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  • Web Standards | Standards Compliant CSS Website Design
    with all browsers Unfortunately this is not always the case because of the widespread use of incomplete and non compliant browsers most notably Microsoft Internet Explorer However standards based web design is still a goal worth pursuing as it will ensure compatibility with new web browsers and new hardware devices into the future Standards compliant websites are more accessible to a variety of users including people with visual disabilities using screen reader software as well as people using internet enabled mobile devices Lean accessible website coding also helps search engines understand the structure and content of your website more readily Reducing the amount of unnecessary scaffolding code means that for search engines the ratio of signal to noise is higher which can lead to higher search engine rankings Standards Compliant Web Design In practical terms using web standards in website design means producing valid accessible semantically correct markup with a clean separation of content and presentation Valid code is code that has been tested against an established coding standard such as the W3Cs published X HTML and CSS standards Invalid code contains errors and may display unpredictably in browsers Valid code will display faster and more consistently in web browsers Website accessibility entails making your website available to more people through providing text equivalents for images allowing people to resize fonts and so on Glasgow Web Design recognise the importance of accessible web design Semantic markup refers to the use of the most appropriate HTML element such as using a heading element h1 for a heading and a paragraph element p for a paragraph This is preferable to using inappropriate HTML elements since different browsers can use appropriate elements to better understand the structure of the document CSS web design involves the separation of content from presentation using a separate

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  • Website Usability | Easy To Use Websites
    have one or more specific objectives such as checking product availability or finding your email address Every little obstacle or delay in finding the required information accessing contact details or purchasing the desired product will cause frustrated visitors to leave your website Websites Should Build Trust And Credibility It is important for companies to build trust and credibility online Because the internet offers a high degree of anonymity it is common for business to appear a little impersonal or faceless Email spam viruses spyware data protection breaches scams phishing credit card fraud identity fraud fake blogs and inaccurate Wikipedia entries are just some of the problems that have led many people to rightly place less trust in websites Sponsored listings on search engine results pages are known to be trusted less than websites that have high natural search rankings People have learned to ignore certain types of online advertising and there are numerous tools available to help block many types of adverts from appearing at all Building credibility is therefore a major part of website usability because if people encounter a website that looks too much like spam or advertising then they will leave Websites Should Use Standard Web Conventions Many websites share common elements of style and usability ranging from the position of the company logo to the colour of text links Although you are free to customise these elements people have grown to expect websites to work in a certain way and by not conforming to standard web conventions you may confuse or frustrate visitors to your site Here are some examples of standard web conventions that you should consider using in your website logo placed in the top left hand corner logo clickable to return to home page links are generally blue and underlined don t use an underline to highlight non link text include a homepage link in your main navigation use a text based sitemap sitemap should reflect the organisational structure use a clearly visible page title display contact information on every page Websites Should Prioritise Navigation Website navigation remains one of the most important aspects of website usability Popular wisdom says that no page should be more than three clicks from your homepage and while this is an oversimplification it is obvious that your most important content should be instantly reachable from every page Navigation menus should also be consistent across the site with the possible exception of the homepage and should give a clear impression of the organisational structure of the site If people get lost or confused by your navigation system they will leave Websites Should Make Purchasing Simple It is estimated that around 75 of online shopping carts are abandoned before the sale is closed There are many reasons for this very high rate including customers becoming confused or distracted indecision unexpected shipping costs lengthy registration or checkout procedures To reduce the potential for confusion and distraction online checkouts should be very simple and clear unlike supermarket checkouts Designing easy to

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  • Drupal Web Design Scotland | Drupal Websites Glasgow, UK
    choice of rich text editors configurable user roles and completely customisable appearance Drupal has a very active community of developers who continually improve and expand Drupal s capabilities Drupal Themes A Drupal Theme or Drupal Template is the presentation layer of Drupal code which controls the actual appearance of your Drupal website There are a number of preset Drupal themes that can be used for websites though it is common to either customise these themes or design new themes for projects where a more individual appearance is required Several websites offer free Drupal themes for download of varying style and quality Glasgow Web Design can create custom Drupal themes if required Drupal Training Drupal can at times seem very complex due to its advanced feature set Indeed most Content Management Systems can seem daunting at first so Glasgow Web Design offer a basic Drupal training service with all Drupal websites We also offer Drupal support on an ongoing basis Drupal Web Design The process of designing a Drupal website is twofold Initially the website design is built and tested as normal The next phase is to integrate the design with the Drupal framework so that the website can be dynamically updated Finally the Drupal website needs to be properly configured including the creation of relevant user accounts and the creation of some initial content At this point the Drupal website design is completed and the website can now be customised through the web interface To speak with us about Drupal website design please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Web Design Services Professional Web Design Business Web Design Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow Domain Names Website Maintenance Content Management Systems Website Redesign Web

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  • Wordpress Designers Glasgow | Wordpress Web Design Scotland
    posts on a given topic with the ability to let readers leave comments in order to provoke discussion Because it is open source many developers have increased the functionality of Wordpress Additional features found in Wordpress include the ability to categorise or tag content for easy retrieval a flexible templating system and the ability for multiple authors to use the system Why Use Wordpress Wordpress is a good choice for simple Content Management System projects It is very easy to use supports clean URLs and works well in search engines Websites with very large numbers of static pages might become unwieldy but for most businesses or organisations Wordpress works very well Wordpress Themes Wordpress Themes or Wordpress Templates are the presentation layer which controls the individual look and feel of your Wordpress website Wordpress comes with a number of default themes and there are many free Wordpress themes available of varying styles and quality For many businesses the appearance of your website is an important part of your brand identity and in this case it is often be worthwhile to design an entirely new theme rather than create your new website with a commonly used existing Wordpress design Wordpress Training Although Wordpress is designed to be very easy to use any Content Management System can seem daunting if you don t have much experience using similar computer software Glasgow Web Design offer a Wordpress training service in order to help you to gain confidence in using your new Wordpress website We can also offer Wordpress support on an ongoing basis Wordpress Web Design Scotland Wordpress Web Design involves two main parts the initial website design and then integration with the Wordpress software Glasgow Web Design are experienced at building Wordpress websites and offer a basic Wordpress installation service as well

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  • How To Design A Website | Website Designing
    the different groups of people who might use your website and to work out what they will want to achieve while they are on your website Examples of different user groups might include potential customers who want to check product information or prices existing customers who want to confirm your contact details local media who want to gather information for a story and so on We will help you define relevant groups of people that might use your website to ensure that your website will meet or exceed their expectations Define The Purpose Of Your Website The third step in planning your website is to write a summary of the purpose of your website ideally in a single sentence If you are unable to do this your website may not be sufficiently focused to successfully meet your objectives The purpose of your website may be to generate leads or sales to inform suppliers and business partners to provide after sales support to your customers to establish trustworthiness and credibility or to position your company as an industry leader For example if the purpose of your website is to attract new business leads then your website should be built with search engine optimisation at its core We will help you to narrow down the exact purpose of your website by discussing examples of websites that have been built with different purposes in mind Outline The Content Of Your Website The fourth step in planning your website is to outline the website content required to satisfy your target audience in line with the overall purpose of your website In general your website should provide information that answers your site visitors questions though many other types of content may be relevant For most businesses this usually means talking about your major products and services and providing your contact information but you could also include testimonials examples of previous projects current clients company background information illustrative costs frequently asked questions in depth articles about your business niche standard terms and conditions links to relevant resources and so on You may also wish to provide interactive content such as a discussion forum blog poll or customer satisfaction survey We will help you to decide what content will best help your audience achieve their objectives by discussing the pros and cons of content provided by similar websites Choose A Website Name Choosing a good website name is important because your domain name will become a key part of your overall brand Your choice of domain name may be restricted by availability but it is also possible to purchase domain names that have already been registered but are not currently in use Domain name choice is covered in more detail in our domain name advice page We will help you choose a suitable domain name by showing you some examples of domain names discussing the pros and cons of each checking availability and if required sourcing appropriate domain names for sale Design The Website Designing the actual

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  • Graphic Design Glasgow | Website Graphic Designers Scotland
    But low resolution graphics may appear very grainy especially on large modern monitors Semi transparent png graphic files are accepted by many modern web browsers but not by certain common older browsers notably Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 The same image file will display slightly differently on PCs and Macs due to differences in gamma correction between the two platforms And designs that look great on an average sized laptop may look tiny on a large desktop monitor yet fail to fit on a smartphone screen Website graphic design requires an understanding of these and a number of other technical issues and not all graphic design companies in Scotland are equally experienced at designing for the internet Website Logo Design Effective logo design is crucial as a business logo has to represent a company wherever it appears in print on stationery such as letterheads and business cards as well as online Business logo design needs to render the important parts of a company s identity in order to appeal to the company s customer base Graphic Design Company in Glasgow Glasgow has a great tradition of graphic design perhaps best known from the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh But graphic designers still have an important role to play in shaping the way people interact with the world even in the digital age There is a popular misconception that anyone with a copy of Photoshop can produce good graphic design Glasgow Web Design believe that the role of a graphic design company is to understand the audience as well as understanding the client company product or service It is only through building up a strong picture of your audience that effective persuasive design is possible And strong graphic design logo design and corporate branding can influence customer attitudes increase brand recognition and

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  • Web Design & Hosting | Website Design And Hosting Service
    web design and hosting service to our clients that we use ourselves To discuss website design and hosting please call us now on 0141 424 3408 Website Design and Hosting We offer a combined website design hosting service to all our clients All new website design clients are offered 12 months free introductory web hosting subject to availability This includes email account access as well as web design hosting At the end of this period you will be automatically transferred onto our affordable web hosting plan with no loss of service Unfortunately we do not normally offer a standalone web hosting service due to demand To speak with us about our web design and hosting service please call now on 0141 424 3408 Contact Us Now Name Surname Email Telephone 4 3 Message Web Design Web Design Services Professional Web Design Business Web Design Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow Domain Names Website Maintenance Content Management Systems Website Redesign Web Design Prices Web Design Quote Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Marketing SEM Internet Marketing Copywriting Website Templates Portfolio Sitemap Glasgow Web Design Glasgow Web Design are a web design SEO and internet marketing company based in

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  • SEO Company UK | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Companies
    company UK business owners should ensure you get three things the right level of service someone you can trust value for money Firstly it is important to know what level of service you want from your search engine optimization company If you only want a basic level of service then you should expect to only pay a basic price If you want your optimization company to provide extra services eg analyse your competitors research commonly searched keywords provide regular updates over the phone redesign parts of your website edit existing pages of text create new pages manage PPC campaigns provide SEO training etc then it will obviously cost more Professional SEO companies will advise you on what level of service would most effectively achieve your aims Secondly you need to be able to trust your UK SEO company No company website no trading address and no other clients means you should probably think twice before handing over any money Good search engine optimisation companies won t make exaggerated claims about achieving guaranteed 1 rankings overnight because this is a promise that can t be kept Instead trustworthy companies should be able to demonstrate current websites they have successfully optimised Good UK SEO companies are likely to rank well in Google for relevant search terms And you will quickly get a feel for the correct UK SEO company by talking to them about your project Finally your SEO company should offer great value for money The most expensive search engine optimization companies in the UK charge 5 or 6 figure fees for large projects meaning that the top SEO companies are priced too high for most small to medium businesses At the opposite end of the scale you can find cheap SEO companies that may charge as little as 99 for their SEO services but only the most optimistic would expect that money to buy a great deal of time or effort The actual cost of SEO is less important than the value of SEO however so you should think carefully about the value to your business of a high ranking in Google How many extra customers or sales would you need to receive in order to pay for the cost of the SEO work How does the cost compare to the cost of reaching customers using other channels for example in the Yellow Pages or a regional newspaper In many cases an affordable SEO company will provide a far greater return on investment than with traditional newspaper or radio promotion The Best SEO Company in the UK A popular myth is that there is one single best SEO company in Scotland or one single best SEO company in the UK There is in fact no such thing Choosing the best SEO firm for you is a very personal decision and depends on three main factors mentioned above service trust and value for money SEO Company Glasgow Glasgow Web Design are one of the fastest growing SEO companies Glasgow has and

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