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  • SIR NICK FALDO - Golf News
    story We had the big three moons ago with Palmer Nicklaus and Player now it looks like we re approaching having another one Of course it s very early days for all three players they re all still in their 20s but it would be great for golf if these guys were able to go head to head down the stretch in the majors and other big events in the years ahead How hungry do you think Rory will be to regain the top spot after seeing the other two surge past him this season It will really motivate Rory Rory loves the limelight and he wants to be world number one again He doesn t like the fact that these two other guys went whoosh past him because of his injury so he ll be gearing up big time for next season Most golfers suffer injuries at some point How did you approach them during your career You ve got to look after yourself You re an athlete and you have a window of opportunity It doesn t mean you ve got to wrap yourself up in cotton wool but some things you ve just got to think twice about Your priority is to do everything right to be a golfer for the time you are out there Once it s over hopefully you ve got 50 more years of the rest of your life to enjoy what you achieved as an athlete for 20 years Some observers have said that Spieth has to find some more distance off the tee if he is to stay at the top Do you think that s the case He doesn t need to change a thing I ve been there and when you re playing well you re always looking for more but all you really need to do is just maintain things If you re playing well enough to beat the best in the world I wouldn t go and look to tinker too much with it That s what so many players have done before thinking I ve got this good I want to keep going but maintaining it is a tough enough game There s a knife edge between playing so well that it makes you feel so darn good that you feel 100 per cent confident to then very simply hitting a few bad shots That whacks your confidence What s your view on golf s return to the Olympics and would you have liked to have won a gold medal I m happy to see golf in the Olympics but I don t think they ve got the format right It should be a proper team event not just another individual stroke play event Teams of three with the best two scores counting would have been my ideal I would have loved to have had a chance to win a gold medal Of course it s not the same as a major but it s a

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/sir-nick-faldo/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Bernd Wiesberger - Golf News
    Playing in the final group in a major and being in contention to win was a great experience and hopefully can get myself there again in the near future I m disappointed that I ve not played well in the Majors I ve played well in the other bigger events in Europe and won a couple but the Majors are at a completely different level But you know many things are still the same You re still out there with your caddie trying to do the best you can You re ranked inside the top 10 in Europe and 25 th in the world are you now feeling at ease on the world stage I m certainly a lot more relaxed when I play in the big events as I feel I ve earned my place in the top flight with my results and have no reason to be stressed Having won again and secured a two year exemption I feel like I can go out there and play with a bit more freedom and that is the best way for me to play The stats show you re averaging almost 300 yards off the tee this season What is the key to your power I think I ve actually scaled back a little bit with my distances this season I ve always been in the top 20 or so for driving but I ve realised it s not always about the big hit but more about finding fairways especially on tighter tracks So I m focusing a little more on accuracy rather than distance But to answer your question I m quite tall and I have got a lot of weight to put behind the ball I ve got great equipment that I can trust as well and that combination mixed in with a little bit of talent seem to get the ball out there Austria is more known for producing world class skiers than it is golfers so who got you into golf My father owns a big sports shop back in Austria which was near to which a golf course that opened up when I was about eight or nine years old I started going to the driving range there soon after and really enjoyed it I started practicing seriously from the age of 13 or 14 and quickly moved from club teams to national junior squads So what s your skiing handicap I would probably give myself a high single handicap eight maybe I m decent I m not going to fall over unless somebody runs me over let s put it that way I don t have much time for skiing these days because we have quite a tight schedule Also I broke my collarbone in a skiing accident about 10 years ago so I know that have to be careful as my body needs to be fit for golf these days Austria is bidding to host the 2022 Ryder Cup alongside Germany Italy and

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/bernd-wiesberger/ (2016-02-17)
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  • RICKIE FOWLER - Golf News
    go along the course Yeah little things can mean so much to fans I remember being at sporting events growing up whether it was golf or something else but even just a little acknowledgment went a long way It s really cool to be in a position now where I have a lot of young fans and get to sign autographs Just to be able to do that and have the chance of having an impact on someone s life for what could take just a few seconds is a really important part of being a professional I never really thought about those kind of responsibilities when I dreamed of playing on the PGA Tour but it s something you learn about along the way Playing on tour is a partnership We take care of our stuff during tournaments but work together with sponsors and partners for a lot of the other time in order to give us the opportunity to be able to play Given the demands on your time I guess you have to be quite ruthless in what you do and don t decide to do How do you balance out those demands My life is very structured at times I mean we re still normal people I like to have some fun and enjoy some free time when it s right But time management is very important when it comes to making sure that I m ready to play come Thursday wee in and week out and that goes with the off weeks as well How you manage your time during the weeks when you re not playing can have a huge impact on how you play when you are in a tournament week What s the hardest aspect for you in your life as a tour player It s got to be the travelling Last month for example I was over in Korea for the Presidents Cup then I went to Japan for two days to do some stuff for Puma and Cobra over there then I flew to LA for two days went to Las Vegas played in a charity event then flew to Dallas to go do Jordan s event and the went back to LA for a couple days and then came out here to Shanghai Luckily I enjoy travelling I love seeing the world I guess if I didn t enjoy that this would be pretty tough You seem to have embraced the idea of being a global player perhaps more than many other PGA Tour players Why is that Yeah luckily I m in a position where I get to go play the best tournaments around the world It s been fun to be able to go play tournaments in places where I ve just thought about being able to go visit and then get to play golf on top of it Like most of us I guess you started out playing golf because it was fun But now that

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/rickie-fowler/ (2016-02-17)
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  • IAN POULTER - Golf News
    only went two years without a victory 2005 2008 I m not a great golfer but I know how to win Poulter once said That statement seems a bit hollow these days It s been difficult and that s hard to take from someone who has prided themselves on winning a lot of consecutive years in a row but I have to deal with that says Poulter who turns 40 in January The only way of dealing with that properly is going out there and winning That s why he was hoping home course advantage would help him win the British Masters over a course he knew so well Far from looking like one of the marquee players Poulter hit two shanks during the week and at times played like a journeyman pro rather than the star of the show Yet the former Hitchin man began the season well He should have won the PGA Tour s Honda Classic in March Leading after 54 holes he uncharacteristically put five balls in water hazards in the final round and limped off with a two over par 74 to miss a playoff by one shot He then finished sixth in the Masters raising hopes of a revival but has been treading water for most of the season with some especially poor performances in the majors 54 th in the US Open and missed cuts at the Open Championship and the US PGA Championship I feel certain areas of my game have let me down he says I ve had my chances and I ve kind of thrown them away I need to get the old me back I need to be a bit more ruthless and I need to have that killer instinct out on the golf course Despite the occasional shank off the tee it is on the greens that Poulter seems most uncomfortable these days After missing back to back cuts in the Scottish Open and the Open he put his sub standard performances down to a lack of belief with the shortest club in the bag I thought I played good tee to green but I didn t hole my fair share of putts Poulter says It s back to the drawing board now I ve got to try to visually see my lines Some weeks you just can t see the right lines you can t visualise the ball going in the hole and that puts the rest of your game under pressure to hit it close We all rely on putting we all hit it well from tee to green but unless you hole the putts you are not going to win tournaments I ve had great times and won great tournaments but my putting has held me back I need to work harder on that and put in even more hours He s going to need to find that touch on the greens soon if he is to stay inside the world s top 50 where

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/ian-poulter/ (2016-02-17)
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    like playing at Gleneagles in the Ryder Cup I ve heard it said that when you play in one Ryder Cup you never want to miss another I understand that now In terms of the atmosphere the majors would rank as a one and the Ryder Cup a 10 It was by far best event I ve ever played in and I was so lucky to have played in it in my home country very few European players ever get that opportunity It s without doubt the pinnacle of my career so far What were you able to take away from the experience in terms of your own game To be in the company of the greatest players in the world was something else It allowed me to learn from them study what they do and on the whole my game measured up well But match play can be a bit of a bugger You can play great and lose or be rubbish and win I gave Phil Mickelson one of the best players in the world a good game I just ran out of steam in the end Bones Mickelson s caddie Jim McKay pulled me aside afterwards and told me I d played great which was nice to hear How hard was it for you to sit out the matches on the Saturday knowing all your friends and family were there I was OK with sitting out because I was new to it all and it s a team game and when guys break records in foursomes you ve got to keep that formula I wasn t unhappy because so many guys in the team have had the same experience before Martin Kaymer didn t play the Saturday at Medinah then he holed the putt on the Sunday to win the cup But on the Saturday every one of the boys rallied round me They made me feel brilliant I would have loved to have been involved but would I rather sit out and have the team win Yeah I would always rather the team win You ve had a rather up and down season so far by your own standards Can you point to anything specific that isn t clicking for you I m feeling more positive than I have been the last couple months France was a big turning point I didn t play well at all Sometimes you need a bit of adversity before you can sort of take stock and say well you know what I m going to draw a line in the sand and just get back to doing what I do best and just focus on one shot at a time and do the fundamentals right The more things you do right the better chance you ve got of peak performance So that s what I m hoping for I ve been struggling a little bit but I m working hard and trying to do the right things right and hopefully

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/stephen-gallacher/ (2016-02-17)
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    his first US PGA Championship The experience although valuable was an all too short lived one after rounds of 78 and 75 left him four shots over the cut mark Always one to take the positives away from any event Pepperell felt the numbers he posted did not reflect the way he played Overall it was a good experience playing at Whistling Straits My score didn t really do me justice but I m not too fussed about that I hadn t played since the Open so although I didn t score as well as I would ve liked it was enjoyable being out there in that sort of atmosphere I hadn t experienced much of that before Now back on home soil the globe trotting youngster is looking forward to a run events nearer to his Abingdon home including the Dunhill Links Championship back at his favoured St Andrews and the British Masters which is being held just down the road at Woburn where he can expect his growing following known as the Pepper Army to be out in force A three week break after the PGA has allowed him to spend time at his beloved Frilford Heath Golf Club which has supported him throughout his career He gives as much time to the club as his busy schedule allows and took time out last month to give a coaching clinic to a number of youngsters involved with the BB O Partnership I want to give back when possible and fortunately I m in a position where I can both with my time and financially says Pepperell Hopefully I can improve the lives of some young golfers and get more kids playing golf locally There are some things I d like to do moving forward I would certainly like to subsidise memberships if I could for juniors to come but it s something which would need to be talked about with the club Pepperell also used the downtime between tournaments to enjoy a sporting experience of different kind when he made his debut in the BBC s A Question of Sport which will be aired later this month I was not a tenth as nervous standing on the first tee on the final day at St Andrews as I was going into the studio he admits TV is completely new to me but it was a boyhood dream to go on the show While looking very much at ease with himself on and off the golf course these days Pepperell is one of the few professional golfers to have spoken openly about less glamourous aspects of his profession namely the endless hours spent travelling hanging around airports and holed up in hotels between rounds It s hardly working down the mines but Pepperell is one of the first to admit that golf is a very isolating sport at the top level and It was what was he describes as the mind destroying tedium of tour life that compelled him

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/eddie-pepperell/ (2016-02-17)
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  • ALEX PETERS - Golf News
    it isn t a long term plan as he works full time What do you regard as the main strengths of your game My biggest strength is my driving I hit a lot of fairways What do you think are the key areas for improvement I am always working at improving all aspects of my game but in particular my short game is a priority What equipment do you have in the bag Ping G30 woods D 3W 5W Rescue Ping I25 irons 4 PW Ping Anser wedges 52 58 and a Ping My Day putter Have you managed to secure any sponsorship deals I have had a few offers but I m still in talks with a few companies so there s nothing to announce on that front just yet How old were you when you first took up golf and who first introduced you to the game I started playing when I was seven My family all play the game so there wasn t much chance of me not at least having a go How much support have you received from Shifnal Golf Club Do you practise there Both Shifnal and Notts Ladies have been great with both clubs allowing me to use the facilities whenever I like You became the only woman to have ever played in the Halford Hewitt in 2013 What was that experience like and what do you think UK golf clubs have to do to make golf more attractive to young girls and women in general It was a great experience to play in the Halford Hewitt Everyone made me feel very welcome Golf is very expensive and unless you are really serious you are probably not going to pay the fees that golf clubs demand Also I think clubs need to look at the cost of membership for golfers between the ages of 18 and 45 This can be a difficult time financially for many reasons such as going to university buying a house or starting a family so to maintain younger members clubs have to address the cost of membership Have you treated yourself to anything special since joining the paid ranks No I haven t I am saving as much as I can to keep myself on tour Who is your favourite tour player My favourite player is Luke Donald I also really like Jordan Spieth he is a great player It s very motivating and inspiring to see someone the same age as you dominate like he has in the last six or seven months What are your goals for the remainder of the season To keep making cuts and try to improve my position on the LET Order of Merit When it comes to your clothing how important is its performance when you re out on the course Look good feel good play good that s my motto Chervo clothing certainly allows me to do just that with their chic tech concept which combines ultimate style with the

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/interviews/1616/ (2016-02-17)
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    the launch of GolfBuddy s new LD2 a GPS watch that has been designed specifically for the fashion conscious female golfer Elegant and lightweight 1 oz it offers a range of feminine design touches including a row of Swarovski crystal studs above and below the face and a rich alligator grain leather strap A thin body stainless steel crown button and bezel and a premium mineral lens complete the stylish look Preloaded with over 38 000 courses it offers distances to front centre back of the green alongside distances to all hazards on a hole while GolfBuddy s automatic recognition system immediately picks up which course you re playing and even which hole especially useful for shotgun starts GPS tracking and a built in odometer mean the LD2 can double up as a health band while the rechargeable lithium ion battery provides eight hours use in GPS mode and up to one year in standard watch mode Announcing the launch of the LD2 GolfBuddy s head of sales and marketing John Ennis said Research from around the world told us that while lady golfers like the concept of GPS watches the current trend for bulkier sporty styling doesn t sit

    Original URL path: http://www.golfnews.co.uk/equipment/golfbuddy-launches-ladies-gps-watch/ (2016-02-17)
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