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  • Ceramic Bisque Bowls
    5cm T Modish Small 14cm W x 6 5cm T Rice 14cm W Yarn Bowl 14 5cm W x 7 5cm T Yarn or Noodle Bowl Rice 15cm W Cereal Bowl 15cm wide x 6cm tall Japanese Bowl 15cm Small Planter 15 5cmW x 9 5cmT Tall Cereal 15 5cm W Saucy 16cm W x 10cm T Cereal Bowl 16cmW x 8 3cmT Handled 9cm T x 17cm L Medium Planter w lip 18 5cm W x 11cm T Chip and Dip 20cm Modish Medium 20 5cm W x 10cm T Medium Kitchen Bowl 21cm Large Planter w lip 21cm W x 13 5cm T Splash 21cm W x 9 5cm T Rimmed 22cm W Pasta 22cm W Asian 11cm T x 22cm L x 16cm W Japanese Bowl 23cm Large Funky 24cm W x 12cm T V Bowl 24cm Modish Medium 25cm W x 11cm T V Bowl small 25cm W x 10cm T Large Kitchen Bowl 26cm Classic 26cm Saucy Platter 27cm W Rimmed 28cm W Rice 28cm W Japanese Bowl 28cm Modish Large 30cm W x 14 5cm T Food Canoe 30cm L x 9cm W x 5cm T V Bowl 31cm Chip n Dip 35cm W Rice 35 5cm W Centerpiece 40cm W XL Deep Contemporary 40cm W Heart rimmed 17cm Star Bowl 21cm Square Bowl 7 5cm x 7 5cm Small Sauce Bowl 8 5cm Square Sauce Dish 9 5cm x 9 5cm Sushi Dish 9cm Square 10cm Square Dip Bowl Soup or Cereal 15cm W Small Scooped 22 5cm W x 14cm x 6cm T Large Scooped Serving 23cm W x 36cm L Small Pet Bowl 12cm wide x 4cm tall Medium Pet Bowl 19cm wide x 7cm tall Dog Bowl Large 22 5 x 8cm Account Login Plain and Simple bowls are the

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-bowls (2016-04-27)
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  • Ceramic Bisque Boxes
    18cm Tall x 20cm Long x13cm Wide Fluted Box with Lid 9cm Tall Fluted Box with Lid 11cm Tall Zombie Box 11 5cm Robot Box 11 5cm T Dancin Sugar Pot 15 5cmT x 15cmW Dancin Container 20cmT x 17cmW Monster Box 15cm Wide 6cm Tall Little Milk Churn Box 10cm Tall x 7 5cm Wide Squirrel Box Fox Box Acorn Cottage Box 20T x 19W x 16cmL Cottage Box 20 5T x 17 5W x 18cmL Owl Mask Box 15cmL x 14cmW x 7 5cmT Masquerade Box 15cmL x 13cmW x 8cmT Skull Box 14cmL x 5 5cmT Robot Box 14 5cmT x 14cmW Dolphin Box 11 5 x 6 x 10cm Heart Box with Banner 11 x 7 5 x 5cm Owl Box 12 x 11 5 x 11 5cm Round Canister 12cm Princess Carriage Pirate Treasure Trunk Button box Beetle Box Snail Box Door Handle Box Faceted Box Flat Tree Box Penguin Storage Jar Finial Jar 35cm Finial Jar 28cm Classic Cookie Canister Egg box large Classic Heart Box Square Biscuit Barrel 14 5cm Castle Box 10cm tall Treasure Chest Box 9cm tall Whimsical Box 12 5cm long Diddy Oval Box 7cm x 10cm Diddy Round Box 8cm wide Diddy Square Box 7cm Small cube box 7 5cm Cube Box 12cm x 12cm Star Heart and Round Boxes 12 5cm dia Sharky Box 16 5cm long Cross Box 14cm long Purse Box 12 5cm tall Cupcake Box 10 5cm Bow Box 9 x 9cm Baby Bottle Box 13 5cm long Duffle Bag Box 16cm long Owl Cookie Jar 23 5cm Tall x 20cm Wide Big Hoot Box 15cm Tall x 13cm Wide Little Hoot Box 12cm Tall x 10cm Wide Ex large canister Large canister Medium canister Small canister Turtle Box Account Login Having multiple surface areas

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-boxes (2016-04-27)
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  • Bisque Heart shapes
    etc Add ditions Tableware Stoneware Terra Cotta Rejects Bisque Ceramic Heart shapes Heart Box w Lid 8 5cm Wide x 4 5cm Tall Heart Paperweight Puffy Heart Ornament Small Heart Dish 13cm x 12cm x 2cm Heart Plate with Flourish 23cm x 19cm Large Heart Box 9 5cm x 10cm Heart Box with Banner 11cm x 7 5 x 5cm Classic Heart Box Heart Hanger 10 5cm Tall Small Heart Hanger 4 5cm Drop Heart Bead 3 8cm x 3 5cm Star Heart and Round Boxes 12 5cm dia Cool Heart Hanger 12cm wide x 13cm tall 3D Heart with Hook 8 x 8cm Funky Heart Dish 18cm Heart Hanger 7 5cm wide x 9cm tall Heart Plate 27cm Heart Plate 19cm Heart Plaque 20 x 16cm Heart Box 9 x 8 5 x 5cm Heart rimmed 17cm 23cm Heart Account Login Hearts are one of the most important shapes in a ceramic studio Popular as a gift for a loved one White earthenware bisque designed to be glaze fired at Cone 06 1000C Home Online Shop About Us Useful Info Contact Us Training Courses Ceramic Bisque Ceramic Paints Glazes Pottery Kilns Pottery Tools Special Offers Clearance Starter Kits Pottery

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-hearts (2016-04-27)
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  • Animal Ceramic Bisque
    Butterfly 15 x 12 x 6 cm Butterfly 8 5cm Tall x 10cm Wide Dragonfly W 14 6 x L 10 1cm Dragonfly 12cm Wide 11cm Long Owl 9cm Tall Owl Bowl 10cm Tall 13cm Wide Owl Dish 15cm x 16cm Owl Mug 7 5cm Owlet Penguin 6cm Tall x 7cm Wide Penguin 40cm Penguin with hat Penguin 27cm Penguin standing Sitting LadyBug 10cm Tall Happy Bee 10cm Tall Cute Bug 20cm Tall Snail 10 5cm x 7 5cm Tall Worm 9 x 5 x 6cm Koi fish large Fish set of 3 8 10cm Frisky Frogs 3 designs max 11 5cm Happy Frog 12 5cm Tall Small Frogs 2 designs 11 5cm Small Geckos 12 5cm long Gecko 25cm long Frog Wall Climber 30cm Fish Wall Hanger 18cm x 13 5cm Starfish Wall Hanger 15 5cm Wide Seahorse Wall Hanger 11cm x 16cm Octopus Wall Hanger 16cm x 10 8cm Seahorse Dish 23cmL x 2 5cmT Shark Fancy large fish Dolphin 9 x 6 x 7 5cm Koi Fish small Lizard 14cm Long x 10cm Tall Alligator 25cm Long Alligators 2 Designs 9 5cm W x 12cm Long Shark Bite 20cm tall x 14cm wide Crocodile Turtle Box Pair of Birds Parrot 13cm tall Garden Bird looking left Garden Bird looking right Peacock Pony 15cm tall Sitting Elephant 9 5cm Tall x 13 5cm Wide Elephant faceted Monkey 9cm Tall Snake 15 5cm long Rhino Faceted Giraffe Faceted Elephant Squirrel 9 5 x 4 x 9cm Tall Squirrel Hamster 6 x 6 x 8cm Stegosaurus 6 5cm Tall x 10cm Wide Triceratops 6 5cm Tall x 10cm Wide Hareball Bunny Large 11 5 x 11 5 x 15cm Hareball Bunny Baby 9 x 7 5 x 11cm Rabbit 6 x 7 x 9cm Rabbits set of 3 Kangaroo Pencil

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-animals (2016-04-27)
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  • Bisque Cups
    Cappuccino Cup Saucer 18cm wide x 8 5cm tall Espresso Cup Saucer 12cm wide x 7cm tall Kiddush Cup H 12 5cm Round Espresso Cup and Saucer 6 x 7 5cm Retro Latte Cup Saucer H 7 5 x W 19cm Egg Cup H 6 5cm Giant 21cm wide Colossal Cup Account Login Espresso to Cappuccino traditional to contemporary a shape for every occasion White earthenware bisque designed to be

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-cups (2016-04-27)
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  • Ceramic Bisque Jugs
    2 Litre Jug 1 litre Summer Pitcher 20cm Water Jug Tall Pitcher 32cm x 17cm Half Litre Jug 13cm tall Half Litre Jug 13cm T Little Round Jug 9 5cm Tall Small Jug 8 2cm tall Account Login Tall Jugs Short Jugs Funky Jugs Fat Jugs Jugs Jugs Jugs White earthenware bisque designed to be glaze fired at Cone 06 1000C Home Online Shop About Us Useful Info Contact Us

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-jugs (2016-04-27)
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  • Unpainted Ceramic Bisque Vases
    Vase with Lip 12cm Tall Rectangular Vase 22cm Tall Book Vase Flat Tear Drop Vase 16cm Tall Peace Sign Vase Cube Vase 12cm Tall Flat Elegant Vase 25cm Envelope Vase 22cm Tall x 19cm Wide Oval Utensil Holder 15cm Tall x 13cm Wide Stacked Ornament Vase 25cm Tall 10cm Wide Ball Vase 12cm Dancing Vase 23cm House Vase small House Vase medium House Vase Large Fish Vase Scalloped edge Vase Medium flat bottle Large flat bottle Small Planter H 12 x W 9cm Spot on Vase Three Narrow Vases 3 designs H 19cm Home Decor Vase 24cm tall Flat Tulip Vase 24cm tall Stacked bauble vase 4 Small Vases 10cm Great Shapes Vases 3 designs 15cm Tall Large Planter with Handles 27 x 22 5cm Flower Pot 12 5cm Flower Pot 9 5cm Dressy Dress Vases 3 designs Account Login Vases make elegant centrepieces and offer a substantial decorating area to go wild onto Ideal for taking kids hand prints onto and turning the design into flowers Once glazed and fired they can be filled with water and used White earthenware bisque designed to be glaze fired at Cone 06 1000C Home Online Shop About Us Useful Info Contact Us

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-vases (2016-04-27)
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  • Bisque unpainted unglazed tiles
    Canvas 20cm x 25cm Clay Canvas 15cm Square 7 5cm Clay Canvas Ornament Round Tile 15 3cm Round Tile 8 1cm Contemporary Coaster Set Bottletop Coaster w cork 10cm Notepad Account Login Inexpensive and unlimited in their potential uses Decorate a single tile as a one off or assemble a batch and create your own mural Try basecoating with Stroke Coat or a Foundation glaze then paint the design on

    Original URL path: http://www.hobbyceramicraft.co.uk/bisque-tiles (2016-04-27)
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