pamela Ray Reply to Comment General Election 2010 Have Your Say geraldine Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say After it took Conservative 18 years to distroy are country do they not realize that which ever party got in after them it would take them a lot longer than 18 years to get it back on track I think they have a cheek to think that people in this country do not remember that they were the ones that were trying to get every one to pay private for health care and it was them that wanted to scrap the NHS Where i live council houses had stopped being built because they said there was no money to carry on building But hey presto the day after labour won the election money was found so building could commence Conservative must have forgot where they put the money Conservatives are not intrested in people like me once they are voted in power because i am working class so i have news for them they will not be getting my VOTE now if they get in power i know i can live with my conscience Reply to Comment General Election Politics Super BNP Comment on General Election 2010 Have Your Say I spoke with my aunties next door neighbour over the weekend

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/general-election-2010-have-your-say.html/comment-page-7 (2016-02-10)
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  • I am nothing short of disgusted at the goings on since the
    in forming a stable government for the sake of the country as soon as possible Mr Clegg had already stated as much that a coalition with labour did not have any merit being comprehensibly thrashed at the polling booth It must be remembered too that the Lib Dems did not come out of the election smelling of roses either The Lib Dems have been offered a unique opportunity to play an important role in helping to run the country in these very difficult times What they are doing is quite simply scandalous It is now obvious to all that all they are interested in is themselves Through their actions in wasting time even talking to labour when the people of this country just would not accept a Lib Lab pact anyway has plummeted my opinion of Lib Dems to an all time low They have now proved they are no better than Brown who is blatantly clinging to power no matter what You stay there Gordon you are doing a grand job It was nice to notice that there are decent labour MP s who want to bow out with dignity and I respect Kate Howey Diana Johnson amongst others

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/general-election-2010-have-your-say.html?cid=9298 (2016-02-10)
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  • I completely disagree, although I’m sure the Lib Dems would have rather
    nuts to go into such a weak coalition when the likelihood is at the next general election support for the Conservatives will fall after we ve had the Tories age of austerity Remember all the politicians lied during the campaign on how hard the cuts have to be now they HAVE to cut and it s going to be deep and it s going to bloody hurt Whichever party is in government WILL get the blame and I m glad it s going to be the Conservatives and not Labour Also the alternative vote is quite good for Labour and the Lib Dems people who vote Lib Dems are more likely to have Labour as their second choice and vice a versa The Lib Dems talking to Labour was obviously a bargaining chip on the Lib Dems part by suggesting they might have a second option of working with Labour pushed the Conservatives to offer more Are you trying to suggest if you were the Lib Dems you wouldn t have played the same hand and got more from the Conservatives David More Comments by David What is Racism BNP are a Political Party are in Decline If you ve been following the BNP since just before the 2010 general election you d know the BNP are in real trouble with infighting money problems and generally self destructive behaviour Apparently BNP councilors are jumping ship and joining the English Democrats for Continue Reading What is Racialism UK Local Elections May 5th 2011 Alternative Vote Better than First Past the Post Although I don t particularly like the Alternative Vote system I agree with Nick a miserable little compromise it s at least better than First Past the Post voting system The vast majority of MPs in the country will be

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