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  • Green Party Policies : Drug Trafficking
    confiscation of assets and prison sentences would continue to be imposed for serious drugs trafficking offences DU407 A proportion of the fines and assets of convicted drug traffickers would be used to fund research into drug use and reducing drug related harm to supplement the additional health services budget referred to below in 410 413 and resource the substitution of water based glues etc in place of solvent based products currently on the market I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on UK Green Party s Drug Trafficking policies in the comments below Leave a reply to Green Party Policies Drug Trafficking Name required Mail not published required Comment Title Don t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e mail You can also subscribe without commenting Popular Green Party Policies Cannabis According to the UK Green Party website the Green Party Green Party Policies Gun Control and Gun Crime According to the UK Green Party website the Green Party Reasons to Vote Green 2010 General Election Green Party Policies The Disabled Green Party Policies Agriculture Green Party Policies Raves Pay Parties and Free Festivals Green Party Policies National Lottery Green

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  • Green Party Policies : Carbon Emissions Reductions in the UK
    distributed free of charge to all eligible individuals in the UK with all adults receiving an equal amount The remaining quota would be sold to organisations public private and voluntary by a system set up by the government CC292 In addition to the introduction of quotas there would be a major programme of investment in energy conservation energy efficient appliances public transport and renewable energy technology so that people are able to live within their quotas This investment would be achieved through a programme of public spending and through the revision of technical standards such as building regulations and standards for energy efficiency of appliances The details of these measures are set out elsewhere in the MfSS See in particular AG206 Agriculture EC786 UK Taxation EC921 International Economic Management EN500 511 Energy Conservation EN800 816 Renewables EU521 2 Transport within the EU F202 Forestry HO501 2 605 House Building Standards LP403 Building Location LP500 504 Conservation in Buildings TR010 Transport Aims TR040 049 Renewable Fuels TR063 066 Charges and Taxes TR100 102 School Transport TR200 Public Transport TR300 Personal motorised transport TR330 Freight TR430 1 Shipping TR500 3 550 Air Transport CC293 Government should institute a national publicity campaign on the threats from climate change the need to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gases and how individuals can play their part in this CC294 We will publicise the various ways in which measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can provide immediate benefits to our quality of life our economy and the environment as well as delivering long term benefits by tackling Climate Change I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on UK Green Party s Carbon Emissions Reductions in the UK policies in the comments below Leave a reply to Green Party

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  • Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister
    been friends as well as brilliant servants of the country Above all I want to thank Sarah for her unwavering support as well as her love and for her own service to our country I thank my sons John and Fraser for the love and joy they bring our lives And as I leave the second most important job I could ever hold I cherish even more the first as a husband and father Thank you and goodbye 4 responses to Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister frances cumings Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister a terrible day for the uk Reply to Comment JimBo Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister Oh well I could see it coming Basically Labour has imploded in on itself At least the LibDems if they are smart will ensure a fair number of their policies get into the government s cake mix Interesting times ahead At least David Cameron does not seem to have the anti social edge that Thatcher and her jihadi monetarist crew had so we shall see if he can sort out the economy while keeping the country together I am glad I don t suffer from AATS Acquired Anti Tory Syndrome but I shall hold this government to account just like any other before after it Reply to Comment Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister David Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown Resigns as Prime Minister The Labour party haven t imploded on itself yet not saying it won t but it hasn t yet If the Labour party can hold itself together and things go wrong in the Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition government have to admit I never saw that coming before the election I m impressed by David Cameron we could see an election in under 2 years and if as I suspect the country will punish whichever party is in power as the real pain is felt from the world banking crisis credit crunch recession we could see the Labour party back in power Lots of ifs and buts though even if the coalition government brings in it s proposed 5 year fixed term government I can not see under the current economic problems the country electing the Conservatives twice after 5 years of public sector spending cuts etc I would bet money on an increase in VAT after the Tories budget just weeks from now and when the crap hits the fan from cuts in public sector spending they are going to pay for it at the next general election and as they couldn t even manage a majority when Labour pretty much handed the election to them after a perceived 13 years of disaster it wasn t a disaster but that s the perception many of the electorate have I can t see a scenario where the electorate will be content happier than they are now after a few years of Conservative rule

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  • Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader
    arrival of the balls and that they are all members god i must have watched too much beavis and butthead the sun would love that though here comes minister balls and his entourage of bald members Reply to Comment devilishdickdiablo Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader and oh look his little friend johnson has just popped up from nowhere Reply to Comment Ann in Spain Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader Gordon Brown should have the strength to resign now He has let the country down in so many ways that he is a laughing stock in the U K and abroad A man of embarrassment from a political point of view He should have the courage of the man he is a wonderful father and a good husband Think of the future of his boys do they want a laughing stock for a father or a father who has gone down in history as a courageous one who left his own aspirations for the good of the country and his children Reply to Comment Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader David Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader Gordon Brown CAN NOT resign as PM now because a replacement is NOT available to take his place at number 10 Downing Street He has done all he can do and announce no matter what happens he will not be PM long term basically if Labour retain power Gordon Brown will probably have been replaced by the Labour Party Conference in September If the prime minister resigned today we d not have a PM until after the parties have gone through negotiations as to who will work together to form a stable government that can get their Queen s speech through a vote in parliament on May 25th If the Queen s speech does not pass the vote a test of confidence on May 25th that government hasn t the support to rule and if no other party can arrange a coalition of some form that can get a Queen s speech through parliament is dissolved and we get another general election If Gordon Brown resigns now and Labour and the Lib Dems manage to form a coalition government exactly which Labour MP without having it s party vote them Labour party leader will be the new prime minister So Gordon Brown can not resign today until there s a replacement David Reply to Comment Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader nathan Comment on Election 2010 Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader In my opinion GordOon Brown has done a good job he and other labour assosiates have created what over 2million people in the uk rely on benefits Gorgon Brown has been in charge of the country s finances which got us where we are before the credit crunch labours the best party to get us out the situation

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  • Labour MP Gordon Brown Discussion
    an area where his family roots go back three hundred years As Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown presided over the longest period of growth ever creating two and a half million more jobs and lifting 600 000 children out of poverty Not afraid of taking bold long term decisions one of his first acts was to make the Bank of England independent Gordon helped to deliver agreement at the Gleneagles Summit to support the world s poorest countries and to tackle climate change Gordon Brown has written a number of books a biography of James Maxton Values Visions and Voices and The Real Divide a study with Robin Cook of poverty and inequality More recently a collection of his speech has been published as Moving Britain Forward His book Courage Eight Portraits looks at eight of his heroes and the influence they have had Please post Gordon Brown comments in the form below for general discussion 1 responses to Labour MP Gordon Brown Discussion Previous 1 2 George2 Comment on Labour MP Gordon Brown Discussion You LibLabCons stick to your guns I m BNP why i ll tell you because Brown Cameron and Clegg remind me of The three Stooges if what they are doing was nt so serious it would be laughable Brown the arrogance of that man Cameron talks the talk because he wants his job and Clegg just look at him imagine him representing the country overseas we end up paying our taxes to the USA why do people slag off the BNP ok it is an untested party but what the hell even if they arn t perfect I can t see them swindling the taxpayers money to fund there lavish lifestyles I better be careful or Browns old lady will be telling me what

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  • Labour Policies : The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy
    given through child tax credits They also propose scrapping Winter Fuel Payments for millions of pensioners and are full of empty but expensive promises that they can t deliver on Even on their supposed flagship proposals like tuition fees which were at the centre of their last election campaign the Liberal Democrats just can t make up their minds Their continual u turns have illustrated clearly that they just can t be taken seriously Instead they say one thing to one audience and another elsewhere depending on what they think people want to hear The one area where the Liberal Democrats have been clear is that they are still as soft on crime as ever They continue to campaign to restrict the use of DNA making it harder to catch and convict criminals and oppose vital measures to prevent crime and anti social behaviour The Liberal Democrats have demonstrated they can t be trusted to take the tough action necessary to protect our communities By continuing to make uncosted promises whilst at the same time committing to billions of pounds of damaging cuts across government the Liberal Democrats have shown they can t be trusted to make the right decisions for the future Labour Party The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy http www labour org uk policies liberal democrat risk I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour s The Liberal Democrat Risk policies in the comments below Copyright The Labour Party 39 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HA All rights reserved Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved 2 responses to Labour Policies The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy Phil Comment on Labour Policies The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy Frontline services are of course areas where resources must be protected but are they all operated in the most cost effective way It seems reasonable to assume that there are cuts that can be made in these services without posing a risk to our standards of living Labour as always are using scare tactics to try and sway the public but it worries me a great deal more when a party claims they can save our economy without any kind of sacrifice in some of the main areas of spending Labour are trying to say we can all have our cake and eat it which makes me deeply suspicous Both Labour and the Conservatives are using the tactic of saying a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for the opposite party but surely they can t both be right Reply to Comment Labour Policies The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy Stewart Kirk Comment on Labour Policies The Liberal Democrat Risk Policy A vote for the LibDems in a LibDem Tory marginal is not necessarily a vote for Labour but is an anti Tory vote similarly a vote for the LibDems in a LibDem Labour marginal is an anti Labour vote This is the great LibDem conundrum They can only define themsleves in opposition to the other

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  • Labour Policies : Britain in the World Policy
    all the equipment they need Labour is committed to building a safer world in order to do so we will continue to lead the renewal of a grand global bargain between nuclear weapon and non nuclear weapon states to set us on a path towards a world without nuclear weapons The global financial crisis has demonstrated more clearly than ever the interconnected nature of the world we live in and the need for international unity to tackle problems which affect us all As we face new challenges from nuclear proliferation and international terrorism to climate change Labour believes it is more essential than ever to build a truly global society where we come together to find international solutions for those issues which do not respect national borders We will develop a shared vision and create new and effective global institutions with the mandate and the authority to make that vision real In an increasingly interdependent world tackling global poverty and injustice is both morally right and in our common interest Labour will therefore not turn our backs on global injustice and poverty but will continue working for example to meet the Millennium Development Goals and for fairer trade rules which do not penalise poorer countries We will also continue pushing for greater action to tackle climate change building on the Copenhagen accord to go much further and demand greater ambition to fight climate change and tackle its impacts on the world s most vulnerable people before it is too late In recognition of the benefits our membership of the European Union brings to British citizens Labour will ensure that Britain remains at the heart of the European Union We will use our strong voice to secure greater measures to fight back against the global recession to secure the recovery and

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/labour-policies-britain-in-the-world-policy.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Labour Policies : Women Policy
    90 per cent by 2025 parity with men for the first time in history Women face many more barriers to fairness in the workplace due to both overt discrimination and also secondary barriers including the difficulty in balancing caring responsibilities and work Today as more women want to balance work and family life as well as caring responsibilities then supporting families who face increased pressures is more important than ever We are committed to supporting women overcome those barriers We have championed parental leave flexible working for parents and greater childcare provision and we will go further as we work to make life easier for Britain s parents We will expand free nursery provision to three and four year olds making 15 hours a week available from this September and we are rolling out free childcare to two year olds so that more than 60 000 will benefit We have introduced longer paid maternity leave paid paternity leave and new rights for parents and carers to request flexible working potentially benefiting 10 5 million people In coming years we will allow fathers and mothers to decide how they will use maternity and paternity leave in the second six months of the child s life allowing parents to make the best use of leave entitlements and allowing mothers support through fathers to return to work if they choose to We will outlaw discrimination against carers who face barriers in work or other walks of life through association with someone who requires care most often women Furthermore the Equality Act will allow employment tribunals to make rulings that affect a firm or an industry as a whole rather than simply the individual case allowing women to benefit from rulings which would make working life fairer for them And we will introduce compulsory pay transparency in the workplace to show the gap between men and women in pay if sufficient voluntary progress has not been made by 2013 and the powers to enforce this have been provided for in the Equality Act The Act will also allow the use of public procurement to improve equality and will extend the use of positive action in the workplace so that employers can choose to make their workforce more diverse when selecting between two job candidates who are equally suitable and will extend the power of employment tribunals We will also continue to use positive action to increase the number of women in politics Labour has led the way with more women MPs than three times all of the opposition women MPs combined and throughout the post war era have led the way on gender equality fighting for a fair deal for women in the workplace in the home and in society as a whole Labour Party Women Policy http www labour org uk policies policy on women I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour s Women policies in the comments below Copyright The Labour Party 39 Victoria Street London

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