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  • Freelance 3D Artist, Designer, Animator Portfolio
    agreements project deliverables or timescales etc These can all be printed directly from the online freelance portfolio or downloaded as pdf files An interactive and collaborative between the freelance client and freelance designer freelance animato r project plan specifying interim milestones and overall deadlines showing the current progress of the freelance 3D design freelance 3D animation project From start to finish you are given control over your freelance project and will have every opportunity to approve disapprove sample CG images or animations You can add view edit and receive comments on 3D Art or Animations across the website as well as gain access to your own personalised inbox and freelance client profile All artworks produced for freelance projects are interactive and include bespoke tools to allow you to modify the designs and provide creative direction If freelance customers are not happy with a particular CG imag e but find it hard to explain the required changes tools within the online design portfolio allow for explanations by enabling freelance clients to draw directly onto the images in question without having to leave the website or install additional software Any drawings made by freelance clients will be saved with the CG image These drawings will then be interpreted into the finished 3D renderings or animations Tools are provided for making payments and tracking quotes invoices and previous payments made More information about payment can be found on the freelance quotes page Finally all freelance customers have access to download finished 3D design illustrations art animations and motion graphics at the click of a button This online freelance 3D design and animation portfolio has all of the tools needed to ensure your creative ideas become a reality Freelance Design Costs To ensure that the specific needs of your individual freelance design project are

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/ (2016-04-24)
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  • My Freelance Design Account
    agreement between myself and Glyn Davidson The Freelancer My Project Plans View current progress of my project Set deadlines for my project My Artworks View my concept drawings View my story boards View my current work in progress Download my finished image s animation s My Comments View comments I have made on images animations View comments left on my image s animation s My Messages View my personal messages

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/myAccount.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Animated CGI Stone Troll - Composited 3D CGI Stone Troll

    (No additional info available in detailed archive for this subpage)
    Original URL path: /freelance-3d-design-animation-portfolio.php (2016-04-24)

  • Freelance 3D Design and Animation quotes
    are provided with a range of options to select from ensuring that both your creative and financial needs are satisfied Flexible payment plans Once a quote has been agreed payment is made via separate installments These consist of a small deposit before commencement of project development interim payments as project milestones are met These will be agreed at the project onset and a final payment once all 3D design animation and production stages are complete and before release of the finished high resolution animations or 3D graphics Free payment protection For your piece of mind all payments are made via PayPal as this ensures that any payments you make are protected If you re not completely satisfied PayPal will act on your behalf to reimburse your costs And what s more I ll even fund your protection myself at no extra cost to you Access to bespoke software and excellent customer service As a freelance customer you will be given an online account where you can monitor all of your freelance design quotes invoices and payments Freelance work undertaken includes but is not limited to 3D Design CGI Design 3D Animation CGI Animation 3D and 2D Illustration Motion Graphics VFX

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/freelance-animation-quotes.php (2016-04-24)
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  • 3D, 2D and CGI Tutorials
    the landscape Set up the lights Skill Level Novice 3D Design Tutorials Maxon Cinema 4D Modelling The One Ring using Maxon Cinema 4D Modelling a JCB Wheel and Tyre Using Cinema 4D Adobe Photoshop Making the n VIDIA Logo with Adobe Photoshop Painting with Vector Brushes Adobe Flash Mixing RGB Using Macromedia Flash Controlling text boxes with Actionscript 3 0 Adobe Dreamweaver Creating Image Maps Using Macromedia Dreamweaver Creating and

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/3D-CGI-tutorials.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Download 3D Models, High Resolution Textures, HDRIs, Desktop Wallpapers, Animations and Videos
    1920 x 1028 Standard 1280 x 1024 Widscreen 1920 x 1028 Standard 1280 x 1024 Widscreen 1920 x 1028 Standard 1280 x 1024 Widscreen 1920 x 1028 Standard 1280 x 1024 Free HDRI Skydomes for Image Based Lighting in CG 3D Environments Office Cabinet hdr Llyn Elsi Forest hdr Garage Floor hdr Garage Table hdr Free 3D Models CGI Brake Disc Art c4d Free High Resolution Textures Artex Texture Stones

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/downloads.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Glyn Davidson's Freelance 3D Design and Animation Blog
    are still problems with this I don t think it s bad for a first attempt and is the first time I ve felt like I m making real progress towards my ambitions in 3D CGI Motion Graphics and Visual Effects The problem now is that all of the animation already produced has been rendered obsolete as I m now going to have to go back and produce the entire animation using camera projected textures 08 06 2010 Animating with Mograph Whilst designing the new website i came across some old experimental animations that I had produced whilst playing with the Mograph tool in Cinema 4D I have added a selection of the animations to my freelance design portfolio and have been grouped together under the title Animating with Mograph 24 11 2009 3D CGI Stuffed Tortoise Art Design At present I m balancing freelance 3D Design projects on each of my toes but have still found some time between freelance animation projects to indulge in some 3D Artworks of my own This 3D CGI Tortoise Design is taken from one that is nearing completion ish 19 11 2009 Snail Sneak Preview Animation I keep wanting to call him Sammy the Snail but feel I need to come up with something more original Anyway I digress following my previous blog entry I thought I ought to upload some footage of the CGI animation that I ve been working on Yes I know the sound effects are rubbish but you have to bare in mind that this is a work in progress I hope you like the 3D animation 11 11 2009 Teaser Illustration for my 3D CGI Snail Animation I ve turned my attentions back to a 3D animation that I started some time ago I ve been meaning to come back to my Snail animation and make some improvements ever since the first production was finished This 3D illustration is just a small teaser to let people know what I m up to and hopefully help me to generate some more freelance 3D animation work Visit my 3D animation portfolio to see how the project is progressing 11 09 2009 Asimov Mk13 A Personal 3D Animation Project Of all the personal 3D CGI animation projects I currently have in development perhaps it is this animated 3D robot that I have the highest hopes for Whilst it is certainly fun and challenging producing animations that convey some sort of emotion with inanimate objects undoubtedly we connect more with the human form The attached design is taken from the 3D robot animation and is I feel a vast improvement on previous versions Hopefully one day soon the 3D animation will be complete 11 08 2009 Book Cover 3D Design Illustration This particular Book cover was designed using Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop for the book What if your prince falls off his horse A married woman s primer on financial planning The client for this project gave lots of creative input

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/motion-graphics-blog.php (2016-04-24)
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  • About - Freelance 3D Animator
    graphics and VFX Visual Effects amongst others You can navigate my 3D Design portfolio by clicking on the links above Home On the home page you will find an overview of the 3D Design Art Illustration 3D Animation Motion Graphics and VFX services that I offer as a freelancer You will also find examples of my most recent 3D animations and 3D Art Illustrations or Design An overview is given of the freelance 3D design production process as well as the cost involved in producing a 3D animations Visit my Home Page My Account On the My Account page existing freelance clients can access concept drawings produced for their freelance 3D project and storyboards for their CGI animations The My Account page enables freelance clients to view the progress of their freelance 3D projects and make amendments comments or provide feedback on current progress Clients can download their finished 3D artwork and animations make comments on existing artwork or animations and send or receive personal messages This page also allows freelance clients to view Invoices Quotes and Payment History Finally it contains access to documents such as contracts project plans and project briefs In short it contains all the tools you need to create modify and monitor your freelance projects Register or log in to view your account Portfolio The 3D CGI Computer Generated Image portfolio is dedicated to the 3D designs and animations that I have produced as a freelance 3D artist animator for television promotional materials online video animations book covers album covers company logos and the like To create the CGI animations I use dedicated 3D animation software such as Maxon Cinema 4D 3D Studio Max Maya Bodypaint and Adobe Flash Please feel free to visit my freelance animation page to view some of the animations that I have created as personal projects and during my time as a freelance animator Visit my Freelance 3D Design and Animation Portfolio Freelance Design Quotes The freelance quotes page provides information in relation to costs of freelance 3D illustration or animation projects The Freelance quotes page also offers some information on how payment is made for the finished 3D animation or CG illustrations Finally you can use the freelance quotes page to obtain a free no obligation quote in relation to any of the following design problems 3D Design CGI Design 3D Animation CGI Animation 3D and 2D Illustration Motion Graphics VFX Visual Effects Concept Art Character Design Story Boarding Product Design Product Development Product Marketing 3D Modelling Texturing Lighting and Rigging Graphic Design Logo Design View information about costs or obtain a quote Tutorials The tutorials section offers online video and written tutorials in the following areas 3D Animation CGI Animation 3D and 2D Illustration Motion Graphics VFX Visual Effects 3D Modelling Texturing Lighting Rigging As well as some web design flash and perhaps some php or asp net too Visit my 3D and CGI Tutorials page Downloads Use this page to download free high definition wallpapers taken from

    Original URL path: http://www.glyndavidson.co.uk/about.php (2016-04-24)
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