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  • Current Affairs - House Price Crash forum
    430 replies The Rise Of The Russian Bea By Damik Today 09 35 PM Politics Discuss Politics in general but no party political broadcasts 643 Topics 22 463 replies Alistair Carmichael Guilty By CyberNat Today 06 15 PM Living overseas Information about living abroad 66 Topics 1 869 replies Calling All Expat Hpc e By ccc 21 Jan 2016 Delete Topic Remove From View This option hides the post but

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  • Current affairs - House Price Crash forum
    Shocked By Cologne New Year Gang Assaults On Women Started by cool hand 05 Jan 2016 Merkel Disgust Outrage 10 replies 1 102 views cool hand 06 Feb 2016 The Collapse Of The Russian Bear Thread Started by R K 07 Nov 2014 1 2 3 68 Hot 1 011 replies 52 902 views Damik 05 Feb 2016 Danish Parliament Approves Plan To Seize Assets From Refugees Started by interestrateripoff 26 Jan 2016 1 2 23 replies 1 266 views Big Orange 01 Feb 2016 Poll Immigration Poll Started by Steppenpig 07 Jan 2016 1 2 3 Hot 44 replies 3 287 views wherebee 28 Jan 2016 University Degrees Irrelevant To Big Employers Started by fru gal 24 Jan 2016 3 replies 448 views spyguy 24 Jan 2016 Uk Net Migration Hits Record High Started by canbuywontbuy 27 Aug 2015 1 2 3 11 Hot 154 replies 12 529 views enrieb 24 Jan 2016 The Town That Took On The Tax Man Off Air Started by Arpeggio 20 Jan 2016 5 replies 532 views sPinwheel 21 Jan 2016 Students Are Blocking Westminster Bridge about Ten Of Them Started by TheCountOfNowhere 19 Jan 2016 12 replies 692 views spacedin 19 Jan 2016 Dora Bryan National Institution Ruined By Property And Died In State Funded Nursing Home Started by crashmonitor 24 Jul 2014 13 replies 2 837 views Mrs Bear 19 Jan 2016 Systemic Insurance Fraud Started by giesahoose 08 Jan 2016 8 replies 962 views Mrs Bear 11 Jan 2016 Has The Us Revolution Begun Started by TheCountOfNowhere 06 Jan 2016 1 2 22 replies 2 396 views Executive Sadman 06 Jan 2016 Drug Company Increases Cost Of Daraprim By 5455 Started by interestrateripoff 20 Sep 2015 14 replies 2 574 views interestrateripoff 30 Dec 2015 Schools In Crisis As Graduates Turn Their Backs On Teaching Can t Afford Housing Started by interestrateripoff 26 Dec 2015 1 2 3 7 Hot 92 replies 8 332 views frozen out 28 Dec 2015 Mse Thread Of The Year Started by dances with sheeple 18 Dec 2015 Reality meets B S 4 replies 1 096 views olde guto 21 Dec 2015 Why s Everything Suddenly Going Right Started by TheCountOfNowhere 17 Dec 2015 12 replies 1 419 views sPinwheel 18 Dec 2015 Imf Lagarde Faces Trial Started by TheCountOfNowhere 17 Dec 2015 5 replies 986 views CHF 17 Dec 2015 Should Immigration Be Severely Restricted Started by Byron 10 Dec 2015 1 2 20 replies 2 474 views Big Orange 15 Dec 2015 Pearson Did Things By The Textbook But The Customers Had Ripped It Up Started by interestrateripoff 27 Nov 2015 9 replies 1 569 views StainlessSteelCat 14 Dec 2015 Crisis In Uk Care Homes Set To Dwarf The Steel Industry S Problems Started by interestrateripoff 31 Oct 2015 1 2 3 Hot 34 replies 5 628 views Si1 11 Dec 2015 Arrest And Charge Tony Blair Parliamentary Petition Started by DiggerUK 02 Nov 2015 Waging illegal war of aggres and 1 more

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  • The Rise Of The Russian Bear Thread - Current affairs - House Price Crash forum
    of England New digest on the credit crisis and economy Part2 Part 3 Back to top 5 R K R K I live on HPC Members 26 986 posts Location Republik of Mancunia Posted 08 November 2014 10 38 AM Zeroed g e and RT Youd expect Putins propa g andists to come out in force when the Rouble falls off a cliff Its amusin g that Zh is usually ban g in g on about collapsin g currencies But not when its Russia Odd that If Putin has his way the SCO could not only rival NATO it could fashion a new financial structure that directly competes with the IMF and World Bank The New Development Bank FKA the BRICS Bank created this past summer in Brazil was a first step in that direction And that could lead to the dethroning of the US dollar as the world s reserve currency with dire consequences for the American economy he cant even prevent his own currency hyperinflatin g Edited by R K 08 November 2014 10 42 AM The problem with capitalism is that eventually you end up with everyone else s money RK We have now entered The Great Rebalancing 2007 20xx RK Gold will go to 1000 Silver to 18 RK August 2011 QE 100bn and build 1m council homes RK Carney announces the launch of Empire 2 0 Rise of the Banksters Oct 13 Back to top 6 Gigantic Purple Slug Gigantic Purple Slug HPC Guru Members 7 327 posts Posted 08 November 2014 10 59 AM Russia Nears Completion Of Second Holy Grail Gas Deal With China Today with little fanfare Russia s president Putin whose economy is said to be reeling as a result of a plunging currency paradoxically something Japan would love to be able to achieve on such short notice told the media ahead of his visit to the Asia Pacific Economic Conference on November 9 11 that Moscow and Beijing have agreed many of the aspects of a second gas pipeline to China the so called western route or as some already are calling it the second holy grail We have reached an understanding in principle concerning the opening of the western route Putin said We have already agreed on many technical and commercial aspects of this project laying a good basis for reaching final arrangements the Russian President added As RT reports the opening of the western route the Altai would link Western China and Russia and supply an additional 30 bcm of gas nearly doubling the gas deal reached in May Once the Altai route is completed China will become Russia s biggest gas customer able to receive up to 68 bcm of gas annually surpassing the 40 bcm Russia supplies Germany each year http www zerohedge gas deal china Hmmm Why does china need all that power Back to top 7 zugzwang zugzwang I live on HPC Members 8 174 posts About Me Minskyite Posted 08 November 2014 12

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/201723-the-rise-of-the-russian-bear-thread/ (2016-02-08)
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