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  • Topics and arguments - HousePriceWiki
    not dead money The measure of house price affordability The pros and cons of renting The type of property most at risk in a house price crash Why the housing shortage won t stop the crash Why a house price boom is not good for homeowners Who has a vested interest in a house price boom Restrictive planning leads to unaffordable housing Possible triggers for a house price crash All

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  • Possible triggers for a house price crash - HousePriceWiki
    true or not this will keep wage demands low and also erode mortgage debt too slowly leaving the monthly repayments at proportionally high levels for longer than in the past Rapid and sustained rise in the Stock market causing speculators to leave the property market Property over supply linked to rush to avoid HIPs lack of First Time Buyers or properties dumped onto the market by Buy to let speculators Drop in First time buyers usually around 30 40 of purchases now just 7 and drop in parents willing or able to stump up the deposit Drop in Second Time Buyers due to increasing relative cost of that extra bedroom leading to families toughing it out rather than moving i e low affordability Continued levels of low rental income for Buy to Let investors and increased costs of being a Land Lord Evidence of widespread price fixing by Estate Agents See excellent Secret Agent Article by the BBC Evidence that the banks are as bad as Estate Agents Mortgage Mistakes Demographics decreasing birth rate coupled with the passing of the WWII baby boomers into old age care thereby releasing a lot of additional housing stock Increases in household inflation ie what people actually have to pay to live not the current basket of prices of the CPI I E increases to Council Taxes end to free banking domestic fuel gas prices water prices electricity prices etc etc Reduced flood and coastal protection plans See article Huge swathes of England will be abandoned to the seas under controversial plans to cut back coastal flood defences Evidence that children under 15 living near high voltage power lines could have a 69 per cent increased risk of getting leukaemia see article Upto 25 000 homes within 230ft of 400kv and 275kv overhead transmission

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  • Useful links - HousePriceWiki
    future riches or lack thereof with this future wealth calculator lets you compare renting to buying and then see what would happen if inflation or interest rates rose www caniaffordit co uk Watch The Crash Happen new The website Property Snake which is the opposite of Property Ladder tracks changes in asking price of individual properties This site is very useful for bargain hunting and to counter the Vested Interest

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Useful_links (2016-02-08)
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  • About House Price Crash - HousePriceWiki
    uk was born on 26th October 2003 The proud parents are a small group of individuals who were extremely interested in the house price crash subject but could not find a site or portal that was dedicated to this very important issue After studying news articles online and researching statistics for months on end we thought it was about time that one of the potentially biggest economic boom bust events in living memory had a site all of it s own where everyone could have their say The forum was clearly the most popular part of the site and went from strength to strength Up until over 10 000 users a day were visiting the site Then in April 2006 the site was acquired by Fubra Limited an Internet media company based in Hampshire and they set about developing more content for the site with a view to it being the definitive independent source for house price information and discussion on the web Throughout the aim of the site will remain the same to act as a counterbalance to the huge amounts of positive spin the housing market receives in the main media and provide anyone involved in the market

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/About_House_Price_Crash (2016-02-08)
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  • File:Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf.jpg - HousePriceWiki
    File usage No higher resolution available Muhammed Saeed al Sahaf jpg 244 183 pixels file size 9 KB MIME type image jpeg Ha ha ha File history Click on a date time to view the file as it appeared at that time Date Time Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment current 15 01 21 October 2006 244 183 9 KB Sirgoogle Talk contribs Ha ha ha You cannot overwrite this file File

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  • File:Del boy motor.jpg - HousePriceWiki
    File history File usage No higher resolution available Del boy motor jpg 182 130 pixels file size 10 KB MIME type image jpeg File history Click on a date time to view the file as it appeared at that time Date Time Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment current 18 00 15 May 2007 182 130 10 KB Sirgoogle Talk contribs You cannot overwrite this file File usage The following 2 pages

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/File:Del_boy_motor.jpg (2016-02-08)
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  • Buy to let - HousePriceWiki
    property then with the rise in house prices they have withdrawn equity from the property for as much as the bank will allow them This withdrawn equity also known by the term MEW then goes to putting down the minimum deposit for the next property Any rental income is then also ploughed back into the pot for the deposit on yet another property Most buy to let landlords do not have repayment mortgages but instead just pay the bare minimum Interest only mortgages so that they can free up as much capital as possible to expand their empire To minimise the amount of capital required they BTL landlords typically have mortgages with high loan to valuations thus in the event of falling house prices putting them at risk of negative equity Now the problem with this strategy is that while they may say that they own 25 houses in reality it s the banks that own the properties and the buy to let investors has a tiny amount of equity in each property but relies on the house price inflation to erode away the debt Buy to Let landlords have gained over First Time Buyers due to significant tax breaks

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/BTL (2016-02-08)
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  • Human emotions - HousePriceWiki
    changes Random page Help Views Page Discussion View source History Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Human emotions Human emotions are closely intertwined with this current housing bubble Greed and Fear are the most common emotions and are also those same emotions that drive the stock market Retrieved from http www housepricecrash co uk wiki index php title Human emotions oldid 3605 Category Keywords

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Human_emotions (2016-02-08)
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