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  • 2010 General Election
    1 0 UKIP 0 0 0 0 917 832 3 1 0 9 BNP 0 0 0 0 563 743 1 9 1 2 SNP 6 0 0 0 491 386 1 7 0 1 Green Party 1 1 0 1 285 616 1 0 0 1 Sinn Féin Party 5 0 0 0 171 942 0 6 0 1 DUP 8 0 1 1 168 216 0 6 0 3 Plaid Cymru Party 3 1 0 1 165 394 0 6 0 1 SDLP 3 0 0 0 110 970 0 4 0 1 Conservatives and Unionists 0 0 1 1 102 361 0 3 0 1 Alliance Party 1 1 0 1 42 762 0 1 0 0 Respect Party 0 0 1 1 33 251 0 1 0 1 Independent Sylvia Hermon 1 1 0 1 21 181 0 1 na Health Concern Party 0 0 1 1 16 150 0 1 0 0 Blaenau Gwent People s Voice 0 0 1 1 6 458 0 0 0 1 Other Parties 0 0 0 0 247 711 1 2 There was a 65 1 turnout with 29 653 638 votes cast Above are all the parties that have MPs or lost MPs plus UKIP and the BNP due to their interest General Election 2010 Polls Take a look at Weekly General Election Poll Results to see how British people have voted in the above General Election Poll this week updated every Saturday until the election 2005 General Election Popular Vote Comparison Labour Party 35 3 Conservative Party 32 3 Liberal Democrats Party 22 1 UK Independence Party UKIP 2 2 Green Party 1 0 British National Party BNP 0 7 Plaid Cymru Party 0 6 I ve included the main political parties from the 2005 general election they are listed in the order from most votes The Labour Party to least votes The first percentage value in brackets is percentage of the popular vote for example the Labour Party received 35 3 of the popular vote The second percentage value is based on the number of votes from this general election poll The 2005 UK General Election Results Below is a list of the top 20 political parties ordered by popular vote from the 2005 general election only 12 of which gained parliamentary seats MPs Labour Party 356 MPs Conservative Party 198 MPs Liberal Democrat Party 62 MPs UKIP Party 0 MPs SNP Party 6 MPs Green Party 0 MPs Democratic Unionist Party 9 MPs BNP Party 0 MPs Plaid Cymru Party 3 MPs Sinn Féin Party 5 MPs Ulster Unionist Party 1 MP Social Democratic and Labour Party 3 MPs Independent Parties 1 MP Respect Party 1 MP Scottish Socialist Party 0 MPs Alliance Party 0 MPs Scottish Green Party 0 MPs Socialist Labour Party 0 MPs Liberal Party 0 MPs Health Concern Party 1 MP General Election 2010 Results How did you vote in the next General Election 2010 and are you happy with the

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  • Are the BNP Racists?
    the Internet Racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race In the case of institutional racism certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits or get preferential treatment Racial discrimination typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people although anyone may be discriminated against on an ethnic or cultural basis independently of their somatic differences According to the United Nations conventions there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination I think it s fair to say if a political party promotes racial discriminating ideologies it s a racist political party What is Racialism I also stumbled upon the term racialism various online dictionaries define the term as 1 An emphasis on race or racial considerations as in determining policy or interpreting events 2 Policy or practice based on racial considerations Chiefly British Variant of racism And from Wikipedia http www thefreedictionary com racialism Racialism is an emphasis on race or racial considerations Racialism entails a belief in the existence and significance of racial categories but not necessarily in a hierarchy between the races or in any political or ideological position of racial supremacy David Law 1 responses to BNP Racism Previous 1 19 20 21 Tony Comment on Islamification of Great Britain Islamification of Great Britain I agree the bnp have racists amongst their ranks but what party isn t corrupted The BNP are like a Sunday school club compared to the people they are trying to stop When the islamification of Great Britain is complete there will be no mercy do not say you where not warned Reply to Comment Previous 1 19 20 21 Leave a reply to What is Racism Name

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  • Islamification of Britain
    about the BNP The an eye for an eye David Stop spreading lies about the BNP Jon Reply to Comment David Law Comment on Ideal BNP Supporter Threat Ideal BNP Supporter Threat What does that mean David Law Reply to Comment Jon Comment on filth and lies about the BNP filth and lies about the BNP It means David that its ok for you and all to put filth and lies on here about the BNP but its not ok to put filth and lies about Islam May be the links have pushed you a little too much but what do you care about the BNP s fellings Jon Reply to Comment David Comment on British National Party Supporters British National Party Supporters British National Party supporters Please be aware no matter what happens on May 6th in future general elections I will not be including the BNP in any polls or posting their policies etc for discussion BNP supporters are way too high maintenance and spoil it for others who just want to discuss politics David Reply to Comment Jon Comment on hate for Islam hate for Islam David 7 7 9 11 my buddies risking their lifes in Afganistan and you wonder why people like me are full of hate for Islam David it is you who is sick You turn your back on your people by not letting them speak the truth about Islam and the true threat of Britain being an Islamic state Jon Reply to Comment VoteNo ToBNP Comment on BNP is all about hate BNP is all about hate Jon You really should be aware that Nick Griffin wants his supporters to dumb down the overtly racist angle of the party he knows they stand no chance of winning if people like you spend your life making the party look like nothing more than a bunch of racists But obviously you didn t get that memo you may have a bee in your bonnet about Islam but all you are actually managing to do here is continue to prove that the BNP is all about hate They will never get elected as long as people like you continue to spread that clear message of hate you are actually damaging the BNP s chances of getting elected with this continued spouting of drivel Not that I m complaining because frankly the more BNP supporters visiting websites like this and spouting the standard islam hatred lines the more normal people will read it and see the BNP and it rather mad supporters as nothing more than a bunch of crackpots You are doing a damn good job of dropping the BNP vote on May 6th Reply to Comment BNP is all about hate Tony Comment on Say No to Sharia Law in the UK Say No to Sharia Law in the UK Look at the results of the poll we DO NOT want your laws here You should be the ones to conform or leave this

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/islam-and-the-islamification-of-britain-discussion.html (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP Policies : BNP Immigration Policy
    stress and unhappiness and a more atomised society India would not tolerate millions of non Indians taking over that society Pakistan would not tolerate millions of Hindus or Christians entering that country and changing it from a Muslim society into something else Japan would not do it China would not do it so why should Britain Can anyone imagine Saudi Arabia allowing the mass immigration of Christians so that in a few decades it would no longer be an Islamic country Each nation has the right to maintain its own identity The right of India to remain Indian the right of China to remain Chinese the right of Pakistan to remain Pakistani and the right of Saudi Arabia to remain Saudi does not mean that any of these nations hate anybody else All it means is that they wish to preserve their identity and national existence This is all the British National Party seeks for Britain the right to be British This is not an extreme demand it is actually just perfectly normal and completely in line with the rights granted to every other nation and with international law All the other parties shy away from this issue because they are the ones who have caused the problem in the first place Only the British National Party has the reasonable sensible fair and just immigration policy which will guarantee that Britain remains British British National Party Immigration Policy http bnp org uk policies immigration I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on BNP s Immigration policies in the comments below 6 responses to BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy Previous 1 14 15 16 charity Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy what difference is there between BNP ZANU PF Reply to Comment ALLAN Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy I think we should listen more to the BNP there polices make a lot of sense and its about time someone stood up for the British people This is our country and lets hope the British people stand up and show them so I have looked at the polices of the BNP and find no racism just good feelings for our country What a shame others can not see this Reply to Comment Leigh Comment on BNP Policies BNP Immigration Policy Tbh Racism is in every country you cant stop it its been going on for thousands of years the Fact that Foreign people use it to there gain has made this country weak because people are afraid to be called a racist im not a racist but im am concerned about the amount of people flooding in to the Uk and change our Culture im British yes im white and i get Called Snowy and whitey by muslims and coloured people i even reported it to a nearby Police officer and do you know what he said to me there is no such things as racist to white people WTF So a muslim and a

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/bnp-policies-immigration-time-to-say-enough.html (2016-02-10)
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  • General Election 2010
    merit being comprehensibly thrashed at the polling booth It must be remembered too that the Lib Dems did not come out of the election smelling of roses either The Lib Dems have been offered a unique opportunity to play an important role in helping to run the country in these very difficult times What they are doing is quite simply scandalous It is now obvious to all that all they are interested in is themselves Through their actions in wasting time even talking to labour when the people of this country just would not accept a Lib Lab pact anyway has plummeted my opinion of Lib Dems to an all time low They have now proved they are no better than Brown who is blatantly clinging to power no matter what You stay there Gordon you are doing a grand job It was nice to notice that there are decent labour MP s who want to bow out with dignity and I respect Kate Howey Diana Johnson amongst others It seems to me that Mr Clegg has been very badly advised by his party in persuing dialogue with labour To me it has done irreparable damage to their credibility placing their own interests before that of the country As a floating voter I will NEVER now even considering voting for the Liberal Democrats Reply to Comment General Election Politics David Comment on General Election Politics I completely disagree although I m sure the Lib Dems would have rather worked with Labour there was realistically no way they could form a working coalition for more than a honeymoon period all it would take is a small group of MPs to hold such a government to ransom Even if every non Tory supporting MP some of the Northern Ireland MPs are pretty much Tories went into a Rainbow coalition the coalition would have a majority around 6 All it would take is half a dozen MPs to not turn up for a vote or 3 to vote against a rainbow coalition to result in a vote of no confidence passing I understand David Milliband and Ed Balls weren t taking the negotiation seriously I don t blame them as potentially the next Labour leaders they d be nuts to go into such a weak coalition when the likelihood is at the next general election support for the Conservatives will fall after we ve had the Tories age of austerity Remember all the politicians lied during the campaign on how hard the cuts have to be now they HAVE to cut and it s going to be deep and it s going to bloody hurt Whichever party is in government WILL get the blame and I m glad it s going to be the Conservatives and not Labour Also the alternative vote is quite good for Labour and the Lib Dems people who vote Lib Dems are more likely to have Labour as their second choice and vice a versa The Lib Dems

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/general-election-2010-have-your-say.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Should Britain Leave the European Union Poll?
    rate is favourable to finding cheaper British alternatives without compromising on quality It also benefits the environment vi consider the future when the Continent moves to political union are you prepared for mass civil disobedience to extricate the country from this vile organisation What will be the tipping point Are you prepared for it Are you storing food and water tools and seeds vii switch off the BBC They will be first against the wall when we retake this great nation Write to your MP requesting a vote on the dissolution of this anti British anti Christian dinosaur Do not renew your TV licence tax and legally acquire the news and entertainment that you actually want viii get involved in your local community Volunteer Invest in relationships with your neighbours These will serve you better than a knowledge of what is happening in Eastenders or Corrie Reply to Comment Practicalities Derek Comment on WE SHOULD STAY IN THE EU WE SHOULD STAY IN THE EU I think the relationship and the influence we have in the EU with other nations should be maintained Staying in the EU is the only way we can insure financial prosperity security peace and democracy within the union UK TO STAY Reply to Comment John Wigglesworth Comment on Should Britain leave the EU Should Britain leave the EU What Relationship and What Influence Are you living in a dream world w Reply to Comment James Ainley Comment on LEAVE LEAVE WE NEED TO LEAVE THE EU ITS TIME TO ACT NOW Reply to Comment DC Comment on Poll the uk voters now Poll the uk voters now Use the web to poll current uk voter attitudes I think the majority would vote to leave unless there were very substantial reform I also thing that Substantial reform is very unlikely and we will end up leaving sooner rather than later Reply to Comment John Wigglesworth Comment on John Wigglesworth John Wigglesworth You are exactly right The position is this Mr Cameron thinks the electorate ore fools In effect he as chosen to 2017 in the hope we will put him back in for the next 2 terms We are wasting time He will get no concessions until he fulfils his threat and gives us an election now Then the EU will bend because they know it is a reality They did it in Ireland But it will have to be substantial concessions and that will never happen All the EU countries have to play by the same rules just like any other game and it is a game and it has no democracy It is the kind of position that politicians love to be in Reply to Comment John Wigglesworth Tony Comment on Should Britain Leave the European Union Poll Considering the massive amount of people that want a say in this matter Why are we just sitting back and living in a dictatorship Reply to Comment Ellie Comment on Should Britain Leave the European Union

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/should-britain-leave-the-european-union-poll.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Why I’ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election
    If you earn Two Shillings and you spend Two Shillings and Tuppence then something is wrong You cannot as Country Party or Individual spend more than you earn it is unsustainable and will always end in tears when you can no longer Rob Peter to pay Paul and it is about time people learn to stand on their own two feet instead of thinking the rest of the Tay Paying Public work simple to pay their bills As for the Lib Dems they can say what they like they will not be leading the Government so will have to deliver on nothing Reply to Comment Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election Charles Comment on Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election Bravo Reply to Comment Alex Comment on Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election What a load of propaganda and rubbish there is no way to tell what would have happened at any event reagrdless of government The Labour party have failed No excuses or fancy wording they have just failed So now change beckons and the old way of Labour is dead New Labour Liberal Democrats broke away from Labour with fresh ideas but no real plan and so have generally taken a backseat Lets face it Labour will not win and the best they can hiope for is a hung parliment which will let them have some say in the countries running which is completely selfish why jepordise an entire country for the sake of a rivalry Tactical voting That is ignorance of the highest order Please do not think that this is a hate message because while I do respect your opinions please note this is for the initial post I m sure the average voter has realised that Labour have dug themselves a huge hole and Lib Dems have just copied an old Manifesto and please look it up before you respond because you will find they have just recycled old politics and manifesto I have waited until the end to say conservative is the way forward so you could see an unbiased rebuttle to this outrageous selfishness in respect to the labour party if you leave emails i will respond to all responses that regard my post Thank you Reply to Comment Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election Rosylin Foster Comment on Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election The Labour party is finished Us young voters do NOT want a nanny state Look where it has got us Reply to Comment Charles Comment on Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election I think that is right we don t wish a nanny state which fundimentally is Labour s concept of Government Although the Conservatives are not perfect the alternatives are much much worse Another 5 years of Brown and we will be calling in the IMF AGAIN A vote for Lib Dems is

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/why-ill-never-vote-conservative-at-a-general-election.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Political Video
    the use of CCTV which reduces the fear of crime and anti social behaviour Reply to Comment Tories Weak on Crime YouTube Video Vote Labour 2010 Comment on Douglas Alexander The Word of Mouth Campaign Video Douglas Alexander The Word of Mouth Campaign Video Douglas Alexander The Word of Mouth Campaign Every single day you are already showing that you are up for this fight As a Party we re having over 100 000 face to face conversations with voters every single week That s 3 times the number we were having in the run up to the 2005 General Election Reply to Comment Steph Comment on 13 Years of Labour Political Video 13 Years of Labour Political Video Remember this Reply to Comment jamie stewart Comment on Political Parties Video Thank you for posting this they are a shower how anyone thinks labour has been good for this country needs to watch it one of my posts will tell you how the let my mother die due to a bed shortage thank you mr brown you have certainly helped my family how he sleeps at night i will never know Just to say thanks again David for the site and allowing us to express our feelings right or wrong Reply to Comment Political Videos Dave Comment on Political Parties Video Nice vid Steph just how can anyone justify voting Labour Vote Libdem vote for electoral reform the UK is in a minority in Europe of countries that still maintain this ludicrous voting seat winning system Once there is electoral reform eveyone posting here indicating i d vote xxxx but it s a wasted vote or it s Tory or Labour in my area so no point voting for something else or similar can vote as they wish knowing full

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/political-videos.html (2016-02-10)
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