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  • Cheap Web Design | Affordable Website Design Company UK
    create a poor impression of your business A professionally designed website is like a well tailored business suit Your website will act as a salesperson 24 7 and it is essential that it makes your potential customers want to do business with your company And it is unlikely that most people serious about their business would wear the cheapest suit they could find in Tesco Research shows that potential customers who don t like the look of your site are very quick to back out and buy from one of your competitors And with ever increasing competition from businesses waking up to the benefits of trading online it has never been more important to win the trust and capture the interest of visitors to your website We believe in offering affordable web design that will get results for your business without breaking the bank The problem with low cost web design is that it doesn t allow your web designers to get to know your business to tailor the design of the site to suit you or to spend any time promoting your website to potential customers So your low cost website may earn you no new business Affordable Web Design Instead our aim is to provide affordable website design that suits your business and that will start earning you money through increased sales Ideally your website should more than pay for itself through the extra customers it attracts particularly if combined with our affordable search engine optimisation packages We are able to offer very affordable web site design for two reasons We use specially developed technology which allows us to speed up the process of designing and testing websites without compromising on quality And we don t pay to advertise our business relying instead on word of mouth from

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  • Web Design Quote UK | Free Website Design Quotes Glasgow Scotland
    your web design project Our website design estimate will let you know the total cost for a project up front giving you total peace of mind Our custom website quotes are only as accurate as the information you give us so it is better to give us too much information than too little It may help to mention one or two reference websites to show the style or content you d like for your own website If you don t really know what you need yet that s fine too just give us a call on 0141 424 3408 and we ll explain all your options over the phone in plain English Free Quote To get your free website design quotation please complete the following form or email us at info glasgowwebdesign co uk Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Web Design Services Professional Web Design Business Web Design Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow Domain Names Website Maintenance Content Management Systems Website Redesign Web Design Prices Web Design Quote Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing Copywriting Website Templates Portfolio Sitemap Glasgow Web Design Glasgow Web Design

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  • Domain Names | Domain Name Registration Advice UK
    mundane as actually trying to sell phones Descriptive domain names eg GlasgowWebDesign co uk are in some ways easier to develop because the subject of the website is clear to anyone who reads the web address This means that simply reading your web address lets people know what they will find on your website Although descriptive domains tend to be longer they can be perceived as being more relevant to the task at hand especially when a potential customer is looking for specific local services Keyword research is important when choosing a descriptive domain name because people often think about the same subject using slightly different language For example more people search for car hire than car rental more people search for car rental than vehicle hire and more people search for vehicle hire than vehicle rental Generic domain names eg Hotels com Business com are the holy grail for marketing purposes since they are both short and descriptive Generic domain names can receive significant type in traffic from people speculatively typing the domain name into their browser address bar Premium generic domains such as Hotels com also have instant credibility and authority and top companies are increasingly keen to purchase generic domains related to their industry niche For example Enterprise own RentalCar com Johnson and Johnson own Baby com and Monster Jobs own Jobs com For these reasons many of the most expensive domain name sales have been for premium generic names often with millions of dollars changing hands Domain Name Extensions The domain name extension is the part of a domain name that comes after the dot So example com has the com extension and example co uk has the co uk extension The com extension is the most important domain name extension and has become almost synonymous with the internet The other top level worldwide extensions are com org net and to a lesser extent info and biz Many countries have country specific extensions such as the French fr extension The main regional UK extensions for companies and organisations are co uk and org uk though there are also lesser used extensions such as me uk ltd uk and plc uk Some domain name extensions are reserved for special use such as gov uk for government websites and ac uk for academic websites And from time to time new domain name extensions are released such as the eu extension for companies in Europe and the mobi extension for websites aimed at mobile phone devices It can be advisable to register your domain name in several extensions to prevent dilution of your brand by competitors For UK companies we would normally recommend you register as a minimum both the global com extension and the regional co uk extension Domain Name Availability Your choice of domain name is going to be greatly restricted by domain name availability The domain name system is fairly mature and most short memorable descriptive and generic domain names have long since been taken often

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  • Website Maintenance Company | Website Support Glasgow, Scotland
    now for more information on 0141 424 3408 Website Maintenance Regular maintenance helps keep your website current eliminates any errors that occur and gives your customers the impression that your company is a dynamic thriving business Out of date inaccurate or error strewn websites give your potential customers the impression that your company is out of touch dated or incompetent that your business isn t doing well or even that the website is abandoned and you may have ceased trading We offer this web maintenance service primarily to our web design customers though from time to time we also take on web maintenance for other websites The time and difficulty involved in maintaining or updating a website depends to a large degree on how standards compliant the underlying website design is and so we may have to charge more for working on older legacy websites An alternative to higher website maintenance costs is to take advantage of our website redesign service which will not only reduce the price of ongoing website support but has the added benefit of making your website more accessible to a wider audience and be able to rank higher in Google and other search engines Website Maintenance Company Glasgow Web Design are a website maintenance company in Scotland For more information about ongoing website maintenance and support or to discuss making updates to your website please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Web Design Services Professional Web Design Business Web Design Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow Domain Names Website Maintenance Content Management Systems Website Redesign Web Design Prices Web Design Quote Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing Copywriting Website Templates Portfolio Sitemap Glasgow Web Design

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  • Content Management Systems | Updateable Websites With CMS Web Design
    brand of CMS software including Microsoft Adobe IBM and others But many of the most popular Content Management Systems are open source meaning that the underlying code can be freely examined and customised Open Source CMS websites have the benefit of an active developer community and so open source Content Management Systems are often very feature rich Glasgow Web Design can develop most types of CMS website though unless you are committed to using a proprietary CMS we often recommend Open Source platforms like Drupal and Wordpress When you buy an Open Source CMS website you are paying for our time in designing the site and integrating it with the CMS but you do not have to pay anyone a penny for the use of the CMS software itself CMS Training Although Content Management System websites are designed to be fairly easy to use if you are not very comfortable with computers or haven t used similar computer software before it may be helpful to get training in using your CMS Glasgow Web Design can provide clear straightforward training in how to get the best out of your content managed website and can also provide ongoing support until you gain more confidence Do I Need A CMS Website Content Management System websites can be a very effective way to keep your website up t date However it is worth pointing out that CMS websites do require some skill to learn to use effectively and they also require a little more work to initially set up If your website doesn t need to be changed often then you may not gain much from having a CMS and it might be cheaper for us to update your website for you More significantly when editing a website that has been heavily optimised for

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  • Website Design Prices | Web Design Costs
    in search engines Includes 12 months free domain name and hosting and email account with 100MB space Content Management System Websites cost from 750 If you want to be in control of your website with the ability to edit pages add new pages and upload images 24 7 then our Content Management System website package is for you Updates can be made to your website through a simple online editor and we can even provide training and support if required Our content managed websites have no fixed limit on the number of pages you can add Includes 12 months free domain name and hosting and email account with 100MB space Ecommerce Website Design cost from 750 We also offer a wide range of E Commerce website design options ranging from a simple PayPal button to a full featured shopping cart website E Commerce web design prices are calculated upon request so please contact us for more information to arrange a quote Flash Website Design cost from 750 Glasgow Web Design can offer flash website design as part of our web design service Typically we advise against the creation of flash only websites because of the well documented problems with accessibility for disabled users as well as the poor performance of flash websites in Google and the other search engines However it is possible to integrate small amounts of flash animation into fast loading accessible websites without causing any major problems No two flash animations are the same so we give a custom quote on each flash project Additional Web Design Costs The above prices are a guide to our typical web design costs though obviously we have to charge more for additional work For example if you want twenty pages of killer sales copy to go with your twenty page website we would add an extra charge for our copywriting service We reserve the right to change our prices at any time though we guarantee to honour any quotes we have given at the previous rates Value Added Features The following features come as standard on all our web design packages Search Engine Friendly Design All of our basic websites are designed to be search engine friendly meaning that your website will be completely accessible to search engines But we also offer a full search engine optimisation service to help promote your website with the aim of getting a top ranking in Google and the other search engines Good search engine optimisation is a difficult skill that can be very time consuming and so we provide separate SEO prices 12 Months Free Domain Name and Hosting Our website design packages all come with 1 year free domain name and website hosting worth over 100 Subsequent years are charged at a flat rate of 10 month covering both domain names and hosting 12 Months Free Email Account Every website we create comes with the option to have a customised email account eg info yourdomain com which can be set up with

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  • Google Page Rank | How To Increase Google Pagerank
    with the task of providing high quality search results for the Google search engine A major factor in the recent changes has been to eliminate spam websites from the index Today Google s Pagerank algorithm considers over 200 variables and aims to provide search results that are both relevant and high quality Pagerank can be checked using the Google Toolbar or using an online pagerank checker Google Pagerank Misunderstandings There are a number of dangerous misunderstandings about Google Page Rank and the SEO community is still divided over how much importance to place on Pagerank as a measure of SEO success The first problem is that Google Pagerank is actually a logarithmic scale rather than a linear scale If it was a linear scale then a website with a pagerank of four would be twice as important as a website with a pagerank of two But a website with pagerank of four is actually treated as being around 100 times as important as the pagerank two site The exact ratio is only known to Google but a good estimate is that a single point increase in pagerank corresponds to around a tenfold increase in website importance The second problem is that the pagerank value Google publishes is updated infrequently The published pagerank value is only updated every few months whereas the values internally used by Google to generate search engine results are recalculated constantly So there can actually be quite a significant difference between the published and actual pagerank values The final and most serious problem is that simply having a high Page Rank does not guarantee that your website will automatically rank highly in the search engine results You can check this yourself by performing some searches and examining the Page Rank values of the websites returned While the

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  • Ethical SEO Company UK | Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Scotland
    include hidden text in order to boost the chances of ranking for those phrases Often the text is reduced in size or coloured the same as the website background Techniques like this ceased to be effective years ago but there are a range of modern day equivalents which people still use to try and gain an unfair advantage Ethical SEO Company Glasgow Web Design is an ethical search engine optimisation company We will never endanger your website by using SEO techniques that are likely to get your site blacklisted As an ethical SEO company our search engine optimisation services comply with the inclusion guidelines issued by the major search engines in particular the Quality Guidelines issued by Google Live Search Guidelines for Webmasters and Yahoo Search Site Guidelines Ethical Search Engine Optimisation By only using ethical SEO services your website will not run the risk of being suddenly dropped from the Google index Glasgow Web Design stay up to date with all the latest best practice guidelines on what techniques are likely to get your site banned The decision to use an ethical SEO company is made primarily for business reasons rather than moral reasons Ethical search engine optimisation techniques don t carry the risk of being blacklisted from Google The value to a business of a top ranking website can be great so there will always be companies who look for tricks and shortcuts to get to the top of Google These unethical SEO techniques are sometimes called black hat techniques since they are based on trying to trick Google However people would gradually stop using Google if they did not serve up high quality relevant results on their search engine results pages SERPS So Google s engineers will always refine their system to exclude the sites that don

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