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  • Home | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    Close Equine Practice Stable Close Equine Practice is a 100 horse practice providing high quality equine veterinary care in Hampshire We have a team of four experienced equine vets who focus on a wide range of disciplines from equine sports medicine and lameness to breeding and preventative medicine We have clients as diverse as racing yards top level dressage riders riding schools and family ponies We have high quality mobile digital x ray systems as well as ultrasound and other diagnostic equipment We have invested heavily in equipment which allows us to treat your horse at your yard whenever possible Contact Us Request appointment Request a vetting Register with us Our Services Our practice provides high quality equine veterinary care in Hampshire with a team of four full time equine vets This section has more information about the services we offer such as radiology ultrasound and stud work INFORMATION SHEETS We have useful information sheets on a wide range of equine veterinary matters such as colic strangles and sarcoids They can also be downloaded as printable PDF files News New xray machine We constantly strive to provide the best mobile equine veterinary service for your horses and have invested heavily

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  • Our Staff | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    Close Equine Practice Her main interest is in sports medicine and poor performance She is also a qualified BHS assistant instructor and has competed at British Eventing one day and three day events up to intermediate level Alex is married to Rob an officer in the Coldstream Guards and they have a young family Email Alex Sergeant Lucy Stamp BSc MA VetMB MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon Lucy Stamp qualified from the University of Cambridge in 2002 having previously obtained a Zoology degree at the University of Bristol She completed an internship at the Liphook Equine Hospital in 2005 and has since worked in specialist horse practices in Leicestershire and Lambourn She joined Stable Close Equine in 2010 and has a particular interest in sports horse medicine reproduction and poor performance Outside work she enjoys yacht racing and other outdoor sports She has evented and hunted her own horse Hebe and is looking forward to starting Hebe s daugher Hera in 2015 Email Lucy Stamp Vicky Jux BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon Vicky joined Stable Close Equine Practice in 2014 After completing an internship at the Royal Veterinary College Equine Referral Hospital Vicky worked on projects with the RSPCA and BHS before returning to the RVC s Diagnostic Imaging Department Vicky has also enjoyed being part of the Veterinary Teams at The Olympia London International Horse Show and Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials A keen traveller Vicky spent last summer working as a wildlife vet in South Africa In her spare time Vicky enjoys riding her Irish Draft Chester and looking after her little old Connemara Chocolate Email Vicky Jux Tori Ludlow BVetMed CertAVP MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon Tori qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2007 She completed an internship at the Arundel Equine Hospital and worked in a large Sussex equine practice

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  • Services | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    and digital x ray systems We have listed some of our services here but there are many others that are not specifically mentioned Please feel free to contact us for more information Contact Us Request appointment Request a vetting Register with us Radiology X rays are an essential part of equine veterinary practice All of our vets are experienced in producing high quality x rays Pre purchase Examination We are passionate about vetting horses and it forms an important part of our practice Our vets have developed a strong reputation in this field Ultrasonography Ultrasonography is an important diagnostic tool in equine practice Particulary for examining tendons and ligaments Referrals We have a large network of specialist vets and practices to whom we can refer challenging cases Our aim is to obtain the very best care for your horse Sports Medicine Keeping competition horses sound and preventing injury is central to our practice We have clients competing in all disciplines Shockwave Therapy Shockwave therapy is a non invasive treatment that can speed the healing of some equine orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries Endoscopy We use endoscopy for examining the airways oesophagus and stomach of the horse In all cases this

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  • Vettings | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    He is also chair of the British Equine Veterinary Association s Pre Purchase Examination Committee The Aim We report to you the purchaser the significant findings of our examination as well as discussing any increased risks that might result The main aim is to help you decide on the horse s suitability for your intended use The Examination Pre purchase examination is always carried out using a standard five stage

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  • Radiology | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    provide us some of the highest quality images available Carpal Arthritis Dental X Ray Foot Balance Mobile X Rays We can bring our mobile x ray systems to your yard rather than you bringing the horse to us All we need is an area of flat clean floor under cover and a reliable power source The quality of mobile radiology is now such that we can produce perfect images without

    Original URL path: http://www.horsevet.co.uk/radiology (2016-02-17)
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  • Ultrasonography | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    kidneys spleen and eyes Cardiac ultrasound is a specialist procedure and we work closely with several specialists vets who can perform this when needed Tendon scan showing flexor tendons and check ligament We have invested heavily in high quality ultrasound equipment in order to enable us to obtain the best images without needing to take the horse to a hospital In particular our Sonosite M Turbo gives very high quality images for orthopaedic work and we usually use a Sonosite Micromaxx for abdominal scanning How does it work Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves that pass through the body before reflecting and bouncing back to the handpiece This echo is transformed into a picture by the computer Different tissues reflect the ultrasound in different ways and this allows us to visualise structures in great detail Additionaly colour doppler ultrasound uses the way ultrasound reflects differently in moving blood to show how it is flowing What can we see Ultrasound is used for evaluating orthopaedic injuries in order to visualise enlargement of tendons and ligaments as well as the disruption of normal fibre pattern In some parts of the body such as the stifle images can be obtained of joint cartilage

    Original URL path: http://www.horsevet.co.uk/ultrasonography (2016-02-17)
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  • Sports Medicine | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    have a great deal of experience in this area Working with you to understand what you are trying to achieve is vital We do not rely on unnecessary medication or repeated joint injections without good reason Photographer Malene Thyssen Photographer Pieter Geerts What is Sports Medicine Sports medicine is all about optimising performance preventing injury and promoting recovery from injury We use many different means to achieve this including careful examination ridden assessments lameness diagnostics assessment of exercise regimes and dietary management Intra articualar disease modifying osteoarthritis drugs are often used but sports medicine is so much more than just injecting joints sometimes it is simply a thorough evaluation of your horse after competition to ensure there are no signs of subtle injury More information If you would like to talk to us about what we can offer please feel free to ring any of our vets to discuss this further Physiotherapy We work together with some excellent chartered physiotherapists they can play a vital role in maintaining your horses soundness Our vets can recommend physiotherapists in your area and we often sedate horses when required to facilitate deeper treatment Farriery Optimal hoof function and foot balance is important for

    Original URL path: http://www.horsevet.co.uk/sports-medicine (2016-02-17)
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  • Endoscopy | Stable Close Equine Practice | Winchester, Hampshire
    for a variety of abnormalities such as infection cancerous growths or foreign bodies Further back into the pharynx there are two openings into the eustachian tubes that connect the back of the throat to the middle ear In the horse they are wide enough for an endoscope and this is useful because they connect to the guttural pouches which can develop infection or disease One of the most common reasons for airway endoscopy is to look for signs of strangles infection in the guttural pouches The guttural pouches are peculiar to the Perissodactyla the horse and its relatives the tapir and rhinoceros and are not seen in any other species In the pharynx we can examine the soft palate epiglottis pharyngeal lymph tissue the larynx arytenoids and vocal folds These are important structures for the normal function of a horse s airway When there is an abnormality it can be detrimental to normal air flow during exercise and serious for any horse that is a competing athlete The most common abnormality is a partial paralysis of the horse s larynx which causes a characteristic whistle noise when the horse breathes in during exercise Passing into the trachea it is useful to examine the quality and quantity of fluid exudate especially when looking for signs of lung disease A lavage tracheal wash can be obtained from the trachea for examination of cells cytology and identification of bacterial infection It is possible to pass the endoscope right down to where the trachea splits into the two large bronchi A broncho alveolar lavage may also be used to wash cells from the lungs including the lower bronchioles and alveolar air sacs The wash fluid can then be analysed for accurate diagnosis of lung disease Gastroscopy Gastroscopy is when an endoscopy is passed down

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