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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Home
    the hour day week month etc It will test your download upload speeds your ping times packet loss and jitter It will generate a CSV log file for all this data and also present you with a graphical representation you can also create screen shots of the graph the manual results window The memory usage i have managed to get down to approx 2MB whilst in sleep mode in tray so a nice small footprint What can JDast do Download tests Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers Add any user chosen URL HTTP or FTP to the URL list including PW protected Test download speeds from single or multiple servers with each test muli theading Upload tests Test Upload speed to our dedicated testing servers Test to your own servers Test upload as single or multi threaded Ping Packet loss Jitter Test Ping Pkloss Jitter to from any applicable URL Other abilities Test all some or just one attribute DL UL Ping Pkloss Jitter Record public IP of each test Add notes to each test result Check for user specified running processes before testing don t test if exe is running Check for current BW usage before testing don t test if im downloading uploading Use either network adapter data or internal JDast method to measure speeds Send regular results emails Send BW threshold emails at user specified levels at x number of successive bad tests Send Live data to your FTP server for remote access to JDast data Load results log into any program that supports CSV Run as a service Sleep and hibernate control More Info Guestbook Selection of entries EasyBook Reloaded J1 7 Latest Entries PhD Bonjour Can you translate your soft in french please Good job Merci Show Entry Dave Collins That

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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Home
    speeds are doing over the course of the hour day week month etc It will test your download upload speeds your ping times packet loss and jitter It will generate a CSV log file for all this data and also present you with a graphical representation you can also create screen shots of the graph the manual results window The memory usage i have managed to get down to approx 2MB whilst in sleep mode in tray so a nice small footprint What can JDast do Download tests Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers Add any user chosen URL HTTP or FTP to the URL list including PW protected Test download speeds from single or multiple servers with each test muli theading Upload tests Test Upload speed to our dedicated testing servers Test to your own servers Test upload as single or multi threaded Ping Packet loss Jitter Test Ping Pkloss Jitter to from any applicable URL Other abilities Test all some or just one attribute DL UL Ping Pkloss Jitter Record public IP of each test Add notes to each test result Check for user specified running processes before testing don t test if exe is running Check for current BW usage before testing don t test if im downloading uploading Use either network adapter data or internal JDast method to measure speeds Send regular results emails Send BW threshold emails at user specified levels at x number of successive bad tests Send Live data to your FTP server for remote access to JDast data Load results log into any program that supports CSV Run as a service Sleep and hibernate control More Info Guestbook Selection of entries EasyBook Reloaded J1 7 Latest Entries Rozdev Just want to say thanks for this exellent tool Very

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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - About Jdast
    manner The graph window is probably the main part of JDast it shows coloured results of your test A test that has a measurement of Kb s is referenced against the left hand numbers marked Kb s at the bottom the results that are measured in milliseconds are referenced against the right hand side numbers The only measurement that is different is the packet loss which is measured in percent and this does not have a scale but instead uses the top of the graph to represent 100 and the bottom to represent 0 Averages Graph This enables you to see what your Download speeds look like over the course of an average day It will look at your entire data set or selected range pick out all the data for each hour and then find the average for all the download speed tests done during that hour If you click on the blue buttons on the graph it will show a pop up window with a list of all the test results used for that average The graph also shows all individual test results the max min values recorded within that hour Record of all data csv file You can view all your data stored in the csv file by clicking on the display CSV button at the top of the main window The actual csv file is stored in you documents folder under Speed Tester you can of course use this csv file in any way you might normally use any csv e g load in into Excel or any other program that can load csv type files Configurations The user has a lot of control over the application and can set many things up as they might require I shall not go into each individual setting as

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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Update Log
    the old method of gathering the throughput data I received a request to add the ability to have a remote system running JDast be able to send notification emails either on a regular basis or when the download or upload tests fall below a user defined level Added this on a new tab in the configurations called Communications Added a few different GUI background colours A couple are ok and a couple look a bit rubbish to me anyhow These are found in the menu bar under Graph view options GUI colour Iv brought the help file up to date I have had a major restructuring of the core code this should not be noticeable by the user but if i have upset anything then please let me know A few minor cosmetic alterations Iv added an average level bar to the mini meter that shows when you run tests you ll see it if you use the mini meter when testing Iv also changed the box that shows when you hover over the main graph mainly the colour but more importantly the alignment of the text We have added our own forum as the one i was using at BroadBandHelper co uk has had to close it s new registrations again probably due to spam So please do create an account and say hi 16 6 2012 01 11 Added another location to retrieve the default upload server permission This is just a redundancy Also a few minor bug fixes and tweaks 16 5 1 Beta 2012 01 09 Found a bug that caused a crash after closing the config window in certain situations so iv just uploaded this quickly for people who are having that problem as i have a couple of other things to do before i can update properly 16 5 2012 01 07 Quite a few changes for this update i shall list the most prominent I have completely redone the upload test function It looks the same but now uses a child process to run the upload and uses a hook into your network adapters to measure the throughput This give a much more accurate upload speed result especially for fast upload connections You may have to allow the new process Upload child exe through your firewall You can choose the network adapter to monitor on the front page of the configurations I have added the ability to use the multi url testing in a multi threaded mode which allows you to download all of the test url s in your test list at the same time It will calculate the quantity of data downloaded as the sum of the multiple files This should be a helpful way to keep you download speed maxed out even if one or more of the test files is going slow It should allow you to test from multiple servers without having to test each one separately and so reduce you bandwidth used for download testing I have added a couple of extra options in the main menu to give easy access to the MyDocuments Speed Test CSV file and folder I have altered the invisible testing mode so that it does not show errors if it is running an automatic test although it will add the error info to the error logs I also added more info to the error logs so you can see what it was doing and where it was trying to do it to from I have also added a stop test option in the tray icon context menu so tests can be stopped when in invisible testing mode I have revisited the following The scan entire test file url list function The status bar The tooltip on the tray icon The screen shot save function added better control of which file type you want I have added a few new download testing files 16 4 7 Beta 2011 12 31 It was decided that a proper domain name should be purchased for jdast and any other software i may wish to publish in the future so im afraid that another URL change has been made Hopefully now that almost everything is all under the same domain it will not have to be changed again even if i change server hosting I have added a few new download testing files 16 4 2011 12 14 The main change is that I have altered all the links in JDast to point to the new site I had some feedback regarding the download settings tab in particular the OFF button that turns off the download testing It was decided that the way it was set up could be a little confusing so iv altered the way it works to make it clearer if it s on or off There is now a ticket system for problems or bug reports in fact any communication A ticket is created if you use the Help Request help menu item You can also raise a ticket on the web site 16 3 2011 12 07 There has been some problems with the default upload testing servers I have had to make some slight alterations to the JDast code to get these default servers communicating with JDast properly again 16 2 2011 09 18 This should be the last alpha update for a while Iv just made a set of minor cosmetic alterations 16 1 2011 09 11 Opps though id got all the bugs but had a report today that there was something wrong with the axis control Took me a while to find what problem was being referred to but in the end found that if you moved the main window the axis control pop up s were not positioning themselves properly therefore not remaining visible as they close when you move the mouse off them 16 0 2011 09 07 Firstly Plenty of tweaking and tidying too may little things to list them all here Had a request to add some IP filtering One being a No Testing on certain IP s and the other being a filter that will not include certain IP s in the averages data but will still test and record them This function can be found in the config s under the ping pk jitt IP tab Had a request for a graph view option of just a line graph I got the maximize working properly as far as I can tell and iv removed the minimize all together as it was causing major problems and really is not needed anyhow Iv also tinkered with the averages graph bars boxes Iv added a switch on the bottom of the left hand side Axis control window that enables the user to choose how to have the averages graph maximum Y axis calculated It can either use the main graphs Y axis max or be calculated purely from the maximum of the current data set 15 9 2011 08 13 There was a problem with Jdast crashing during the upload test on rare occasions Hopefully this is fixed now I have re coded the WAN detection test as there had been a problem with it showing a false negative when some network adapters were asleep in power saving mode hopefully this is fixed now I have revisited the averages graph It was coded a long time ago now and I was not happy with it I have removed it from the bottom of the graph and given both the hourly averages and the basic averages there own windows The basic averages is now just a popup that you access by hovering over the new Av Data button the hourly averages window is either accessed by hovering over the AV Graph button or if you want this window to be persistent movable sizable then just click the AvGraph button or tick the persistency tick box on the top right of the averages window then you can position it where you want it to be I have also added the ability to choose what time period to show on the averages graph You can choose from the full data set as it was before the past 30 days the current month the past 7 days the current week or just today I also added this extra average data to the little pop up info window as per request D 15 8 2011 06 16 Added a throughput check You can now set up a check to test that you are not using the network downloading uploading something before the test is started The settings for this have been added under the last tab on the config s tab renamed to No Testing Iv also done a little more tinkering with the averages pop up box info Added a clearer day division on the main graph user switched see Graph view options 15 7 2011 06 02 Added a little real time network monitor This is a stand alone separate process that can be run from the start menu or from Jdast I must thank Ascend4nt of the AutoIt forums for his brilliant work on Performance Counters without which I could not have created this code Changed the method used to measure upload speeds I have figured out how to do upload tests by measuring the throughput over a set period of time fixed test time and also without the need for a local file to upload So you will see that the upload configurations have been changed and you may need to re visit them after updating Changed the averages graph Before this update the numbers on the averages represented how many data points were involved in each hours average Now they represent the rounded average speed Mb s for that hour Iv changed the averages pop up box s content it used to be that the averages for 02 00 were comprised of 01 31 to 02 30 seemed like a logical idea at the time but iv changed that to what you would expect it to be I e 02 00 comprises of 02 00 to 02 59 Changed the averages graph pop up boxes The pop up boxes that show all the data points that comprise that hours average value are now listed with the data point number rather than being sequentially numbered Speeding up of displaying and adding data to the graphs Originally whenever the graph was displayed or data was added to the graphs the whole data set was re calculated and re drawn I have changed this to append the data and graph info which speeds things up a lot when the data set starts to get quite big of course it does all have to be calculated and drawn at least once the first time you display the main window The gathering of your public IP address has been changed Rob the kindly donator of the default upload servers D has constructed a quick script on his server to respond with your IP so hopefully there will be no need for any other public web sites that return an IP Many thx Rob I removed the striping from the data list left hand list box decided I didn t like it Received a request for a user adjustable data set length so iv added that ability along with the option to have data sets of length 1 week or 1 month There is a requirement by a handful of people to be able to switch off the LAN WAN detection at the beginning of the test cycle so iv added the switches to do this under the Ping PKT Jitter IP tab of the configurations Added more control to the Y axis s You can fix the maximum of the Y scale on both sides of the graph there is a tick box to turn on auto scaling a slider to enable zooming of the Y axis s The buttons to control these functions is found on the main graph window directly beneath the two Y axis s Also there has been a few occasions when erratic jitter results have been generated I have fixed it so if a spurious negative jitter result is measured it will just return a 1 no test Also added an update auto update for beta releases see first tab in config s Menu pulldown Added an area graph view You can display the bars on the main graph as an area graph I decided to change the way ping is calculated It used to be the lowest value of 100 single packet pings but I have changed it to the mode of the 100 pings the most common value among the group so this might slightly increase your ping value I have at long last brought the help file right up to date D 15 6 2011 04 05 Google has shut down my Jdast email account ahh so I have removed the questionnaire from the first installation that asks Where did you first hear of this software Basically I had over 1000 downloads yesterday and google didn t like it I suppose it was a mistake to rely on Gmail for this part of Jdast but I was never expecting so may people to be interested when I coded the feedback section 15 5 2011 04 04 There was sometimes a bug with the toolbar on win7 as most people are using win7 now this had to be fixed I have been asked by a couple of people to include some larger upload testing files Don t forget though that you can make your own sized upload test files please see JDast help 15 4 2011 04 01 Since the massive influx of new users due to MajorGeeks com publishing Jdast a minor bug in the default upload testing has shown itself This may have resulted in inaccurate upload test results 15 3 2011 03 24 If you are updating from before version 15 2 you may need to enter a URL into the Fixed Time testing URL list configurations Download tab as it may be empty after this update I have now brought the help file right up to date along with the web site So we are pretty much there now I have also added a setting for the fixed time test method that clips off the beginning of the tests Sometimes there can be a slight delay before the data starts flowing when initiating a download test This can be due to many reasons this setting will clip off the beginning of the download to remedy this situation The default is 1 second 15 2 2011 03 22 If you are updating you may need to enter a URL into the Fixed Time testing URL list configurations Download tab as it may be empty after this update The configurations were becoming muddled as things have been added so as part of my tidying process I have re written them A couple of the changes I think I should mention are In the test method measure quantity fixed time I have merged multi single URL testing into one setting if you want to test with just one URL just have one URL in the list box if you want more just add some more I have added a user input delay in between the 100 single packet pings during testing This should help people who have software that detects ICMP flooding I have set the default to 30ms You can now choose to not do any download testing at all if you wish in fact you can do any of the tests download upload ping packet loss jitter as stand alone testing I have added on off toggles to the top of both the download and upload tabs the others can be switched on off the same as before I was going to wait until I had done the help files which are way out of date now but a couple of bugs have forced me to upload this update now I shall get to the help files asap 15 0 2011 03 18 Polishing tidying 14 9 2011 03 14 Stumbled across a bug in the multi url testing if one of the url s failed I e Couldn t connect or did not have data flowing within 5 secs it was then not terminating the final DL test Fixed now I have speeded up the display of the main window by not having it redraw everything if there is no new data to be recalculated and even if there is it should be a little quicker Iv added a button to edit the main test file list a bit better so you can add remove url s and reset the list back to default much easier This button is just above the pull down on the first tab and there s another on the multi url testing tab Now I know iv said this a lot to certain people but I don t believe iv said it on here before so they wont believe me thats cool P I AM TAKING A REST from adding anything else I will concentrate on bugs from here on Iv also got the help file web site to update There may come a time when I pick it up again but I must get this thing to a properly stable situation before I go any further 14 8 2011 03 11 I was going to put this up as a beta for a while but then I found a stupid bug causing a crash after re installing maybe on updating as well so I had to release this as a full update I had a thought that as iv done most of the work for multi url tests I could re use some of that work and make a test method that rather than using just the one test file for download testing It could use multiple test files and take the best result from the outcome This will give much more accuracy superior download tests The only draw back is the amount of bandwidth this method of testing might use dependent on how the user sets it up To use this method you have to be set to Measure Quantity although I might do it for the other test method as well at some time we shall see You can find all the settings for this in a new config tab called Multi URL Testing Basically just tick the Multi URL Testing ON OFF put some of your best test URL s into the list by using the pull down list set the duration for each url s test seconds default 10 It will do an X second fixed Time test on each of your selected URL s one at a time gather the DL speed from each URL and then present the best result I will have to get around to changing the help file again soon not enough time in the day D Iv fixed the Maximize Restore frame positioning as well I just never use it maximized so never really noticed it O yea and iv changed the default notification sound file just in case you thought you were going mad P Thx all 14 7 2011 03 10 It was pointed out that the screen shot file was often to big for forums so iv changed it to a png however dont forget that the bigger your graph window when you take the shot the bigger the file size The ThinkBroadband test files are getting a bit unstable well for me and Spenc not sure about others so what iv done is to put a notice up for first time installers of Jdast reminding them that they should find the best test url for there personal situation location Also in that vain iv added an automatic scanner that will do a 10 second fixed time test on all of the url s in your current main test file list It will test the speed of each and then set you main test file to the fastest found This is only minimal help as its just a snapshot of the test file servers at that specific moment and should be looked into further by the individual user but it should help to point out this area of the app to new users If anyone has test file url s that I do not already have I would love to here from them especially if there in the U S as Jdast has a lot of U S users but no servers test files dedicated to them as far as I know P s you can of course add new url s to the test file list in Jdast s configurations but if you need to really sort change the list you can edit appdata jdast locmenu txt 14 6 2011 03 06 Found the upload test file location was not being saved properly fixed Received a request to put the main graph screen shot option back in done Had a little mess around with the bottom graph added some more averages info Added an auto system shutdown timer under main menu Added a proper colour picker gui under graph view options 14 5 2011 02 27 Lots of changes today so please excuse multiple subsequent updates Iv added the option in the Graph view options for the user to be able to set there own colours choose 3D effects on off Added the ability to slide both the sliders all the way to the side so you can now hide the averages graph and the listview Iv changed the first settings tab a little now you can enter your max DL UL speed and the graph will reflect your value This will remain constant even after starting a new data set If your measured speeds surpasses the set value then it will automatically increase Added a tick box to turn on off the mini meter Moved the legend box out of the way iv put it along the bottom of the graph It was pointed out that the old data sets had some missing commas in the header I have fixed this but it wont show up until you finish the next data set Thx Neil 14 4 2011 02 17 Occasionally the main graph tooltips are hiding behind the windows I believe this is something to do with the xp bug that sometimes hides the tray tips bellow the taskbar So iv also had a little overhaul of the graph tooltips whilst I was messing with it 14 3 2011 02 09 Another bug found in the measure Time test method grr Well my excuse is that that function was written a long time ago and there s been a lot of changes since than I dont use it but someone has started to and is being helpful enough to report any bugs found So thx again Neil 14 2 2011 02 08 Reported bug When using the measure Time method to do the download testing the switching off of the upload test was not working Fixed thx Neil Changed the background colour of the window to hide the black horizontal bars that show on some windows skins due to tiny size differences in the title bar window borders 14 1 2011 01 23 I v been asked to add an option to start a new data set but keep the old one in the previous data set list so that iv done 14 0 2011 01 19 Thx to Neil for pointing out an error with the ping packet jitter testing If JDast failed a ping test it was not doing any more ping packet jitter tests thereafter Fixed Thx Neil There has been some comment on a problem with Jdast causing the system to crash system unresponsive desktop icons flashing I am trying to find the cause but having difficulty reproducing it I did manage to get 1 of my VM XPpSP3 systems to manifest this fault when trying to close Jdast but the odd thing was that it stopped doing it half an hour later by itself I have made some changes to the code that i think might be the problem but as im unable to test it I cant be 100 sure If anyone does find this fault I would like to hear from you thx P S If you do get this fault you can close out Jdast by using Alt F4 on the Jdast window unfortunately the main Jdast window does need to be open and it does take a few repeats of pressing Alt F4 but it does save you having to shut down the computer 13 9 2011 01 13 Had a few reports of some display problems with different Windows themes skins so I v done what I can to fix this 13 8 2011 01 11 Iv revisited the update procedure because there has been a problem with the auto update reported by 2 Jdast users Im hopping after this update this should be fixed Iv also decided that there was no longer the need to have the averages graph pop out it works fine as is 13 7 2011 01 10 Iv added a status bar to the bottom of the main window which was just a good excuse for me to correct a couple of little bugs 13 6 2011 01 06 As per user request I have had another look at the main graphing function A Zoom in and out has been added and also the wider you make the window the more of the graph you can see before the graph bars were just getting wider Done a load of code tidying to the whole display sequence of the main window I cant get it any faster but its a little cleaner Pre 2011 Update logs 13 5 2010 12 19 Jimmy06 has now finished the maintenance of his server and has been able to offer a VPS for all Jdast users to use as there default upload test server I have had to make some simple FTP address changes for the default up test and so an update to the app is needed Again many thx to Jimmy06 for the use of his server for Jdast up testing without his generous offer Jdast would either have no default upload testing or a charge may have to have been levied for the cost of a dedicated service 13 4 2010 12 10 I have always been on the lookout for new download test locations Now thx to willemijns and his hard work collecting just such info for his own speed tester I now have a decent list of HTTP addresses I have added them to the default drop down list in Jdast The entire donated list can be viewed in the Current news section If you are updating JDast the test file list will not update until you reset it To reset the list go into the config drop down the test file location list scroll down to the bottom click on Reset List to Default Many thanks to willemijns for the use of this collection of addresses Willemijns speed tester site http www willemijns com faqspeed htm I have also moved the Getting IP message box that pops up when you run Jdast down to the lower corner of the screen I need this box to show if there s a problem with the retrieval of your IP i e Its taking to long so you can then choose another IP gathering method goto config optional test switches to change method Un Tick record public IP to turn this message box off Found a problem with the auto update for win7 maybe Vista also it looks like when I used the silent install method the UAC was not allowing the installer to run at all So I have changed it to a non silent install which works with all the windows versions iv tested it on so far So for anyone who found the auto update was not updating you will have to download and install this version of Jdast before the auto update feature will start working 13 3 2010 12 01 I noticed that the main site I use to report your public IP was down for a short while the other day and this was causing a long delay before Jdast could load or run a test if your settings had record public IP set So what iv done is to implement 4 different sites that the user can select which to use These are www whatismyip com automation n09230945 asp http www ip adress com http www whatismyip org http checkip dyndns org rnd1 Random These settings are under Config optional test switches Also A user has pointed out that the upload testing to a private server was not working since my last update this is fixed now sorry about that Thx to Dan 13 2 2010 11 17 I have noticed that on occasion people are doing upload tests with high speed data servers 10Mb s This is not really what the donated server was intended for I would just like to remind people that the use of the default server should only be for home systems connections With this in mind I have put a note in the upload settings also a nag pop up if your upload speed measures higher than 10Mb s If however you are using your own target server to test your upload speeds then of course that s fine there is no nag pop up Iv been playing with the look of the manual results window Im hoping to do all the windows in time but im having a little difficulty with the auto test result windows I have added better date info at the bottom of the main graph window This is so when you use the option to save a shot of the graph to jpg the time date of the tests can be seen 13 1 2010 11 07 Firstly no one told me that the x64 users had a major problem with Jdast D anyhow hopefully it s working properly now You might need to clean out both the programfiles Jdast and Programfiles x86 Jdast folders delete them both if they exist then install the latest ver of Jdast With great appreciation to Jimmy06 BroadbandHelper forum name who has kindly offered the use of his servers JDast now does have default upload testing D All you need to do is make sure the FTP Server field is set to Default and make sure there is a File to upload if its blank then pick one the rest is done for you If however your upload speed is above 1Mb s you may want to change the size of the test file used as i have set the default to 500KB which is fine for most ADSL I have also included 4 upload test file with the installation of JDast 500KB UP Test 500K upt 1MB UP Test 1M upt 2MB UP Test 2M upt 5MB UP Test 5M upt But you can in fact use any junk file you want Although we do now have a default upload test server you can still use your own servers for upload testing just enter your info as normal So a special Thx goes out to Jimmy06 for offering JDast users the use of his servers for upload testing This is greatly appreciated by both the users and myself Thank You 13 0 2010 10 28 Just a small change to the averages graph Fixed it so you can get the cursor to the averages detail windows Also a couple of minor things changed 12 9 2010 09 24 A bug pointed out by one of the users of JDast when using the run quick test from the tray options whilst the app is in the tray a problem was spotted if you cancel the test the averages graph window was popping up Not a major thing but im wanting to get it 100 before I do any more additions or changes So thx to Max for pointing that bug out 12 8 2010 09 19 Added The Hours of the day averages graph into the main window bottom right corner its basically a thumbnail which you can click on to bring to full size Added a horizontal slider between the two graphs I found a bug if you closed any child window and the mouse was left over the toolbar after the child was gone the whole app would hang fixed now Iv been scratching my head over what to do with the backgrounds of the graphs Some have said just leave it white others said that looked to plain Im not sure what to do but iv put something light for now Iv removed the users ability to change the background because certain backgrounds hide the fonts and so I would need to add a user option for all the different font graph colours its just to much and I believe not really necessary 12 7 2010 09 11 A final tweak or two to the changes made recently ver 12 4 Really nothing much to post about 12 6 2010 09 07 Sorry but had to do this update I knew the middle slider was going to provide bugs but hopefully fingers crossed its working now 12 5 2010 09 05 Thought I might find some bugs The tooltips on the main buttons were crashing the app on Win7 Vista removed for now not really needed anyhow It was possible to make the width of the main window so small that the buttons were dropping down to the next row messing up everything again Win7 Vista Iv restricted the middle slider so it cant go right up to the ends of the window i e Completely to the right or left as this was also causing problems The MTU calculator was not working Again on Win7 Vista lol I really must check on these os s but there s just so much to check now This was because the CMD on Win7 Vista was giving a slightly different output 12 4 2010 09 03 Changed the toolbar to a smaller slimmer size Added a slider bar between the graph and the listview of the data so you can change how much of the listview on the right side to show although making the graph side of the window to small does make the graphs tooltip less and less accurate in the fact that it gets hard to pick out individual bars the smaller the graph is Added an MTU calculator basically figures out your MTU to a user chosen target may be other diagnostic tools added later Moved the Tracert button off the toolbar and put it with the new MTU calculator into a dropdown menu item called diagnostics Moved the Configuration button off the toolbar and put it in the main dropdown menu The whole window main graph window can be made much smaller now As I have made quite a few changes in one go please excuse any bugs that may crop up Also I am aware that the help doc is now getting a bit dated and with these new changes to the look of the main window they are even more so I will get around to updating the help doc some time when im not quite so busy Thx all D 12 3 2010 08 04 Sorry Peeps Iv been messing with the Installer again If your getting an Error when

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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Anti Virus Info
    take quite a while for them to complete there testing and to white list Jdast I would do the white listing before I upload the new versions but unfortunately some of these companies need to be able to see download JDast from the web site that it will be available to the public on so I have to upload it before I can get it white listed 2012 06 27 Update I am now finally in communication with Eset i will post the outcome of there procedures asap 2012 07 09 Update were finally starting to get somewhere I have just has a response from Eset and some others this morning I shall post a few responses as i receive them If anyone does get a false positive detection it would be really helpful if they could submit it to there AV company themselves This would help out all others who might see the same FP from the same company as well as putting your own mind at rest Eset 08 54 09 07 2012 Just to update you our samples team have come back to me today and confirmed the detection is a false positive although I am sure you already know this and the issue will be resolved in our next signature update which should be 7282 Apparently the most efficient way to submit samples is through your local distributor due to having higher priority over end user so you can either email me and I will forward them on or email supp eset co uk and one of my colleagues will assist Kind regards Gareth Customer Care Engineer ESET UK p 0845 Opt 3 Support f 0845 e g eset co uk w www eset co uk VBA32 08 32 09 07 2012 Hello Greg All detections

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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Current News
    forums hosted by Broadbandhelper co uk is closed to new registrations again although login by facebook twitter openID are still active Its unfortunate but the problem is with to many spammers So i have decided to create my own little forum and see how we go for spam I shall be keeping a close eye on it though Please come in and say hi The site template change is due to the forum not quite working properly with the old template 2012 01 18 I have today received a report that the child process launched by JDast to do upload tests Upload child exe is being flagged by AVG I have submitted this file on its own to AVG to be white listed Should be ok once they white list this file as it doubt it will ever change after the next update 2012 01 13 The new servers are now working properly 2012 01 11 Having major problems with a new dedicated server at the moment The DNS may well take some time to propagate for everyone properly Still having trouble with the new servers very intermittent upload connection Its to late to look into it tonight but will be onto it tomorrow Sorry about this but we do our very best with little to no money in the project 2011 12 31 It was decided that a proper domain name should be purchased for jdast and any other software i may wish to publish in the future so im afraid that another URL change has been made Hopefully now that almost everything is all under the same domain it will not have to be changed again even if i change server hosting 2011 12 11 As you can see iv been working in conjunction with Rob to build a new web site I hope you all like the change As for the problems with the default upload servers they are hopefully all fixed now with the release of version 16 4 2011 12 06 Unfortunately the default upload server providers have had to initiate an emergency migration as there suppliers have been forced to breach there contract and end the hosting service earlier than expected This means that the gathering of the public IP the default upload testing will no longer work until this problem has been resolved P s The gathering of public IP will work after some time but takes a while to move on to the next source Sorry about this but its beyond my control and is being worked on as fast as possible 2011 10 15 Sorry but one of the default upload testing servers is down at the moment I am working on it as fast as possible 2011 08 26 Its looking like the test server http test euroaccess nl is down Of course it may well come back at some time so I shall leave it in the default list for now I only mention it as it was a

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    in normal mode which does not have this problem This only affects windows 8 Rough looking Fonts on bottom of graph on XP Or fonts overshot the bottom If your using XP please make sure that you have Clear Type fonts switched on This will remedy the terrible way the time date x axis line looks on XP How to turn on Clear Type Right click on a blank area of the Desktop and choose Properties Click on the Appearance Tab Click Effects Check the box Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts In the drop down box select Clear Type The over shoting Over large font problem is because of the use of windows larger scaled fonts I might be able to fix this but its a major undertaking as i would have to rewrite much of the code to fit in the larger fonts Odd no or higher than should be results If you are getting oddly high upload speed results you should try switching to use the adapter hook measurement method Please tick the use adapter hooks tick box and select your correct network adapter These settings are found at the bottom on the general tab of the configurations Please bare in mind that if you are using the adapter hooks to monitor your network adapters then it is going to measure any local traffic that may be present If you know that there is likely to be LAN traffic then you should un tick the Use Adapter hooks to revert to the default method that does not use data from your adapters There has also been some reports of an odd effect of doubled results results that are approx twice as high as they should be when using the adapter hooks switched ON usually after an update of jdast I have not been able to reproduce this effect or resolve it but it has been suggested that a computer reset does fix this problem If the download is not measuring accurately please check the servers you are using to test from try running the Scan entire test file URL list to find better testing servers for your geographical location Why does the result numbering start at No 2 The number one slot is used by other data if you look at the Display CSV window you will see that the zero slot holds the maximum values for each column and the No 1 slot holds the header info for each column I have thought about sorting this out but it would mean changing so many things in the script that iv never actually got around to doing it I keep getting the error message Can Not Detect WAN or LAN connection There have been rear occasions where the LAN or and WAN detection checks are failing So I have introduced a switch to turn off the front end detection checks WAN LAN They are found under the Ping PKT Jitter IP tab of

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