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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Index page
    latest post Tue Jan 26 2016 1 11 pm Feature Requests Closed Sorry but JDast is now a closed project I can still help and support but there will be no future updates Topics 8 Posts 57 Last post Re Adjust font sizes by jackdinn Wed Jan 29 2014 5 38 pm Last post Re Adjust font sizes by jackdinn View the latest post Wed Jan 29 2014 5 38 pm Bug Reports Topics 7 Posts 64 Last post Re hanging after sleep by jackdinn Wed Jan 29 2014 3 26 am Last post Re hanging after sleep by jackdinn View the latest post Wed Jan 29 2014 3 26 am General JDast Anything else that does not fit into the top 3 topics Topics 3 Posts 6 Last post Default US Upload server by Jimmy06 Sat Jan 23 2016 8 05 pm Last post Default US Upload server by Jimmy06 View the latest post Sat Jan 23 2016 8 05 pm General Chat Topics Posts Last post General Chat Anything and everything other than JDast Topics 3 Posts 6 Last post Re watching your live tag R by Jimmy06 Sat Aug 11 2012 7 43 pm Last post Re

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/phpBB3/ (2016-02-11)
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  • Guestbook
    for some great code running it at home to monitor my Fibre to the box 79Mb connection at home Cheers Dr B Admin comment Hi You should really use the ticket system or forum but in brief you might be able to just copy paste the programfiles jdast folder into other comps but not 100 sure if it works properly in limited acc s anyhow have a go good luck paulcreus Tuesday 04 February 2014 09 03 England Meaning of readings Hi there Although the software looks great and gives good and regular readings I can t find anywhere to understand the readings I m getting Also the help and support feature always gives me an error when I try to send a report Can t find anywhere on your site to give the answers I m looking for Regards Paul Admin comment Yea sorry but we have had problems with the servers and had to rebuild them but the ticket system should be working now and there s also the forum you could use http www gmwsoftware co uk phpBB3 Thank you JD Red dwarf4ever Wednesday 09 October 2013 15 55 Excellent app Been looking for something like this for a while so pleased i found it Only thing is although the reported bandwidths seem accurate How do i set the server to my local one on virgin Admin comment Feel free to submit a support ticket from within the app regarding the issue in more detail but the app by default uses multiple sources for the download test Ken W Sunday 02 June 2013 05 50 Winnersh Excellent Excellent aguilarstone Saturday 23 March 2013 20 59 Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico Exelente programa Tengo este programa por mas de un año y es lo mejor que existe aguilarstone Saturday 23

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/guestbook.html (2016-02-11)
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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Archive
    who has had some problems with all versions after this update I have decided to keep an archive of previous stable versions of Jdast from this point onwards These old versions will probably not work for many different reasons However you are free to try them Download 17 8 SHA1 6F55B6E250E598B872B8BB4C4F5AF34B7DBF4391 17 7 SHA1 73627414FD48256DFE78DD9CDF6B13AAB9C073A9 17 5 SHA1 C305111D6082FF8422CA375324C73B0A7B397460 17 4 SHA1 243BA8E75D66A6D43238A3CE1046B65F8158F660 16 6 SHA1 4F2D8DB263B30A7607ABFBE5F8C9D8B7AA586E71 16 5 SHA1

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/archive.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Donate
    face of my broadband provider re the ppor download speed and quality THANKS Vic Wood Ives Brilliant app keep up the good work cheers Mick Rodgers Very useful program to track broadband fluctuations with Graeme Rutherford This is a nice little package for testing internet connection speed The best I ve found Too bad I only found it after you d stopped development Still I ll be using your work so I need to donate to the effort you put into the software s development Dana Jeffries Tnx j dowling Great software to prove a point to the terrible BT openreach service J Taylor Many thanks Dave B Good Job Jean Paul BERRY Use this app regularly glad to contribute John Whyte Excellent bit of kit LenB Splendid SpeedMonitor Eric Coomans Merci Phil The software rocks Thanks for a great tool CraigM thank you jack wolverton Great software Thanks Jon francis thanks a lot vallka Very useful app I ve been using this for some time now so the least I could do was support running and development costs Rob W I m running this very handy free utility 24 7 so the least I could do was donate Dave Burgess Great app shows other issues other than just speed although we confuse speed with throughput Harry Broom I am Peruvian Thanks you for the excellent JD Auto Speed Tester software It is very good to control of the ISP s broadband velocities Andres Salas Incredibly useful app I think I donated many years ago but the new version is even better again Great work Dave Collins Brilliant Julian Maples Jack Dinn s Auto speed tester is an essential tool for monitoring and logging Broadband performance Chris Salter Thank you for such excellent software A donation was the very least I can do Thanks again Brent bos your speed tester is a great help in resolving issues with ISPs peter van der heyden I don t really absolutely need to know what my net performance is like But you know what This program is simple and easy to use and gives me all the data I could want on that If I was a power user the extra functionality and granular options being there I m sure I d really appreciate as well A great program Stephen W Great to be able to keep an eye on my network performance Very useful tool Chris Wilber Great program WALTER WATSON Great product John Wheable Keep up the good work Keith Reading Just what I needed thanks a lot Colin Very pleased with this utility and only too happy to support it with a small donation Chris Wilber Keep up the great work Michael I just lost my lob of 6 years not having extra I still needed to donate This is the first time I donated to any software THIS IS AN AMAZING PROGRAM YOU HAVE SOME AWESOME TALENT SO PLEASE HAVE A DRINK ON ME THANKS SO MUCH MAN johnslifeofagony

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/donate.html (2016-02-11)
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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - Anti Virus Info
    take quite a while for them to complete there testing and to white list Jdast I would do the white listing before I upload the new versions but unfortunately some of these companies need to be able to see download JDast from the web site that it will be available to the public on so I have to upload it before I can get it white listed 2012 06 27 Update I am now finally in communication with Eset i will post the outcome of there procedures asap 2012 07 09 Update were finally starting to get somewhere I have just has a response from Eset and some others this morning I shall post a few responses as i receive them If anyone does get a false positive detection it would be really helpful if they could submit it to there AV company themselves This would help out all others who might see the same FP from the same company as well as putting your own mind at rest Eset 08 54 09 07 2012 Just to update you our samples team have come back to me today and confirmed the detection is a false positive although I am sure you already know this and the issue will be resolved in our next signature update which should be 7282 Apparently the most efficient way to submit samples is through your local distributor due to having higher priority over end user so you can either email me and I will forward them on or email supp eset co uk and one of my colleagues will assist Kind regards Gareth Customer Care Engineer ESET UK p 0845 Opt 3 Support f 0845 e g eset co uk w www eset co uk VBA32 08 32 09 07 2012 Hello Greg All detections

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/index.php/anti-virus-info (2016-02-11)
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  • JD's Auto Speed Tester - About Jdast
    manner The graph window is probably the main part of JDast it shows coloured results of your test A test that has a measurement of Kb s is referenced against the left hand numbers marked Kb s at the bottom the results that are measured in milliseconds are referenced against the right hand side numbers The only measurement that is different is the packet loss which is measured in percent and this does not have a scale but instead uses the top of the graph to represent 100 and the bottom to represent 0 Averages Graph This enables you to see what your Download speeds look like over the course of an average day It will look at your entire data set or selected range pick out all the data for each hour and then find the average for all the download speed tests done during that hour If you click on the blue buttons on the graph it will show a pop up window with a list of all the test results used for that average The graph also shows all individual test results the max min values recorded within that hour Record of all data csv file You can view all your data stored in the csv file by clicking on the display CSV button at the top of the main window The actual csv file is stored in you documents folder under Speed Tester you can of course use this csv file in any way you might normally use any csv e g load in into Excel or any other program that can load csv type files Configurations The user has a lot of control over the application and can set many things up as they might require I shall not go into each individual setting as

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/index.php/aboutjdast (2016-02-11)
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  • Guestbook
    AUTOSPEED I downloaded this from Snapfiles and McAfee said it found the Artemis trojan in the executable and stopped me installing it Clipped User Referred to Anti Virus info in menu Leo Thursday 05 January 2012 15 16 New York user this is a great piece of software I don t know what I would do without it Thanks Jimmy06 Wednesday 28 December 2011 14 45 Brilliant Brilliant peice of software helped me get out my O2 contract a few years ago Dave Collins Saturday 10 December 2011 23 51 Perfect That works perfectly Thank you so much for fixing it so quickly I really do appreciate it Have you ever thought of taking thank you donations Great software thanks again Roco DSL Zone Saturday 10 December 2011 23 50 Great Thanks JD just added this to highlight what a brilliant tool especially the set able auto run and saveable log ability to set it up to suit individual needs Truly a great diagnostic tool for all seasons and reasons AnonBob Saturday 10 December 2011 23 49 V nice lean tool Thanks for that Izools DSL ZoneUK Saturday 10 December 2011 23 49 Thx That s an awesome piece of

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/guestbook.html?start=10 (2016-02-11)
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  • Guestbook
    Uploads since Fri Oct 19 2012 Total Uploaded 11 09 TB Total Uploads 5965076 Upload Server Status Guestbook Ashley Saturday 10 December 2011 23 45 Many Thx I have mine running whever i m at home running every half hour BritBrat Saturday 10 December 2011 23 44 Thx Nice work thanks I am still running it 24 7 each hour 22 Entries in guestbook Start Prev 1 2 3 Next

    Original URL path: http://www.gmwsoftware.co.uk/guestbook.html?start=20 (2016-02-11)
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