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  • Labour Policies : Equalities Policy
    their legal rights and obligations The Bill will significantly strengthen Britain s anti discrimination legislation It will put a new duty on public bodies government and local councils to consider how to reduce socio economic inequalities It will also require businesses to report their gender pay gap We will outlaw unfair age discrimination in the provision of goods and services so that older people are not discriminated against Employers will be allowed to diversify their team where there are equally qualified or suitable candidates Labour has led the way when it comes to women s representation today we have more women MPs than three times the figure for the Tories and Lib Dems combined Currently thirteen of Parliament s fifteen black Asian or minority ethnic MPs are Labour MPs The Tories have two and the Lib Dems have none With nearly 100 Labour women MPs women make up some 27 per cent of Labour MPs compared to only 9 per cent of Tory MPs 17 per cent of Lib Dem MPs We legislated to increase the number of women in public life and unlike the Tories we are acting on that legislation to get more Labour women into Parliament The Equality Bill will allow political parties to make use of all women short lists until 2030 if they chose to The Bill will also allow parties to use positive action measures to support candidates from often underrepresented groups Labour Party Equalities Policy http www labour org uk policies equalities I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour s Equalities policies in the comments below Copyright The Labour Party 39 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HA All rights reserved Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved 2 responses to Labour Policies Equalities Policy M Imoesi Comment

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  • Labour Policies : Labour Health Policy
    000 lives Since 2008 teenage girls have been offered a new vaccine against cervical cancer which will save hundreds of women s lives each year And to help meet the challenge of tackling obesity the NHS is working with voluntary groups and private organisations through the popular Change4Life programme to prevent people from becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and stay active True to our values of fairness Labour will focus particular priority in the years ahead on tackling health inequalities so that as the health of the whole population rises nobody is left behind This must involve improving public health and preventative services as well as primary and acute care supporting people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families and spotting the most dangerous conditions at an early stage when they can be dealt with most easily We will focus the NHS locally on improving life expectancy and reducing infant mortality The approach will include targeted investment and action for high risk groups such as smoking cessation programmes ensuring high quality screening services and introducing health checks for everybody aged 40 74 And as demand for social care increases and older and disabled people rightly demand and expect more power and control over the care services they receive Labour will transform the way social care is funded and delivered to create a new National Care Service ending the postcode lottery for care and ensuring that users and carers have fair access to the support they need and the dignity they deserve As a starting point we will offer free personal care at home for those with the highest needs Labour s record 89 000 more nurses and 44 000 more doctors in the NHS since 1997 have helped to drive up standards and drive down waits Waiting lists have fallen by over 500 000 and waiting times are now at their lowest level since records began In 1997 284 000 patients waited more than 6 months for an operation The figure today is almost zero 3 million more operations are carried out each year than in 1997 The premature mortality rate for cancer is the lowest ever recorded saving nearly 9 000 lives in 2006 compared to 1996 Premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases has dropped by more than 40 per cent since 1996 saving nearly 34 000 lives a year The NHS has delivered the largest hospital building programme in its history with 118 new hospital schemes opened and a further 18 under construction Created new services to provide patients with greater convenience including around 100 new walk in centres and over 750 one stop primary care centre Labour Party Health Policy http www labour org uk policies health I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour s Health policies in the comments below Copyright The Labour Party 39 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HA All rights reserved Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved 1 responses to Labour Policies

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  • Labour Policies : Culture, Media and Sport Policy
    all people especially the young have the chance to find explore and use their artistic talents British creative industries have emerged as the leading players in the global economy and under Labour have gone from strength to strength Two million people are employed in creative jobs and the sector contributes 60 billion a year 7 3 per cent to the British economy Over the past decade the creative sector has grown at twice the rate of the economy as a whole and the annual exports in cultural goods amount to 11 6 billion Our commitment to sport has shone through in increasing opportunities for young and old to participate at all levels in sporting activity as well as in the recent successes of our elite athletes to whom we have given unprecedented levels of financial support The successful campaign to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games to London in 2012 will result in not only a spectacular sporting event and opportunity for Britain to showcase itself but will leave a lasting legacy of regeneration in London s East End We want to ensure that all of Britain benefits from the digital revolution and has access to broadband In government we believe it is right to intervene in order to deliver access to those parts of the country to which the market will not We will make the necessary investment in our digital infrastructure delivering universal access to broadband by 2012 with an ambition for 90 per cent of the population to access superfast next generation broadband by 2017 Labour Party Culture Media and Sport Policy http www labour org uk policies culture I would be interested to hear both positive and negative views on Labour s Culture Media and Sport policies in the comments below Copyright The Labour Party 39

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  • Labour Policies Debate » Page 2
    will try to achieve the following if they retain power at the 2010 general election on May 6th If Britain is to thrive in the modern globalised high skill economy we cannot afford to take our foot off the pedal of driving standards in schools on Labour Policies Families and Pensioners Policy Posted by David in Labour Policies Debate According to the Labour Party website the Labour Party will try to achieve the following if they retain power at the 2010 general election on May 6th A strong society depends on strong families That is why we have always made supporting every child and every family our priority to give them opportunities to get Labour Policies Securing Economic Recovery Policy Posted by David in Labour Policies Debate According to the Labour Party website the Labour Party will try to achieve the following if they retain power at the 2010 general election on May 6th When Britain was hit by the global recession we faced a choice we could let the recession run its course as the Tories had in the 1980s Can Labour Win the General Election Posted by David in Labour Policies Debate UK Politics Watched Question Time the other night and a young man in the audience said The longer we can avoid David Cameron the better And there was a big applause think the biggest of the program see around 3 minutes 30 seconds of the Question Time clip below There was also a very funny joke by Reasons to Vote Labour at the Next General Election Posted by David in Election 2010 Why Vote Labour Policies Debate The Labour Party is a centre left political party in the United Kingdom Founded at the start of the 20th century it has been seen since 1920 as the

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  • Labour Policies : Families and Pensioners Policy
    in funding for local authorities and primary care trusts to support disabled children and their families to transform short break services and to improve disabled children s services and children s palliative care To help hard working families we are staggering the fuel duty increase for 2010 with an increase of one penny per litre on 1 April 2010 and one penny per litre on 1 October 2010 then 0 76 pence per litre on 1 January 2011 Average household disposable income has risen by around one fifth in real terms since 1997 Our tax and benefits changes have given real incentives for people to work By investing in a flexible Tax Credit system we have provided work incentives by topping up the incomes of those on low wages and of families raising children Labour has halved the number of people with tax rates of over 90 per cent since 1998 This has largely been due to the introduction of Tax Credits in 1999 which has extended financial support to many more families including for the first time those without children The National Minimum Wage has increased year on year providing a floor below which no one is legally allowed to fall We have lifted half a million children out of poverty with some of the biggest falls in child poverty in some of the poorest areas Labour has helped 500 000 children out of relative poverty and halved the number in absolute poverty from 3 4 million to 1 7 million Measures introduced in and since Budget 2007 are expected to lift another 550 000 children out of poverty Had the Government done nothing other than up rate the tax and benefit system there would be around two million more children in poverty than today We introduced the Child Poverty Bill to help us meet our commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020 And we will increase the value of Tax Credits for parents of the youngest children this 4 a week increase in Tax Credits will benefit all families and all children not just those in married families As the economy readjusts we will build on our policies to deliver further increased social mobility We are supporting the elderly with measures such as an increased state pension Pension Credit and Winter Fuel payments which have helped lift 900 000 pensioners out of poverty since 1997 The cold weather conditions of the last few months have underlined the importance of the winter fuel payment for many pensioners For the last two years these payments were temporarily increased to 250 and 400 for the over 80s We will guarantee this higher winter fuel payment for another year so that 9 million pensioner households will receive at least 250 this winter to help with their fuel bills We also want to continue to make it easier for older people to work if they want to We will conduct a review of the retirement age looking at allowing people to retire later

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  • Labour Policies : Crime, Justice and Immigration Policy
    already have the power to ban on street drinking where there is alcohol related crime We have just introduced a new mandatory code for alcohol retailers targeting the most irresponsible promotions like drink all you can for a fiver or girls drink free The new Drink Banning Orders can be used to prevent a persistent offender from drinking in public going to a particular pub club or off licence or to certain parts of town at night We have introduced a yellow card red card scheme to shut down retailers found persistently selling to those under 18 as well as supporting initiatives by responsible retailers like Think 21 and we are bringing in a new right to petition the local authority to end twenty four hour licensing where such problems arise On drugs our message is clear we will not tolerate illegal drug use Our goal is to see fewer people start using drugs more people helped by treatment towards a drug free life and a reduction in the damage which problem drug users cause to communities Labour will not tolerate a situation where some people break the rules and others pay the price We have provided 26 000 more prison places since 1997 There are more criminals in prison now not because crime is rising the opposite is true but because persistent serious and violent offenders are going to prison for longer To ensure there are enough prison places for persistent serious and violent offenders we will take forward our plan to provide a total of 96 000 places by 2014 But at the same time we are taking steps to address unnecessary increases in the prison population including reducing the number of women and the mentally ill in prison transferring more foreign prisoners to EU jails and new approaches to cut reoffending We have brought in tough new Community Payback hard work for several hours a day not a few hours a month in public wearing orange jackets paying back through useful service to the communities they have harmed As well as tough measures to punish and prevent crime there must be an effective system of justice working on behalf of the people it serves and in which they have confidence From April we are rolling out a National Victims Service guaranteeing all victims of crime and anti social behaviour more intensive support care and attention including seven days a week cover and a named dedicated worker offering one to one support staying with them through the trial and beyond Controlled migration brings undoubted benefits to our country but we also recognise people s legitimate concerns about the impact it can have on communities Net inward migration to Britain as measured by the Office for National Statistics has fallen for the last three years We are delivering the biggest changes to our immigration citizenship and border security systems for decades we are bringing in a new Australian style points based immigration system which allows us to be more

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  • Election 2010 David Laws Chief Secretary to the Treasury
    of JP Morgan from 1987 to 1992 and then Managing Director and the Head of US Dollar and Sterling Treasuries at Barclays de Zoete Wedd In 1994 he became economic adviser to the Liberal Democrats and from 1997 1999 he was the Lib Dems Director of Policy and Research before becoming an MP at the 2001 general election Leave a reply to Election 2010 David Laws Chief Secretary to the

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  • Election 2010 Vince Cable Business Secretary
    so why is he the Business Secretary while George Osborne with only a second class degree in modern history the new Chancellor of the Exchequer 2 responses to Election 2010 Vince Cable Business Secretary Dan Comment on Election 2010 Vince Cable Business Secretary He really does deserve it Although he should be Chancellor Reply to Comment Malcolm Place Comment on Election 2010 Vince Cable Business Secretary Dear Sir I watched the Made in Britain program this evening with considerable interest and would like to offer my comments following my 43 year career in Engineering in the Ministry of Defence There is no substitute for experience and there are a lot of experienced Engineers who have been either retired or made unemployed and keen to pass on their priceless Knowledge If a selection of these people were to be offered an opportunity to educate young would be Engineers most would be keen to pass on their skills We should be making use of this option while we still have this wealth of skills available There are many genuine Engineers who would be prepared to pass on their priceless experience for minimal pay if they thought their efforts would get this country back on track Innovation does not necessarily come from academia yet there is a strong emphasis on university trained students when one is looking for a job In my experience university students are good at taking the credit for work done by others Frank Whittle developed the jet engine before he obtained his degree We need to make use of the thin knowledge base that we still have and limit the restrictions imposed by health and safety Health and safety is essential but like the whistle manufacturer said in the program lets be sensible about it I was fortunate in

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