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  • BBQ safety | Glastonbury Festival
    a number of fatalities and injuries in the UK as a result of people bringing BBQs or camping stoves into their tent or caravan and being overcome by carbon monoxide If you re coming to Glastonbury please make sure you read these top tips from Gas Safe Register to help keep you safe Back to top Information Advice Facilities Packing list Arriving Children Money Food and shopping Property Lock ups

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/bbq-safety/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chinese lanterns | Glastonbury Festival
    where they might land The lanterns can cause fires and harm livestock That is why they are banned at Glastonbury Festival and we would ask for your help in making sure that they are no longer used at the event They really do cause harm Said Michael Eavis I have two main concerns regarding the lanterns the first being the risk of fire as the still burning lanterns could fall within the many acres of closely erected tents causing rapid fire spread and endangering lives The second is a longer term consequence and the cause of many complaints from neighbouring landowners as the lanterns can land on grass in farmers fields which is made into hay silage for winter fodder and fed to stock the operation of cutting and collecting the grass will chop the wire or bamboo frame of the lantern into needle sized pieces which in turn will be digested by the animals into their stomach possibly resulting in a slow death I have had two cattle killed in this way at Worthy Farm The ban of the lanterns is for a reason Hopefully this information will deter anyone from bringing them onto site this year Back to

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/chinese-lanterns/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Crime Reduction and Personal Safety | Glastonbury Festival
    a phone number and a friends address UV pens are also available at Property Lock ups for marking your property Use the security lockups for your valuables the lockups are FREE and available 24 hours Take any valuables including prescription medication with you when you leave your tent keep them with you or store them in the security lock ups To make life harder for thieves leave your tent untidy so there s not an obvious bag to grab quickly Be inventive about where you hide your valuables when sleeping you may not hear someone enter your tent so separate your money and valuables into small amounts and hide them in different places in your tent Don t challenge people looking through tents report them to Festival staff or the Police Campsite stewards are there for reporting suspicious behaviour and offenders WILL be expelled from site Keep with friends or people you trust unfortunately at any large gathering a small number of people attend to prey on others You present a far less vunerable target as a group than you would on your own Avoid dark areas and take advantage of the extra lighting along main thoroughfares and in the car parks Money sense don t keep all your cash and valuables in the same place spread them around in different pockets if using the cash machines after dark go with a friend only take the credit cards you need make a note of your credit card numbers and leave it at home plus the number to call if they are mislaid phone numbers for lost credit cards are also held at Info Points Wear your wristband at all times The writstbands alone are not valid for entry re entry so transferring them is useless but you will need to

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/crime-reduction-and-personal-safety/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Drink | Glastonbury Festival
    your own alcohol to the Festival remember that amounts considered beyond reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the gate All glass bottles will also be confiscated you must decant all contents into plastic bottles before you come to site Beer tents on site are run by the Workers Beer Company and Avalon bars The prices are equivalent to London pub prices Please take care drugs alcohol cocktails can be lethal Know your limits and those of your friends Drunk people can be very irksome You ll all have a much better Festival if you avoid over doing it If you are concerned that one of your friends requires assistance ask a steward or security personnel to point you towards The Medical Centre or Welfare Tent Don t drive under the influence of drink or drugs when leaving the Festival For more information visit www brake org uk Challenge 21 wristbands The Festival operates a Challenge 21 policy for alcohol sales If you look under 21 you will not be served alcohol unless you can prove you are over 18 by presenting ID or by wearing a Challenge 21 wristband These will be available from the Property Lock ups on

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/drink/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Drugs | Glastonbury Festival
    behaviour will be tolerated and participants will leave themselves liable for eviction from the site The terms and conditions of entry printed on the back of every ticket state You may be searched at the entrance Any items which the organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and or offensive activities onsite may be searched If you bring drugs with you you risk having them confiscated and possible eviction from the Festival And if you buy them on site you risk getting ripped off whether with fake substances or short deals and with pills powders and liquids there is a risk that what you buy could be harmful and even life threatening The police have made big efforts in recent years to crack down on the sale of drugs at the Festival People do get busted every year and the Festival can have offenders thrown off the site and refused re admission Experimenting with drugs can lead to adverse reactions The crowds and the sheer size of the Festival can be very frightening and disorientating If you do take drugs and you become ill depressed or frightened

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/drugs/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Greenpeace’s Ten Top Tips | Glastonbury Festival
    pitch it Nothing worse than arriving in the rain dark and finding you re missing a flysheet Find a way to personalise locate your tent so you can find it in the sea of Eurohike domes and Quechua pop ups 4 Make friends with your campsite neighbours not only to keep an eye on each other s stuff but to buddy up during the Festival too 5 During the Festival keep an eye out for the daily Festival newspaper to find out what s on The interesting stuff is rarely on the main stages 6 The Festival is massive and heaving with people Head to your tent or a quiet space in the far reaches of the Greenfields to escape the madding crowds once in a while 7 Look after yourself and others Clean your hands often there are either taps or hand sanitiser available by the loo blocks and try to get enough sleep food drink sun protection etc 8 Do not wee in the bushes The Green Police will get you Bring a portable urinal for night time web search portable urinal there are male and female versions available cheaply and you ll be glad of it when

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/greenpeaces-ten-top-tips/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Noise | Glastonbury Festival
    out more information at the Action on Hearing Loss website These regulations haven t always been around and lots of people my age who have been surrounded by rock and roll all their lives wish they had they make people aware of the dangers of being exposed to high noise levels for long periods Most younger sound engineers now wear ear protection at all times at an event except when they are doing their mix Makes sense And you will see other people around stages wearing ear plugs most of the time too But festival goers are not at work you can expose yourself to whatever sound levels you wish So can I make a suggestion If you love music and want to continue enjoying it for years to come look after your ears Be aware that in front of the PA stacks at nearly all of the music stages at Glastonbury even the smaller ones you will be exposed to extreme noise levels Your ears can deal with it for a short while But if you are going to spend a long time at the stages remember to give your ears a break If you ve watched one band from right in front of the PA try watching the next one from by the mixing position And if you re determined to spend all day in the Dance Tent or right by the speaker stacks of one of the big stages get some funky coloured ear plugs They are the coolest thing to wear this year it shows you re a real music lover See the Action on Hearing Loss stall next to the Pyramid and pick up some ear plugs Personal sound systems Please don t bring your own sound system the Festival has music pretty well covered

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/noise/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Police | Glastonbury Festival
    permitted No animals except registered guide dogs sound systems generators sky lanterns or kites unauthorised fireworks or wax flares large fires or burning of plastic will be allowed on site Persons using fireworks will be evicted from site and materials confiscated No unauthorised tape recorders professional film or video equipment are allowed onsite Cameras for personal use are welcome Ticket holders consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves as part of the audience CCTV will be used on site Images will be monitored for the purposes of public safety crowd management and crime prevention For further information contact Site Office Worthy Farm Pilton BA4 4BY The cost of the ticket includes camping apart from Sunday tickets musical and non musical performances Head to glastonburypolice org for the official website of Avon and Somerset Police s Festival team Statement from Avon Somerset Constabulary Without effecting the level or manner of policing to the communities of Avon and Somerset we are Increasing the number of police officers in the surrounding towns and villages before during and after the Festival Setting up temporary police stations at Pilton Pylle and West Pennard Working out a traffic plan with diversions to cover a

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/police/ (2016-02-13)
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