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  • Terry Harvey - Geonet Solutions
    between them To get a better idea of the languages let s briefly look Read More 20 May Tools we love Slack Posted at 08 46h in General Technology by Terry Harvey 0 Likes Share Communication is essential for all teams big or small Currently we use Google Hangouts to quickly send links code snippets memes and videos to each other on a daily basis Today we discovered Slack What is Slack Put simply Slack is a chatroom for work It allows you to quickly Read More 27 Mar Learning iOS Development Posted at 09 26h in Mobile App Development Technology by Terry Harvey 0 Likes Share With only two months under my belt I m a fairly new addition to the Geonet team I was hired as a web developer which entails the development and maintenance of websites and although this is my first job I already have almost five years of experience in Read More 03 Mar Laravel Posted at 14 34h in Design and Development by Terry Harvey 0 Likes Share Ever since its first release in 2011 Laravel has taken the web development community by storm It s widely used among PHP developers and each developer

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  • Laravel - Geonet Solutions
    cascading stylesheets is what makes the page pretty With CSS we can control how certain elements on the page appear on the browser We can specify things like text colour background colour dimensions and more Laravel isn t a front end framework so we won t go into any extra detail on this but if you re interested in this you can view a full list of CSS properties here The back end of a website is pretty much anything that you don t see Form processing authentication content management You don t see these things on the page but they happen in the background They re not easy things to handle either Most web applications require A database to well store data A database wrapper to build and execute queries A routing engine for SEO friendly URLs Form validation wrappers to process form data such as login forms A session handler and or authentication system to handle user sessions A caching solution for performance An encryption library for storing and validating passwords Mailing library to send emails We haven t even gotten started on the functionality of the website itself yet So again what is Laravel Laravel allows developers to concentrate solely on building the website without having to worry about form validation data storage caching etc it is all included in Laravel Because of this development can also be sped up drastically if you utilise the Laravel s power correctly that is The MVC Architecture If you re into the techy side of things Laravel uses the MVC architecture MVC stands for Model The model represents the data in the database and usually allows CRUD create read update delete operations which essentially means that we can pull and push data to and from the database View Simply the

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/laravel/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Does WordPress have a plugin problem? - Geonet Solutions
    51 of plugins were compatable Since WPMU s findings WordPress have changed the plugin repository to filter out plugins that haven t been updated but the dead plugins still remain The issue that remains with the outdated plugins is although old plugins are hidden there are still plugins listed last updated in 2012 or 2013 These plugins have the potential to become more outdated and could already contain serious security flaws and are still showing up in searches as well as being readily downloaded For example one plugin I found had been downloaded 100 times in the last week in spite of having not been updated in over a year Outdated plugins not only have a compatibility risk there have been six core WordPress updates since 2012 but also a potential security risk associated with older versions of jQuery in plugins and partially deprecated WordPress functions Plugins that no longer exist I built my first ever WordPress site just for fun way back in 2011 One of the features of the site was a star rating review system and I used a plugin called GD Star Rating to add the rating system This plugin is no longer available and has compatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress As such if I were to go back and update the site I would find that my rating system no longer worked WordPress doesn t inform users when a plugin is withdrawn from the repository In the case of GD Star Rating the plugin was retired by the developers who are working on a new package of plugins However if the plugin had been withdrawn due to a serious security vulnerability I would have no way of knowing my site could be at risk Drupal has encouraged other developers to take over support

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/wordpress-plugin-problem/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Emily - Geonet Solutions
    large community of developers it s no surprise that it s grown so huge since its initial launch in 2003 WordPress easily adaptable and extendable code along with the Read More 09 Oct Cyber security awareness month are you secure Posted at 14 47h in Security Technology by Emily 0 Likes Share The whole of October is national cyber security month In a year of high profile hackings and security vulnerabilities such as heartbleed and shellshock hitting headlines businesses and consumers alike are thinking a lot more about their security online In this blog I will explore Read More 29 Sep My first week with an iPhone 6 Plus Posted at 14 42h in Editorial Technology by Emily 0 Likes Share I may be slightly late to the iPhone 6 Plus review game but this is because I missed the pre launch rush to pre order My iPhone arrived last week and I thought I would do this blog post from a practicality aspect based on my Read More 21 Aug 7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk Posted at 11 23h in Editorial Technology by Emily 0 Likes Share The days are getting shorter and the temperature is definitely getting lower With the British summer seemingly drawing to a close today we look at seven items of awesome and bizarre technology currently on the market to keep you warm at your computer desk this Read More 06 Aug Could LastPass help end our password woes Posted at 14 26h in Editorial by Emily 0 Likes Share In light of the news that Russian hackers have gained access to 1 2 million usernames and passwords only months after Heartbleed meant everyone had to change their passwords and the eBay hacking that meant thousands of accounts were left vulnerable

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/author/emily/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How to build an amazing website - Geonet Solutions
    rotates somewhere and enjoyed the gimmick Therefore your site must have one But let s face it there s no one knows your company or endeavour quite like you do The most vital stage of any website is right at the inception and in truth it carries on right the way through It s an old adage but having your eyes on the prize really is the difference between a great website and a jumbled mess It s your vision not everyone else s Right from the start you need to figure out exactly what the purpose of your website is It might be to inform to sell or simply entertain Whatever you choose that needs to be at the forefront of your mind from the wireframes right through to the finished product Constantly ask yourself does the website do what I want Does it provide the user with the right experience If your core aim is to sell a product but it takes seven or eight clicks through information infographics and videos to get to the sell page then you ve probably made the process too difficult even if you have pretty awesome information and media If your core aim is to inform make sure that information is easy to read and not let down by colours that aren t easy to read even if they look pretty And if you want to entertain you need to make sure you put the right amount of content on there and not bore people with only one video or hundreds and lose them once they get lost Keeping the end user s experience and your core vision at the forefront of your thoughts and letting that govern every stage of the process will ensure you end up with a really strong

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/how-to-build-an-amazing-website/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Tools we love: Slack - Geonet Solutions
    Nothing really Slack just seems like a better alternative for our purposes The only major downsides to Hangouts are Lack of a native Mac app The majority of our developers use Apple Mac computers for work we re still trying to convince Scott and Duncan to make the switch Without a native app we can t receive notifications and are therefore constantly refreshing Google to make sure nobody is trying to reach us Doesn t support group chats If we want to send a link to three people we have to send three separate messages This makes team discussions impossible on Hangouts What do we love about Slack There are countless awesome features that we love about Slack Here s our top three Integrations We ll talk about this later Channels A channel is a designated chatroom in which you can set a purpose and a topic We re currently talking about how we can use channels productively We re toying with the idea of having a designated channel for each project we take on Until then here s what our channel list looks like File Sharing Slack allows us to upload and share files with teammates with ease for free Previously we d be emailing across attachments Not any more What are Integrations Integrations allow you to integrate external services into your Slack chatroom For example we utilise Trello to track project statuses with ease and it works great With Slack s integrations we managed to hook up our Trello board to the trello channel so whenever a card is created moved edited or deleted the Slackbot will broadcast a message to the channel notifying everyone Slack also offers integrations for Github Google Drive Dropbox Mailchimp and much much more To view a full list click here It doesn

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  • 5 tips for creating a brand-defining website - Geonet Solutions
    of huge importance With so many good cutting edge sites out there it doesn t matter if your competitors websites aren t as nice as yours you have to compete with the entire web If someone is browsing through beautiful websites for recreational purposes remember they need a product like yours and then search and land on your website and it doesn t deliver aesthetically then they re going to be put off Today this means big images And I mean big images in every sense It s not enough for an image just to be large and not pixellated it has to be sharp artistic with good colours and no blur Professional photography packages are invaluable in this day and age where multimedia through images and videos drives the way content is being delivered more and more 3 Plan Hard A good deal of the stress for both client and designer tends to comes from poor planning at the beginning of the project Whether this is unclear communication from one or both of the parties or simply changes of mind later down the line To keep your costs and stresses low try and create a sitemap of the site in your head What pages will you have Where will they click to Does your website have specific sections If so what pages go in them exactly It s never too much trouble to add a page in later down the line but adding whole new sections can have huge ramifications especially if they interact with other sections that have already been built It s always good to think ahead 4 Have Fun Getting a brand defining website needn t be a hassle nor a stress In the end it is a creative process and one that you ll enjoy

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/5-tips-for-creating-a-brand-defining-website/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How to save up to 40% on your website via funding - Geonet Solutions
    you may be in luck as there is currently a choice of funding and grants available to businesses throughout the North East region Geonet Solutions have recently been working with various funding organisations that are able to offer grants towards our clients website projects If you are a business offering a B2B product or service in the North East you may well be able to benefit from this fantastic funding opportunity too So if you are looking to grow your business by investing in a brand new website now is the perfect time to do so Services that we provide that are covered by the funding schemes include Website design development The design of marketing and branding Bespoke software development Development of quality management systems Two funders that we have been regularly recommending to our clients are NBSL www nbsl org uk this funding solution is ideal for smaller website projects up to the value of 3 500 To qualify you must be an SME based in the North East of England who wants to put the grant towards a form of business support that will help your company to grow If you do tick all the right boxes the fund will provide grants of up to 1 400 Investment 4 Growth www investment4growth co uk this fund is a great solution for larger web design or development projects with a minimum total value of 3750 To be eligible you must be an SME trading in the North East of England and you must provide a product or service to other businesses If you do qualify for all of the above up to 40 of your project will be funded Sound good to you We thought it might If you are interested in finding out more about investing in our

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/save-forty-percent-with-website-funding/ (2016-04-24)
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