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  • Resources > Economic Papers - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    Subprime Losses to 422 billion Andrew Oswald Professor of Economics Warwick University Nov 2004 The Case For a Healthier Rental Sector PDF 16kb Aug 2004 Zero Gravity PDF 10kb Jan 2004 Housing Again PDF 23kb Dec 2003 Debt Doom Word 22kb Nov 2002 The Great 2003 2005 House Price Crash in Britain s Housing Market PDF 54kb Andrew Farlow Department of Economics Oxford University Jun 2005 Housing consumption and the economy Why do house prices become misaligned and what are the consequences PPT 2 30Mb Jan 2005 UK House Prices Consumption and GDP in a Global Context PPT 430kb Jan 2005 UK House Prices Consumption and GDP in a Global Context PDF 833kb Jan 2004 UK House Prices A Critical Assessment PDF 1 87mb Jan 2004 The UK Housing Market Bubbles and Buyers PDF 429kb Nov 2002 The UK House Price Bubble PDF 112kb Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS RICS monthly housing market surveys Bryan Kavanagh Land Values Research Group LVRG The Importance of a Formula Unlocking the Riches of Oz David Goldfinch The model of the property cycle PDF 78kb James Carrick Chief UK Economist ABN Amro Oct 2005 False alarm PDF 257kb May 2005 Divine comedy PDF 209kb May 2004 The Bends PDF 232kb Gavin Cameron John Muellbauer and Anthony Murphy Mar 2006 The UK House Price Bubble Illusion PDF 14kb Mar 2006 Was There A British House Price Bubble PDF 275kb Economist excellent news articles Jun 2006 Priced to Perfection An overvalued market is vulnerable to higher interest rates Jun 2005 The global housing boom In come the waves Jun 2005 House prices After the fall Mar 2003 House of Cards Alex Hamilton Dissertation for MA Property Valuation and Law degree Asset price bubbles and manias How much was the property boom driven by collective psychology

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  • "timmy" Geithner Gets Loan From Jamie Dimon For Pe Investment - House prices and the economy - House Price Crash forum
    other words you can trust that this is a good idea because look I threw my own money at it Bloomberg goes on to note that contributions from PE principals amount to around four and a half percent of the capital the funds raised in 2014 That s nearly double the figure from 2011 For this particular fund Warburg Pincus put up 6 7 of the 12 billion in commitments Geithner is president at the firm which puts him just under Joseph Landy and Charles Kaye who are co CEOs Warburg manages some 40 billion invested in VC assets and plain vanilla buyouts Here s a bit more from The New York Times Timothy F Geithner has joined fellow Warburg Pincus partners in securing financing to make personal investments in the private equity firm s funds Mr Geithner the former Treasury secretary who joined Warburg two years ago as its president has a line of credit with JPMorgan Chase according to a December filing with New York State Warburg s co chief executive Joseph P Landy and four managing directors Christopher C Gunther Peter R Kagan James W Wilson and Daniel Zilberman also arranged lines of credit with JPMorgan in the last year backed by collateral that includes stakes Warburg funds according to the filings The 12 billion Warburg Pincus Private Equity XII fund would be the first main fund the firm has closed since Mr Geithner joined it Apparently Geithner s net worth of 3 2 million wasn t sufficient when it came to chipping in on the firm s latest fund so he reached out to an old friend Move along nothing to see here just your average loan Proof that Brown had repeated IMF OECD BIS warnings over house prices and did nothing Looting The Economic Underworld

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208416-timmy-geithner-gets-loan-from-jamie-dimon-for-pe-investment/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Weak Uk Tax Revenue Could Thwart Osborne's Surplus Aim, Thinktank Says - House prices and the economy - House Price Crash forum
    compared with forecasts made in November the non partisan IFS said in a report ahead of Osborne s annual budget on March 16 The IFS said economic growth this year was likely to be weaker than the 2 4 percent forecast in November by the government s budget watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility Last week the Bank of England also downgraded its forecasts for both growth and wages over the coming years That could put Osborne s plan to run a budget surplus by the 2019 20 financial year in doubt a goal described last year by the IFS as having a 50 50 likelihood of success George Osborne has feck all chance of running a surplus by 2019 20 Is George s minimum wage gambit also an attempt to raise more tax revenue Proof that Brown had repeated IMF OECD BIS warnings over house prices and did nothing Looting The Economic Underworld Of Bankruptcy For Profit The exponential growth of debt and the unsustainability of debt The logic of HPI 10 YoY means your 100k house would be worth 1 38bn in 100 years Paying down my mortgage with money found on the street It s time to sue the Bank of England Federal Reserve for GROSS NEGLIGENCE If DEBT is the problem REPAYMENT is the solution or you default The trouble with the world was that prices were so low that only the rich people could buy and the aim of the Conference was to raise them to a point where it would again be possible for poor people to buy something Northern unemployment is an acceptable price to pay for curbing southern inflation Eddie George former Governor of the Bank of England New digest on the credit crisis and economy Part2 Part 3 Back to top

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208415-weak-uk-tax-revenue-could-thwart-osbornes-surplus-aim-thinktank-says/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Hedge Funds Short London Housing Shares - Omg! - House prices and the economy - House Price Crash forum
    a year old by accident doh Sorry guys Edited by gruffydd Today 05 45 PM Back to top 2 TheCountOfNowhere TheCountOfNowhere I live on HPC Members 20 424 posts Location Nowhere Posted Today 05 34 PM http www thisismon erty stars html Hedge funds pile on short positions against shares of London property stars amid fears the capital s housing market has peaked Hedge funds bet against estate agents Foxtons and Savills online portal Zoopla and housebuilder Berkeley Group OH MY GOSH f ears the capital s housing market has peaked Who s frightened The fearful bit was when it was going up Back to top 3 winkie winkie I live on HPC Members 32 222 posts Posted Today 05 36 PM Edited by winkie Today 05 41 PM What you don t owe won t worry you Less can be more Back to top 4 scappers scappers HPC Poster Members 185 posts Posted Today 05 36 PM End the day on some good news Back to top 5 gruffydd gruffydd I live on HPC Members 8 440 posts Posted Today 05 37 PM The main story s in the FT think they uncovered it Back to top 6 honkydonkey honkydonkey HPC Regular Members 522 posts Posted Today 05 40 PM PUBLISHED 17 20 9 February 2015 Guess those shorts didn t work out too well for some Back to top 7 Simon Taylor Simon Taylor HPC Poster Members 158 posts Posted Today 06 17 PM This statistic has been quoted on this site many times but it s never been more relevant and the FT once again brings it to prominence About 54 000 homes are planned or under construction in the most expensive areas of the capital with most of these set to be priced at 1m or

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208411-hedge-funds-short-london-housing-shares-omg/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Property News Stats - Northern Ireland - House Price Crash forum
    News stats Look at 192a Upper Malone Rd listed today at 1 5mm under one hour ago currently at over 36 000 page views Here s the agent tweeting about it 10 months ago https twitter com 573861233303552 Here it is as BelTel Homefinder Property of the Week 8 months ago http www belfastte t 31276425 html Here it is on Mitula described as advertised on Property News two weeks

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208408-property-news-stats/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Getting Ready For The Spring Bounce.... - House prices and the economy - House Price Crash forum
    3222053 stm Could you believe that a bank would invite customers to defraud it It may sound incredible but that is what some of Britain s biggest mortgage lenders have in effect been doing CLICK HERE http news bbc co u ess 3478635 stm The BBC Money Programme uncovers massive mortgage fraud 2003 BBC TWO s The Money Programme has revealed a huge mortgage fraud with brokers from some of Britain s biggest estate agents and financial advice groups advising customers to break the law and lie about their incomes to get massively bigger mortgages And it shows how the illicit cash raised by this method has been pouring into the housing market boosting prices and leaving many people risking financial ruin CLICK HERE http www bbc co uk mortgage shtml AND READ THIS http www housepric howtopic 152508 WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE 2003 4 DOCUMENTARY HERE Click on parts 2 3 as you go along watching this video AND WATCH THE LATEST VIDEO OF LIAR LOANS STILL IN ACTION HERE in 2008 http news sky com 20080641317257 Back to top 10 Quicken Quicken HPC Veteran Members 1 500 posts Posted Today 01 49 PM About 100m from the railway line north out of MK Very peaceful I m sure Remember if you need Government help to get a mortgage then you are subprime Bubble Killer Wages and salaries for the middle income quintile of non retired households fell in real terms from 33 100 in 2007 08 to 28 300 in 2011 12 15 fall My Songs Money for Nothing Home Foreclosed Back to top 11 yanto64 yanto64 HPC Poster Members 208 posts Posted Today 01 59 PM I estimate that around 75 of the properties for sale in my local market Derbyshire are non genuine vendors people who don t have any real need or desire to sell but they choose to stick their house on the market for 10 or 20 above current market values and either just leave it there indefinitely the kiteflyers or spit their dummy s out after 6 months and withdraw it from the market the deluded vendors I really don t know how the local EA s are managing to stay in business when so much of their time and effort is having to be devoted to such huge numbers of time wasters Back to top 12 Democorruptcy Democorruptcy Members 11 144 posts Posted Today 02 19 PM LOL you can just SEE the greed in those price changes How arbitrary those changes are Serious question who would pay a penny more than the cheapest price the current seller has offered Surely a buyer can see the history of the price changes from the current seller Who would entertain the current 500 000 selling price when the current seller s already played his hand and you can see it was up for sale at 450 000 previously Have you ever seen Krusty and that property expert bloke whose property firm went

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208406-getting-ready-for-the-spring-bounce/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Cdo's And Bespoke Tranch Opportunity's - House prices and the economy - House Price Crash forum
    on who the banks losses went to Thanks in advance Back to top 2 Errol Errol I live on HPC Members 12 168 posts Posted Today 11 55 AM The bankers are always the winners Heads they win Tails you lose Edited by Errol Today 11 56 AM Back to top 3 VeryMeanReversion VeryMeanReversion HPC Senior Veteran Members 3 831 posts Location Kirstie s pie shop Posted Today 12 07 PM My understanding is that both parties had their own methods for valuing their swaps Funnily enough both claimed a profit and a bonus I think I read this in the Faisal Islam book good but has to be read in sections to avoid blood boiling So basically the taxpayer paid for it A pound is just a promise to give you another one Back to top 4 Steppenpig Steppenpig HPC Veteran Members 2 491 posts Posted Today 12 09 PM question I have no particular knowledge of this subject Ultimately the people who profited were the house owners who walked away from their worthless houses and didn t have to pay But I think there was also the element of a bubble in the fiancial derivatives collapsing meaning assets were no longer worth what they were previously People can lose without there being winners If the housingmarket in the UK collapsed all the homeowners would be poorer but no one would be a winner well indirectly non home owners but that s a different issue I agree about the bail out going on bonusses although I would have said the banks were actually not profit making in the decade or more up to the crash and it was those bonusses we paid for with our taxes Back to top 5 Exiled Canadian Exiled Canadian HPC Regular Members 852 posts Posted Today 12 15 PM I suspect that there were two groups of winners 1 Those people who sold houses for prices far higher than would have been the case had the mortgage market not massively overheated and those allied businesses like Estate Agents and mortgage brokers who participate in this market 2 Those bankers who would have received annual bonuses and salaries from originating and trading these instruments which they did not have to repay when the whole thing went sour The mild mannered numbskull anarchist from the great white north Back to top 6 billybong billybong I live on HPC Members 13 212 posts Posted Today 12 44 PM Anything called Bespoke is so reminiscent of the days of privilege and special treatment and something for nothing fraud it s a sign of modern day times that it s a banking product It also tends to suggest that there s still a long long way down before the crash is fully played out Edited by billybong Today 01 00 PM Back to top 7 billybong billybong I live on HPC Members 13 212 posts Posted Today 12 49 PM Now a swap is a zero sum game i

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208405-cdos-and-bespoke-tranch-opportunitys/ (2016-02-08)
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