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  • SEO Consultant UK | SEO Consultants Glasgow Scotland
    This can be as simple as a monthly phone call to discuss your site s performance in Google and plan your SEO activities for the next month Or it can be far more hands on including in house staff training seminars on current SEO techniques and writing for the web SEO Consulting The simplest form of SEO Consulting takes the form of a regular telephone consultation with the aim of analysing and improving your website s ranking in Google and the other major search engines Phone consultation can include general topics such as how to write content for your website how to generate the right sort of links and how to choose relevant search terms as well as specific topics such as running seasonal campaigns troubleshooting particular pages and overtaking specific competitors SEO Training SEO Training is a large part of SEO Consultancy work because it enables existing in house staff to carry out most or all of the actual work on your website The role of the SEO Consultant is to identify the required skills and deliver appropriate SEO training materials Glasgow Web Design can deliver a range of SEO Training options to suit your business including workshops and seminars in depth SEO courses one to one training for company directors and the preparation of customised SEO training resources to educate your in house web staff Google Consultant A Google Consultant just refers to a SEO Consultant who specialises in Google Google is by far the most popular search engine and so when most people look for SEO Consultants they are really aiming to improve their website s ranking in Google So by definition all professional SEO Consultants really need to be Google Consultants first and foremost SEO Consultant UK Glasgow Web Design are a team of experienced SEO

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  • SEO Expert UK | UK SEO Experts In Glasgow, Scotland
    are not widely known Even if the information became widely known then Google would change their ranking system to prevent the technique from skewing Google s results This is because while SEO experts try to develop techniques to get sites ranked well Google tries to prevent SEO experts from manipulating its listings It really is a full time occupation to master search engine optimisation SEO techniques date very quickly because of these changes to Google s ranking system making it very important that you update your SEO strategy regularly Techniques that once were effective can suddenly stop working leading to a significant loss in rankings or worse For if Google judges that your SEO techniques are overly manipulative then it can actually drop your website from its index entirely as it did to the German BMW website http news bbc co uk 1 hi technology 4685750 stm And competitors are only too happy to report sites that violate Google s guidelines Few people have the time to research and keep up to date with the latest SEO techniques and fewer still want to risk getting their website banned An SEO expert will help you get better results faster but also the peace of mind of knowing that your website won t suddenly drop out of the rankings altogether SEO Expert UK When looking for an SEO expert UK customers should do some research online Most UK SEO experts worth the name have websites that rank highly for relevant search terms and their website should also explain what SEO services are available After reviewing their website you should ask to discuss your project directly with a Google SEO expert since Google is the most important search engine to target Glasgow Web Design are one of the most effective SEO companies in

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  • Link Building Services UK | SEO Link Building Strategy
    your website will raise your link popularity score and boost your rankings Link Exchange Link exchange systems were one of the earliest methods of link building Link exchanges are where two non competing businesses place links to each other on their websites Under the original link popularity algorithms this would give each site a small boost in the search engine rankings However due to ease with which reciprocal links can be automatically generated the SEO value of these link exchanges is now greatly reduced A variation of this is a three way link exchange where link exchange partners attempt to get around the devaluation of reciprocal links by linking website A to website B and website B to website C However Google and the other search engines have sophisticated systems to detect irregular patterns of inbound links and so the value of even three way links is also greatly reduced One Way Link Building One way link building is the most effective way of boosting your link popularity score One way links to your website are far harder to acquire than reciprocal links and so are generally more trusted by search engines There are a number of methods to acquire one way links including directory submission article and press release submission paid links and link baiting Link Directory Submission Link directories are websites that simply contain hundreds of links to other websites and often provide a simple form to submit your website The highest profile link directories are Yahoo and DMOZ though there are other important directories Link Directories can be a good source of one way links though the quality and relevance of directories varies considerably Link directory submission should be carried out manually rather than using automatic directory submission services This is because Google will not give much value to 10 000 identical links on low quality directories and may even penalise sites for perceived over optimisation Articles and Press Releases Article and press release websites are another useful source of one way links By writing and submitting an article to a website such as EzineArticles http www ezinearticles com you can get a one way link from the article website as well as any other sites that are licensed to reproduce your article Press release websites such as Sourcewire http www sourcewire com work in much the same way The downside to article and press release websites is that once the content has been submitted you don t really have any control over how it is reproduced and so the links it generates may vary in quality Text Links Paid text links are a controversial way of increasing your link popularity Google views paid links as a serious threat to the quality of their results since websites that buy text links can theoretically pay their way to getting top rankings Links that are bought for normal advertising purposes are allowed but text link ads bought purely to boost your search engine rankings violate Google s terms of

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  • Search Engine Submission UK | Google Search Engine Submission Service
    submission is to focus on using link building to get some inbound links from other websites When search engines encounter these links on other website they will automatically detect and add your website to their index Google Search Engine Submission Google search engine submission is the main SEO submission needed for your website since Google is by far the most popular search engine today Google provides a simple online form to submit your URL to Google http www google com addurl Filling in this form will result in your site being visited by Google s crawler program Googlebot and your site will be shortly added to the main index However bear in mind that simply submitting your site to Google does not mean that it will immediately give you high rankings For that you may wish to consider search engine optimisation Search Engine Submission Software There is no real benefit in using search engine submission software to submit your site to thousands of search engines that you have never heard of This will not attract visitors to your site since nobody ever uses these minor search engines And this sort of submission will certainly not increase your ranking in search engines that matter like Google Resubmission Finally it is worth noting that there is also no benefit from regularly resubmitting your website to search engines and it may even harm your site Once your website has been indexed once then search engines know about it Search engines decide how often to revisit your site based on a number of factors but you cannot influence this by routinely resubmitting your site Excessive submission may even violate search engine usage guidelines and could theoretically lead to a penalty Search Engine Submission Service If you are having problems getting your site indexed in

    Original URL path: http://www.glasgowwebdesign.co.uk/search-engine-submission.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Web Analytics UK | Web Statistics And Website Analytics Scotland
    pages Web statistics are tremendously useful but need to be analysed properly to draw reliable conclusions Analysing Web Statistics Web statistics are easily misunderstood and there are a number of common pitfalls to watch out for The classic mistake is to confuse hits with page views A hit is a request to your web server for a given file and each hit is normally recorded in your server logs Loading a page containing nine images will actually result in ten separate hits since the HTML page itself and each image file are downloaded as separate files This means the number of hits is usually greatly higher than the number of people actually using your site and so the number of page views is generally a more useful metric Another popular misunderstanding is the confusion between first time and repeat visitors You would probably expect the numbers of first time visitors and repeat visitors to add up to the number of total visitors However this not the case since someone making his first and second visits to your website at different times on the same day will appear in both the new visitor and repeat visitor metrics for that day This is not to say that these visitor metrics are useless just that they need to be carefully interpreted to yield valid conclusions Google Analytics Google Analytics is a popular free web analytics package offering a variety of web statistics Installation needs to be carried out on your web server but thereafter all website analytics management can be carried out through your web browser We can offer Google Analytics training if you wish to use this service to personally monitor your website metrics Web Analytics Company Scotland Glasgow Web Design are a web analytics company in Glasgow and offer a full

    Original URL path: http://www.glasgowwebdesign.co.uk/web-analytics.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Search Engines | How Do Search Engines Work
    charge to list websites Google does generate an enormous income from its pay per click advertising model Google AdWords The revenue of Google UK from AdWords is already higher than the advertising revenue of Channel 4 and it is expected that Google UK will soon eclipse ITV as Britain s largest recipient of advertising revenue Other Major Search Engines Other important Search Engines include Yahoo Search Live Search formerly MSN Search and Ask com formerly Ask Jeeves Although these Search Engines have a smaller market share than Google they are still profitable sources of web traffic It is worth remembering that the Yahoo and Live Search Engines are displayed prominently when people log out of the popular Yahoo Mail or Microsoft s Windows Live Hotmail email services Although Google is the most important Search Engine it is worth bearing in mind that certain rivals have greater popularity in particular countries For example Baidu http www baidu com is China s leading Search Engine How Do Search Engines Work Search Engines are some of the most powerful and complex computer systems in existence today combining advanced software programs with vast arrays of computers Search Engines essentially fulfil three functions spidering indexing and sorting A Search Engine Spider is a program that automatically reads web pages and follows links to other pages on the same or on different sites Spiders will revisit your website periodically to check for updated content The Search Engine Index essentially contains a copy of every page found by the Spiders though this is stored in a specially compressed form in order to make it easier to search through Many Search Engines allow you to view a cached copy of pages that have been recently added to their index Finally the sorting phase takes place when you actually

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  • Affordable SEO Services Company | Cheap SEO Services
    your website These kind of promises can t possibly be true since a company that could guarantee top Google listings overnight could and would charge enormous sums for their services Many companies offering cheap SEO services are either based overseas or outsource most of the work abroad reducing the control you have over the project and possibly resulting in lower quality work And you may have less legal comeback with cheap SEO companies based in foreign countries in case of problems A hidden danger in using a cheap SEO company is that they may actually get your website banned from Google To deter abuse Google has outlawed the use of certain SEO techniques And websites that use these techniques can and have been blacklisted resulting in them disappearing from the main Google index BMW Germany were once banned from Google for employing exactly this kind of technique Google makes it easy for your competitors to report the use of unethical SEO techniques so you are unlikely to avoid detection We believe in providing affordable SEO services that will generate results for your business without costing the earth The problem with very cheap SEO is that it doesn t allow your SEO team to spend any time learning about your business researching what your potential customers search habits analysing your competitors creating new material for your website or building links to your website All of which means that your cheap SEO may in fact earn you no new business Affordable SEO Our mission is to offer affordable SEO that is tailored to your business and will put more money in your pocket through increased sales We can offer very affordable search engine optimisation services for two reasons We have designed our own SEO software which helps us speed up certain parts

    Original URL path: http://www.glasgowwebdesign.co.uk/affordable-seo.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Reputation Management | Online Brand Reputation Management Services
    need for SEO reputation management Online criticism commonly focuses on general problems such as poor customer service or expensive phone support For example when searching Google for BT customer service one of the highest ranking websites http www btcomplaint com collects and publishes a catalogue of customer service and technical problems and provides advice about how to complain effectively When searching for Orange customer service one of the top ranking websites http www orangeproblems co uk is a support group to raise awareness of problems with Orange phone and broadband services Attack websites like these are often greatly embarrassing to the company in question and attempts to get them shut down are seldom successful But some online criticism focuses on more specific problems such as software bugs and missing product features For example there are many independent websites that review and compare products and services And many news websites report on unfavourable customer experiences This form of criticism is more dangerous to your reputation as it more strongly and directly influences customer buying decisions Not all of these websites have equally high editorial standards many operate on a commission basis and some may even be backed by your competitors Search Engine Reputation Management tackles the problem from several angles using a range of reputation management services First we need to identify possible sources of criticism or misinformation High profile customer service problems can often be resolved or explained creating better publicity Misinformation can often be corrected by corresponding directly with the website concerned An officially moderated forum can be created to provide a manageable outlet for potential customer problems in the future demonstrating your company s commitment to improving service levels And finally positive publicity to boost your company s reputation can be promoted in Google through traditional search engine

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