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  • Collective #16
    Search Optimisation Contact Us Blog Legal Google Facebook Twitter Latest News July 2012 152 June 2012 47 News Collective 16 17 06 2012 15 22 34 From Codrops RWD Paged Media Module CSS3 UI Kit About Pages Free Fonts Free

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2712 (2016-04-24)
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  • Showcase of Beautiful Typography In Package Design
    06 2012 12 50 05 From Package design is very important for any product and we can say it is the main requirement for the success of a product The design and the typography can boost the sales We have showcased many typographic designs in our past articles and this time we have gathered package designs with beautiful and effective typography Hope you like the collection You may also take

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2638 (2016-04-24)
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  • Dealing with User Feedback: The Good and The Bad
    Latest News July 2012 152 June 2012 47 News Dealing with User Feedback The Good and The Bad 19 06 2012 05 27 38 From Web Design Ledger Working as a web designer you need to handle constructive criticism frequently It comes with the territory and the sooner you learn this lesson the easier it ll be to move forward Nobody is perfect and even some of these critiques may

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2417 (2016-04-24)
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  • Our favorite tweets of the week June 18 – June 24, 2012
    News July 2012 152 June 2012 47 News Our favorite tweets of the week June 18 June 24 2012 24 06 2012 09 54 45 From Web Design Depot Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2210 (2016-04-24)
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  • Matthew Weier O'Phinney's Blog: On Visibility in OOP
    whole bunch of new tools and new tools keep coming into the language for us with each minor release One feature that has had a huge impact on frameworks and libraries has been available since the earliest PHP 5 versions visibility He covers a bit of the syntax and features of public private and protected and mentions a keyword not often seen in PHP applications final The reason all of

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2043 (2016-04-24)
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  • James Fuller's Blog: Why can't someone just make a good IDE for..
    recent experiences trying to find one that fits his needs I think the first IDE I ever used for web development would have to be Adobe Dreamweaver nee Macromedia Ok so maybe it was Microsoft FrontPage but that shouldn t really count This post is about my experience moving away from the oft maligned program and some lessons learned in my quest for the perfect IDE He tried out several

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2042 (2016-04-24)
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  • Joshua Thijssen's Blog: Using vagrant and puppet to setup your..
    for a lot of developers a daily practice But even for open source projects like joind in and protalk me are seeing the benefits of having development environment on the fly New contributors don t have to spend a lot of time setting up their environment but it s automatically generated the code setup the database server together with a filled set of data any additional components like varnish memcache

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article2041 (2016-04-24)
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  • Site News: Popular Posts for the Week of 06.29.2012
    past week PHP Tip a Day PHP Tutorial King Floyd and the Seventeen Princes A Tale of the Observer Pattern Mayflower Blog Software Architecture Decisions How to do it Wrong the Hard Easy Way CodeDevelopr com 50 Web Developer Documentation Manuals You Need To Know About Robert Basic s Blog Using the new autoloaders from Zend Framework 1 12 PHPMaster com Multi Factor Authentication with PHP and Twilio Jeremy Cook

    Original URL path: http://www.guppydesign.co.uk/news-article1979 (2016-04-24)
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