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  • 3 Problems Facing The iPhone 6 - Geonet Solutions
    HTC One has a bigger and better resolution screen than the new iPhone 6 and it s been on the market for almost 18 months Even more so the Nexus 4 released in 2014 has a screen that s still better than the iPhone 6 The HTC One has a unibody aluminium chassis comparable in quality with the new iPhones and it already boasts the Near Field Communication NFC with payment facilities iOS 8 isn t doing anything Android 4 4 doesn t Google via Samsung and LG entered the smart watch arena some months ago and while the Apple Watch looks like a superior device from the off it s not exactly innovative when fitness companies are offering devices like the FitBit which pair to iPhones and Android phones Problem 2 the price Whilst I have no doubt the iPhone 6 will be a fantastic phone and a real crowd pleaser there s no escaping the fact it s ludicrously expensive Given that the cheapest iPhone 6 will retail in the UK at 619 and you can pick up an HTC One M8 even better than my current phone for 459 there s a real difference in price with hardly any difference in quality Apple might still charge a premium for the logo but the days when the build quality justified that as it still does in my opinion with the iMac and Macbook are long gone Problem 3 the competition s moving faster If the iPhone 6 is already lagging behind competitors the next 24 months will see rival manufacturers up the ante Google Gear will doubtlessly move beyond the Apple Watch in that time and Android updates will bring rival features that may prove to be more widely adopted Google Babble an integration of Talk Hangout Voice

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  • 7 Gadgets to keep you warm at your desk - Geonet Solutions
    heated mice on the market have a heating element below the surface and a control for the different heat settings There aren t any wireless versions available so as long as you don t mind cables this could be great 3 Heated Mouse Pad Perhaps the heated mouse isn t your thing maybe you suffer from a particularly cold right or left wrist Well you could try a heated mouse pad Comfortable Computing offer one through Amazon that has a built in USB hub since all your computers USB ports will now be taken up with heated mice and blankets etc It s suitable for all types of mice you can even use it with one of the heated mice according to the product description for double the hand warmth 4 USB Heated Slippers They may sound like a health and safety nightmare but who doesn t want warm feet while they work Designed with a long USB cable that connects to a heating element within the slippers they are great for keeping your feet toasty warm just remember to take them off or unplug them before trying to walk anywhere 5 Heated Cup Warmer Perfect for any tea or coffee lover and solver of the common work dilemma of making a hot drink then forgetting about it whilst you work on something else only to find your drink has gone cold by the time you get to it Most cup warmers will continuously keep your drink heated to a pleasant temperature for as long as the warmer is plugged in 6 Touch Screen Gloves The winter can be a nightmare for any smartphone or tablet user Having to remove your gloves to respond to a text or change music tracks can be annoying and leave you with cold fingers

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/7-gadgets-keep-warm-desk/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Could LastPass end our password woes? - Geonet Solutions
    of the day remembering a multitude of passwords for a number of sites isn t always simple especially if they are all a mix of numbers letters and symbols You could write them down somewhere but then you have the risk of losing your password list saving them to a document on your computer is another option or keeping the password emails but both these methods could leave your passwords vulnerable if your system was hacked Today I stumbled across a possible solution to future password woes LastPass LastPass is a mostly free the premium and business version are charged piece password management software with a browser add on that saves passwords in a secure format so that no one can access them The software allows you to import any saved passwords you may already have in your web browser removing them from the remember me feature used by websites and browsers as this can be very insecure LastPass uses a master key to log you into your account so you only need to remember one username and password to access your passwords and other saved secure details One of the aspects that makes LastPass so secure is that usernames passwords and the site they belong to are encrypted on your computer and saved in that format in LastPass database so even if LastPass was hacked none of the data would be usable by hackers LastPass will also let you generate a secure password that you can use when creating an account so there s no more trying to work out a secure phrase and replacing all the vowels with numbers The browser add on also offers the ability to save secure notes and form fields so you could save card details securely and automatically fill them in then making

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/lastpass-help-end-password-woes/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How to get a nice, easy, top-quality new school website - Geonet Solutions
    Not only between schools but also within schools So we ve come up with three key tips of an enjoyable school website building experience 1 Choose a liaison team It might sound like you re assembling a diplomatic mission to a faraway land but it really is true that too many cooks spoil the broth We find that development times can be prolonged costs increased and a lot of additional stress if the website gets put out for review to the entire school Everyone will have a different opinion and unless you assign a team to choose the design and functionality of the new site it may never get done Furthermore it s a good way to keep in touch afterwards One point of contact within the school can channel queries and questions to the developers and vice verse 2 Only upload what you can maintain Sometimes it seems like a good idea to simply use the website as an easy file database You know upload every document that s ever been photocopied and display it up there for safe keeping We ve had discs with hundreds of DOCs PDFs and Excel files land but the truth is are you really going to want to maintain these after they ve been uploaded It s better to have a small amount of up to date examination information than a huge list of school cleaning policies from ten years ago We re not trying to be killjoys but it s not likely that most visitors are going to go that deep into the school archives for certain bits of information Like the hourly schedule of last year s Sixth Form trip to the museum 3 Become a leader Schools are investing in updating their digital presence at quite a pace This is

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/get-nice-easy-top-quality-new-school-website/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Are we too connected? - Geonet Solutions
    I enjoyed interacting with people socially in reality not over a screen I enjoyed the music the weather save for the monsoon and the weekend has a whole Despite sleeping in a small tent in the rain on a hard patch of ground I came home feeling mentally rejuvenated if not physically So I thought it s been almost a year since then let s try it again I ll admit it was a a pretty snap decision This time I wasn t going to Leeds I was simply going to try removing digital connectivity from my normal life for a few days The results were very different The absence of Facebook and e mails I left my SMS and Twitter on for news updates but I use both far less frequently than the services I deactivated left me feeling genuinely uneasy I was concerned someone s website had a technical problem it did or that someone was ill thankfully they weren t or that I was generally missing out on something I needed to know Or thought I needed to know After all if I wasn t on Facebook people wouldn t just phone me or message me They d definitely just not bother to tell me Everything was reactivated by Sunday I felt relieved to be connected again I m genuinely shocked at how unpleasant the experience was I wasn t able to relax or unwind without something like a music festival to distract me We as a society seem to have been conditioned to believe that a conscious decision to disconnect from the internet for a period of time that we must be having some sort of midlife crisis Does there come a point where we are maintaining our connections to people through networks like Facebook long after any need or pleasure we can derive from them has passed simply because we are scared of disappearing Is the fear of missing something or not being able to be contacted instantly really a driving force for staying on a social network or for checking work e mails over the weekend I m not making out that social media is a negative force It isn t But it can leave the user feeling overwhelmed with notifications and a real sense that their right to privacy has been degraded somewhat Facebook Messenger leaves us immediately contactable whether we re on Facebook or not That s quite something when you imagine that 20 years ago to contact someone you d either write them a letter or phone a landline and hope they were in the room People had the right to remove themselves from being contactable While it s certainly true that increased communication and accessibility has its benefits losing the right to a little peace and quiet raises some real concerns For instance I was stunned about how difficult it was to remove Facebook from my Android phone compared to a standard app It was made very unclear and difficult

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/are-we-too-connected/ (2016-04-24)
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  • New Staff Shot & Press Release - Geonet Solutions
    single format standard ajax fade page not loaded qode theme ver 6 3 wpb js composer js comp ver 4 2 3 vc responsive New Staff Shot Press Release 07 Jul New Staff Shot Press Release Posted at 13 39h in Press Release by Chris McQuillan 2 Likes Share It was all in a morning s posing as the Geonet team had their team photograph taken for 2014 Back Row L R Chris McQuillan Creative Manager Duncan O Neil Lead Developer Mike Overfield Managing Director Jonathan Overfield Lead Designer Scott Wood Front End Developer Front Row Tess Walker Finance Accounts Rosie Whelpton Business Development Manager Emily Scott Back End Developer We ve also today announced some new clients and given a glimpse into our plans for the next twelve months Check out the latest press release at Harvey Hugo Chris McQuillan chris mcquillan geonetsolutions co uk Categories Business Design Design and Development Digital Marketing Editorial General Mobile App Development News Press Release Search Engine Optimisation Security Social Media Social Networks Sport Technology Uncategorized Vacancies Drop In For A Coffee DARLINGTON HEAD OFFICE Thomas Watson House 7 9 Northumberland Street Darlington County Durham DL3 7HJ Email info geonetsolutions co uk Phone

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/new-staff-shot-press-release/ (2016-04-24)
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  • The changing face of fitness - Geonet Solutions
    food you have eaten There is also a web interface that give you lots of graphs and comparisons week on week month on month for your fitness profile The Fitbit is best suited for anyone who is interested in keeping an eye on their fitness but who doesn t mind spending a bit of money as the trackers retail from between 30 and 80 depending on the type of tracker you want Nike Fuelband TheNike Fuelband was Nike s update on Nike allowing not only activity tracking but live feedback of activity intensity Designed more for athletes than anyone with a casual interest in their fitness level the Nike Fuelband can send move reminders to the wearer to help them push themselves further as well as using Nike Sessions to monitor your intense workouts Like the Fitbit the Fuelband also uses personal data to calculate how many calories are burned through an activity The idea with the Fuelband is to push yourself harder and challenge your friends It is probably designed more for someone who does a lot of regular exercise and retailing at 90 110 its probably not an impulse buy kind of item Jawbone Up The Jawbone Up may be the most sophisticated fitness tracker currently on the market The Jawbone in a similar way to the Fitbit can track steps and sleep as well as using height and weight to calculate calorie burn and stride length but it also combines some of the features of the Fuelband The Jawbone delivers a movement reminder if you are sat idle for a period of time it allows you to log different activities through its app and also offers the wearer insight into their day to day activity and learns sleep patterns allowing the alarm to wake you at an optimum time The Jawbone also lets the wearer log a mood which over time can be used to see what is connected to changes in your mood The Jawbone is also linked to smart home technologies such as the Nest thermostat meaning it can work out when you are about to wake up and turn on your heating The app also allows you to set simple daily goals such as today I will walk X number of steps The Jawbone up is good for either those really into their fitness and intense workouts and those just interested in their fitness in general But with 100 price tag again it s not something you would buy unless you did have a genuine interest in health and fitness Human Ok so this is the odd one out on the list as its just an app rather than a physical device linked to an app but it definitely deserves a mention Human is one of the new generation of fitness app and is designed predominantly for the iPhone 5S but also works on the iPhone 5 but with substantial battery drain due to the lack of the M7 chip Human makes use of

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/changing-face-fitness/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Free Website Builders Are Damaging - Geonet Solutions
    it does allow you to design your own then you have to go through the arduous task of designing this in a clunky interface But it s free Yes it is free If you ve got enough time to spare to waste it away constructing a sub par website then go right ahead Professional web design and development offers bespoke coding written to a high standard It s not generated by a computer trying to piece together the items you drag around If the piece of software compiling your website was written to a high standard everyone would be using it and it certainly wouldn t be free That s just capitalism in action Web design is easy they don t need paid to do something that simple The idea that web design is easy has spawned from this kind of free product If everyone can do it then the people who charge must be out to rip you off right Not so Learning the interactions between platforms compatibility between programming languages the software skills to create brilliant designs or secure databases doesn t just happen It requires college or degree level education or if you teach yourself years of self education In other words the person who has learned these skills has invested time and or money to reach the level of proficiency that allows them to offer you a quality service No one questions having to pay a lawyer for legal advice because the law is complicated Sit someone down with the English legal system and the entire manuals for PHP HTML5 CSS3 mySQL and just basic server network education and ask them to choose which one they d like to study for the next five years I think most people would stand up and walk away Websites are a con Ultimately when the user of a free website system has spent the time to build their website and launch it and then subsequently advertise it to the world they want to see a return on that investment of time In the vast vast majority of cases that return never arrives The website they produce cheapens your brand frustrates the user with an unfriendly user interface or it doesn t provide the confidence a customer wants before handing money over to you This leads to a feeling of alienation Well the user muses I built a website and nothing happened therefore the entire thing is a waste of time That s only half true There was a waste of time but it wasn t the decision to move into the digital world It was the time spent slaving away on a useless free website builder Web design agencies worth their salt understand that building a website and building it well is only part of the job What follows is SEO and marketing to propel that website forward and deliver results If you opened a shop but the windows were dirty and full of cobwebs and dust then few

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/free-website-builders-harming-web-design-industry/ (2016-04-24)
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