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  • News | Glastonbury Festival | Page 96
    13 May 2009 Great Big Green Ideas 2009 launches 06 May 2009 Eavis one of world s most influential people 30 April 2009 Club Attitude Showcase at Glastonbury 2009 27 April 2009 Campervan and Caravan Tickets Selling Fast 24 April 2009 Bjorn Again added to Extravaganza Bill 23 April 2009 Dance Village s 2009 plans unveiled 22 April 2009 Kasabian confirmed for Saturday night 22 April 2009 The confirmed 2009

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  • Get Glastonbury 2015 merch in our online shop | Glastonbury Festival
    Glastonbury 2015 merch in our online shop June 29 2015 If you didn t manage to get hold of a Glastonbury 2015 T shirt at this year s Festival but would still like a souvenir you can get the full range of shirts from our online shop The shop also contains some web exclusives Limited edition signed Pilton Moons artwork prints signed and numbered by the artist Stanley Donwood 2015

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  • Download a digital version of this year’s programme | Glastonbury Festival
    now download this year s Official Glastonbury Programme in two digital formats INTERACTIVE IPAD MAC EDITION 3 99 Click here to head to iTunes for the interactive Multi Touch version of the programme featuring exclusive films and audio content for iPad and Mac PDF VERSION FREE Click here to immediately download a free 100 page PDF of this year s programme for any electronic device If you re coming to

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/download-a-digital-version-of-this-years-programme/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The BBC’s Glastonbury coverage begins today | Glastonbury Festival
    performances on bbc co uk glastonbury and BBC iPlayer Those of you outside the UK can listen to catch up on all of radio coverage see below via bbc co uk glastonbury BBC TV On BBC One The One Show will kick off the BBC s TV coverage of the Festival on Friday 27 June 7pm 8pm with further coverage on BBC Two 10pm 10 30pm and 11pm 2am BBC Three 7pm 10pm and 11pm 12midnight and BBC Four 8pm 10pm BBC Two will be the home of the big headliners from Glastonbury broadcasting some of the biggest acts and moments from across the weekend with programmes presented by Mark Radcliffe Lauren Laverne and Jo Whiley On BBC Three presenters Greg James Gemma Cairney and Jen Long will be on hand to bring from acts including Rudimental Ed Sheeran Lily Allen HAIM and Sam Smith Across the weekend BBC Four will also show performance highlights from some of the classic acts performing at the Festival BBC Radio This year the BBC will be broadcasting over 50 hours of coverage across BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 1Xtra BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music Radio 1 and 1Xtra s coverage will

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/the-bbcs-glastonbury-coverage-begins-today/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Banksy is back! | Glastonbury Festival
    causes Shop Home News Banksy is back Search Banksy is back June 28 2014 Festival goers have been stopped in their tracks for the last 48 hours by the latest installation from Banksy a mobile slaughter house wagon which has been making appearances in every corner of the site from the Markets to the Pyramid Stage and from the Park to Pussy Parlure Look out for it if you re

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/banksy-is-back/ (2016-02-13)
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  • 2014 Green Traders Awards winners | Glastonbury Festival
    to award the Sustainable Green Traders Awards Seasonal Samosas serve up seasonal produce alongside a commitment to tell their customers about making their food sustainably whilst Vonny Bee create bee products including a bee pollen remedy for hayfever They source recycled glass jars and all products are homemade Silver Awards were given to the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company and ASbEaU who sell upcycled homeware and accessories The Greenpeace Award for best trader in the Green Fields was awarded to Buddhafield Café who serve a variety of vegan food and have created their own recycling station Once considered an invasive species Crayfish Bob have created a green food source from the fish and this won them the Sustainable Food Award The Ethical Trade Award went to Fairground whose handmade crafts are all labelled to let customers know who had made them and where the money goes The NCASS Award for Energy Efficiency went to Ooh La La a fully gluten free café running on biodiesel and working directly with coffee producers to fund schools With votes cast via Twitter The Ethical Chef won the People s Choice awarded serving up a very popular vegetarian chili alongside their foraged and seasonal produce

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/2014-green-traders-awards-winners/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Watch Solent’s Glastonbury 2014 films | Glastonbury Festival
    News Watch Solent s Glastonbury 2014 films Search Watch Solent s Glastonbury 2014 films June 28 2014 The team from Solent University is on site again this year making short films throughout the weekend You can watch them on the

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/watch-solents-glastonbury-2014-films/ (2016-02-13)
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  • 2014 Glastonbury Website Poet in Residence: Rob Auton | Glastonbury Festival
    humans think to do this Humans did think to do this Humans stripped back to the bones of their humanity It is only Friday It was Friday last week Who knew two days with the same name could be so unlike one another The barriers are coming down Bumping into people is encouraged Imagination and energy flowing through Avalon So many variations of human Wild life getting wilder Window I am in a portacabin behind the Other Stage writing this The window is open because I just opened it I wouldn t have dared to do that when I first arrived on Wednesday I opened a window at Glastonbury I have been here quite a few times before and I have never had the opportunity to do that Thousands of people on site will not get to open a window this weekend Not one with glass in it anyway I am not boasting With the window open I can hear Blondie playing Music followed by cheers They are watching Blondie I just opened a window Both valid means of entertainment Teeth There are a lot of teeth at this festival There are a lot of people too There are more teeth than people I am glad it is not the other way around It s convenient that teeth are small and in people s mouths Not big and out of mouths and walking about If teeth were the size of an average gravestone with the ability to party There would be a lot less room here We are lucky our teeth are prepared to share a tent The tent called the mouth They don t even get to see that much of the bands And the teeth of rockstars don t get to see their fans too much either Fixed and stuck in gums waiting to be called into action A bite a clench or maybe a smile If all the teeth that got through the gate were in one big mouth How big a bite would the teeth be able to make in the world A big enough bite to make a difference He is with us His words echo off every blade of grass Determination bounces off trees and into minds The smoke from his pipe in every plume No instruments to plug in apart from his guts and grit He is with us In every hold on just a minute In every I can t stand by and just watch that In every bang of a fist on a table In every teenager who realises for the first time that something isn t quite right He is with us In every mention of equality In the absurdity of war The coals of the fires he left behind are hot and glowing with his words Striking a match under the apathetic He said he came to Glastonbury every year for one simple reason because I need a boost Filling heads with realisation that it is on us if we want to make a change On us to make a difference On us to move forwards not backwards Making people feel those flames in their chest That heat that comes from someone who is blazing with heart Minds loaded with what he left behind A huge Left Field welcome for Tony Benn Applause Action 26 June Block 9 Summer Wine Cars sit parked high in the side of buildings Petrol fuelled meteors crashed in from the highways of imagination What was once country air is now smoke with laser scaffolds Glitter in beards in leotards on legs dance above the lookers up This is what the opposite of Last of the Summer Wine looks like This is The first of the absolute apocalyptic carnage in a glass tipped over your head and in your eyes Whistles in my ear whistle me away I am sat solo in the Avalon Cafe Watching a Brazilian film City of God without the shine and the chickens The subtitles read Look at that dog he is always like that A dog was barking at a man If my mind was a dog it would be barking at the moment Barking at this This Glastonbury The wildest of animals too magical to tame Beyond the back of my mind This is a very old and ancient sage A lady dressed up as some sort of red and white skull faced Captain Hook s bit on the side is holding sage under my nose Here Here Look this one is a Mexican Marigold Alan Titchmarsh would love this lady In The Back of Beyond I believe what people tell me I believe what people show me A screen censored dancer moves perfectly in time with her silhouette An indoor tree stands seasoned with people s paper wishes There is a coffin that is not for death People who are very alive are lying in it A coffin must feel spoilt when it has more than one person use it One of the death crew paints faces from a palette of magpie colours Publishing on skin what will come to us after life These people come for the people The people come for these people One youthful rucksacked youth says I might go home And then laughs hysterically Secure I show the security guard my wristband as asked Without anything nearly resembling a smile he says Sorry mate no troublemakers are allowed in today He has said this to me the four times I have seen him I don t say anything until he says Only joking in you go He either has a very good memory Or somehow knows I take security guards seriously Or he is saying this to EVERYBODY Or maybe he is a from the circus field and is in a very realistic costume Spread A day and a half of this has weathered the faces Some people look ever so slightly sun dried There are a lot of red necks here

    Original URL path: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/2014-website-poet-in-residence-rob-auton/ (2016-02-13)
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