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  • Quotes - HousePriceWiki
    Permanent link Quotes This page is for memorable quotations House prices are opinion debt is real Mervyn King Bank of England Debt is the hardest task master of them all Money and Corruption are ruining the land crooked politicians Betray the working man Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep And we re tired of hearing promises That we know they ll never keep Ray Davies The Kinks No

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  • Category:Keywords - HousePriceWiki
    all when writing articles Pages in category Keywords The following 127 pages are in this category out of 127 total A Affordable Alan Greenspan Alistair Darling Auction Auditor Average earnings index Average weekly earnings B Bank Bank of England Bank run Bankruptcy Barker Review BBC Benefits Boiled frog syndrome Bonds Boom Borrow Brown field Bubble Building Society Buy to let C Capital Capital appreciation Capital Gains Tax Chancellor Charity Citizens Advice Conflict of interest Consumption Council Taxes Credit Crunch Credit rating agency Cyclic D Dead cat bounce Debt Debt collection agencies Deflate Deflation Deposit Depression Distressed Sale Dividend E Economics Employees Equitable Life Estate Agents Exchange rate F Fear Financial advisers Financial Services Authority Financial Services Compensation Scheme First Time Buyers Flash sale property companies Food prices Forecasting G Gambling GDP Government Greed Green field Guarantee H Hedge funds Home staging House of Commons Treasury Committee Human emotions I Independent Inflation Inheritance Tax Institutions Interest rates International Monetary Fund Investment L Landlord Libor Liquidity Loan to valuation London Inter Bank Borrowing Rate Longevity Luck M Media MIRAS Miss selling Monetary Policy Committee Moral hazard Mortgage equity withdrawal Mortgages Mutual organization N Negative equity O Oil prices P Panic Pension Politicians

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  • Category:Argument - HousePriceWiki
    online casino tips online casino gamble online casino gamble online casino bonus Pages in category Argument The following 15 pages are in this category out of 15 total B BBC D Differences between the main house price indices E Equitable Life Euro mortgage F Financial Crisis First Time Buyers G Gordon Brown 2007 School Report M Money illusion N Northern Rock P Property ladder S Smaller Rungs Campaign Statistic T

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  • Category:People - HousePriceWiki
    links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Category People This category should be used to build an index of real people mentioned in this wiki Pages in category People The following 8 pages are in this category out of 8 total A Adam Applegarth Alan Greenspan Alistair Darling G Gordon Brown J Jim Callaghan P Prime Minister T Tony Blair W Warren Buffett Retrieved from http www

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  • Recent boom in prices - HousePriceWiki
    solely tempted to list above but in the end I came to the conclusion that it is not a fundamental factor even though it is a large contributing factor Other factors which have contributed to the Housing Boom The Buy to Let market Let s start by asking a question How many people do you know that rent out property And secondly how many properties on average would you say these people each have in their portfolio I m not claiming to be a mind reader but I would say that the answer to both would be quite a few Traditionally landlords were wealthy people who investment in property Nowadays everyone s is doing it But why The answer is simple in a rising house price market using a high level of gearing people can easily build up a housing empire This must be the most common topic of conversation in every pub up and down the country and everyone is more than willing to tell their own story Think of a pyramid and you ll begin to see the way that it works A person re mortgages their existing property to fund a buy to let mortgage on 1 or maybe 2 properties These properties are then rented out either privately or to councils Once the landlord has saved enough rental income to put down a deposit on another property they go out and buy another house In a rising market this can happen even quicker as equity can be withdrawn from the newly acquired rental properties to fund new purchases Using a high level of gearing it has been possible for literally tens of thousands of people to become landlords What has this got to do with the house prices going up The buy to let market is pushing up demand and mopping up the limited supply which ultimately leads to spiral This then turns into a vicious circle as first time buyers are priced out of the market and are forced to live in rented accommodation which is in turn owned by the buy to let landlords The right to buy of Council Houses We have good old Maggie to thank for this one and it is also related to the Buy to Let market which you will see in a moment Following the Conservative win in the 1979 election Margaret Thatcher introduced the right to buy policy under the Housing Act of 1980 Everyone should own their own home and why not Well let us start by looking at how council houses came about in the first place We have to go back to the end of WWII at a time when Britain was left counting the cost of the war with nearly one in three houses destroyed or damaged The majority of Britons before the war lived in cramped 2up 2 down houses with a small back yard and a toilet to the rear of the property There were not many home comforts for the

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  • Will there be a house price crash? - HousePriceWiki
    knows However having said this we can look in depth at all of the underlying economic factors that are behind the housing boom and the Possible triggers for a house price crash It is then up to you to make a decision for yourself Keep track of actual house prices in your area by looking at what other houses have sold for See also Reasons why the housing market has

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  • Economics - HousePriceWiki
    set such that inflation as measured by the CPI is kept below 2 The combination of using the CPI as oppossed to the RPI and the actions of the US Federal Reserve lowering interest rates during every Financial Crisis has led to historical low rates and thus it has been easy to borrow money In the past ten years we have seen low unemployment with unusually low pay rises due to cheap Chinese labour and low interest rates however both taxes and real inflation as measured using RPI have been high The higher taxes being used to fund increased public sector spending which in turn have enabled public sector workers to bid up house prices To date the U K consumer has ignored higher taxes as the low interest rates have made mortgages appear cheap thus increasing house prices These high house prices then enable the consumer to borrow money MEW Thus the economy has been kept going by house price inflation increasing debt and public sector spending This boom to bust policy has now led to increasing inflation and thus increasing interest rates and declining affordability with the result that some sub prime mortgage borrowers are now unable to meet their repayments and are therefore having there homes Repossessed Due to this some banks have now lost a significant amount of money These bank losses have caused a loss in lending confidence resulting in the Credit Crunch and the bank run on the Northern Rock We are now at the top of the cycle with the affordability of house prices low The danger now is that the bubble will burst leading to a siginificant loss of capital and the misery of negative equity for thousands of people The US Federal Reserve has already cut interest rates however with both

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  • Bubble - HousePriceWiki
    speculation The price of the asset then reaches unsustainable levels and then the bubble bursts which is known as a crash which results in a sudden drop in prices Bubbles have a negative impact on the economy because the crash which usually follows an economic bubble can destroy a large amount of wealth and cause continuing economic fallout as was the case of the Great Depression in the 1930s for

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