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  • Taxpayer-funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain
    country And then allow in so many Christians that they would be able to rekindle ancient Catholic Protestant hostility Such a situation would never occur in Saudi Arabia In Tory Labour Britain however it has The division between Shia and Sunni dates back to the time of the death of Mohammad the founder of Islam Sunni Muslims argued that the religion s new leader should be elected from among those capable of the job Muhammad s close friend and advisor Abu Bakr then became the first Caliph of the Islamic nation The Shia Muslims believe that leadership should have stayed within Mohammad s own family or among those specifically appointed by him or among imams appointed by God The Shia Muslims believe that following the Prophet Muhammad s death leadership should have passed directly to his cousin son in law Ali The Shia and Sunni sects of Islam have fought with each other as aggressively as with any non Muslims they have encountered 5 responses to Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain OOF Comment on Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain March 30th 2010 at 09 34 This article is ridiculous almost childish looking for anything to point a finger at I m a muslim my kids go to a Church of England School I am very happy with They clearly state in their admission criteria that 24 27 places I cant remember exactly which on it was are reserved for Church of England followers I don t complain and make a big issue out of it its a Church of England school for God s sake what s wrong with them prioritising followers of the same faith I m glad the wider British community still have their heads screwed on The chool you mentioned prioritises Sunni muslims it doesn t reject entry to Shia Muslims if I read correctly BNP Third World tribalism involves not being able to tolerate differences and different cultures Isn t that what you are bringing to our British Isles Reply to Comment Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain joshua lowe Comment on Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain December 1st 2010 at 13 56 you must understand that many islamic extermists are bring their ways of intolerance into the uk and that is what scares people and makes them turn to extremist party s like the BNP if you want to tackle racism you must erase it on btoh sides Reply to Comment Bizzarro Wurld Comment on Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain May 28th 2010 at 02 14 The Muslim schools should hire new teachers Might I suggest Fartour Mouse Bee Man narhool and Bugs the Jew eater They were fired from Hamas TV and are probably available Try to get Saraa too I bet she s gonna show some cool super power and fly around Reply to

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/taxpayer-funded-muslim-school-has-imported-third-world-tribalism-to-britain (2016-02-10)
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  • Party would honour every British soldier
    any retrospective issue of a NDM payable by the recipient if he or she desires to acquire one The VAT component thereof could easily be disbursed to such as Help 4 Heroes and thus Veterans would be instrumental in helping those that follow in their footsteps Those that do not want one need not purchase one The simple truth is that there is no valid excuse for continuing to ignore the legitimate demands of Veterans from many era s since the end of WW2 for a medal of recognition The NDM would be a service medal common to ALL ranks and all arms of the British Armed Forces in simple recognition of service rendered Just as it is in the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces Reply to Comment Party would honour every British soldier Tony M Comment on Party would honour every British soldier April 30th 2010 at 09 23 Fantastic news great to see a political party with some balls to back up the rhetoric with a real promise Long overdue we are so far behind the rest of the commonwealth NATO and the western world in our recognition of our magniicent Armed Forces Reply to Comment Ken Haslam Comment on Party would honour every British soldier April 30th 2010 at 11 02 I am pleased that there are some M P s willing to stand up for serving and ex military personal I was appalled by the Goverment for not issue ing the Queen Elizerbeth Medal to all wounded members of the armed forces I along with many many more ex mil guys was wounded in N Ireland in 1972 I would like to be recongnized for my sacrifice for my Queen country but they decided to only give it to the family s of the guy s killed in action I feel very bitter that the wounded are forgotten again Thank you Ken Reply to Comment Party would honour every British soldier Pete McWilliams Comment on Party would honour every British soldier April 30th 2010 at 12 11 Successive Governments have treated serving members and veterans of HM Forces very badly So badly in some cases that it is abuse There is so much talk about the lack in modern society of human qualities such as respect duty honour and so on Yet the very element of society that epitomises these qualities are ignored scorned abused and abandoned Politicains would serve themselves and their country much better if they properly recognised and rewarded the Armed Forces When a person joins the HM Armed Forces he or she is not just giving up some important rights that civilians enjoy but are signing a blank cheque that says the price they are prepared to pay goes as high as giving up their lives The other side of the coin is that they are asked by politicians to take other peoples lives something that the cowardly politicians are not prepared to do themselves That is what just being a

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/party-would-honour-every-british-soldier (2016-02-10)
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  • A Message from Normandy Veteran Bob Head
    Comment David Comment on A Message from Normandy Veteran Bob Head April 16th 2010 at 18 35 A little research throws up Will be interesting to see if Searchlight make a complaint against the BNP If this is copyright material and it s on the BNP website they could make a DMCA complaint and get Google to remove it from their search listings The BNP are a shady bunch David Reply to Comment John BFPO Comment on A Message from Normandy Veteran Bob Head April 30th 2010 at 12 31 You should be totally ashamed of yourself call yourself a Veteran Wasn t WWII fought over the likes of the BNP The rumbling sound you hear are the real heroes of both wars who fought to keep us free from the likes of this party turning in their graves I m ashamed that Bob Head puts his name to this party you should remove your medals as your not fit to wear them Mate Reply to Comment Clive Linington Comment on A Message from Normandy Veteran Bob Head May 30th 2010 at 02 45 How dare you make such comments about a veteran of WWII My guess is that you are not old enough to remember what this country was like at the time that Bob Head and The B E F sailed across the English Channel to fight for the values this country once had but now have been eradicated by the squandered opportunities fought for by our brave armed forces Including my father who fell at Normandy eleven days before I was born Then was the time when you could lave your back door open while you went to the shop That was the time when a policeman was respected Then was the time when you did what you were told at school or else Then was the time when parents supported authority instead of running off to some soppy left wing mob to complain because their little Johnny got a well deserved clip round the ear for being cheeky to his teacher Today there is no respect shown by little whippersnappers to their elders and betters Today there is no structure no guidelines and above all no discipline Kids today can do just as they please they know that over protective laws and daft political correctness will stand between them and any punishment they deserve We are now moving into the third generation when a proper home life with proper examples are less important than both parents working all hours for the icons of success a huge T V a second car and other things that they can t really afford but are terrified at not being able to keep up with the Jones All this is now more important than bringing their children up properly with a sense of value for things that matter and just contempt for things that don t Do you know that there are more illiterate and innumerate 14 year olds now

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/a-message-from-normandy-veteran-bob-head (2016-02-10)
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  • MP Early Day Motions : HS2 Compensation Scheme
    politicians and those with a vested interest The proposed compensation is derisory My house is just 100m away from the proposed track It will be uninhabitable in its present form with a complete change of its character Why should I only be offered the market value I will have to move my dreams for the future are destroyed my community is destroyed and I face years of disruption during construction People in my position should be given proper compensation to move at no expense to themselves Better still of course this whole project should be cancelled so we can get on with our lives again and the allocated money can be spent on something we really need as a country proper road repairs rather than constant patching up flood defences hospitals and nurses better schools a proper water distribution and storage system so we do not go into drought conditions and hose pipe bans after a week or two of dry weather more power generation before literally the lights go out the list is endless Nimbyism Yes but let s wake up to reality We cannot afford this project and we don t need it anyway Reply to Comment We live in a banana republic M O Donnell Comment on Vested interest s June 1st 2014 at 23 00 Vested interest s You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned political vanity project and vested interests Any one of which means you have no chance of altering an MPs behaviour There are too many tarnished reputations at stake And too many fingers in the pie Add on the countless millions spent on lobbying and you see the voter has no chance Reply to Comment Amanda Jesson on behalf of Wells House Road Residents Association Comment on Wells House Road and Hill Top Work currently not covered in compensation March 16th 2014 at 16 16 Wells House Road and Hill Top Work currently not covered in compensation Wells House Road and Hilltop Works are not currently covered in the property compensation scheme despite blight that already exists and it being accepted that impact is extreme and we are an exceptional case We are a triangular street surrounded by construction for 10 years literally an island in the epicentre of the the Old Oak Common construction On the Eastern side of the street will be the Old Oak Common station construction to the west the Victoria Road Crossover Box and to the south the main construction haul road up against the gardens The tunnel runs beneath the road HS2 plans 24 7 construction and to close our Old Oak Common Lane for at least one year cutting off all our access to our local amenities and services including schools hospitals doctors shops and places or worship Our homes are already blighted and now worth less than 400k for a 3 bedroom Edwardian house within a stone s throw of Ladbroke Grove Shepherds Bush and Ealing A similar home even in

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/hs2-compensation-scheme (2016-02-10)
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  • Conservative Party News : David Cameron: Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety
    for health and safety oversight is when someone might have a clear motive normally profit to put someone else in danger That s because keeping people safe is often more expensive than exposing them to risk In these circumstances employees and wider society need assurance that their safety remains of paramount importance That s why for example construction sites have strict rules about the protective equipment employees must wear And it s also why those industries which deal with chemical substances must take proper steps to ensure no fallout damages local environments and communities IMPLICATIONS FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATION So I believe the circumstances when some form of health and safety protection is necessary are when there is a lack of information when there is a potential abuse of power or when there is a profit motive that could lead to people cutting corners This of course could have clear implications for the health and safety regulations that exist today on the statute books Some should stay as they are Others I believe should stay in principle but in practice we can lighten the burden of this regulation by drawing on the mechanisms of what I have described as the post bureaucratic age By that I mean going with the grain of human nature rather than using the blunt tools of regulation For example in 1998 Los Angeles County began publishing openly the results of restaurant food safety inspections This act of transparency led to a huge improvement in restaurant hygiene But because of the criteria we have set out some regulations will go We have already said where this will start At the moment staffing needs in the NHS are being undermined by European regulations that dictate the number of hours that junior doctors are allowed to work That s why we want to negotiate the restoration of Britain s control over EU social and employment legislation in particular the aspects of the Working Time Directive which are causing the most problems in our public services And the heroism that has traditionally defined our police has been challenged by a culture that puts the safety of individual officers above that safety of the public a tragic example of which is the shooting in Highmoor Cross where two young sisters died in a house while the police did not send officers to the scene because it was not safe That s why we have said we will amend the application of Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act to the police to ensure that when they are at work exercising their role as constables the risk to the public is prioritised above the risk to individual officers And when we test the rest of health and safety legislation against these principles I believe that many more may be removed LEGAL CHANGES But of course changing this health and safety culture means more than simply changing rules We need to bring some common sense in the way these rules are applied That s why we need to combine our ambitions to reduce the burden of health and safety regulation in this country with something equally important changing the legal framework so we tackle excessive litigation We should begin this process by recognising this seeking compensation for injuries or harm is a civil and legal right Where an individual has suffered injuries through the deliberate actions of others they should be able to recover damages whatever their wealth or salary And because legal aid for compensation claims was severely restricted in 2000 I do not believe it would be right to automatically end no win no fee arrangements Such a decision would hurt those with lower incomes and could make the right to compensation a preserve of the better off unless alternative funding mechanisms could be found to replace it Dominic Grieve and the Shadow Justice team are currently looking at this and other aspects of access to justice But other aspects of the legal framework around compensation must be re examined too In 2006 Parliament enacted The Compensation Act This allows a court to have regard in determining negligence as to whether such a finding would prevent a desirable activity being undertaken at all to a particular extent or in a particular way What this means is that in coming to a judgement on negligence the court can take into account the nature of the activity involved how socially beneficial it is and what the consequences of their judgement could be on both the activity s take up and supervision This is a start But I believe we should consider whether further protection should be provided in cases involving adventure training and other outdoor activity by schools Those activities allow our children to develop character show leadership and work as a team and it s a tragedy that they are being denied these possibilities because teachers and organisers fear the consequences if something goes wrong Quite apart from action on negligence teachers can also be prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work Act for not taking all reasonably practical steps to remove risks if an accident occurs This requires teachers to balance the level of risk against the sacrifice whether in money time or trouble needed to avert that risk This may be appropriate in the workplace but sits less easily with adventure training where part of the purpose is to expose young people to some risk And I do believe the Health and Safety at Work Act should reflect this By providing them with greater assurance I believe we can provide our children with greater opportunity And I also want the law to be quite clear that there is no obligation on activity organisers or public authorities to warn of an obvious risk It is time that we rid our country of those ludicrous warning notices stating the completely obvious YOUNG The changes I have spoken about today in how we evaluate what health and safety legislation should stay and what should go and in the legal framework that applies it are I believe the beginnings of a sensible plan to reverse the damaging culture compensation and excessive regulation that has grown in our country But I know it s just a beginning There is still plenty more work to be done That s why I have asked Lord Young to lead an extensive review on this subject for the Conservative Party He has a track record of deregulation and cutting bureaucracy He also has experience in the legal profession and will judge these issues with the care and attention they deserve And he will look at everything from the working of the Health and Safety Executive to the nature of our health and safety laws litigation and the insurance industry There are some specific questions I have asked David Young to investigate urgently PROTECTION FOR GOOD SAMARITANS The first question is how can we best protect what are effectively Good Samaritans In Australia concern about the effect of increasing payouts for medical negligence led to a full review of civil liability Its final report concluded that when an individual is acting in good faith as a Good Samaritan and takes reasonable actions to help someone then they should not be found negligent This of course is the direction we have already taken with our plans to stand by those who intervene in a crime We have said we will amend the police and Crown Prosecution Service Codes of Practice so that if a person acts in good faith to prevent a crime or detain a criminal this would be a factor weighing against any decision to prosecute them I want to see if we can extend this sort of legal protection for all people acting in good faith especially public service professionals SMALL LOCAL AND VOLUNTARY GROUPS Second can we help alleviate some of health and safety oversight that currently burdens small local and voluntary organisations To my mind there is good reason for this If for instance four or five people come together to clean their local park they do not as a group fall under health and safety law at all But they may do if the work benefits the local council running the park as it then becomes their employer Yet there is no lack of information because it is clear for all to see precisely what they are doing There is no power imbalance because there they have all entered into that endeavour voluntarily And there is no profit motive on the contrary their only motive is to do good So I have asked David Young to investigate what could be done to exempt them from regulatory burdens CIVIL LIABILITY ACT Third do we need a Civil Liability Act By that I mean do we need to define civil liability for negligence in statute At the moment there is no one single Act of Parliament that ties all this work together showing where the liability for negligence lies So I have asked David Young whether such an Act would be necessary and effective in reducing our excessive health and safety culture CONCLUSION I know the over the top health and safety culture that has grown in our country in recent years provokes a lot of understandable anger But anger itself is not solution Instead we need a forensic examination of what has gone wrong and the steps we need to take to put it right We know what has gone wrong Excessive rules have given the impression that we have a right to a risk free life and that impression has been exacerbated by prominent claims and pay outs The consequence has been spiralling costs and a slow death of discretion judgement and social responsibility And what I have described today is the beginnings of putting it right For every piece of health and safety legislation we need to ask whether it fulfils a useful purpose and if not it must go And we must bring some common sense to the laws surrounding compensation I want people to know that with the Conservatives government will let you get on with your life without unnecessary rules and regulations I want everyone to know that with the Conservatives if you do good get involved and make a contribution the system will back you And I want people to know that with the Conservatives the legal system will be there protecting those who need it most That s the change I believe people want and that is the change we offer News from The Conservative Party website http www conservatives com News Speeches 2009 12 David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety aspx Please feel free to comment on the Conservative Party news article David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety below 3 responses to Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety Fiona Everitt Comment on Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety December 1st 2009 at 20 24 This is a realistic assessment of the current situation which I agree has now reached a cartoon level of ridiculous Our tiny village park had the old equipment removed quite rightly as it was old broken and rotting Luckily our community consists of numerous talented people artists carpenters wood turners landscape gardeners timber framers etc who want to volunteer to make the park beautiful and safe for our children Naturally this is impossible because of two interlinked fears Firstly the Parish council s fear of transgressing Health and Safety legislation and the manacles of Public Liability insurance and secondly the fear that someone will get hurt and sue Instead the Parish council is considering how can the community raise the tens of thousands needed to purchase standard ugly equipment from a registered catalogue Not only does this prevent community action it also removes creativity and turns every play area into a photocopy of an advertisement When I was a child we enjoyed riding our bikes up and down over the mounds of earth which had been left over from digging out a landfill site It might not have been regulated by Health and Safety but it was a fantastic site and we all really enjoyed ourselves there Reply to Comment Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety Sarah Comment on Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety December 5th 2009 at 07 41 Unfortunately I think so much damage has been done over the last 12 years that people are so used to having their lives micromanaged for so long that it will be near impossible to put some trust back into the system People will now always err on the side of caution and now will not get involved in community projects children s activities etc just in case there is some loophole that someone will exploit for money Reply to Comment Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety Suvarna Sansom Comment on Conservative Party News David Cameron Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety September 29th 2011 at 09 19 Re For every piece of health and safety legislation we need to ask whether it fulfils a useful purpose and if not it must go Speaking from my own health care at the Royal Sussex County Hospital I do not believe there is adequate health and safety concerns The renal and lupus consultants appear to have been clueless over managing my health care I wrote to my MP who sent the concerns below to Department of Health but I only received a luke warm response I wrote to Steve Dorrell begging for help No answer It s like a boxing match with doctors and rest of them Nothing happens Notes made by Suvarna Sansom for the meeting with Mr Weatherley MP on 20 May 2011 updated on 2 June 2011 I Issues of concern over my chronic care at Royal Sussex County Hospital and wider health concerns in lupus management In my patient journey I included Mr Weatherley MP Mr Ireland Researcher to MP Ms Tracy Minns and Peter Welsh ceo of AvMA to observe my lived experience of lupus and challenges I face in my outpatient care at my hospital at Royal Sussex County Hospital I point out micro level and macro level problems This journey has been particularly meaningful to me as I felt alienated from my hospital and stereotyped as I show below I am very grateful to Mr Weatherley and Ms Tracy Minns for their continued support Mr Weatherley gave his support by writing to Royal Sussex County Hospital over my patient concerns however Mr Selbie declined to respond to concerns over my care Likewise it was our waste of time to contact Ombudsman as they seemed to indicate my care was faultless which was not the case despite concerns expressed by Ms Minns and Mr Weatherley The meeting with Mr Weatherley was very successful and he promised to raise my concerns I express below at parliament level In terms of my wider observations it would be useful to address at the parliament level the inadequate and un integrated management of chronic care nationally However what I have seen from Dispatches Secret Diaries consultation documents and other sources is that the focus of investigation generally tends to be on in patient care in particular over the care of elderly In my observation the problem is much wider i e it also includes out patient care of younger population as has been my experience of chronic care as a lupus and kidney transplant patient at Sussex Kidney Unit and lupus clinic whereby I was wrongly diagnosed and became disabled within 10 years of my after care there From mild treatable lupus they made numerous medical blunders and I became extremely costly to my husband the society and the nation as I could not work and could not have children due to damage I suffered The impact of chronic illness is such that it ages younger patients before their time through illness poor care and in my own Lupus study at least two patients said they felt old before their time My study published by Lupus UK Lupus UK www lupusuk org uk latest also showed that only 5 out of 15 Lupus patients had a positive view of their Lupus physicians and wider scientific quantitative and qualitative studies showed very low satisfaction with lupus management nationally with very high levels of stress alienation poor outcomes and unmet needs i Outcome I would like to see More accountability of damage and solutions to prevent damage As I have shown from my illness experience of Lupus 1990 20111 there has been persistent lack of expertise and overconfidence on the part of some physicians over lupus management Damage when it occurs is invariably viewed as due to the complexity of the illness when this may be also due to the physicians own lack of skill and expertise I continue to take a risk each time I trust doctors and hope that I will not be harmed as I cannot just opt out the system I take this risk as travelling to the specialist clinic for lupus at St Thomas hospital is extremely stressful as it is highly inundated with damaged patients like myself from across the UK or those patients referred there by their physicians who lack expertise to help their patients So the evidence of lack of specialists harmed patients and the complexity of lupus itself can be seen at such specialist clinics Hence this is a serious lack I identify needs a solution urgently In my observation there is a tendency by many such physicians to not acknowledge uncertainty over their lack of expertise and

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  • UKIP launches Welfare Policy
    those who entered the UK with a valid work permit or for reasons of marriage before they can claim welfare benefits A flat tax policy to discourage young single mothers from falling pregnant simply for financial benefit Download the full Welfare Policy document here 3 responses to UKIP launches Welfare Policy leigh doherty Comment on UKIP launches Welfare Policy May 31st 2014 at 08 25 I would like to find out more about your policies on everything from benefits to immigration i would appreciate it if you would send me an e mail detailing your policies thank you Reply to Comment Richard Comment on disability September 27th 2014 at 17 37 disability as a disabled person since 1990 I m interested to see the policy of ukip towards the disabled the con dem s attitude has left me in fear of my future please put my mind at rest Reply to Comment Nicky Comment on UKIP Welfare Policy November 22nd 2014 at 16 47 UKIP Welfare Policy A big issue for people who live alongside some unemployed people is that they don t have to be up early and can be nocturnal and noisy Would you insist that benefit claimants should respect the people who are helping them while they are unemployed and put a system in place whereby Claimants could swiftly have their benefits stopped if they caused any disturbance after a set time e g 11pm People out of work used to get help only while they looked for work so it would not be unreasonable to expect job seekers to be in bed early to be fresh for the job hunt the following day You would solve a big problem for many people living next to some Claimants Reply to Comment UKIP Welfare Policy Leave a reply

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/ukip-launches-welfare-policy (2016-02-10)
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  • “BNP gaining in popularity” — The Sun
    was a deliberate policy to build a larger voter base by the Labour party Increased crime levels from immigrant criminals Immigrants living on benefits in mansions while English people and their children languish for years on a waiting list a joke as they are put to the back behind immigrants Wake up britain We are steadily being invaded it s the way of Islam to conquer by stealth Reply to Comment BNP gaining in popularity The Sun S Morgan Comment on BNP gaining in popularity The Sun April 23rd 2011 at 00 43 Keep Britain alive Vote bnp Reply to Comment Major Stuart Comment on Why not vote BNP March 8th 2012 at 18 13 Why not vote BNP Are you brainwashed by a Liberal mental disorder Do you think that benefit caps for dossers at 26k is fascist like Boris and that people who do nothing should be paid more from your taxes Do you want an amnesty for over a million illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers Do you like millions of immigrants from the third world pouring into Britain Do you think that 322 languages spoken in London s schools is something to boast about Do you like the primary role of the state and police to be combating racism and discrimination Do you like political correctness like asking mothers of 7 year old children to sign a declaration stating that their child is a racist because they asked a schoolmate Are you brown because you are from Africa Do you believe that it is morally wrong to want to keep Britain British Do you want to hang a banker or other groups that are typically white middle class straight conservative people Do you want to call opponents to this madness bigots racists and fascists If not

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/bnp-gaining-in-popularity-the-sun (2016-02-10)
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  • BNP News
    process has been hit by its own tactics with the distribution of a 12 page magazine in Barking devoted to exposing sitting MP Margaret Hodge Continue Reading Third Party Campaigning Hits Labour Party in Barking Where the BNP Stands 10 Law and Order Posted on May 3 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News The British National Party will end the culture where criminals rights are placed above those of victims of crime Continue Reading Where the BNP Stands 10 Law and Order Operation White Vote Launches The White Manifesto Posted on May 3 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News The White Manifesto The Price of Race Inequality has been produced by a coalition of over 30 white progressive organisations Continue Reading Operation White Vote Launches The White Manifesto Colonisation One Million More Immigrants by 2015 as 113 Parliament Seat Outcomes already Determined by Third World Origin Voters Posted on May 3 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News A report from MigrationWatch UK has warned that Britain s migrant population will swell by another million by 2015 while no less than 113 Parliamentary seats already have more Third World origin voters than the incumbent MPs winning majorities Continue Reading Colonisation One Million More Immigrants by 2015 as 113 Parliament Seat Outcomes already Determined by Third World Origin Voters The Tory Labour Nightmare NHS Deficit Is 620 Million but Afghanistan War Costs 5 Billion Posted on May 3 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News A new report has shown that the National Health Service is so underfunded that thousands of patients are being treated by nurses instead of doctors because they are cheaper to employ while the Labour Tory Lib Dem UKIP supported war in Afghanistan continues to consume at least 5 billion per year Continue Reading The Tory Labour Nightmare NHS Deficit Is 620 Million but Afghanistan War Costs 5 Billion Importing Third World Culture Serious Vote Fraud Reported in Muslim Stronghold in East London Posted on May 2 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News In yet another example of how Third World culture is being imported into Britain via mass immigration police have announced that they are investigating a string of serious electoral fraud incidents in Muslim dominated areas of East London Continue Reading Importing Third World Culture Serious Vote Fraud Reported in Muslim Stronghold in East London Where the BNP Stands 9 The National Health Service Posted on May 2 2010 in BNP News Political Parties News The British National Party will end the scandalous situation of National Health Service underfunding by reallocating money from the foreign aid budget The reported NHS deficit is 620 million and the current foreign aid budget is 9 1 billion Continue Reading Where the BNP Stands 9 The National Health Service Next Page Popular Articles Taxpayer funded Muslim School Has Imported Third World Tribalism to Britain A Message from Normandy Veteran Bob Head BNP gaining in popularity The Sun Wales BNP Announces Candidates in Newport East and West

    Original URL path: http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/uk-party-political-news/politics/political-parties-news/bnp-news (2016-02-10)
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