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  • Website Optimisation UK | Web Site Optimization Services Scotland
    certain benefits from a properly optimised meta tag For example the meta description tag is often used underneath the page title on search engine results pages Alt Tag Optimisation Alt tags are small non displayed pieces of descriptive text that are associated with non textual elements particularly image files Alt tags are primarily used to provide descriptions of pictures to improve accessibility for people with visual disabilities However they can also help to a lesser extent with search engine optimisation Duplicate Content Analysis To maintain the quality of their index Google and other search engines filter out largely duplicate content that can be found elsewhere This penalty can affect individual pages and entire sites It is particularly problematic where the identical company website can be found under both a global and a UK specific domain name A related problem is where dynamic websites use very long URLs such as example com id 100 uid 46 lang en gb t 1 u 0 Long URLs are harder for search engines and visitors to process and make it harder to find unique content Therefore it is important to take steps to limit the impact of duplicate content where possible Keyword Density Analysis Keyword density refers to the number of times a particular keyword appears on a page as a proportion of the total number of words Search engines used to be more concerned about the exact density of keywords on a page but like meta tags keyword density has since lost much of its importance However search engines still penalise websites for keyword stuffing the inclusion of repeated lists of keywords with the aim of manipulating search rankings The cut off point for keyword stuffing depends on the subject of the website On site Link Optimisation Services Site Navigation And Internal Link Structure A poorly designed navigation system can prevent search engines from finding all pages on a website and can cause a website to look like it contains lots of duplicate content An effective website navigation and internal linking structure can help sites get better rankings as well as making the site easier for visitors to use Broken Link Checking Broken links tend to suggest a website is out of date or careless both to visitors and search engines It is advisable to check and fix any broken links Outbound Link Audit Google and other search engines measure the quality and quantity of your outbound links An excessive number of links out to low quality websites might suggest your website belongs to a bad neighbourhood resulting in lowered search engine rankings An outbound link audit will identify and remove any links that may harm your site s reputation Sitemap Generation And Submission Sitemaps are a useful navigation tool for both search engines and visitors to your website Google and other search engines allow for the submission of a sitemap file which is one way of informing them of your website s structure and some of the most important pages Web Server

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  • Google SEO UK | Google SEO Consultant Scotland Glasgow
    other search engines such as Yahoo or MSN Just think what the value would be of a number one Google ranking for your business So when planning SEO Google needs to be your main concern and high rankings in other search engines should be less of a priority But you should bear in mind that when carrying out SEO Google also has the most competition for high rankings SEO For Google SEO for Google involves certain important considerations To help deter unethical SEO Google publishes guidelines outlining which SEO techniques they regard as overly manipulative or deceptive There are numerous high profile examples of Google banning websites that violate their guidelines by using dishonourable SEO practices and so in general it is not worth the risk By using an experienced Google SEO consultant you can be sure that your website will not suddenly be penalised or banned from Google s index Google SEO Consultant When looking for a Google SEO consultant you should make sure that they rank well for relevant phrases in Google itself Plenty of SEO consultants promise the earth but lack the skill and experience to support their claims You should also ask to see examples of other client websites in order to ascertain that they have achieved high rankings in Google for competitive terms All of this will give confidence that they are experts at SEO for Google Glasgow Web Design have a team of highly trained Google SEO consultants working on search engine optimisation projects for clients across Scotland and the UK We only ever use ethical SEO techniques that comply with Google s guidelines To speak with a Google SEO consultant on a no obligation basis about your website please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone

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  • SEO Myths | Search Engine Optimsation Myths
    advantage So while some of the more basic SEO tips and techniques are well publicised most of the effective up to date techniques are kept carefully guarded SEO Misinformation Many SEO myths are deliberately kept going by unscrupulous SEO companies pushing ineffective or out of date techniques often making promises they cannot keep The idea of getting to the top of Google for your most important keywords overnight has a tremendously strong appeal for many businesses but simply is not possible Trusting your website to an SEO company who uses unethical SEO tricks may actually harm your web rankings in the long run and even lead to your site getting banned from Google s index Dated SEO Techniques Search engines regularly update the way in which they rank websites and SEO knowledge needs to be updated to stay current Popular SEO techniques that were effective as recently as a few years ago have since become either worthless or risk your site being penalised For example the use of meta tags now has very little impact and buying text links for the purposes of acquiring PageRank can in some cases actually harm your website s rankings SEO Myths To try and dispel some of the more persistent SEO myths we have prepared the following guide If you have any questions about these SEO myths or you think your SEO company are using some of these techniques then please contact us on 0141 424 3408 Meta Tags High Rankings Keyword Density High Rankings Submitting to 1000 Search Engines High Rankings Regular Website Resubmission High Rankings SEO Instant Results SEO Guaranteed 1 Rankings Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO Services Professional SEO SEO Reports Keyword Research Website Optimisation Search Engine Rankings Google

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  • Search Engine Marketing Services UK | SEM Service
    SEM campaign in order to improve profitability To speak with us about a particular search engine marketing service please call us now on 0141 424 3408 PPC Keywords Research PPC Keywords Research makes sure that the keywords you are paying for are right for your business Choose the wrong keywords and you might pay over the odds not get the exposure you seek or attract visitors who are unlikely to make a purchase Properly researching the PPC keywords you target can dramatically boost the return on your investment for Search Engine Marketing PPC Optimisation PPC Optimisation involves optimising the wording of your PPC advert to maximise the click through rate People searching on the internet are bombarded with information at every turn and it takes something arresting to catch their attention The role of PPC optimisation is to understand your audience in order to persuade them to click your advert Landing Page Optimisation Landing Pages are the pages on your website that people are taken to after clicking on your PPC ads Landing Page Optimisation involves changing your landing pages to maximise the conversion rate of visitors to customers Common problems with landing pages are not giving your visitors a simple way of fulfilling their goals and providing too many links to external websites Ideally your landing pages should be specifically tailored for the PPC campaign you are running in order to maximise your return on investment Professional Search Engine Marketing Glasgow Web Design provide professional search engine marketing services to clients in Scotland and throughout the UK and Ireland To ask about our SEM services please call now on 0141 424 3408 or contact us by email Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Search Engine

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  • Google Adwords | Google Adwords Management UK
    AdWords is the fastest way to get exposure for your site at the top of Google and gives you complete control over what search terms you want to be associated with Google Advertising gives you several benefits over other pay per click services As the industry leading search engine advertising on Google offers you greater exposure to more potential customers than for example Yahoo or MSN Live Google lets you target customers by location and by language And you can place adverts on Google s extended network of partner websites including sites using Google AdSense Advertising on Google works slightly differently to other pay per click services in terms of how the adverts are ordered at the top of the search page Whereas most other search engines just list advertisers in order of the price bid for the advert Google uses a proprietary Quality Score index The Quality Score is a measure of the quality and relevance of your site to the keywords you are bidding on and reflects the Click Through Rate of your advert What this means is that you don t have to be the highest bidder to get listed in the top few spots But the flip side is that you can t guarantee top spot simply by outbidding your competitors Google AdWords Management Google AdWords Management can be a difficult and time consuming thing to get right And it can be easy to waste money while you gain experience learning what works and what doesn t That s why many businesses choose to outsource their advertising campaigns to a professional Google AdWords management company Glasgow Web Design will help you get the best out of your AdWords campaign so call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3

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  • Yahoo Search Marketing | Yahoo Pay Per Click Management Service UK
    campaign please call now on 0141 424 3408 Yahoo Advertising Formerly known as Overture Yahoo Search Marketing offers a similar range of options to bid for advertising space next to their normal search results Yahoo advertising should be considered by anyone serious about reaching new customers Although Google has a significantly larger share of the search market advertising on Yahoo offers you several unique benefits Yahoo s online services are more heavily used than Google s services so your adverts can gain valuable exposure through the main Yahoo portal as well as Yahoo s email news and sports services And Yahoo lets you advertise on their impressive network of partner sites including eBay AltaVista and some popular UK ISPs such as Wanadoo Yahoo Pay Per Click Yahoo Pay Per Click works differently to Google s AdSense on several counts The adverts are ranked primarily by price so to ensure top spot you must outbid your competitors Yahoo does not filter adverts by location as effectively as Google which can be an issue if you wish to mainly attract local traffic And there are also small differences with regard to costing and in particular minimum bid amounts Glasgow Web Design offer expert help and advice on running a Yahoo Pay Per Click campaign To discuss your Yahoo Search Marketing campaign please call now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Search Engine Marketing Services Pay Per Click PPC Google Adwords Yahoo Search Marketing Internet Marketing Copywriting Website Templates Portfolio Sitemap Glasgow Web Design Glasgow Web Design are a web design SEO and internet marketing company based in Scotland We work with companies throughout Scotland the UK and Ireland and have clients from Glasgow to

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  • Web Promotion | Web Site Promotion UK | Website Promotion Scotland
    considering website promotion UK customers will immediately think of Google This is understandable since Google is the dominant search engine and one of the major sources of website traffic for many small businesses While we do offer a search engine optimisation service to boost your rankings in Google there are other website promotion techniques that can achieve good results An example of website promotion UK customers may not have considered is to take out an listing on some of the best online business directories Many of these directories are a waste of money since they won t drive very much traffic to your website However it can be worth listing your business on certain web directories such as Yell Yahoo DMOZ and others since the extra traffic to your website outweighs the time and expense of getting a listing Another example of website promotion UK customers may have overlooked is to promote your business using industry forums More and more people are using the internet to search for products and services online and forums are a great source of informed opinion By maintaining a helpful presence on the right forum you can actually obtain a valuable stream of web traffic at the cost of a little time and effort Web Promotion Scotland Glasgow Web Design are an established successful company offering web promotion Scotland wide from our base in Glasgow We have the skills and experience to promote your website online and have achieved great results for our existing clients If you are looking for web promotion Glasgow Web Design would love to hear from you so please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing Internet Marketing UK

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  • Internet Marketing UK | Website Marketing Services UK
    with one of our UK internet marketing consultants please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Internet Marketing Services UK The mainstream press are full of stories about new internet marketing services in the UK such as Google Web 2 0 and social networking blogging Facebook Twitter and more The sheer number of new services springing up every day with their accompanying jargon can distract from the fundamentals of website marketing So when evaluating potential internet marketing services UK business owners need to be able to pick the right options from amongst all this web marketing jargon The UK internet marketing services market is further muddied by misleading claims promising guaranteed top rankings in Google Some of the less reputable UK internet marketing companies send spam emails to thousands of companies every day even to us We believe that when choosing internet marketing services UK companies should focus on are those services that have a direct impact on your business by attracting more visitors to your website and increasing the number of sales Internet Marketing Company UK If you are looking for an internet marketing company in the UK there are many to choose from but not all have the skills and experience to make a difference Glasgow Web Design are highly successful and pride ourselves on being the sort of internet marketing company UK business owners can trust with their online reputation We provide web marketing UK wide and would love to hear about your project To speak with one of our UK website marketing advisors please call now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing Internet Marketing UK Internet Marketing Scotland Internet Marketing Edinburgh Internet Marketing Glasgow Web Promotion

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