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  • 2% off at Theatre Tickets Direct – HouseholdSaver.co.uk
    All Shows now have live bookings directly with confirmed seat numbers Best Prices and Superb Offers plus 2 off all orders on top of our record low prices Deal found by Household Saver Team on Monday May 11 2015 0 comments Comment on this voucher Redeem your discount by entering this code at checkout awin2 The Theatre Tickets Direct website has opened in a new window ready for you to shop It is underneath the current one To redeem the discount enter the code awin2 when you read the checkout If the website did not open please click here Add a comment Login or Sign up to post a comment Search By Store Name Follow Us 2 off Expires Saturday December 31 2016 at 23 59 2 off all orders till 31st De View more information Take 5 off Expires Saturday December 31 2016 at 00 00 Take 5 off Ink and Toner Purc View more information 4 off Expires Wednesday November 30 2016 at 23 59 4 off Ownbrand Ink Cartridges View more information 50 Off Expires Friday September 30 2016 at 23 59 50 Off Everything View more information HouseholdSaver Notification close Bathroom Bedroom Betting and Gambling Business

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  • How to turn over a new financial leaf – householdsaver.co.uk
    more and is usually long enough to be able to substantially reduce or even eliminate the outstanding debt without paying more in interest If you cannot get a 0 Balance Transfer card why not look into a short term consolidation loan with your local bank or building society These do charge interest but it is likely to be considerably lower than the amount you are currently paying Don t Overuse Overdrafts Just like Credit Cards overdrafts are another expensive way of holding debt and using them on a regular basis can be a dangerous habit to sink into If you do find yourself dipping into your overdraft regularly it is advisable to look to move your account to one which offers either a free overdraft or the lowest overdraft fees you can find You should also take into account the fees charged by your lender if you exceed your overdraft as well If you find yourself consistently in your overdraft look again at a 0 balance transfer as a place to move your debt where you will not be charged interest for a long enough period of time to be able to hopefully bring it under control Another bad habit you are likely to be in if you are regularly using your overdraft is overspending where our next tip will also come in handy Build a sensible budget The first rule of anyone looking to manage their spending or bring their debt under control is to establish a budget This should be done by working out what your total monthly income is and what your total monthly outgoings are It goes without saying that the first figure needs to be higher than the second one Some expenditure such as your rent or mortgage payments and utilities bills are essentials and whilst you can shop around to reduce your monthly outgoings they must still be paid come what may You should also factor in any debt repayments here remembering to always prioritise your most expensive debts first After that work out what you have left and set yourself a weekly budget to spend on items such as food drinks clothes socialising gym fees and any other expenditure you have When calculating your outgoings you can also work out if there is any spending you can manage without too Once you have established a budget be sure to stick to it You will be surprised how quickly you can see the difference in your finances and it is also advisable to put aside a small pot to allow yourself a little treat now again SO you can enjoy a nice meal out a good bottle of wine or a trip to theatre without the sense of guilt you may feel now when spending the money and knowing you cannot really afford it Don t Neglect Savings It is important to clear all your debts apart from your mortgage before considering savings but if you are lucky enough to be in the black

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  • How to reduce your winter warmers outlay – householdsaver.co.uk
    But if you are planning to use more than one discount on the same purchase be sure to check that this is allowed first Store Credit Cards Many high street retailers will offer you the chance to sign up for their own store credit card these days and the incentive to do so is often a generous discount of your in store or online purchases with them Needless to say we do not advocate using such cards to run up debts as they will all offer exorbitant interest rates But as long as you are carefully to pay off the full balance each month without fail they can help to save you as much as 20 off your purchases Shop Online but with caution Plenty of high street retailers will offer better prices on their products if you buy online It is therefore well worth taking a look on their website to see if the item you like is available for less there There are of course also plenty of online only retailers which will offer competitive prices on winter clothing A word of caution here though Warm clothes are almost always bulky and heavy items and this brings an element of danger to online shopping Because whilst some retailers will charge a set price for shipping and some may even offer it for free there are others who will charge by weight It therefore pays to check the delivery charges carefully at this time of year and do some sums to work out if it really is cheaper to buy online or whether you should just pop down to your local high street Be Cautious with Cheap Clothes The bargain basement clothing shop is all the rage at the moment with the likes of Primark and TK Maxx starting to dominate the high street and other stores looking to match their prices on a whole host of items It is important to remember that in order to sell items so cheaply retailers do have to save money in the manufacturing and material costs This means many items are of inferior quality to their more pricy neighbours In summer this is perhaps less important as many of us won t mind if we buy a T Shirt for 2 and it only lasts a couple of months But in winter it is more important because there is no point buying a warn jumper if the materials mean it isn t actually that warm Sometimes there are some great deals to be had but particularly with warm winter clothing there is often a lot to be said for spending that little bit more on a proper woollen jumper of fleece coat that you know will keep you warm and should last more than one winter as well You may well find yourself spending more up front but less in the long run Charity Shops It is quite easy to be snobbish about charity shop clothes and assume they are packed full

    Original URL path: http://www.householdsaver.co.uk/How-to-reduce-your-winter-warmers-outlay-10115.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Simple Tips for slashing your bills today – householdsaver.co.uk
    t done anything wrong so why change but more often than not it comes from sheer laziness But the standard advice from financial experts is to shop around every time a contract or insurance is coming to an end Other companies will often offer a brilliant deal to lure your business and this can mean sizable savings If you really are still loathed to leave your provider ring them up and tell them about the best deal that you have found elsewhere If they think you are likely to move away they may be willing to match or even beat it Don t be afraid to haggle with them too They are often trained to say no once or twice but then to relent if you persist Look into energy bill bundles Many of the UK s energy providers offer both electricity and gas supplies and whilst it is not always the case that one company is the cheapest with both services the majority offer bundle packages which can prove to be much better value for money than individual services This is not always the case so be sure to check individual quotes as well as bundled quotes before signing up but don t discount bundles as they can lead to big savings Review Your Insurance Excesses When your insurance policies come up for renewal it always pays to give some thought to the excess on your policy An excess is the amount you have to pay before the insurance policy kicks in and covers the rest of the expense You will often be surprised at how much your premium will go down if you raise your excess just slightly and particularly if it is a policy you don t expect to use it is well worth increasing it to enjoy the short term savings As a note of caution it is not worth pushing the excess up higher than you could afford to pay as should you then need the policy it could cause you financial problems Review your Mobile Phone Package DO a quick analysis of your mobile phone bill and see if you can find a deal that better suits your usage For example if your package gives you 200 minutes of calls but you only use 50 of them but you regularly exceed your internet allowance try to shift onto a package with fewer minutes and more online allowance Such a change should reduce the risk of you incurring extra charges on top of your regular bill and might even reduce your normal bill too If you regularly call abroad look to add an international calls package to your deal or better still seek out an online service such as Skype or VoipBuster which allows you to make online calls for a fraction of the price With the right deal to suit you you could cut a big chunk out of your monthly mobile bill Axe any unnecessary expenses It is amazing how many of us

    Original URL path: http://www.householdsaver.co.uk/Simple-Tips-for-slashing-your-bills-today-10114.html (2016-04-26)
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  • – householdsaver.co.uk
    has taken the form of an overdraft credit card or loan you can no longer afford it is vital to tell the lender as soon as possible and if possible avoid defaulting on your payments Creditors are governed by a Code of Practice which requires them to offer advice guidance and support and importantly to be sympathetic It is in their interests as well as yours to find a solution that enables you to repay your debts in full so there are various steps they can choose to take such as consolidating your debts into a more affordable loan reducing your monthly repayment requirements or even freezing your interest for an agreed period Your creditors should be looked at as a potential solution and not part of the problem Identify your priority debts All debts are important but there are some debts which can cause you a lot more problems than others It is therefore important to identify those debts which are secured to something that you own and which you don t want to lose Debts are most often secured to items such as your house and your car and missing payments on these debts can result in you having that item taken back by the lender This type of debt is therefore more important than an unsecured debt such as credit card which may cost you more money but will not cost you your home After secured debts you remaining debts should be prioritised in order of interest rate with those with the highest interest ate being dealt with first This is because you will continue to accrue interest from your debts until they are settled and it is of course better to this at lower rather than higher rates where possible Consider Consolidating your Debts If you have a number of debts in different places you might want to consider consolidating them into one place to keep your interest rates to a minimum and make the process of repayment as simple as possible Most banks offer loans which will serve this purpose and are offered at rates of interest that are lower than most credit card and other debts meaning you should be able to save some money However the best option if your credit rating will allow for it is to look at a Balance Transfer Credit Card These cards are designed to allow you to transfer debts from other places onto them and whilst they may charge a fee for this usually 2 or 3 of the amount being transferred the standard interest rates are often much better The big draw though is the introductory interest rates which will usually be 0 for at least 18 months to 2 years This means that if you can settle your debt in that time you could do so without paying any extra interest at all and saving a pretty penny Stop Saving Interest rates at the moment are at record lows and it is barely worth saving

    Original URL path: http://www.householdsaver.co.uk/-10113.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Don’t lose out to Rogue Tradesmen. Know how to get what you are owed. – householdsaver.co.uk
    arbitration scheme Arbitration is a service in which an intermediator listens to the arguments of the two sides is a dispute and make a legally binding decision on how it should be resolved Many professional trade associations and other such bodies require their members to be part of their arbitration body so do some research into your tradesman and if he is a member of such an association contact them directly for details of how to take your issue through their arbitration procedures The process will vary depending on the association and some are admittedly more effective than others but it is still a worthwhile process to engage with especially if you are very sure of your ground Small Claims Court If your letters of complaint have not worked and you either cannot or choose not to go through the process of arbitration the next step available to you is to take the tradesman to Small Claims Court Small Claims Court is the legal body which deals with claims of up to 5 000 in England and Wales plus any additional costs you incur in repairing the damage In Scotland the limit is currently 3 000 and in Northern Ireland it is just 2 000 It is a court where lawyers cannot charge you big fees as there is no opportunity to claim back the legal costs of bringing the case You can however claim back fees travel expenses and certain other costs associated with your case You will be required to submit written evidence which supports your case This is then given to the tradesman or heir representative to enable them to mount a defence If they wish they can settle the issue at this point If they mount a defence there will be a court hearing to decide the outcome This will be held at a local County Court and will give you an opportunity to explain to a judge all of the evidence you have presented to support your case If the tradesman does not mount a defence or fails to appear you will be declared the winner If he does it is up to the judge to come to a verdict To find out more about how to take a case to Small Claims Court visit the HM Courts and Tribunals Service website Claiming your money back Unfortunately even if the Small Claims Court finds in your favour this is still no guarantee that you will receive the money you are entitled to Some bad tradesmen may choose to ignore the judgement in which case you will have no option but to spend money to enforce the judgement Most people will do this by hiring a bailiff who will get a warrant permitting them to enter the tradesman s premises and seize items to the value of the amount you are owed which will then be sold and the money given to you The cost to do this is 100 for the warrant plus a bailiff

    Original URL path: http://www.householdsaver.co.uk/Don%C2%92t-lose-out-to-Rogue-Tradesmen.-Know-how-to-get-what-you-are-owed.-10112.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Find a voucher code from our stores beginning with A – householdsaver.co.uk
    Summers Anna Lou of London Apex Hotels Appliances Direct Art of Metal Artigiano Ascension Asda Entertainment Asda George Attractiontix Austin Reed Avon Search By Store Name Follow Us 2 off Expires Saturday December 31 2016 at 23 59 2 off all orders till 31st De View more information Take 5 off Expires Saturday December 31 2016 at 00 00 Take 5 off Ink and Toner Purc View more information 4

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  • Find a voucher code from our stores beginning with B – householdsaver.co.uk
    Blinds Supermarket Blooming Direct Blue Chip Vacations BlueBay hotels and resorts BoBijou Boden Bonprix UK Books Direct Bargains Boots com Born Gifted BrandXS Britannia Hotels Brook Taverner BT Broadband Build A Bear Bunches co uk Burton Buyagift co uk Search By Store Name Follow Us 2 off Expires Saturday December 31 2016 at 23 59 2 off all orders till 31st De View more information Take 5 off Expires Saturday

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