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  • 10 ways to improve user experience | Geonet Blog
    to be mobile friendly On April 21st Google updated their algorithm This update was dubbed Mobilegeddon by webmasters Not only is responsive design a crucial ranking factor it is also critical for improving user experience Your website should be just as easy to use on a mobile device as it is on a desktop We re afraid tiny text and cluttered pages just won t cut it 3 Fresh design and easy navigation Visitors will judge your website on face value so you have about 5 seconds to make a good first impression Its vital that your design is fresh clean and suitable for your target market and your menus should be easy to navigate The world of web is instant and that is what your visitors expect So a potential customer won t be thrilled if they can t find what they re looking for quickly and efficiently Top tip Know what s hot and what s not A shabby website won t convert 4 Avoid nuisance pop ups and adverts Did you know that Google use bounce rate as a ranking factor It s a known fact that website pop ups increase bounce rates The odd pop up is acceptable if you re looking to increase revenue and sales leads but they can easily become a nuisance Top tip If you really must use a pop up use it sparingly like this voucher code below Image Shopify 5 Use sticky content When we use the term sticky we are referring to media content such as images and videos on your website We call it sticky content because it encourages visitors to spend more time on your site After all it is easier to sit back and watch a video than read a 500 word document right Did you know Google also consider the time spent on site as a ranking factor Note This type of content is also more likely to gain social shares and more engagement 6 Link out to useful content Cross link content from other sources that are related to your article website or industry Not only is this a link building technique used by webmasters but it provides even more relevant results for your visitors The more helpful you are the greater the likelihood of your visitors returning 7 Specific purpose built pages For example if your business is located in a big city centre or large scale industrial estate it may be difficult to find you A simple Find Us page with an integrated Google Maps feature could be beneficial to your customers Image Pinterest 8 Social signals Social media signals help promote trust in your brand and company From social buttons to your company s online profiles to social feeds and share buttons These all encourage engagement Note When it comes to Google social signals are used as a ranking factor 9 Calls to action Be contactable and accessible at all times Calls to action CTA are essential for converting your website

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  • How SEO and Social Media Go Hand in Hand - Geonet Solutions
    site as possible regardless of how relevant or authoritative the link was Social media marketing wasn t born until about a decade ago It wasn t really until the likes of Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn exploded onto the world wide web that businesses started to realise their online potential Ten years ago social media marketing and search engine optimisation were two very different things Fast forward to 2015 and the search giant Google has really got its act together and loves to keep us webmasters on our toes So how did SEO and social media merge into one big marketing strategy In a nutshell SEO and social media work together to achieve one thing relevant search results and content for your audience Natural link building All Google really wants is to give you to best search results based on what you re looking for and therefore improve user experience They do this by pushing high quality websites with relevant content to the top of search engine results pages SERPs That means link farming and spammy directories are a huge no no Ever noticed tweets and Twitter profiles in search results That s because nowadays Google use Twitter to find relevant content for your site Even though social links don t carry any link juice if they are shared enough times this is natural link building whether that s a Facebook share a retweet or repin Google love it Have a read of this blog post by Marketing Land 18 top social media sharing tips Promoting trust Social media doesn t just contribute to SEO efforts it s a necessity to any successful marketing strategy It s a known fact that people trust big brands and there s no exception when it comes to search engines Having an active online presence helps increase your brand awareness Social referral traffic We believe that monit oring traffic is one of the most effective ways of measuring how well your website is performing in terms of SEO After all what use is ranking number one for a keyword if no one is searching for it or visiting your website Google no longer give out their search volumes so we can never know for sure how efficient a keyword is but if your traffic is improving month on month that s a clear indication your SEO is moving in the right direction Social media is a great way of getting traffic to your website especially if your products are impulse buy products One snappy tweet or Facebook post or an eye catching Instagram shot can drive potential customers to your website Even if they don t buy that particular product there and then they could return at a later date or purchase a different product on your website An interesting engaging social media presence makes a business memorable so the next time a customer is looking for your product or service you will be the first company to spring to mind Through careful research you

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  • April 21st: The Date To Be Responsive - Geonet Solutions
    is a market that is no longer possible to ignore whether you are a web design company a business or as now is the case Google search results themselves The explosion in the mobile market basically followed the launch of the iPhone where mobile internet browsing became more accessible user friendly and devices finally possessed screen sizes that made internet browsing a pleasure rather than a chore Since then not all websites have kept pace For the last year or so almost all web companies have switched to designing responsive websites unless specifically requested not to But websites that are older than 18 months run a risk of being static ie not responsive and incapable of responding to smaller screen sizes dynamically It is these websites that Google are targeting in the next algorithm update Google haven t released a huge number of details about what s coming on April 21st but there have been hints Gary Illyes Google Webmaster Trends Analyst recently shared some tidbits Responsive design does not have a ranking benefit Googlebot must be allowed to crawl CSS JavaScript to pass the mobile friendly test Mobile friendliness is determined at the page level not sitewide Tablets will not be affected by this update Google is currently working on a dedicated mobile index If you re still living with a static website fronting up your business now is the time to set that change in motion If fear of a Google punishment isn t quite enough then perhaps consider the positive advantages of a responsive website It s linked to far higher rates of sales conversion on mobile sites increased sharing of content on social media better brand awareness and increased marketing efficiency Like it or not mobile internet browsing is here to stay It s not a

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  • Chris McQuillan - Geonet Solutions
    North East Business Awards Posted at 01 14h in News Press Release by Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share Geonet Solutions are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Digital Social Media Award for the Teesside heats of the North East Business Awards 2015 The prestigious awards are one of the North East s most sought after business recognitions and is organised by The Read More 12 Jan Darlington Football Club Confirms Partnership with Geonet Solutions Posted at 18 00h in News by Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share The Board of Directors of Darlington Football Club is delighted to announce an exciting and innovative partnership with Geonet Solutions who will work to build a brand new fully responsive website for the football club Geonet met with club officials in December last year to discuss Read More 15 Sep 3 Problems Facing The iPhone 6 Posted at 22 26h in Editorial by Chris McQuillan 1 Like Share I d like to make it clear from the off that I m actually quite an avid Apple user I have a Macbook Air and an iMac at home I use an iMac and iPad at work I like the App Store I like OS X particularly Read More 23 Jul How to get a nice easy top quality new school website Posted at 15 00h in Editorial by Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share We ve recently done quite a lot of work with a number of schools helping to craft new responsive websites and bring their digital presence up to date Examples include SFX School Bedale High School and Diamond Hall Infant Academy Schools are fascinating to work with as whilst Read More 21 Jul Are we too connected Posted at 15 07h in Editorial by Chris McQuillan 1 Like Share

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  • The death of keyword rankings - Geonet Solutions
    Completely different ranking positions Some were the same it s true but others were out by anywhere between 1 and 25 places from each other It is no longer possible to create a report of where you are on Google and have it be accurate anywhere other than the machine it was printed on In this sense it s not possible give you an accurate reading of your rankings All keywords may have declined in our region where we produce the report but risen in your region and that could be where you re targeting improvements Keyword targeting is no longer a viable technique Back in the day 10 years ago it was possible to target keywords and key phrases also known as hero phrases by jamming webpages full of that phrase or word Google now recognises this as a deliberate attempt to inflate ranking positions and so it penalises sites that do it Therefore your content must be unique and of high quality well written to ensure that your website is seen by Google as a valuable resource It s no longer possible to trick Google into giving you a ranking for something for which you offer no content For instance our website is geared towards web design as it is our primary service We also offer SEO packages However if we didn t have a page on SEO and ensure that we deal with it in our overall content we wouldn t rank for it no matter how many times we crammed the keyword into the footer If you offer a service and you offer it with quality you ll rank but the idea of targeting particular keywords by dropping them throughout your copy is out dated and of very little use Given how Google now constructs it s algorithm based on a complex mix of the overall authority of your domain name your website as a whole and of the individual page in question it s far more helpful to view your entire website as a complete entity rather than collection of pages to target individually As such keyword ranking is archaic and unhelpful for both agency and customer Instead overall keyword reach is a far more helpful metric In short pick a core service or proposition and target that Then by measuring how many times your site appears in search results in the Top 5 across variations of this keyword and overall rises and falls in actual traffic coming through to your site from Google organically Not only does this actually quantify the actual results you re getting for your SEO which keyword ranking doesn t in terms of actual traffic it also allows you to perform additional metrics Additionally it helps weed out over analysis of rises and falls in keyword rankings which can happen for a myriad of reasons These are not important what is important is the overall trend and keyword reach helps you see these trends rather than momentary fluctuations It s

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  • Apple and Google: Fighting to pull technology in... exactly the same direction - Geonet Solutions
    tech giants such as Samsung and Microsoft this growth and innovation is growing with at an ever increasing pace Unconvinced Here s the top range mobiles just 3 650 days ago All of this growth is fuelled by one thing consumer demand And despite the lawsuits and the rhetoric all of the companies are trying to do the same thing make life easier through technology for the customer We are in the midst of probably the largest technological revolution in history Larger than the DotCom bubble the arrival of the touch screen even the birth of the computer itself Technological innovation is happening in so many areas simultaneously at this moment it is extremely difficult to keep up For instance mobile phones now have all the hardware and computing power of desktop computers just a few years ago Companies like Amazon are investing in remote delivery of products using drones Virgin are investing in space travel Google are building a self driving car for our roads Computing is moving into the cloud and data is becoming ever more accessible We can augment our reality with internet connected glass headseats that receive text message and can tweet for us We can watch films television or the news live in high definition whilst walking down the street The list goes on and on Make no mistake the rate of change and development has never been faster In a way much of this ties into search engine optimisation and the work that we at Geonet Solutions do every day With Google along with all the other companies above are striving to make life simpler Yet the mentality seems to exist that Google strives to make it more difficult to build a website to perform well on Google That there are more tricks you

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  • Bust Myths, Not Rhymes: Search Engine Optimisation - Geonet Solutions
    It s an ocean An enormous resource filled with millions of websites Try stamping on an ocean You ll make a little ripple but it takes a long time for that ripple to filter through You need to keep stamping to send those ripples and changes out across the ocean surface And logically the larger the effort the larger the displacement If Google simply registered changes instantly and factored them into the results then they would fluctuate wildly Google s algorithms change slowly for a reason Several reasons in fact it stops sites from disappearing due to technical outages it allows sites to implement changes strategically it rewards organic and steady growth All of these factors increase the authenticity of Google s results If you wanted to Google your regular hotel in London to make a reservation but another twelve hotels had rammed their sites full of those keywords would you want to see the legitimate established result plummet pages down No That s exactly what Google s algorithm aims to do produce the best results for people based on their search term That opens up another question Are the results above you better than you It s an uncomfortable question that may have humbling answers But if your site has less written content than your rivals less relevant content to that search term less quality copy then Google will rightly rank people above you unless you excel in some other area for example social media domain authority backlinks People have spent far too long trying to trick Google by inserting bits of code keywords cramming their site full of whatever they can find to rank higher And sometimes this works until Google catches up and penalises the site This is exactly what happened in this instance It s important to remember that SEO is not about trickery and it s not about loads of links and it s not just about a nice website It s about all of these factors coming into play Take an offline example of a shop If you launch a new store on the high street you could have the best shop in the world but if you paint the outside and the windows with thick black paint then no one will come Also if you have the best shop front in the world but nothing inside you re not going to be well respected You need both for your business to excel Offline and online It s about hard work investment perseverance and in the same way that businesses must respond to market pressures and economic environments sites must respond to updated search algorithms and practices or be left behind We must challenge the conception that SEO and websites and all things digital are easy They should be easy for the customer or the user but just because they re digital doesn t mean they re always easy for the owner The same hard work and investment is required to deliver results Similarly

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  • Myth-Busting SEO - Geonet Solutions
    at the website the words didn t read very well They didn t come across as organic and were difficult to read You could also create numerous links across the internet to your site in the hope that Google would interpret your site as being popular Slowly but surely ever since Google have been trying to rectify this Over the last decade the search engine giant has been on a mission to create the most relevant informative and best written search results possible providing the best user experience for the searcher Along the way this has seriously changed how search engine optimisation works You still hear a lot of people banging on about META keywords the comma separated list of keywords that would describe a page s content as if a lack of them will ruin a site s performance This is no longer true and META keywords are now all but redundant META descriptions a longer piece of text description about a page remain important but only if they re unique and written specifically for the page they re applied to section heading customclass fx How it works now section heading Google now views a site as a collective entity not just a bunch of pages grouped together This has huge ramifications It means that integrating social media accounts can have boost your SEO performance site wide It means that all your back links add towards the collective authority Google considers your domain to hold The higher the authority of the domain linking to you the more weight that back link carries and the greater the impact it has on your own authority section heading customclass fx Conclusion section heading The result of this is that Google can no longer be artificially manipulated as easily The way it processes

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