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  • House price news, information and discussion - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    AM 5 Comments And BTL folk wonder why they have no mates Torygraph I ve doubled my yield through letting ex council houses No shame at all and no doubt a fair whack of the rent on these comes from Housing Benefit And then this kicker He charges a weekly rent of  755 which equates to  39 260 p a His current gross yield is 6 3pc but a new tube line opening nearby means he expects this to increase to 8 4pc by 2020 So nice to see where my taxes are going Posted by mombers 06 50 PM 2 Comments Out going tide revealing trash Wall Street J China Calls Lending Platform Ezubo a 7 6 Billion Ponzi Scheme prosecutors are seeking restitution for 900 000 investors Shadow banking Ezubo promised investors returns of 9 to 14 6 Now regretting they didn t invest in the London property Ponzi instead Posted by mountain goat 01 05 PM 1 Comments No bear food here Land Registry House Price Index December 2015 So leading the pack are Reading 17 1 Barking Dagenham 15 3 Hillingdon 15 2 Luton 14 7 Slough 14 1 ENFIELD 13 4 Thurrock 12 5 Greater London 12 4 Overall monthly growth of 1 2 annual 6 4 for the UK with a clear ripple effect gentrifying previously marginal spots as existing hot spots become maxed out for starter homes Will Luton be the new Shoreditch It is after all just 24mins from from London Posted by libertas 12 21 PM 8 Comments View More News Posts House Price Statistics UK National Source website Period covered Average house price Monthly change Annual change Archive Graph Peak average house price Change since peak Official releases Communities and Local Government House Price Index Aug 15 284 000 N A 5 20 This month N A 13 10 2015 LSL Property Services Acadametrics Sep 15 284 742 0 40 4 20 This month N A 08 10 2015 PDF Halifax House Price Index Mar 15 192 970 0 40 8 10 199 770 Aug 07 3 40 09 04 2015 PDF Home co uk England and Wales Apr 15 N A 0 90 6 50 N A N A 14 04 2015 PDF Hometrack Monthly National Survey Sep 14 N A 0 00 0 00 N A N A 26 09 2014 Land Registry Monthly Report Aug 15 184 682 0 50 4 20 186 045 Jan 08 0 73 28 09 2015 PDF Nationwide House Price Index Mar 15 189 454 0 10 5 10 This month N A 02 04 2015 PDF Rightmove House Price Index Mar 15 281 752 1 00 5 40 This month N A 16 03 2015 PDF House Price Statistics Greater London Source website Period covered Average house price Monthly change Quarterly change Annual change Archive Graph Peak average house price Change since peak Official releases Communities and Local Government House Price Index Aug 15 522 000 N A N A 4 20 525 000 Jul 15 0 57 13 10 2015 Halifax House Price Index Q4 14 356 054 N A N A 14 50 This quarter N A 08 01 2015 PDF Land Registry Monthly Report Aug 15 493 026 1 70 N A 6 60 This month N A 28 09 2015 PDF Nationwide House Price Index Q1 15 408 780 N A 1 00 12 70 This quarter N A 02 04 2015 PDF Rightmove House Price Index Mar 15 580 308 0 40 N A 5 50 601 180 Nov 14 3 47 16 03 2015 PDF Archive of old house price surveys House Price Predictions If you have discovered other or revised predictions that you d like added to this list then send an email to us with all the information for each column and also a link to a website that contains the information so that we can verify the data This table is now sorted by the date that the prediction was made Source website Analyst Photo Date prediction made Amount predicted Region Time Period Evidence Notes RICS N A N A Dec 2013 8 UK 2014 This growth is being driven by the acute imbalance between burgeoning buyer demand and sluggish supply with new instructions to estate agents close to stagnating RICS N A N A Dec 2013 11 London 2014 It remains to be seen what impact the recently announced increase in capital gains tax for overseas vendors will have on the prime central London market National Housing Federation David Orr Dec 2013 35 UK 2013 2020 House prices will increase by another 35 by 2020 leaving a huge swathe of the population locked out of home ownership for life Knight Frank Liam Bailey N A Mar 2011 6 UK 2012 Knight Frank Liam Bailey N A Mar 2011 6 UK 2011 Knight Frank Liam Bailey N A Mar 2011 8 8 UK 2013 Knight Frank Liam Bailey N A Mar 2011 5 8 UK 2014 Knight Frank Liam Bailey N A Mar 2011 4 9 UK 2015 Jonathan Davis N A Oct 2010 40 50 UK 2007 2013 New forecast set at Oct 10 Given historical reference bank failures credit restrictions and global economic recession IHS Global Insight Howard Archer Sep 2010 10 UK 2010 2011 We suspect that house prices could fall by around 10 between now and the end of 2011 Much will obviously depend on how well the economy holds up as the fiscal squeeze increasingly kicks in mortgage availability and the amount of houses coming on to the market Jones Lang LaSalle James Thomas Aug 2010 3 9 UK 2010 During the remainder of 2010 JLL expects a decline of 3 9 per cent on current price levels reducing the value of the average UK property by 6 500 CEBR N A N A Aug 2010 4 UK 2010 The Centre For Economics And Business Research CEBR said prices will increase 4 per cent this

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  • Base Rates > Main Central Bank Base Rates - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    17 09 15 Next decision 19 15 28th Oct 2015 Graph and archive www newyorkfed org EURO Base Rate 0 05 Last movement 0 10 04 09 14 Last decision HOLD 03 09 15 Next decision 12 45 22nd Oct 2015 www ecb int Australia Base Rate 2 00 Last movement 0 25 03 02 15 Last decision HOLD 06 10 15 Next decision 05 30 3rd Nov 2015 www rba gov au Other base rates from around the world Canadian Base Rate 0 50 Last movement 0 25 21 01 15 Last decision HOLD 09 09 15 Next decision 21st Oct 2015 Bank of Canada Danish Base Rate 0 05 Last movement 0 15 19 01 15 Last decision 0 15 19 01 15 Danmarks Nationalbank Japanese Base Rate 0 10 Last movement 0 20 19 12 08 Last decision HOLD 07 10 15 Next decision 30th Oct 2015 Bank of Japan Schedule of Meetings New Zealand Base Rate 2 75 Last movement 0 25 10 09 15 Last decision 0 25 10 09 15 Next decision 05 30 29th Oct 2015 Graph and archive www rbnz govt nz Norwegian Base Rate 1 50 HOLD 19 12 12 Norges

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  • Graphs > Menu page - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    House Prices Adjusted for Inflation Base Rate NZ Base Rate UK Base Rate US First time buyer average house price to earnings ratio Inflation CPI RPI RPIX Mortgage approvals Housing Equity Withdrawal previously called Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Year on year percentage change 1982 present Lifecycle of a Bubble The last house price crash House price survey graphs Communities and Local Government National Communities and Local Government London Halifax National Land

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  • Resources > Main page - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    for facts and graphs then this is the place to go londonpropertywatch co uk A great site if you live in London It covers all the London postcodes and shows you the average asking price in your area swingacat info A website that is trying to address the lack of space in many homes being built today House Buying Tips Questions and answers for home buyers Also includes a sheet in Word that you can download to take with you when viewing properties saynoto0870 com Not a property related site but an excellent website nonethless in the crusade against rip off Britain It gives alternative numbers to 0870 ones and you can search by company galmarley com A lot of people have been looking for a safe haven for their cash Here s an information site all about gold Professor Andrew Oswald The economics professor who is not afraid to speak his mind and stick to his beliefs Department for Communities and Local Government More house market stats than you can shake a stick at Most of them are in Excel format so you can easily transform them into graphs BBC Property Message Board Buying selling or moving Share your views with other property movers and shakers Flood Map Use the Environment Agency s online flood map when researching areas Just type in a postcode or placename bullionvault com Buy gold online from this UK based company that specialise in making the process of buying gold cost effective for the private buyer bulle immobiliere org The French equivalent of HPC Jean Michel Poure has done an excellent job with this site and is a regular on our forum so you can chat to him aswell and he also speaks English pricedout org uk An excellent website aimed at first time

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  • Books - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    RSS home graphs base rates resources books blog wiki forum boss What type of books are you looking for Building your own home Buy to let Buying a property abroad Economics Bubbles and Busts First time buyers Home improvements Investment

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  • News Blog - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    governement is supposedly coming down heavy on it and it looks like Canada will follow suit How long will it be before this becomes an international issue like immigration and the UK takes action as well I can see the possibility of a number of black swans colliding mid air when government policy on buy to let non doms and eventually foreign ownerships collides with economic reality Posted by britishblue 01 52 PM 3 Comments experts dont know why Dailymail Bank shares are plunging like 2007 2008 Well the real players know something is afoot could it be the realisation they have been lending into the biggest property credit bubble since japan 1992 Posted by taffee 10 31 AM 6 Comments Friday Feb 5 2016 Britain s version of the Beverley Hills tour Guardian Mega rich homes tour puts spotlight on London s oligarchs roll up roll up Posted by cyril 09 32 AM 0 Comments Thursday Feb 4 2016 Absolute disaster please respond with anger HM Treasury Consultation on additional stamp duty for second homes In this backwards proposal married couples are treated as individuals and so will pay additional tax if they buy a new home and cannot sell their existing residence on time with potential for a refund but where will they find cash for the new tax Also taxing those who need a second home for work or those who own a property overseas maybe for family reasons Meanwhile the big corporate buy to let companies are EXEMPT from the tax and unmarried couples can have two principle homes They are incentivising big landlords and also making moving house a total chore and creating a massive tax reason to get divorced or not get married These people are clinically insane Please let your MP know how angry you are Posted by libertas 12 35 PM 0 Comments Wednesday Feb 3 2016 I thought there was a massive lack of supply Dailymail Half a million btlets could flood the market another nail in the coffin for the bulls THERE IS NOT A SHORTAGE OF PROPERTY ITS JUST IN THE WRONG HANDS if this does happen then expect banks to pull buy to let deals spiral spiral Posted by taffee 01 18 PM 26 Comments Tuesday Feb 2 2016 Tulips in Central London Estate Agent today Estate Agent News Articles describes how major portals are awash with top end resales of luxury flats in developments in London This end of the market has been a casino for some time People buying property but not living in it Many of these concrete blocks with glass facades are soulless and not luxury living These buyers are not immune from world events The housing market oftne starts in Central London and snowballs out if there is a crash in the central London apartment ponzi it will be interesting to see how this effects sentiment in the wider market Posted by britishblue 08 48 AM 5 Comments Monday Feb 1 2016 And

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  • HousePriceWiki
    our screens and have made anything to do with property the in thing Many of the property make over shows have been sponsored by the little red telephone insurance company this is the insurance arm of one of Britain s biggest mortgage companies When the presenters advise people to clear some clutter hang new curtains and see it sell for an extra 10 000 they achieve two desirable outcomes for the mortgage lending part of their sponsors a they talk up the market and raise expectations b they ease the sale of repossessed properties Grand Designs is sponsored by ING and never shows the plans that fail journalists would do The Economics of a boom and bust Housepricecrash Index Main Page House prices Differences in the house price indices First Time Buyers Buying a home Buying to Let Renting your home Mortgages Savings Investing Pensions Economics Topical Northern Rock Sub prime Credit Crunch Quotes Categories Keywords Articles People So exactly why are we in this current mess Why has there been a house price boom and why is it inevitable that there will be a house price crash Economists have long ago stopped trying to predict when bubbles will burst and in particular the UK housing market bubble What are the economic tools available to the Bank of England to control the economy and what influences changes in interest rates The current UK price boom started after the DOT com bubble burst and about the same time as the Equitable problems started to appear People we all know someone stated their DIY pension by buying a house or two and renting it out The boom that followed was perpetuated by the different interest groups around the property market Like the DOT com bubble it is perceived as a one way bet which is what you want when saving for your retirement The housing market is not actually a market where prices are controlled simply by supply and demand many estate agencies are tied to or owned by financial institutions This means that it is better for the owners of the estate agencies Halifax and the others to sell no houses pay the agents to authorise risky loans than to mark down prices Marking down prices will continue to encourage some of the smarter buy to letters to cash in releasing more housing stock onto the market and risk triggering the crash Two actions available to Gordon to create affordable and a sustainable housing market without increasing interest rates are a create a walk away leave the keys right so that negative equity stays with the lender rather than the borrower b make estate agencies separate from the financial institutions both of these would better allow the housing market to operate properly Investing abroad It seems that everyone is now investing abroad in countries like Spain France and Turkey to name just a few But what is the effect of this rampant property investment and where is all the money coming

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  • House Price Crash forum
    Economics A sub forum specifically for discussion about economics 508 topics 7 015 replies Economics Books That You Ha By 999house 22 Jan 2016 House Price Crash photo gallery Add your House Price Crash photos here 40 topics 223 replies Somebody Has Brought This By wherebee 05 Jun 2015 Toggle Current Affairs Current Affairs Forum Stats Last Post Info Current affairs More serious subjects for debate 134 topics 22 428 replies The Rise Of The Russian Bea By Executive Sadman Today 08 38 PM Politics Discuss Politics in general but no party political broadcasts 643 topics 22 463 replies Alistair Carmichael Guilty By CyberNat Today 06 15 PM Living overseas Information about living abroad 66 topics 1 869 replies Calling All Expat Hpc e By ccc 21 Jan 2016 Toggle Investment Investment Forum Stats Last Post Info Cash ISA s and Savings Accounts Discuss anything to do with Cash ISA s and Savings Accounts 766 topics 5 758 replies Implications Of The New 1 By MattW 05 Feb 2016 Investment in general Where to invest that sell to rent fund 1 697 topics 11 995 replies Ethereum The New Bubbly B By adamLancs 27 Jan 2016 Financial markets To discuss FTSE DOW Jones Nikkei etc 835 topics 27 394 replies If Anyone s Interested By R K 03 Feb 2016 Overseas property investment Discuss anything to do with overseas property investment 897 topics 12 541 replies Buying A Property In Berlin By Steppenpig 31 Jan 2016 Gold and other precious metals Gold Silver Platinum etc 1 457 topics 32 160 replies Ever Bought Palladium Or Pl By chronyx 15 Jan 2016 Toggle About housepricecrash co uk About housepricecrash co uk Forum Stats Last Post Info housepricecrash co uk in the media Let us know if you see us mentioned in the press 162 topics 4 397 replies This Is Money Daily Mail Ho By hp72 21 Aug 2015 About housepricecrash co uk Please use this forum for any discussion or suggestions about this website 1 149 topics 16 456 replies If It s All Booming So By Bland Unsight 02 Feb 2016 Ideas and Suggestions for Fubra Use this forum for any ideas suggestions questions and comments that you have for Fubra 101 topics 213 replies Likes System By sPinwheel 10 Jan 2016 Wiki Discussions Ideas Use this forum to discuss new Wiki section ideas or any comments related to the Wiki 9 topics 78 replies Wiki Comes To Hpc By SE20 10 Jul 2009 Toggle Trolls Trolls Forum Stats Last Post Info Troll sub forum This is where troll threads are moved to 171 topics 4 176 replies Btl Why The Hatred By Venger 16 Dec 2015 Toggle Off Topic Off Topic Forum Stats Last Post Info The off topic forum Please use this forum for anything that is off topic 29 916 topics 767 128 replies Game Of Thrones By richc Today 09 24 PM February 2016 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4

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