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  • Professional Web Design | Professional Website Designers Scotland
    venturing into website design as their revenue from print marketing declines though often without a solid understanding of the differences between designing for print and designing for the web Companies whose main experience lies in producing advertising campaigns for radio newspapers and television will often just translate their traditional marketing ideas to the internet treating websites like adverts In practice many people distrust adverts so designing a website as an advert can be very counter productive We Offer Better Service Many freelance web designers offer website design services on a part time basis though there is no guarantee that they will be in a position to continue supporting your website into the future Due to the part time nature of many freelancers timescales and communication can sometimes be a problem We Offer Greater Security More and more overseas web design companies in countries such as India and Russia are now competing for low cost outsourced web projects but should problems arise with your project there may be less comeback than with a UK based web company The lack of a common first language can also make it harder to ensure that both you and your web designers have a fully shared vision of your project We Make You Look Good Cheap website creation software means it is now possible to throw together a basic website very quickly though the software can make it difficult to edit and maintain your website Some website software creates websites that might not display perfectly on non standard web browsers or on mobile phones and PDAs Additionally a very basic website like a cheap business suit might not give the impression you want to your customers We Are Great Value Finally particularly in the current financial climate it can be tempting to delegate the company website to existing in house IT staff or to write off the company website completely as an unnecessary expense But the internet represents probably the most significant emerging market for most industries and internet marketing has a significantly higher return on investment ROI than most other forms of marketing so cutting investment in this area might be a false economy It is worth noting that UK spending on professional web design and SEO services has been affected far less than spending on traditional advertising during the present difficult trading conditions Professional Web Designers Even after you decide to use a professional web design company based in the UK there is a great deal of choice The dramatic growth in use of the internet over the last decade has triggered an equivalent rise in the number of UK companies selling website design services with as you would expect significant variations in price and quality Since website design is an unregulated profession there are no specific academic qualifications required to set up in business as a professional website designer Although many web designers do have qualifications in related fields IT programming multimedia graphic design the majority of academic courses favour one aspect

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  • Business Web Design UK | Small Business Website Designers
    that many small businesses especially new start ups have little cash spare to invest in a website Most new businesses starting today need at least a basic web presence that can be upgraded once the business starts making a reasonable profit That s why we offer a very affordable small business web design package which includes everything you need to get your business website off the ground Business Website Design Business website design differs in style from personal recreational or hobby websites as you can see yourself by looking at the websites of some leading UK companies While a personal website can be creative colourful or quirky a business website should normally be clean serious and informative We believe that business websites must immediately establish trust and credibility as well as making clear exactly what your business offers Visitors are quick to leave websites that look suspicious or unclear Business websites should be clear and easy to use with simple user friendly navigation Visitors should be able to immediately see where to click to find the information they are looking for Corporate websites should also adopt standard conventions for example making links blue and underlined and keeping a link to the homepage at the top left Business web site design should also help convert visitors into customers The first step is to develop an understanding of your target audience what information they are looking for what matters to them what problems they have that your business solves Then the whole website should be designed in such a way as to encourage your visitors to bookmark your site send you an email or pick up the phone Business websites should be focused on the bottom line Business Web Design UK Glasgow Web Design are a UK based company offering professional business

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  • Website Redesign | How Do I Redesign My Website
    website may look old fashioned or contain out of date information Perhaps your business has outgrown its previous website or changed its corporate identity Badly designed websites are unlikely to convert many website visitors into customers and a website redesign could help increase your customer conversion rate Maybe your competitors have recently redesigned their websites and are winning customers from you online Your web designer s circumstances may have changed making updates to your current website hard or impossible to arrange Or perhaps you would like to redesign your website so it focuses from the ground up on achieving top results in Google and the other search engines Web Site Redesign Services Websites that are more than four or five years old are likely to benefit from a complete redesign whereas more recent websites may just need a quick refresh The reason for this is that older sites were built in such a way that updating them was awkward and time consuming Examples of old fashioned web design techniques include using multiple nested tables for layout and embedding style declarations within each page Because of the difficulty in working with this older style of code it is often simpler and cheaper to redesign your website from scratch in a standards compliant way Redesigning your website to comply with modern web standards will also help your website rank higher in search engines Care should be taken when redesigning websites that are already indexed in Google and other search engines as changes made can negatively affect search engine rankings Therefore an important part of the website redesign service that Glasgow Web Design offers is an SEO analysis of your current site We offer free no obligation website redesign advice by phone or email For your free consultation call us now on 0141

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  • Web Site Design Service | Full Range of Website Design Services
    seconds Updates can be made from any computer connected to the internet and we can provide all training necessary to use the CMS E Commerce Websites We can design and build a range of ecommerce websites from adding a simple PayPal button to your site to creating a fully integrated shopping cart system with online payment processing Accessible Web Design Website owners have a responsibility to make reasonable provision for disabled access to their websites under current UK accessibility legislation Glasgow Web Design understand the technical requirements for accessible web design and offer accessible websites to our clients Web Standards Compliance Even our basic web design service complies fully with established W3C web standards which leads to simpler more maintainable code as well as a more consistent appearance across different web browsers Cross Browser Compatibility Cross browser compatible website design aims to make sure that your website displays correctly on a range of different web browsers Different web browsers can display websites differently and web browser compatibility remains important with the growth in use of web browsers in mobile phones and PDAs Glasgow Web Design understand the importance of designing websites for cross browser compatibility and will test your website in a range of current web browsers Programming and Web Development Glasgow Web Design offer a bespoke web application development service and have expertise in a wide range of programming languages PHP ASP Java Javascript and more as well as database technologies MySQL Microsoft Access Oracle and more We can design powerful bespoke web applications using PHP and MySQL and also offer a standalone database design service Digital Photography Digital Photography is an important part of modern web design and Glasgow Web Design can provide a high quality digital photography service as well as a Photoshop image editing service Digital photographs are commonly used to show very detailed images of products or to personalise your website by showing your staff and premises PDF Creation PDF Portable Document Format is one of the most common formats for the sharing of documents online due in part to the popularity of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software Glasgow Web Design can create any PDF documents you require for your website Photo Galleries One common requirement of many websites is an easy to use image gallery and Glasgow Web Design can provide basic or custom galleries with every website Often used for displaying a range of products putting faces to your business or showing examples of previous work carried out a photo gallery is a very good way of demonstrating your business or organisation visually Stock Photography Glasgow Web Design have access to a wide range of quality royalty free digital stock photography which can be used to quickly brighten up your website provide a splash of colour or reinforce the image of your business Stock photographs are popular because a large range of images are readily available and they eliminate the time and expense of arranging custom photographs Email Accounts Glasgow Web Design

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  • Search Engine Friendly Web Design | Search Engine Friendly Websites
    search engines This can apply to a wide range of page elements including captions on photographs paragraph headings and in extreme cases whole paragraphs of text saved as images Where the use of images is necessary websites should provide an alternative text label along with the image Alternative text helps search engine spiders as well as people with visual impairments or low bandwidth connections Another limitation is that search engine spiders just read the page content and do not execute Javascript code Many websites have been built with a navigation system that requires Javascript code to produce a nice visual sliding or fading effect Search engine spiders are unable to use Javascript navigation systems and are therefore unable to read the links to other pages on the site Finally search engine spiders have traditionally had difficulty reading text stored in Adobe Flash files Adobe Flash is inherently visual and it is hard for search engines to meaningfully extract text from Flash animations Google has recently improved its capacity to access text and URLs within Flash files but the situation is still far from perfect Many other search engines do not index Flash files at all And Google has similar problems with other rich media formats such as Microsoft Silverlight as well as extracting information from any video files Search Engine Guidelines Search engines themselves have issued guidelines to help people develop search engine friendly websites There are a number of common recommendations such as including using a text based sitemap to help people and spiders find every page using valid clean HTML and not storing important text content as images Search Engine Friendly vs Search Engine Optimisation There is a big difference between having a search engine friendly website and having one which has been extensively optimised to rank highly

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  • Web Design Company UK | Professional UK Website Design Companies
    Absolutely nothing In the UK web design companies are free to label themselves however they like This gives rise to companies who favour the visual creative aspects of web design calling themselves web design agencies or studios in line with the graphic design industry Why Hire A Web Design Company Website design companies have the skills and experience to get your business better results faster than if your website was handled in house In many cases it can be significantly cheaper to outsource to a web site design company when compared to the time and effort needed to learn the skills required to handle all the different aspects of web design And finally you can be sure that your website will look professional and show off your business in the most positive light Choosing A Website Design Company There are many website design companies to choose from and it can be hard to know where to start When choosing a website design company you need to make sure of three things You should make sure that they are suitably experienced by examining their portfolio and checking out testimonials You should make sure that they offer good value by comparing their quote with some other web design companies And you should make sure that they are on your wavelength by discussing your project with them before signing anything Web Design Company UK Glasgow Web Design are a web design company in the UK with clients throughout Scotland the UK and Ireland What sets us apart from many other website design companies in the UK is our focus on producing clean attractive websites that rank highly in Google If you are looking for a web design company that gets results then please call us on 0141 424 3408 now Contact Us Now

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  • Web Design Scotland | Website Designers Scotland
    companies in Scotland for there has also been a significant growth in the numbers of web designers Scotland boasts And this large amount of competition explains why in Scotland web design and web development prices can be significantly lower than the equivalent prices in London However simply having more choice isn t necessarily enough because not all of the website designers in Scotland are equally skilled or have the relevant qualifications Many people have recently been drawn into the web design industry from various other creative industries due to the strong financial performance of this part of the technology sector So not all web designers in Scotland have the same level of experience Internet advertising has grown enormously in recent years leading to loss of revenue and huge cutbacks in traditional media jobs in Scotland particularly at the larger newspaper offices And at the same time there has been a increase in the number of people who have begun offering website design in Scotland So clients need to make sure that their web design company actually has the proven experience required to complete the project to the highest standards Web Design Company Scotland If you are looking for a web design company Scotland has plenty to choose from But not all are equally focused on building affordable websites that rank well in Google and the other search engines Glasgow Web Design pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable web designers in Scotland yet still providing a high level of service We provide web site design Scotland wide and have clients in Glasgow Edinburgh Livingston Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire To discuss your project with a web designer in Scotland please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design

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  • Web Design Glasgow | Website Designers Glasgow
    your budget However there can be significant differences between the different suppliers providing website design in Glasgow There are no industry standard qualifications that apply to web site design companies in Glasgow so you need to be careful that whoever you choose to build your website has the required experience Across the country more and more people with fairly limited experience are beginning to market themselves as web designers Glasgow in particular The best way of safeguarding yourself is to carefully examine their portfolio of clients as well as to read any supplied testimonials It is also a good idea to talk to your web designer about the project in some detail before agreeing to progress Not all of the web designers Glasgow has use the same computer technologies and they all have different areas of special interest such as animation or website promotion A short conversation will give you an feeling for what ideas they have about your website and will make sure you are on the same wavelength and will enjoy working together This particularly applies in larger projects such as when undertaking web development in Glasgow Glasgow Website Design We have been providing to Glasgow website design services for over 5 years and we have numerous clients all across the city West End South Side East End North Glasgow and the City Centre At Glasgow Web Design we believe in producing simple effective websites that rank well in Google and the other search engines To discuss your project with one of our Glasgow web designers please call now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Web Design Services Professional Web Design Business Web Design Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow Domain Names Website Maintenance Content

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