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  • Gladstone Brookes - Awaiting Claim Pack
    What if there is an error on my forms If you spot an error or something that you want to change make the amendments on the paper in pen and write your initials next to them What are your fees Our fees are 25 VAT of the total redress offered by your lender including any reduction of any outstanding agreement which if in place the PPI may be cancelled If we are unsuccessful there will be no charges whatsoever You will see in the pack that we send examples of our fees to assist you in understanding them In addition the Government will charge you 20 of the total of our fees in VAT which will increase your total deductions to 30 This is a Government added tax and will not benefit Gladstone Brookes This money will be paid directly to HMRC Do you charge any upfront fees Gladstone Brookes do not charge upfront fees to Clients During the sales process you would have been offered the following services DHL to collect your documents from you The charge for this service is taken from any redress that you may receive and will not be charged to you if you are unsuccessful Documents posted to you If you elected for this service we would have taken the details of your Credit Card Debit Card This was done to secure the return of the documentation and no charge will be taken from your account if the documents are returned within 21 days of you receiving them If you do not return the forms we reserve the right to charge you 50 to cover the cost of the initial part of our processes In our experience this charge is not necessary as the documents are always returned within the period prior to charging you Will this claim affect my relationship with my bank The Financial Services Authority FSA who regulates the Banks have been very strict with Banks who have tried to use a Payment Protection Insurance Complaint as an excuse to treat a customer unfairly They have been very clear in their guidance when saying that it is a customer s right to complain if they are uncertain about the service that they are provided with Should they choose to exercise this right either directly or via a Claims Management Company then the Bank have to respect this and deal with your concerns This should not then be used against you in any other business that you have with the Bank in the past or the future How long will the process take Each complaint is different depending on the individual circumstances of each sale Some claims could be settled within 48 hours and others may take years depending on how the Bank handle the complaint that they receive At the moment the Judicial Review has resulted in major backlogs throughout the Financial Services Industry This has led to delays in the handling of complaints The FSA has in turn extended the

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/help/awaiting-claim-pack/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Gladstone Brookes - Complaint Rejected
    to address the points that they have raised We would ask that you read their letter and note down any comments that you have We will then use your points as the main part of our referral to FOS Sign and return the forms that we will collate on your behalf Please return to us as soon as possible with any information that we need as their are strict deadlines that we have to work to Once you have done these points we will do the rest Why am I being referred to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme FSCS The FSCS are an independent body who handle complaints on behalf of Policy Providers who have gone out of business They have a similar review process to the Banks and will look to compensate you if they feel you have been mis sold the Payment Protection Insurance Policy Will the Judicial Review impact on my complaint The decision made in the Judicial Review JR will not directly impact on your complaint However as a result of the JR FOS has been inundated with complaints and therefore the review of your case may be delayed Your advert said my claim will be successful in 4 weeks how long will it take now The advert was a specific example from a Client that we represented and is not reflective of every case we run Each case will be decided on an individual basis and therefore all we do is react to the decision that is made and continue to build your complaint for you Once we have referred the case to FOS it should take 3 6 months for the Adjudicator to make their initial assessment If this assessment goes against you and we feel we have merit to present the complaint to an Ombudsman it could take a further 12 months However please be advised that we will only ever refer your matter to an Ombudsman if we feel that your complaint has merit I was told I had a strong claim why has it been rejected In your initial call we are only given your version of events to make our choice whether to accept your complaint or not However once your complaint is presented to the Banks they will review your file of papers and may have a different version of events This does not mean that you are not entitled to your premiums back just that we need to address the points raised by the Banks and refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service FOS if need be How will you update me whilst my complaint is being referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service FOS Once the initial referral forms are completed and submitted the process of dealing with the FOS can be intermittent Therefore to prevent you receiving lots of meaningless letters we will give you general updates via text and emails providing we have your details If you have not given us your mobile number and

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/help/complaint-rejected/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Gladstone Brookes - Complaint Accepted
    you and see what we can do to rectify this problem without the need for the Courts The best way of avoiding this uncomfortable situation is to keep our money to one side The offer letter says that I am receiving my full premiums why do you need to check it It is not unusual for the figures that are received from the Bank to be different to those that we believe you should be receiving Therefore as part of our service we like to ensure that you are getting the correct amount that you are entitled to If we do not challenge any incorrect offers quickly we will lose the opportunity to do so and it may result in you losing out The process seemed very easy to me why should I pay you The simple answer to this is that you are contractually obliged to do so However we must also add that the process only seemed easy to you because we made it look easy We can assure you that you have saved a lot of time and energy by instructing us to work on your behalf We have achieved a victory for you and we would expect that you will be happy to pay us for the service that you received If you have any feedback on our service please complete the box below so that it can be addressed Gladstone Brookes can assure that both positive and negative feedback will be welcomed and interpreted to assist with the positive development of the business If the offer is correct what happens next Provided we are both happy with the offer that you have been made all that is left to do is to get you the money that you are owed Each Bank deals with this part of the complaint differently and as a result we have a team set up to deal with each Bank individually This will mean that we will be able to make sure that you are paid quickly and efficiently without the need for you to chase the release of the money that you are owed When am I going to receive your invoice Once the offer that has been made is accepted we will calculate our fees and send you an invoice as soon as possible This may be after you have received the money and therefore it is important that you keep some of your money to one side to cover our fees If the invoice arrives before you receive your money we do not expect you to pay it until your money has been sent to you by the Bank How do I pay my invoice To make payment of our invoice you can use any of the methods below Secure and online at www gladstonebrookes co uk Go to the Pay My Invoice Section in the top right of the home page Call 01925 670 563 and pay via all major Credit or Debit Cards Via your

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/help/complaint-accepted/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Gladstone Brookes - Judicial Review FAQs
    we can give you the service that you deserve please let us know if you have been contacted by the banks either by filling in the contact box below or on 08442 510 510 quoting your reference If the Judicial Review was resolved in April then why has nothing happened on my complaint As you can imagine with 100 000 cases within the system the Banks complaints handling ability grounds to a halt They have had to work with FOS the FSA and Claims Management Company s to devise a plan to deal with the complaints as efficiently as possible We have been very active in this communication and have structured our business so that we are able to assist Banks in their processes to give you the best service possible During these communications the FSA gave the following deadlines All matters held up by the JR must have a decision made on them before 31 st August 2011 Any cases presented after April 2011 will have a decision within 16 weeks of being presented Any complaints submitted after 1st September 2011 should be dealt with within 12 weeks We are confident that the work we are doing with the Banks will enable them to meet these deadlines We will keep you updated if we hear anything on your complaint In the meantime if you receive any correspondence please let us know either via the contact box below or via the telephone number 08842 510 510 quoting your reference My complaint was delayed so much why should I pay you The simple answer is that you have signed a legally binding agreement to pay us 25 VAT of any financial benefit you receive as a result of this complaint However we can understand your frustration remember we only get paid when you do so we have been equally as frustrated What we must also state at this stage is despite the Banks being adamant that they were not going to pay redress for mis sold PPI we continued to act on your behalf to ensure that your complaint was submitted and received and to keep you informed whenever we could We do not believe to penalise us for the actions of the Banks is fair we have achieved the success that you asked us to achieve and therefore deserve the fee that you owe us I know somebody who has already had a complaint settled why hasn t mine We have been advised that all complaints are being handled in order of the oldest first Whilst in theory this is the best way of handling the complaints we are aware that this is not strictly being followed in all cases Therefore we can only ask that you remain patient and allow us to keep in contact with your Bank If they contact you please let us know either by the contact box below or on 08442 510 510 Your advert said it would take up to 8 weeks to complete

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/help/judicial-review-faqs/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Gladstone Brookes - FOS Section
    getting the funds we believe you deserve Will I be charged extra for the FOS referral The banks decision to reject your case will now result in additional time and effort having to be spent in order to progress your case However Gladstone Brookes will not charge you anything extra to refer the matter FOS Our fees remain the same at 25 VAT of any award you receive How long will this process take Thanks to your bank this will take some time Unfortunately FOS do not run to deadlines so we are unable to provide a timeframe FOS have advised us that they work in chronological order This usually means that we have an adjudicator s decision within 9 12 months however please note that we have to abide by FOS timescales In the meantime we can only ask for your patience We are all disappointed at the Banks decision but rest assured we are doing all we can to overturn it What will happen if I am unsuccessful with FOS We will review any rejection and decide the best course of action Sometimes we can appeal the decision however we would need to be able to provide fresh evidence to overturn it This is why it is so important to provide as much information as possible in the first instance Therefore when you fill in the form please try to remember When you were sold the policy E g year month dates How it was sold to you e g phone internet post Who sold you the policy do you remember the name of the advisor Where you were at the time e g in a branch which one What did the advisor tell you about the PPI if anything Were costs mentioned Your circumstances at the time

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  • Gladstone Brookes - Money Memories
    News Contact Us Start a claim Home News Money Memories SUCCESS STORY Caring for Charlie Money Memories winner 10th June 2015 by Mike Birkett Filed as Gladstone Brookes Money Memories PPI Success Stories SUCCESS STORY Amber gets the wedding of her dreams 15th December 2014 by Mike Birkett Filed as Gladstone Brookes Money Memories News PPI Success Stories Site Information Contact Us From the Blog Follow Us Site Information Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Complaints Procedure Fees Charges Sitemap Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Complaints Procedure Fees Charges Sitemap Contact Us Gladstone Brookes Ltd 47 Museum Street Warrington Cheshire WA1 1LD UK Tel 08000 461 825 Fax 08442 510 511 From the Blog Lenders Are Locked in a Price War And Customers Are Reaping the Benefits Clydesdale Bank floated after last minute scare Lloyds axes 1 700 jobs Former HBOS executives under the microscope Follow Us Gladstone Brookes Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities its registration is recorded on the website www claimsregulation gov uk CRM7004 Registered with the Information Commissioners Office registration number Z9988740 Registration Address Railex Business Centre Crossens Way Marine Drive Southport Merseyside PR9 9LY Company Number 06278129 Registered as

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/blog/moneymemories/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Gladstone Brookes - Heartbroken Adrian will carry on
    Aware Adrian and Julia in happier times He was aware that Julia had suffered years of abuse while living in America with her mother and he was eventually successful in bringing her back home to Warrington where she appeared to be settling down and getting involved with his campaign However what he didn t know was that Julia had a darker side to her character leading a double life with hidden telephones and a false identity as a member of website groups which promoted teenage self harming and suicide Shocked He only learned about this side of his daughter s life when he was looking through her things after her death and was shocked by what he found If as a trained counsellor and ambassador for anti stigma bullying and hate crime I was unaware of what was going on what chance have other parents got Even though I tried to prohibit unsuitable use of the internet she was able to access these through other sources such as friends Trolls She was able to talk with and meet strangers online who encouraged her to self harm without thinking of the consequences I also discovered Keyboard Warriors and Trolls who criticised her online Through social media she was able to create an online persona who she created to be a bad girl but then felt the pressure of living up to that in reality She didn t talk to anyone or utilise the services she had available to her so no one was able to help her I am now left wondering if I could have done more to help as a father and through mental health services and school etc She was clearly deeply troubled due to an abusive and neglectful past I keep asking the question was she let down Big effect Twelve bands played at the live fundraiser Julia s death has had a big effect on her many school friends who came together recently to organise a live music event to raise funds for the Julia Derbyshire Campaign which Adrian is setting up in memory of his daughter Her death has made him more determined than ever to continue his campaign and he has decided to make Julia a key part of it Charitable foundation He has added her name to the charitable foundation he is in the process of setting up and will use his own tragic experience to warn other children and their parents about the problems of teen self harming and suicide Said Adrian The websites talk about a beautiful death but there s nothing beautiful about self harming and taking your own life Warning The Julia Derbyshire Campaign will become an integral part of what I do in future keeping her name alive warning children and young people of the dangers and providing support for other families who have gone through something like this From my own experience there is certainly a lack of a support network for teens and the pressures they

    Original URL path: https://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk/blog/2015/12/23/heartbroken-adrian-will-carry-on/ (2016-02-09)
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  • Mike Birkett, Author at Gladstone Brookes
    MMR mortgage mortgage arrears Mortgage Market Revew self cert self certification A controversial new self cert lender has hit back at Britain s financial regulator after the FCA warned consumers about taking out a mortgage with them Self cert co uk has been set up in Prague to side step a UK ban on self certification mortgages brought in by the regulator to prevent consumers over borrowing and getting themselves into serious mortgage arrears Read More Barclays fined 70 million for dark pool trading methods By Mike Birkett Published 3rd February 2016 Posted in Banks News Tagged Barclays Credit Suisse dark pool fraud high frequency traders investors Securities Exchange Commission Barclays have been fined 70 million by the US Securities Exchange Commission SEC for its secretive dark pool trading methods in America The fine 48 72 million in sterling was levied after the bank admitted failing to protect its clients from high frequency traders who use superfast computers to gain an advantage over ordinary investors Credit Suisse were fined 60 million for a similar offence Read More SUCCESS STORY The amount of money doesn t matter By Mike Birkett Published 2nd February 2016 Posted in Gladstone Brookes PPI Success Stories Tagged Halifax loan mis sold PPI PPI Stephen Broadgate made his claim for mis sold PPI against Halifax after seeing the Gladstone Brookes advert on TV I was sitting there watching it one day when it came on and it was a very professional looking guy so I decided to make the call he said Read More SUCCESS STORY Clydesdale told me I didn t have PPI By Mike Birkett Published 2nd February 2016 Posted in Gladstone Brookes PPI Success Stories Tagged Loans Mis selling PPI When the mis selling of PPI first became public knowledge Scot Nigel Gordon contacted Clydesdale Bank and asked if he had any PPI on any of the loans he had taken out with them They told me I had nothing to come back and I accepted that at the time Then I saw the Gladstone Brookes advert on the TV and it said they could look further into it so I decided to see if they could help Read More Energy costs hit a five year low but suppliers are overcharging By Mike Birkett Published 29th January 2016 Posted in Energy News Personal Finance Tagged Big Six British gas Competition and Markets Authority E on EDF energy prices energy regulator fixed price deals Npower Ofgem Scottish Power SSE standard variable tariff switching Wholesale gas and electricity prices have hit a five year low according to top analysts but Ofgem claims energy companies are overcharging in many cases The Power Index supplied by market information provider ICIS showed the cost of energy tumbling to 36 76 per megawatt hour at the end of 2015 The causes were a mild winter and lower global commodity prices Read More Santander almost ½ billion more for PPI By Mike Birkett Published 28th January 2016 Posted in Banks News

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