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  • “all the parties seem to have the same sort of policies for
    the Labour job tax what he doesn t tell us it s the business part of the NI rise he ll cancel which means the NI tax rise will fall squarely on the shoulders of every working man and woman that pays NI contributions and business will not pay their fair share of this tax rise Cameron is not stopping a jobs tax he is taxing the workers only and protecting his rich friends David Cameron also doesn t say where the business part of the NI tax rise he won t bring in will be found if they gain power after May 6th Will it be VAT that effects the poorest in society far more than the richest VAT is the go to tax for the Tories they brought in VAT in the first place and pushed it up to 17 5 The Lib Dems made the mistake of telling us they want a 10 year amnesty on illegal immigrants to pull illegal immigrants into the tax system and crack down on organised crime that takes advantage of illegal immigrants This is not a vote winner I kind of agree with the concept but then I understand politics and especially immigration a lot better than your average man in the street and I m not convinced it s a good idea I m not sure but it can t be any worse than having a million illegal workers in Britain The average man in the street won t be so generous and will see this as rewarding criminals who are taking British jobs and will loose the Lib Dems votes Funny thing is we already have a 14 year amnesty on illegal immigrants with no questions asked So the difference between the Lib Dems Labour and the Conservatives is 4 years making those who become British citizens pay for the 10 years they broke the law and advertising the amnesty Not exactly a massive policy difference but Labour and the Conservatives aren t talking about an amnesty on immigration despite them passing the 14 year rule Conservatives voted against the fox hunting ban if the Tories have a majority on May 7th they will as a block vote to repeal the hunting ban legislation despite polls showing 75 of the public don t want fox hunting with dogs there are massive differences between the parties but they have learnt if they don t highlight those differences they won t loose votes and the election becomes a popularity contest between the leaders instead of a contest of who has the best policies David More Comments by David What is Racism BNP are a Political Party are in Decline If you ve been following the BNP since just before the 2010 general election you d know the BNP are in real trouble with infighting money problems and generally self destructive behaviour Apparently BNP councilors are jumping ship and joining the English Democrats for Continue Reading What is Racialism UK Local Elections

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  • Lets not forget… The Liberal Party was one of the two major
    personal liberty and an extension of the franchise right to vote Winston Churchill was affiliated with the Liberal Party from 1904 1924 as he belived they suited his views on economics After his electoral defeat in 1922 Winston Churchill left the Liberal Party and the leader of the Conservative Party and Winston Churchill officially rejoined the Conservative Party in 1925 Winston Churchill switched his political parties to suit his needs at differing times in history and that is what we the voters should do Don t vote for who you always voted for or who you think everyone else votes for vote for who can help you NOW The Lib Dems have a deep rooted history in politics and it strikes me as odd people just dont know much about them and what they stand for They stand for fairness and this is something we need today The conservatives ruined everything good about this country in the 80 s and Winston would be turning in his grave Labour have had their chance and failed so my vote goes to fairness and new ideas and that is Liberal Democrat the only party in favour of referendums fair voting system fair taxes and a genuine desire to listen to the people maintaining their historical roots Popular Islamification of UK Far right political groups in the UK throughout Europe are Should Britain Leave the European Union Poll Found an interesting article on the BBC website http news bbc co uk 1 hi programmes the daily politics 7949104 stm from the Why I ll Never Vote Conservative at a General Election Political Parties Video UK General Election Hung Parliament Should the Government Ban the Islam4UK Wootton Bassett March Poll Halting Immigration Would be Economic Suicide for the UK Unite Against Fascism UAF BNP Immigration

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  • Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election!
    was looking to the future Did we really want to be stuck back in the industrialized economy we were in Look at where we were before the Iraqi War and the recession Britain was a prosperous country a world superpower I admit I was too young at the time to experience Thatcher as a PM I was two years old when she resigned but I have done much research on the subject Yes she made her mistakes as did many other prime ministers I will be voting Conservative at the election Reply to Comment Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election David Comment on Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election Sure Thatcher closed all the mines and put workers out of a job but she was looking to the future Closing the pits per se when they aren t profitable has some merit from a strictly business perspective BUT when the people working in those pits are given no replacement industry closing pits is not looking to the future as it destroyed entire communities and cost the tax payer heavily in benefit payments Had the Conservatives had a long term plan for the country instead of leaving it to market forces and hoping everything will be alright they would have attracted new industries to Britain then it wouldn t have been such an awful thing to do but Thatcherism is a your on your own mate politics with caring a commodity Tories can not afford to have As it was it would have made far more sense long term to indirectly subsidise the pits tax breaks for example and slowly close them so an entire industry wasn t destroyed pretty much over night This would have protected communities from the destruction they suffered under Thatcher and protect hard working men from languishing on the dole because all they knew in life was hard manual labor down a pit and trying to find a new reasonable pay job in Thatchers no minimum wage no workers rights sweatshop Britain with 5 million unemployed is not a simple case of getting on your bike to find work Looking to the future is what Labour are doing now though I admit a bit late in the day They are trying to get 50 of our young people in education or training so we as a nation are ready for the 21st century industries the green industries that are set to revolutionise the world and Labour wants Britain at the forefront of those new industries Historical the Conservatives leave business to market forces Market forces does not work well with new virgining industries we need to be the innovators not the followers and that takes government intervention to promote those industries through education and training of a new workforce with the required skills and offering businesses in those new industries a good reason to setup shop in Britain 13 years isn t nearly enough time to turn around the damage the Tories did to a generation of young people Consider 5 10 years just to get infrastructure capital investment and legislation in place and a further 10 years to actually educate and train a new generation of workers in these new industries before real change is noticeable If the Tories get back in much of the hard work will be lost David Reply to Comment Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election T Comment on Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election Well if you d done your research properly everyone there is a trend however this trend is unrecognised Conservative s come into power make a huge mess and the poor suffer Labour comes into power and fixes all the problems as promised when problems are fixed Labour runs out of ideas and innovation doesn t seem to move on People get sick of no new ground breaking laws or action etc then who else to vote for They will go conservative again and so the cycle goes Well since the 1920 s anyway and love how you name conservatives as best PM s notbaly the ones many refer to as times compared to what was believed to be dictatorships If you had lived as an adult during that time you would understand why all the middle aged workers middle lower class hate conservatives and all the problems they faced Plus Tony Blair when he started was great Also if you look into the past conservatives ALSO caused a recession and brown has brought us out of a recession TWICE as fast as Thatcher did however I must add I think Clegg has thrown a chink in the chain this time however and we could see BIG changes to our politics the one strange thing this time however is all the parties seem to have the same sort of policies for a change Something going on behind the curtains methinks Reply to Comment Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election David Comment on Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election all the parties seem to have the same sort of policies for a change Although they sound very similar we all know what Labour and Conservatives stand for and they are opposites I have to be honest to admit I m not completely sure what the Lib Dems stand for they ve not had power in my life time so don t know what their true face is Conservatives are for rich people as is shown with the way they vote against national minimum wage against workers rights against the NHS against protecting foxes stags and other animals from barbaric blood sports Labour are for the working class as is shown with the way they vote for national minimum wage for workers rights for the NHS for banning barbaric blood sports Doesn t matter what the parties leaders say today it matters what their MPs voting records tell us what their parties stand for and their voting records tells us Labour care about

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  • Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2010 Your Community
    by Britain s international obligations and restore confidence in the asylum system by making it firm and fair We will Take responsibility for asylum away from the Home Office and give it to a wholly independent agency as has been successful in Canada Push for a co ordinated EU wide asylum system to ensure that the responsibility is fairly shared between member states Allow asylum seekers to work saving taxpayers money and allowing them the dignity of earning their living instead of having to depend on handouts End the detention of children in immigration detention centres Alternative systems such as electronic tagging stringent reporting requirements and residence restrictions can be used for adults in families considered high flight risks End deportations of refugees to countries where they face persecution imprisonment torture or execution and end the detention of individuals for whom removal is not possible or imminent except where there is a significant risk of absconding better and more affordable homes In a fair society everyone should have the right to a decent home but this is not the reality of Britain today There should be quality social and private rented housing available for those who need or choose it And it should be easy to keep your home warm without harming the environment British houses are frequently poorly insulated wasting money and contributing to global warming Liberal Democrats will Make sure that repossession is always the last resort by changing the powers of the courts Bring 250 000 empty homes back into use with cheap loans and grants as part of our job creation plan Begin a national programme to insulate more homes paid for by the savings from lower energy bills Make sure every new home is fully energy efficient by improving building regulations Investigate reforming public sector borrowing requirements to free councils to borrow money against their assets in order to build a new generation of council homes and allow them to keep all the revenue from these new homes Over time we will seek to provide a greater degree of subsidy as resources allow to increase the number of new sustainable homes being built Scrap burdensome Home Information Packs retaining the requirement for homes to have an energy performance certificate public transport you can rely on Britain needs a well run efficient transport system Public transport is an important part of a fair society and the best way to cut carbon emissions from transport without trying to limit people s opportunities to travel We want to improve the experience for the traveller and cut carbon emissions We will Switch traffic from road to rail by investing in local rail improvements such as opening closed rail lines and adding extra tracks paid for by cutting the major roads budget Cut rail fares changing the contracts with Train Operating Companies so that regulated fares fall behind inflation by 1 per cent each year meaning a real terms cut Make Network Rail refund a third of your ticket price if you have to take a rail replacement bus service Overhaul Network Rail to put the interests of passengers first and bring it under the Freedom of Information Act to make it more open Set up a UK Infrastructure Bank to invest in public transport like high speed rail Give councils greater powers to regulate bus services according to community needs so that local people get a real say over routes and fares Include the promotion of safer cycling and pedestrian routes in all local transport plans restricting aviation growth The emissions from rising aviation are a serious problem in the fight against climate change But in some more remote parts of the country flights are a vital lifeline and aviation is important for the economy as a whole Liberal Democrats believe that we should do all we can to ensure people use alternatives where that makes sense We will Replace the per passenger Air Passenger Duty with a per plane duty PPD so capturing freight movements by air for the first time Introduce an additional higher rate of PPD on domestic flights for which alternative and less polluting travel is readily available Cancel plans for the third runway at Heathrow and any expansion of other airports in the South East a fair deal for motorists Our planned expansion of public transport will provide much needed alternatives to private cars and cut carbon emissions However in many places there will always be a need for car travel so we need to ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible We will Work through the EU for a zero emissions target for all new cars by 2040 and extend targets to other vehicles Undertake preparations for the introduction of a system of road pricing in a second parliament Any such system would be revenue neutral for motorists with revenue from cars used to abolish Vehicle Excise Duty and reduce fuel duty helping those in rural areas who have no alternatives to road travel Some of the revenue from lorries would be used to fund further extensions of high speed rail through the UK Infrastructure Bank Introduce a rural fuel discount scheme which would allow a reduced rate of fuel duty to be paid in remote rural areas as is allowed under EU law a green and pleasant land The beauty of Britain s natural landscape is vital to the quality of life of those who live there and to visitors Liberal Democrats will change the way the environment is protected so everyone has fair access to clean water clean air and open spaces We re the only party that takes seriously the responsibility of protecting our natural inheritance and ensuring access for all Liberal Democrats will Increase the general right of access to the countryside along the lines of the model introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Scotland Abolish the Infrastructure Planning Commission and return decision making including housing targets to local people We will create a third party right

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  • Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty
    show that whenever Conservatives come in to power it messes up the country in one way when labour are in power it messes up the country in another way I also don t want to hand over power to the party that were strange bedfellows with George bush and also helped to mess up the economy in the first place plus Gordon Brown is a baby kissing celebrity toting imbecile same goes for Cameron With that said all the other parties have their own agenda which I also don t want to vote for The green party would be great if our only problem was global warming The BNP would be great if we were all racist idiots and so on and so forth The bottom line is that Conservative and Labour have both had their fun messing up the country and taking huge wages out of public cash it may just be time for another party to have a go if they mess it up we truly are lost But we know from many years experience that Conservatives and Labour mess the country up every time so why do we keep falling for it Reply to Comment Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty Dave Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty you also are assuming there that all illegal immigrants are just going to sit around on their collective arse doing nothing but waiting for the Dole housing health care all their dependants all their children What a biggoted view Many illegal immigrants come from war torn countries something that we luckily have never had to endure To assume that all of these people are weak and pathetic is just racist Who are you voting for the BNP one thing I have to add is that you say all their children like all illegal immigrants have loads of kids I would like to see the figures you read from to get that statistic One assumes that you had statistics to base your statement on and not just your bigoted personal opinion Finally the Lib Dems wouldn t make it a walk in the park for Illegal immigrants and have also set the cut off date as 2010 for historical citizenship this is a quote directly from their manifesto Prioritise deportation efforts on criminals people traffickers and other high priority cases We will let law abiding families earn citizenship We will allow people who have been in Britain without the correct papers for ten years but speak English have a clean record and want to live here long term to earn their citizenship This route to citizenship will not apply to people arriving after 2010 that means that this is designed to sort out the present problem Seriously if you are going to dismiss the Lib Dems keep it to yourself until you have read their manifesto and if you have and disagree cite it in your comment don t just spout right wing rhetoric and personal

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  • Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty
    a good idea though am not in uk but I ve got number of relations there with immigrtn problem Reply to Comment IMRON Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty ITS GOOD IDEA THE ILLEGAL PEOPLE WITH WRONG HAND IS SUFFOCATING IF LIB DEM WIN THEY WILL LIVE FREELY AND THEY COME OUT FROM THE DESASTR LIFE WHICH THEY LIVING RIGHT KNOW ITS LIKE GIVING A NEW LIFE TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN DANGER AND TROUBLE WISH U SUCCES IN THIS ELECTION NICK CLEGG ALL THE BEST TO U NICK U BRING NEW HOPE TO THE NATION GUD LUCK Reply to Comment IMRON Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty PLZ VOTE NICK CLEGG THE ONLY ONE UPCOMING RISING STAR OF THE UNITED KINGDOM PLZ SUPPORT LIB DEM ONLY FORCE WHICH CAN BRING BRIGHT FUTURE TO THE GREAT BRITAIN PLZ VOTE LIB DEMS Reply to Comment JOE Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty The illegal immigrants living in uk would be given chance to serve the nation by providing the proper papers to work and contribute to the nation is a great idea of NICK CLEGG to give amenesty to stay and get the full support and work and contribute to the nation plz vote LIB DEMS Reply to Comment GeorgeMan Comment on Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty We shouldn t reward people for breaking our laws if they really wanted to come here they would come here legally The Lib Dems will sell us out to EU decrease our weapons capabilities give up more of our power to the EU and they support the war in Afghanistan Vote for the only true party that cares for its people Vote BNP Reply to Comment Rob Comment on Election 2010 Lib

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  • Its quite easy for people to judge Nick Clegg and the illegals
    the fact that Nick did not get the right figures saying that there are 600 000 illegals in the UK but actually there are over 1 5million illegals in the UK which includes asians africans from the common wealth countries and are exercising their treaty for the british colonialism in the past Are the british not just caucasians but all racial backgrounds ready to do the jobs that the illegal immigrants do e g cleaning pizza delievry mcdonalds assistants care assistants chinese delivery ticket attendants etc and lets remember all these jobs mentioned are all at the minimum wage of 5 50p h Also putting it at the back of our minds that these people do not receive benefits but are increasing our economy Cast your votes properly and think carefully LIB DEM ALL THE WAY Popular Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election First off stop laughing I m being serious and though I Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty During the SKY live TV debate Nick Clegg said he d Reasons to Vote Liberal Democrat 2010 General Election Liberal Democrats Policies Pensions and Benefits Liberal Democrats Policies Government and Civil Liberties Liberal Democrats Policies Economy Coalition Governments

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  • Get serious
    grant them amnesty all the time and they have to renew their papers every year but before doing so these immigrants have to provide proof that they have worked and pay tax for the year so as a result they are no illegal employment in these two countries All immigrant are working and contributing to the development of their economy What will Britain loose as a nation from illegal immigrant that pay hight rate of tax and are afraid to complain they don t go to NHS because they might get caught they are not on benefit of any kind because they are not entitled to it All the immigrant want is to be able to work and go home and see their family some times especially to bury their love ones when they pass away they don t need your benefit because they are strong I don t want to go into history here because it is the past and I will leave it there but I will advice you Suzie to go close to immigrants and understand their lives and what they go through before condemning them I have a friend who has a five year old child He is from Africa and the little girl is suffering from a disease called Sickle Cell Anaemia It has no cure and no hope for her in Africa but the home office are going to deport them this is a child born here please can we fight for her and her family remember the British had done a lot of havoc in Africa in the past More Comments by Ogiugo Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty Lets try Lib Dem Continue Reading Election 2010 Lib Dems Illegal Immigration Amnesty Popular Liberal Democrats to Win The General Election First off

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