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  • Google Wear: to buy, or not to buy? - Geonet Solutions
    much every tech giant in recent months I m aware that Google already knows far too much about me I m not sure what it would gain other than some pretty dull readings about how much exercise I do at the gym I think my willingness to take the plunge and buy the device hinges on one major factor I can already see a better one coming up Whilst these may technically be the second generation of Google Gear watches the first being some very basic prototypes that are so far detached from what they re trying to achieve with the second generation that the new arrivals are pretty much being branded as a totally new product I can already picture the third generation For instance the two devices that are about to launch have square screens I m personally a fan of a more rounded design and Motorola are going to launch one in several months Behind that there ll be more with better screens better batteries a more refined UX and more possibilities The truth is the project feels a little too prototype y for my liking There ll be quirks and foibles within the UI that need ironed out It s already been highlighted that the battery chargers for the existing devices are clunky and frustrating There ll be far more refinement in the coming months and years to make Google Wear a far more enticing and useful device It wouldn t surprise me if in a moment of madness I went ahead and got one after release I think I d find it rather entertaining They do say that sometimes talking to yourself is the best way of finding intelligent conversation But I hope that I ll hold off and wait for a more refined and

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/google-wear-buy-buy/ (2016-04-24)
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  • #FacebookDown - Geonet Solutions
    own micro marketing campaigns in less than half an hour notably Nestle s KitKat Looks like Facebook is having a BREAK right now Have a BREAK too facebookdown pic twitter com rBhH4CMqKS Nestle KitKat PH kitkat ph June 19 2014 Whilst it s all been treated in good humour on Twitter maybe due to a rivalry and vague sense of contempt between the two user bases it does point out how our world has changed Not just our somewhat worrying need to be connected to Facebook on a semi permanent basis but rather the expectations we place upon technology Whilst it is reasonable to expect a website with the user base financial clout and information sensitivity of Facebook to have numerous back up systems and failsafes to prevent blips such as these they can happen And if they can happen to Facebook they can happen to anyone And this can have knock on effects Here s The Guardian s referral traffic this morning As Facebook collapsed so too did the Guardian s readership Source The Guardian Similarly watch Twitter s usage this morning as use of the hashtag facebookdown went through the roof Source The Guardian It s quite terrifying that one website down for twenty minutes can have that kind of effect Quite often at Geonet we are phoned by clients whose websites are suffering a technical issue And a large amount of the time these issues are being caused by integration with third party services who have changed their API or are suffering a temporary downtime I m quite sure there are hundreds of web designers and digital agencies who were telephoned this morning being asked why the Facebook like button on their website was broken This morning s outage reminds us that technology whilst operated by machines

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/facebookdown-world-modern-technology/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Letter from Antony Lewis - Geonet Solutions
    Geonet but on thinking about it I want to share it with you my clients as well I have so many people to thank for their support and as such it s impossible to personally get to see you all within the short time that was available to me so I can only apologise for letting people know by email I would have preferred to personally shaken you re hand and exchanged best wishes Over the last few years Geonet has undergone a massive transformation it s been challenging at points but one thing that has remained from start to finish is the team s unwavering loyalty and commitment to clients to ensure that we delivered real value for money a web service that is second to none I say with conviction that I believe this will always be the case with Geonet and I m confident that I have left everyone in capable hands To Mike and the team it has been a pleasure working with you all I have learned so much in the time we have shared and am confident that I can take a chunk of Geonet with me to share with clients in my new venture To all the clients I have worked with over the years I want to say a hearty thank you for your business confidence and trust it has been a pleasure working with you all and I wish you all the best for the future Once you have received this email will be forwarded to Rosie if you need to speak to me for any reason I am always contactable on my mobile Your sincerely Antony Lewis We would like to thank Antony for all his years of hard work with Geonet Solutions and look forward to working closely with

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/letter-antony-lewis/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Latest Launches from Geonet Solutions - Geonet Solutions
    Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share It s been a busy busy week We ve launched two new websites and a mobile interface for one of our long standing clients Imperial Workforce We ve just launched a great new website for independent employment agency Imperial Workforce Running on the Lemonstand platform Imperial Workforce s website features a vacancies section and a responsive design utilising the dynamic Bootstrap framework Curtis Office An e commerce website Curtis Office also runs on Lemonstand utilising its powerful selling functionalities Featuring professional photography responsive designs and secure SSL interaction with PayPal this site will drive Curtis Office forward online Thomas Watson Tablet Mobile Interface With buyers from all over the world and the time sensitive nature of auctions Thomas Watson appreciate the value of internet access on the go That s why if you visit Thomas Watson from a mobile device you ll be able to interact with this bespoke mobile interface that we ve designed and developed We have many more projects in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing more of them with you soon Chris McQuillan chris mcquillan geonetsolutions co uk Categories Business Design Design and Development Digital Marketing Editorial General Mobile

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/latest-launches-from-geonet-solutions/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Introducing the Core Infrastructure Initiative - Geonet Solutions
    forces to fund critical open source projects as a consequence of the Heartbleed bug The issue stems from the assumption of many that because something is open source that it has therefore been tested by peers and others to the Nth degree That is not as Heartbleed proved always the case The Core Infrastructure Initiative is a multi million dollar project organised by The Linux Foundation designed to fund open source projects important to core computing and Internet functions According to Muktware The Core Infrastructure group will work with an advisory board of esteemed open source developers to identify and fund open source projects in need Support from the initiative can include funding for fellowships for key developers to work full time on the open source project security audits computing and test infrastructure travel face to face meeting coordination and other support The consensus appears to be that with so much money and infrastructure weighing on these open source projects preventable risks such as Heartbleed are unacceptable Investment and funding may be required in order to provide the man power and time required to bullet proof relevant security protocols Chris DiBona Director of Engineering for Open Source at Google stated Google has been a longtime supporter of the Linux Foundation and open source in general so we re proud to join the Core Infrastructure Initiative We believe that an open source approach to online security will ensure that code is constantly improving making the web a safer place for us all Open source software makes today s computing infrastructure possible Facebook is excited to support these projects and the developers who maintain them This initiative will help ensure that these core components of internet infrastructure get the assistance they need to respond to new threats and to reach new levels

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/introducing-core-infrastructure-initiative/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Happiness in the Workplace - Geonet Solutions
    format standard ajax fade page not loaded qode theme ver 6 3 wpb js composer js comp ver 4 2 3 vc responsive Happiness in the Workplace 21 Apr Happiness in the Workplace Posted at 21 17h in Business by Chris McQuillan 0 Likes Share If you ve enjoyed the Easter break and are gearing up to return to work then you might be interested in the positive outlook pioneered by a man called Vishen Lakhiani The entrepreneur got shot down for funding took 700 and has now built a multi billion dollar digital company called Mindvalley based in Kuala Lumpur Below speaking at an event in Calgary with other notable entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson he shares his thoughts on happiness in the workplace embracing digital ideas and how vital they can be for growth Tags business digital Chris McQuillan chris mcquillan geonetsolutions co uk Categories Business Design Design and Development Digital Marketing Editorial General Mobile App Development News Press Release Search Engine Optimisation Security Social Media Social Networks Sport Technology Uncategorized Vacancies Drop In For A Coffee DARLINGTON HEAD OFFICE Thomas Watson House 7 9 Northumberland Street Darlington County Durham DL3 7HJ Email info geonetsolutions co uk Phone

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/happiness-workplace/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Will Google Glass actually change anything? - Geonet Solutions
    any real functionality that doesn t already exist in a mobile phone Much of the promo material for the last few years such as this promotional video have focused on showing how Google Glass can send texts and call people hands free Which is handy yes But hardly revolutionary You can already do that in most cars where the need exists for many millions True you can record video which you can t do in a car with your phone legally but I can t see the Google Glass interface being legal to drive with for long anyway The promotional videos often feature people recording videos in situations in which they couldn t normally do so This includes spinning their children around in the park sky diving and even travelling in light aircraft cockpits Now forgive the cynicism but is this really a need for the masses The number of people who find themselves in a situation in which both their hands are being used say carrying something to access their mobile phone which coincidentally does all of the same things and have the need to either capture video take a picture or send a text through Glass is probably not enormous This sounds a little like sour grapes I ll admit Google Glass is very exciting and the possibilities are exciting also I may well be proved wrong but I don t see this particular innovation carrying the mass appeal of mobiles and internet access For starters I imagine that Glass is going to make more than a few people very edgy Either because they ll be concerned their friend isn t listening to a word they re saying cause they re actually browsing the web through their headset or that someone is recording what they re up to

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/will-google-glass-actually-change-anything/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Will we ever be truly secure online? - Geonet Solutions
    it is still technically possible to rob a bank if you know the intricacies of the system inside out And given the nature of the internet and the frankly staggering scale of interconnectivity around us it seems probable that security will continue to play catch up For while banks and high security buildings upgrade their systems to stay ahead of the game the Heartbleed Bug has demonstrated how online security is in a constant catch up patching vulnerabilites and exploits discovered previously Heartbleed itself has been exploitable for over two years And the scale of this latest exploit is quite mind blowing In school we were taught that when buying online we must look for the padlock at the top of the page That we believed guaranteed the safety of our details and information Not so it transpires at least not for the last couple of years If one believes technology to be fast moving the world inhabited by security experts and hackers moves at light speed Exploits are discovered and patched on a daily basis all over the world For each line of code that is written the possibility of human error in that code exists Furthermore as each line of code is placed after the last the possibility of a security hole existing somewhere in the code based on how each line interacts even if each line of code exists is written well grows We find ourselves with leaks gaps and potential exploits all over pieces of software and our security protocols The faith we place in these systems is almost unwavering We have got to the point now where even if something like the Heartbleed Bug were to drop every week for the rest of the year we d still go about our daily lives We d

    Original URL path: https://www.geonetsolutions.co.uk/will-we-ever-be-truly-secure-online/ (2016-04-24)
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