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  • Rosie - Geonet Solutions
    in General by Rosie 1 Like Share Do you require a quality web design development or marketing service but lack the funds to do it Well you may be in luck as there is currently a choice of funding and grants available to businesses throughout the North East region Geonet Solutions have recently Read More Categories Business Design Design and Development Digital Marketing Editorial General Mobile App Development News Press

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  • How An App Can Boost Your Business! - Geonet Solutions
    s say you have a brand new customer They ve seen your website and want to pop in for a chat They browse through your website to find your address They then leave the Google app and switch to Google Maps app type in your address and start their journey to come find you But what if they could just visit your app and press a button that automatically tells them where you are and how to get there If it saves your customers time it s always a bonus Apps offer easy and accessible customer service on your terms Create your brand experience with your mobile app You can really personalise the level of customer service your customers receive Have they made a recent order Send them a notification to thank them and make them feel appreciated Apps can be a great communication tool Special offer coming up Great Let your customers know through push notifications A push notification is a way to inform or update a user and pops up instantly on their mobile phone or tablet whatever screen they are currently looking at Simple but effective and it can lead to sales These handy applications can also be used for promotions competitions and entertainment Promote your next event with a mobile app take bookings and even sell online when your customers are on the go Mobile apps are also ideal for charities They are a great modern fundraising tool allowing people to make donations at the tap of a button They can also be used to streamline internal processes and reduce paper requirements so you re doing your bit for the environment without even thinking about it Schools and colleges can benefit from apps as well as they re a great communication tool between staff parents and

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/how-an-app-can-boost-your-business/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Learning iOS Development - Geonet Solutions
    been kind enough to allow me to carry out research during work hours and has even supplied me with expensive learning materials For the past few days I ve had my nose buried in AppCoda s Swift eBook an excellent resource in which the author actually demonstrates the creation of a real world application instead of just explaining the fundamentals with useless jargon Behind me lies another book called iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook which I plan to start working through next week After about a week of research and learning I ve managed to create my functional iPhone application Tasky an original todo app Some credit has to be given to our in house app development team without whom I d be completely lost Now let s get to the exciting part Here s what I ve created click the screenshots for a larger image List of tasks From here the user can tap on a task to view its details Here a user can view a specific task s details This view is useless as of now but as I expand the app with more features this will come in handy A simple form to allow users to add a task With my existing programming experience iOS development is simpler than I thought touch wood especially since the syntax of Swift the programming language Apple uses for iOS apps is similar to that of PHP the language I primarily work with here at Geonet However I m still far far away from where I d like to be and only time and practice will get me there My next goals for Tasky include Allowing users to edit tasks Adding more attributes to tasks such as a description and a due date Allowing users to set a Remind Me

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/learning-ios-development/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Geonet Solutions Shortlisted for North East Business Awards - Geonet Solutions
    in News Press Release by Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share Geonet Solutions are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Digital Social Media Award for the Teesside heats of the North East Business Awards 2015 The prestigious awards are one of the North East s most sought after business recognitions and is organised by The Journal and The Gazette The Teesside heat will be held at on March 26 at Teesside University s Olympia Building and we can t wait to attend The shortlist in full Company of the Year sponsored by Deloitte Applied Integration UK Ltd ElringKlinger GB Ltd Visualsoft Apprenticeship Award sponsored by Nifco UK Gus Robinson Developments Ltd Redcar amp Cleveland Borough Council Tees Components Green Award ElringKlinger GB Ltd J B Recycling Ltd Tadea UK Heart of the Community Award sponsored by Castlegate Shopping Centre Gus Robinson Developments Ltd North Star Housing Group Tadea UK Export Award Hart Biologicals Ltd International Fire Training Centre Nobia UK Darlington Manufacturing Innovation Award sponsored by Tees Valley Business Compass Hart Innovations Ltd Tadea UK Visualsoft Let s Grow Award sponsored by University of Sunderland Additional Lengths PJA Distribution Ltd Subsea Innovation Ltd Manufacturing Award sponsored by ABB Consulting Applied Integration UK Ltd ElringKlinger GB Ltd Nobia UK Darlington Manufacturing Newcomer of the Year sponsored by Virgin Money Ace Aluminium amp Architectural Services Ltd Engineering and Marine Services Ltd Teesside Industrial Solutions Ltd Services Award sponsored by Middlesbrough College Engineering and Marine Services Ltd Intelect UK Ltd RAW Digital Training Small Business Award sponsored by FW Capital Hart Biologicals Ltd Midas Cladding Services Ltd Tomlinson Hall amp Co Ltd Digital Social Media Award sponsored by Teesside University Geonet Solutions Harvey Hugo Ltd Integrity Search Ltd Chris McQuillan chris mcquillan geonetsolutions co uk Categories Business Design Design and

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/geonet-solutions-shortlisted-for-north-east-business-awards/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Darlington Football Club Confirms Partnership with Geonet Solutions - Geonet Solutions
    a creative solution to provide the club with a contemporary mobile friendly website with a full easy to use Content Management System CMS to allow for straightforward internal website management The development of a new and interactive website will strongly support the Club s vision and strategic plans including progression through the leagues in a controlled and viable manner and the development of the Blackwell Meadows facilities for the benefit of the Club whilst embedding the commercial growth potential from a having a new home in Darlington Darlington Football Club is also committed to developing football performance with a focus on youth and reconnecting effectively with our local fan base and strengthening relationships within our local community The new website will pull together these various strands so that users will be able to access relevant and accurate information going forward Dave Mills DFC s Club Development Director is looking forward to the launch of the Club s new website in several weeks time and said The Board would like to place on record its thanks and gratitude to the volunteers who created the current website and have tirelessly helped us with its administration and constant updating However this project with Geonet Solutions will allow the Club to enhance the growing positive reputation of the DFC brand and make the Club more accessible to supporters and keep them better informed It will become a one stop shop to access everything Darlington Football Club related Mike Overfield Managing Director of Geonet Solutions added We re hugely proud to be helping an iconic club like Darlington to grow their web and digital presence Geonet Solutions have always been a huge believer in helping drive local growth in and around Darlington and to be able to help launch a new digital era for The

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/darlington-football-club-confirms-partnership-geonet-solutions/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Changing Face of Fitness
    All three new devices now come with a built in auto sleep detection The Surge will also have built in GPS and multi activity tracking but comes with a higher price tag currently the UK store has no prices listed but PC Advisor has price information showing the basic Charge model listed at 99 and the Surge at 199 so around 100 difference All three models also have considerably less battery life than the pre existing FitBit One that can go two weeks without charging the Charge HR will last just 5 days Apple Watch The Apple Watch was announced at the iPhone event in September and has three variants available the Apple Watch the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition The edition and watch models are marketed more as a watch you could wear every day with an option of a leather or metal strap as well as the sports band whereas the sport only offers the fluoroelastomer plastic band All watches seem to be targeted more towards iPhone users with current compatibility set to only be with the latest iOS devices The advantage of the Apple Watches is that as they run their own version of iOS Watch OS it will be possible to download different apps that can be used on the watch as well as using Siri to input data through speech The Apple watch does come with GPS and uses a similar technology to the FitBit to measure pulse but cannot track sleep The design of the Apple Watch is more along the lines of a traditional watch style than other activity trackers with even the controls designed to look like the dials on the side of a more traditional watch the price and lack of compatibility outside of Apple devices could be the Apple Watches downfall Although a UK price is not yet confirmed its speculated the Apple Watch Sport could retail around 220 but there have been rumors circulating that the Edition could be priced at around 2 000 Microsoft Band Microsoft accidentally unveiled their fitness band early when the companion app launched in the app store before an official announcement So far reviews for the Microsoft Band have been less than spectacular with many reviewers commenting on the rigid material used and poor battery life less than a day from fully charged with one reviewer even said it felt sort of like a handcuff The Microsoft Band again uses LED technology to determine heart rate and also comes with Galvanic Skin Response Technology built in though the use for this has yet to be determined The interface uses a tiled interface similar to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 the band does come with the ability to download workouts to the device that it will then talk you through very handy for beginners And it also ties into Cortana Windows answer to Siri to allow you to log food and activities by speaking into your wrist The Microsoft Band also has

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/changing-face-fitness-part-2/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Cyber Security Month: are you secure?
    you suspect or indeed have confirmation your computer is infected is just leave it My step father did this a couple of years ago because and I quote well its not doing anything A couple of months later his whole hard drive corrupted and he lost 5 years of family photos and important documents When people think of anti virus software we usually always think of McAfee Norton or Kasperskey but there are free alternatives AVG Avast and Malwarebytes Anti Malware all offer comprehensive protection and scanning for free with additional features such as data recovery and PC optimisation in a paid version Free wifi is something everyone takes for granted with more and more businesses offering it to try draw in customers Ratheons survey showed 66 of those surveyed has used free un password protected wifi in the past month While there is nothing wrong with this the risk comes from data sent over the network Free wifi is incredibly vulnerable to interception while its fine for browsing you should be very wary of sending any sensitive information on an unsecure network Think about it this way you wouldnt walk into a crowded street and hand out your account number and sort code to passing strangers but that could be exactly what you are doing if you enter them into a form then send it over an insecure network Passwords are something a lot of us can be guilty of being careless with Whether its using the same password for every account you own not changing passwords frequently or picking something too simple as a password Most of us have done it I ll even admit to being lazy with password on a few occasions It is easy to get into the mindset of well it wont ever be

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/cyber-security-awareness-month-secure/ (2016-04-24)
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  • My first week with an iPhone 6 Plus - Geonet Solutions
    size issue I had as I started to use the phone was one of scaling While many app developers have optimised apps for iOS8 many are yet to take advantage of the 6 Plus high resolution and ability to switch into a two column view when horizontal The result as apps scale up to fill the extra pixels you get a strange zoom effect Gmail and Facebook seem particularly bad as you seem to lose emails or status updates that would be visible on a smaller handset Camera The camera on the iPhone 6 plus is perhaps one of the best cameras I have used on a phone As the owner of a very energetic Jack Russell who likes to move just as you are about to take the perfectly posed picture the fast re focusing on the 6 Plus has definitely been put to the test The image quality is definitely better than that of the 5 particularly in low light with a significant reduction in noise The videos taken with the 6 Plus are also very fluid when compared to older models Healthkit One of the advantages of being late to the iOS8 6 Plus party was that Healthkit was patched quite soon after I started using the phone I also have a FitBit that I wear pretty much constantly which also tracks number of steps and floors climbed so I was intrigued to test the accuracy of these measurements on the iPhone FitBit is yet to announce any plans to integrate with the health app so I have the advantage I can compare side by side over the past few days there has been a massive discrepancy and the reason why for me at least seems to again be the size issue I can clip my FitBit One onto my clothing and forget about it and go about my day but with the iPhone 6 Plus there isn t much chance of being able to put it in my pocket and forget about it partly due to size partly down to bendgate paranoia Therefore there are definitely situations throughout the day where the iPhone is left sat on the side whilst I walk about Battery The battery life isn t something I can give a good accurate evaluation on due to the fault in my old iPhones battery that meant it required near constant charging though I was impressed at how well the phone battery held up when using data and process heavy applications For example Friday afternoon I went out to an event in Stockton my colleague Chris was driving and we used the iPhone as a sat nav Though the iPhone did struggle initially to find a location a big bonus of the screen size is it makes a very good sat nav Including the journey home GPS and Data were running heavily for about an hour with only a 12 loss of battery power I ve also found that most days my iPhone will

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