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  • Hobby Ceramicraft Kilns
    Silver Art Clay Glass Kiln Paragon Fusion 7 Glass Fusing Kiln Paragon Fusion 16 Glass Kiln Paragon Clamshell Glass Fusing Kiln MagicFuse Microwave Glass Kiln Blue Box Kiln Account Login A range of simple to use computer controlled electric kilns Capable of firing to preset temperatures or on schedules of your own chosing The backbone of every paint your own pottery studio Simple to maintain with continued support given even

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/kilns (2016-04-27)
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  • Accessories for Pottery Painting
    Whisper Potters Throwing Wheel Shimpo RK3E VL Whisper Potters Throwing Wheel Shimpo RK3D Whisper Potters Throwing Wheel Shimpo adjustable stool Glaze dispenser Printed canvas guide Letter stamps A M Letter stamps N Z Letter stamps small alphabet Number stamps large Stamp holder Banding Wheel with armrest 20cm dia Banding Wheel 18 5cm Banding Wheel Aluminium 18cm Banding Wheel Aluminium 30cm Decorating Wheel Heavy Aluminium 30cm Banding Wheel 22cm Decorating Wheel 18cm Flower shaped plastic palette 10 hole plastic palette 6 hole plastic palette Alphabet Stamps lowercase Extra lowercase letter stamps Alphabet Stamps uppercase Extra uppercase letter stamps Number stamps Sack of Mould Making Plaster 25 kilo Sack of Strong Plaster Herculite No 2 25 kilo Casting Powder Alginate 900g bag Casting Plaster 1 kilo Bag Side Plate Box 240 x 240 x 35mm Large Plate Box 330 x 330 x 50mm Decoration Box 155 x 155 x 20mm Buff Mug Box 150 x 150 x 120mm Masking Tape 6mm Masking Tape 12mm Brush Basin Brush Caddy Bamboo Brush Roll Bisque Sanding Pad Spritzer Bottle Tops 6 Brass Shim 1 metre length Clay Carbon Viscosity Cup Dipping Tongs Account Login All the other marvellous bits and pieces you may need in

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/accessories-general-accessories (2016-04-27)
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  • Contemporary ceramic studios
    with opportunities to cash in on passing trade therefore this is going to be a deal more expensive than a conventional studio Having said that the potential customer base for a contemporary cafe is enormous the materials needed to sustain the business are minimal the profit margins very good the tuition required is minimal both for operator and customers making it a very good source of income once an operation has become established Again all the Ceramic related items are available and heavily stocked by ourselves we don t sell coffee Bisque colour brushes and kilns are basically all that is required plus the one absolute essential proper training Over the years firstly in The States and then over here in Europe we have seen many amazing success stories with entrepreneural contemporary studio owners growth faster and greater than their expectations We have also seen some horrendous stories The basic concept and process is really quite simple BUT and it is a big BUT it is very important indeed to know what you are doing There are plenty of purveyors of materials which may be excellent for traditional pottery or production ceramics but are very wrong for this specialised business Contemporary studios need safe non toxic products children and untrained people will use them They need compatible products otherwise pieces will split the glaze may craze or pit The bisque needs to be made of exactly the right clay body manufactured to exactly the right temperature The glaze needs to be designed to exactly fit the specific bisque The kilns need to be made to fire economically to the required temperature cool reasonably quickly safe and be foolproof to operate you may delegate sometimes to a less knowledgeable staff member as well as easy to repair and service when that need does eventually arise It is easy to waste a fortune on advertising and promotion you do need sound ideas and advice on how to achieve these ends efficiently and economically With only plain common sense to guide you it is very easy to choose excellent but totally wrong for this purpose products from the above needs list Bisque which is very cheap and crazes kilns which are very good yet cost a fortune to buy fire and take for ever to cool and so on We NEED to help you to succeed we want a long term trusting reliable relationship with our customers for our mutual long term profit and satisfaction We have a pair of huge warehouses near Reading in Berkshire where we stock over 1 5 million pieces of bisque as well as a full range of colours and glazes from the leading American hobby ceramic manufacturer Mayco Their market leading non toxic easy to use paint product Stroke and Coat has become an industry standard Our Bisque stocks are carefully sourced from all over the world and stocked BIG to keep you supplied even at your busiest times Hobby Ceramicraft have the best possible products for

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/additional-pages-contemporary-ceramic-studios (2016-04-27)
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  • Start your own business in ceramics
    fun For the children it will big exciting different and memorable For the parent you ll want it to be exciting satisfying good value for money and an event that will inspire them to tell their friends about you and perhaps even have a go themselves Pottery Painting Parties are incredibly easy to host badly we show you how to run yours exceptionally well exceeding the customer s expectations and being able to present each participant with a professional looking piece of real ceramic that will be admired by many What better advert could there be for your business Not just for kids Adult parties range from the hen party for the bride to be who ends up with a dinner service each plate painted by a friend to corporate entertaining event in a hotel or office where staff or guests enjoy the fun of creating and painting all sorts of items either for themselves or for their work mates To create pieces of real ceramics with a durability that will allow mugs and plates to be used not just looked at with colours that will not rub off or fade we need to fire them in a kiln which will take them up to over 1000 degrees Celsius If you are running a business in ceramics you need a reliable kiln indeed it is this piece of equipment that will draw your customers to come back and spend with you this is not a hobby that they will be able to do at home on the cheap without one All the kilns we supply are fully computerised and magnificently simple to operate We will show you how and advise you which model is best suited for your requirements Your kiln will have a state of the art computer on board which will give you total control over what is happening inside With this you can easily adapt your firing not just for earthenware but also stoneware porcelain and even glass All this at the touch of a button very efficiently and with a firing cost that most likely be less than you d expect We will help you setup your new kiln cutting through the jargon used in the manual allowing you to quickly get on with your new venture Should your kiln get sick we are here to help diagnose the problem supply spare parts talk you through their installation and get the kiln back up and working for you as quickly as possible We appreciate a broken kiln can be a major obstacle for a Ceramic Business Click here for more advice on choosing a kiln The colours you use are non toxic so no safety worries with children water based no need for aprons or floor coverings and are from a large range Although you only need to carry some of them initially you can add to the colour range as you go along for example adults parties will want more choice Packed in a choice

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/additional-pages-start-your-own-business (2016-04-27)
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  • Hobby Ceramicraft Terms of Trade
    details or REGISTER for trade by filling in your details on this page Active Ceramic Cafe and Pottery Party business will be offered trade terms WHOLESALE MINIMUM QUANTITIES Bisque is only sold in box quantities Paint products can be ordered as singles Most boxes of paint come in quantities of 12 or 6 s TRADE ORDER SIZE An order must be at least 100 excluding VAT and carriage to qualify for trade prices Any products correctly obtained to order which are not accepted and paid for or orders pulled then cancelled by the customer will entail a restocking charge of 25 DEPOSITS Special order items will require a 50 deposit to confirm the order Bookings for some of our courses will require full payment or in some cases a non refundable deposit payment to confirm the booking This ensures that our costs are covered in the event of a no show on the day RETURNS REFUNDS Please click here for details of our Refund Policy SERVICE Orders received by 9 30am on the first day will be ready for collection or dispatch on the second day Orders received after 9 30am will be processed the following day We will endeavour to process your order as quickly as possible and the majority of orders are processed within 24 hours We will not allow late large orders to push in front first come first served Neither will we sell your newly arrived ordered products to another large customer All customers large or small new or old are treated with the same fair and prompt service CARRIAGE Goods which are sent with a carrier are subject to the carrier s terms of trade You or your representative must be available to accept delivery on the day of delivery To avoid incurring additional charges

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/additional-pages-terms-of-trade (2016-04-27)
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  • Ireland Eire International Eire Dublin Please select Password required Confirm Password required Passwords do not match Contact number required I would like TRADE access Please select business type Mobile Pottery Painting Business Static Pottery Painting business Potter School Hobbyist Home Studio Craft Shop Ceramic Artist Glass Artist Please select Tell us about your business include website address if you have one please required Information required Please select at least one

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/login-register.php (2016-04-27)
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  • Pottery Books
    Vector Motifs Dover Electronic Clip Art Repairing Pottery and Porcelain Throwing Pots The Scholarly Bamboo Glazes for the Craft Potter Slipware Collection Problems and Defects in Artistic Ceramics Setting up a Pottery Workshop Contemporary Celtic Motifs The Grammer of Ornament The Figurato Maiolica of Montelupo Slipware Contemporary Approaches Account Login Home Online Shop About Us Useful Info Contact Us Training Courses Ceramic Bisque Ceramic Paints Glazes Pottery Kilns Pottery Tools

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/books (2016-04-27)
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  • Round Brushes
    Round Brush No 12 Detail Liner Brush No 0 Liner Brush No 4 Round Brush No 6 Round Brush No 8 Pointed Round No 4 Script Liner No 6 Pointed Round No 6 Pointed Round No 8 Detail Liner No 2 Detail Brush No 0 Detail Brush very fine No 5 0 Round Brush No 8 Round Brush No 6 Round Brush No 4 Round Brush No 0 Ice Round Brush No 6 Ice Flat Brush No 6 Angled Shader Brush 3 8 Soft Glaze Fan Brush Sable hair 4 Sable hair 6 Pony hair soft round 8 Pony hair soft round 10 Pony hair soft round 12 Pony hair round 1 Pony hair round 2 Pony hair round 3 Pony hair round 4 Pony hair round 5 Pony hair round 6 Clear handle round 4 Clear handle round 8 Clear handle round 12 Clear handle round 14 Account Login Round brushes are the standard brush generally used in ceramic studios Either as a basecoating brush or used for brushwork load press pull and lift for effective pressure strokes Home Online Shop About Us Useful Info Contact Us Training Courses Ceramic Bisque Ceramic Paints Glazes Pottery Kilns Pottery Tools Special

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/brushes-round (2016-04-27)
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