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  • TONY JOHNSTONE - Golf News
    me sound like a golfaholic My fantasy holiday four ball would be my son John Bland and my late father My favourite holiday golf hole is the second at Durban Country Club It s a par three and an absolute gem When on holiday I like to do bugger all My ideal travelling companion is me I really don t like travelling with anyone else It s always so much easier on your own I have my routine and like to stick to it My greatest travel luxury is Double Decker chocolate bars I absolutely love them If I m going to be away for a week I normally take a pack of five And they never last the week When on holiday I always take my own pillow I have done so for the last 30 odd years ever since I stayed in a hotel in Paris and had to suffer one of those appalling six foot long sausages If there s no room in my luggage for my pillow then I throw things out until there is The best hotel I ve stayed in is Eagle s Crag at the Ghamwari Game Reserve The setting is unbelievably beautiful My dream trip would be to Okavango Delta in Botswana It s the most amazing wildlife reserve Adrenalin junkie or beach bum Adrenalin junkie When I go on holiday to Zimbabwe for example I start at about five in the morning and go up and down several mountains I take my rifle do some shooting and don t get back until about seven in the evening Stay up to date Share this story tweet Read Online Looking for back issues Subscribe FREE to the UK s most read Golf Newspaper latest golf news best travel deals latest competitions Join us

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  • DAN WALKER - Golf News
    You never want to hit one off the mat do you I always take my TaylorMade wedge with me too because you never know The best hotel I ve ever stayed at was Celtic Manor I booked a room to stay there with my wife and three kids but there was another Danny Walker already checked in and they d double booked the room The hotel was full and the only other room was the presidential suite so we all stayed there for the entire weekend That takes some beating My best meal on holiday was in Toulouse on a beautiful evening overlooking a beautiful park We had an exclusively duck barbecue because it was the only meat in the supermarket followed by lemon and sugar pancakes My favourite city in the world is Sheffield I ve been all round the world Rio de Janeiro Florence Rome Beijing and Paris but what I love about Sheffield is that it is my home and it feels like home It s the biggest village in the UK My kids absolutely love it I m a member at Hallamshire Golf Club which I love The only thing it needs is an airport so if you could sort that out it d be perfect My worst holiday experience was being kicked out of a hotel in Spain for throwing furniture off the 12 th floor balcony only it wasn t me We reckon it was some lads from Scunthorpe on the floor above they were keeping very quiet I m planning a golf trip to Portugal to play in Steven Gerrard s Foundation Day on the North Course at Quinta do Lago I m going to stay a few days and hopefully play Vilamoura Old which I love and one or two others My

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  • kevin pietersen - Golf News
    13 th hole on the West Course and I ve probably played it more than 50 times in that time already Having three great courses to chose from on your doorstep is incredible I love it My best round so far is an 80 on the East Course I m currently playing off 16 but I m hoping to get that down soon although it s more important that I just enjoy it as it doesn t pay the bills My favourite golf course abroad is the Green Monkey course at Sandy Lane in Barbados I wasn t into golf at all when I was playing for England so when all the other guys used to go out and play when we were on tour I missed out But I m making up for lost time and had the chance to play the Green Monkey last month and was totally blown away by it My perfect holiday involves family friends and sunshine It used to be activity I always needed to be doing things but the older I ve got and the busier my life has become the simpler I need my holiday to be I always pack sweets When I was on tour I used to take my own coffee and loads of sweets I have an incredibly sweet tooth I eat sweets all day especially sour sweets so they re a must when I pack I m not a particularly good packer but I m easy going about it If I realise I don t have something I need then I buy it My best piece of travel advice is to relax I don t really understand why people get so uptight travelling I m always chilled and easy If you re travelling with a baby or young child then it s much better to travel during the day so as not to disturb their sleeping pattern My dream holiday would be staying on a houseboat on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe going on a tiger safari in India or a gorilla trail in Africa I have a long list of things I d like to do but I want to leave certain places until I retire from cricket My worst holiday experience was a trip to Italy with a former girlfriend I asked a travel agent to recommend somewhere I wasn t fussy my only requirement was that it was in a resort that had a good beach We ended up in a resort in Italy half way up a steep winding cliff full of old people and not a beach for miles I d broken the bank to get there and it was so disappointing The thing I most dislike about holidays is travelling long distances with a baby We went to South Africa a few years ago and it was a nightmare My son s sleeping pattern at the time was all over the place so naturally he was crying If I didn t feel bad

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  • JOHN INVERDALE - Golf News
    s essentials My ideal holiday fourball would be Donald Fagen and Walter Becker from Steely Dan and Tim Henman Tim s there to be entertaining which he is hugely and to hit the ball straight which he does with irritating regularity but I wouldn t talk to him He can do the golf and I ll just listen to the other guys telling me how they wrote the music I love more than any other The best hotel I ve stayed in was the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome during the 1990 Football World Cup It had a lobby you could have played squash in I always remember kicking a football round in there while watching Madonna s Vogue on MTV which was still new and cool back then My favourite city is London Isn t it everybody s My worst holiday experience was getting stung by a stingray in Mexico I trod on it in the shallows and my foot came out like a basketball so I spent the rest of the trip on crutches I m planning a golf trip to North Wales I ve got a friend who keeps talking about how great the course at Nefyn is so I m looking forward to playing there I ll also head south to Newport in Pembrokeshire because there s a beautiful course there which runs down by the beach so you can play golf and leap into the sea once you walk off the 18th My top travel tip is to travel light The first big overseas event I covered was spending six weeks at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and I arrived at the airport laden by down by suitcases to meet the head of BBC engineering who had been around the block a few times and was

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/travel/john-inverdale/ (2016-02-17)
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  • RORY MCILROY - Golf News
    always feel at home there and I m always looked after well but not in a fussy way or with any special treatment And the breakfasts there are great lots of sausages white pudding bacon and breads from back home My favourite restaurant is Deanes Restaurant in Howard Street Belfast There are eight or so different Deanes venues now and all have different styles from casual bistros and brasseries to more fine dining They all share the same relaxed vibe though which is about being back home among friends and family My ideal dining companion would be George Best I m just such a huge football fan I can think of a lot of legendary golfers but I d love to have chatted to somebody regarded as the best of the best in his day I think we d have had great banter My least favourite dining companion would be any professional golfer in the world after they ve had a bad round I never travel without my Bose Bluetooth headphones and music clean underwear and good company My top travel tip is to take good music and headphones wherever you go You can escape almost anything or anybody with great tunes And wear lots of sunscreen My next holiday destination is the Amalfi Coast in Italy I ve heard so much great stuff about it so it s definitely on my list I just love the sound of Sorrento and Positano I ve heard the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is completely chilled But it s maybe not somewhere I d go on a boys trip Stay up to date Share this story tweet Read Online Looking for back issues Subscribe FREE to the UK s most read Golf Newspaper latest golf news best travel deals latest competitions

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/travel/rory-mcilroy/ (2016-02-17)
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  • AP mccoy - Golf News
    way of doing something active and relaxing at the same time My favourite meal abroad is chicken and chips with mayonnaise I know it doesn t sound very exciting but race riding requires a constant battle with your weight and I can t afford the luxury of a three course meal let alone a pudding One of the things I m most looking forward to after I retire is not getting on the scales every day As a jockey I have to weigh around 10 stone so food is not my favourite subject but it will be soon My favourite golf course The Majlis Course at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai The weather is always good even if my golf isn t I m planning a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix It s a different kind of horsepower but it s without doubt one of the highlights of the sporting calendar The worst holiday I ve ever had was the one enforced one I took after breaking my arm a few years ago Going on a golfing holiday with your arm in a sling isn t much fun My ideal golfing partners would be Mick Fitzgerald Carl Llewelyn and John Francome Mick thinks he s Tiger Woods Carl is always in the Woods and John s probably got more money than Tiger Woods If either of those three couldn t make it actress Charlize Theron would be a solid replacement I never go on holiday without my mobile phone and my wife Chanelle and the kids although not necessarily in that order My top travel tip would be to get some else to organise your holidays for you and always get picked up from the airport it takes all the stress out of finding your way around a

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/travel/ap-mccoy/ (2016-02-17)
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  • WILL GREENWOOD - Golf News
    was in Australia commentating on a Lions Tour What an awesome test of golf I always travel with Perudo dice The greatest game many an hour is spent playing by the pool when we re on holiday The best hotel I ve ever stayed at was Forte Village Resort in Sardinia for fun and sporting activities I run a SuperSkills rugby academy for children there during the summer but it s also somewhere where I love to go with my family as well The sports facilities are amazing and the parents get to enjoy a break while their kids are running off their energy My favourite city in the world is Rome It s where I grew up and I have incredibly fond memories of the beautiful city My favourite holiday restaurant is the ever popular beachside restaurant Gigi s at Quinta do Lago in Portugal which borders the Ria Formosa National Park The prawns are fabulous and it has one of those great dusk settings that you can t put a price on We ve been on holiday to Pinheiros Altos quite a few times and always find time for a meal at Gigi s I m planning a golf trip to North Wales in August with my family There are some great courses up there and hopefully we will get some lovely Welsh summer sun My top travel tip would be never to leave home without a big supply of hand wipes Will Greenwood is a co founder of SuperSkills Experiences He will be hosting the family sports academy at Forte Village Sardinia throughout July and August For more details visit www superskillsexperiences com He will also be taking part in Sport Fest a two day family sports festival which takes on the Getty family estate in Buckinghamshire

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  • DAVID LLOYD - Golf News
    more elevated so you get a nice sea breeze I ve been lucky enough to play the Green Monkey course at Sandy Lane and it was sensational My favourite city is Napier in New Zealand It s an art deco city on the coast in the heart of the Hawkes Bay wine region It has a great climate and a real throwback feel with all those retro cars you see being driven around the city My favourite city when I was on tour was Adelaide You get the hustle and bustle in Melbourne and Sydney but Adelaide is quite relaxed with acres of open spaces I play golf at Royal Adelaide whenever I m there I also go to the Oyster Bar where if you can eat four dozen oysters in one sitting your name is featured on the notice board I managed that but was too embarrassed to have my name written on the wall All I need for my perfect holiday is my wife and my dog Tags My favourite hotel is the Trident Oberoi in Mumbai It s out of this world in every respect from the restaurants to how spotlessly clean it is and the staff are brilliant This place is truly an experience with every amenity that you can think of and spectaculars view of Arabian Sea from every floor My worst travel experience was in Kathmandu I went with a friend to do a bit of trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas But it was absolutely filthy I caught dengue fever and thought I was going to die I got very ill from all the filth I was breathing in I tried to see it out while I was there but I couldn t work for two weeks when I got back My

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