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  • SEO Training Courses
    Cart etc etc inside out and in reality the SEO process is exactly the same Know the search terms Make sure the site is in Google s cache and check the current rankings Sort out the page titles and meta descriptions Add an html sitemap an xml sitemap and a robots txt file if they are in any way shape or form less than 100 GET THE WEBSITE CONTENT ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON Check rankings again Repeat Of course there is far more to it than that Search Engine Optimisation is a science but given two hours a week and our manual anyone can crack their own site wide open What is Google Doing Google is a measuring device It measures how relevant a site is to the search term that has been input by the user Basic science tells us that any measuring device must have a standard to which it can compare the thing that it is measuring There is no such thing as a standard website No website is the same They can be written in php aspx html or a multitude of other programming languages hosted on servers of different configurations all of different age all driven by different databases In essence Google has to best guess which site is more suitable to be placed at the top of its rankings which comes second etc In fact the only variable which can be definitively measured is the content and that includes page titles meta descirptions link titles link anchor text etc So in reality all you have to do is make your content better than that of your competitors content and you will be above them in the search engines The problem is with content is that the user will get a bit fed up after a

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  • SEO Training Courses | SEO Training Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    trawl forums to get the latest news We no longer offer group training courses as quite simply there isn t a bog standard website out there Instead we offer training that is specific to the client website For example if the site is built in Magento then that gives us far differing problems than if it was built in Wordpress Training is done on site and on the website and as far more companies back away from using SEO Companies that don t seem to do anything apart from invoice then a 500 one off with guaranteed results and unlimited support makes financial sense After all who knows the content of your site better than the staff In the first instance contact us and we will look at your site and see if there s a quick fix whether you do need training at all or as with many a previous client you just want to go back to your current SEO Company armed with some knowledge so you can determine whether they are actually working on your site on on their tans SEO Training Manual Buy our unique and proven SEO Training Course There are two options manual only

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  • SEO Training Manual | SEO Training Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    and advice plus the SEO Manual for 299 For that you get to phone or email anytime with any questions you may have about your site s performance and rankings We will also throw in two hours of our expert SEO and we can do a heck of a lot in two hours The choice is yours and any questions ring 07876 401658 we have turned our 0844 number off

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  • SEO Yorkshire | SEO Training Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    and it s current state as regards SEO and this also includes which is unique to us a timeline of when your chosen search terms will be page 1 of Google We never miss targets You then have the chance to read the proposal and ask any questions before we commence our SEO project which is on a non contract monthly basis you can pull out whenever you want Most

    Original URL path: http://www.googlegeeks.co.uk/?q=node/4 (2016-02-18)
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  • Google+ Listings | SEO Training Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    a map with pins highlighting local businesses that match the search This local listing comes above the organic search results and you could therefore be above a company paying 1000s a month to an SEO Company simply by grabbing your Google page and getting the content of that page just right We understand that you don t know how to do it You may not even have a Google account If not get one just sign up for gmail It only takes us a few minutes to get your Google pages ranking highly for one search term so this could be the best 30 you have ever spent Simply fill in the form below pay your money and we will crack on you will be informed of our changes and we will then let you know that if you want you can change the password Please note we are professional and reputable and as such can make a firm promise not to do anything untoward when in your Google account we won t go near any emails or docs or anything like that just Google in and out Google Username Google Password SEO Training Manual Buy our unique and proven

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  • Contact | SEO Training Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    co uk If you really want to speak to us 01302 858386 usual office hours or 07876 401658 SEO Training Manual Buy our unique and proven SEO Training Course There are two options manual only and manual plus full support For the latter we will help out with any tricky coding problems be there to answer any questions and most of all get your site to the top of Google

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