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  • > Contact Us - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    More stats House Price Crash powered by Stretch Follow us on Twitter RSS home graphs base rates resources books blog wiki forum boss Home Contact Us Questions queries Technical issues New Blog account request New Wiki account request Press enquiries

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  • House Price Crash Predictions > Archive - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    2006 8 London 2007 London is still the blue eyed boy when it comes to house price growth predictions with doubling their UK prediction for London Halifax Martin Ellis N A Dec 2005 3 UK 2006 The bank says housing market fundamentals are sound but price growth is likely to remain below the long term trend in 2006 Halifax Martin Ellis N A Jun 2008 9 UK 2008 Halifax had earlier predicted that the decline would be less severe Hometrack Richard Donnell N A Dec 2007 3 Scotland 2008 Hometrack is forecasting price rises of 3 per cent in Scotland for 2008 Hometrack Richard Donnell N A Dec 2007 3 Northern Ireland 2008 Hometrack is also forecasting price rises of 3 per cent in Northern Ireland for 2008 Hometrack Richard Donnell N A Aug 2007 1 2 UK 2008 Hometrack sees near stagnation in the UK housing market for 2008 Hometrack Richard Donnell N A Dec 2005 1 UK 2006 The group said the market was being starved of first time buyers as people in their twenties and even thirties simply do not earn enough to be able to afford their own home IHS Global Insight Howard Archer Dec 2007 3 UK 2008 Howard Archer has revised his predictions for next year down from no growth to a 3 fall in prices IHS Global Insight Howard Archer Apr 2008 7 UK 2008 A revised prediction downwards by Global Insight IHS Global Insight Howard Archer Apr 2008 9 UK 2009 A revised prediction downwards by Global Insight IHS Global Insight Howard Archer Oct 2008 16 UK 2008 Global insight have further revised down their house price forecasts to show a fall of 16 in 2008 followed by a further drop of 15 in 2009 Institute of Economic Affairs Philip Booth N A Jan 2008 10 UK 2008 Mr Booth says that more falls are possible after 2008 but also says that this should not affect the economy greatly as long as monetary policy is conducted appropriately Invesco Perpetual Neil Woodford Jan 2008 8 10 UK 2008 Neil Woodford goes further than his prediction to say that areas which have seen a concentration of speculative development and buying such as regional metropolitan centres could be subject to much sharper falls Invesco Perpetual Neil Woodford Oct 2004 30 40 UK 2004 2008 Neil Woodford who manages 12 billion at Invesco Perpetual is positioning his funds for a sharp decrease in property prices His forecast for house prices is for a 30 to 40 per cent fall over the next three to four years a fall he describes as a healthy correction That would bring the average property price from 153 700 today to between 92 200 and 107 600 Jim Mellon Jim Mellon N A Sep 2005 50 UK Not stated Financier turned economic pundit Jim Mellon sees no reason to be optimistic about the world s financial future and has written a book called Wake Up Survive and Prosper in the Coming

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  • > About us - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    potentially biggest economic boom bust events in living memory had a site all of its own where everyone could have their say The forum was clearly the most popular part of the site and went from strength to strength until over 10 000 users a day were visiting the site Then in April 2006 the site was acquired by Fubra Limited an Internet media company based in Hampshire and they

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  • > Glossary - HousePriceCrash.co.uk
    DINK Dual Income No Kids EA Estate Agent FTB First Time Buyer GCH Gas Central Heating HPC HousePriceCrash co uk HPI House Price Inflation IIRC If I Remember Correctly IMHO In My Humble Opinion IMO In My Opinion IO Interest Only IR Interest Rates LL Landlord LOL Laugh Out Loud LR Land Registry LTV Loan to value ratio or lifetime value MEW Mortgage Equity Withdrawal MPC Monetary Policy Committee NAEA

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    it then we have several options available for linking to HousePriceCrash co uk You can add a simple text link or banner image Please click the links below to view images and save the one you wish to use Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels Large Banner 468 x 60 pixels Medium Banner 200 x 60 pixels Small Banner 90 x 53 pixels Mini Banner 70 x 33 pixels Skyscraper 120

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  • housepricecrash.co.uk in the media - House Price Crash forum
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    and collect information about your usage of the site in order to enhance your online experience and to help us improve the quality of our services When you access housepricecrash co uk your computer automatically sends us information such as the URL on our site you have visited your IP address your browser type and language and the date and time of your request If you perform a search on housepricecrash co uk your searches are logged and may be used internally so as to better personalise our service to you We use Invision Power Board software for the forum section of housepricecrash co uk Cookies are used on the forum to store your login details which are encrypted within the cookie You can also delete cookies set by the forum When you Contact Us If you contact us via email your details and a history of the communication will be stored by us in order for us to deal with enquiries adequately and improve our customer support services Links and Affiliated sites housepricecrash co uk contains hypertext links to other sites advertisers and other third parties By clicking on any of these links you are leaving the housepricecrash co uk website housepricecrash co uk has no control over the information collected by any third party after you have left the housepricecrash co uk website housepricecrash co uk encourages you to read their privacy policies The data collection and usage practices of any third party linked to housepricecrash co uk are not covered by this Privacy Policy housepricecrash co uk assumes no liability and is not responsible for any practices of such third party web sites including their privacy practices or content Protecting your Information We use a secure server cluster situated in a secure data centre to protect all

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    Price Crash powered by Stretch Follow us on Twitter RSS home graphs base rates resources books blog wiki forum boss About us Contact us Glossary Link to us Media Privacy

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