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  • Relationship between the Bank of England and House Prices - HousePriceWiki
    What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Relationship between the Bank of England and House Prices The Bank of England is responsible for setting the base interest rates at which it lends money to other banks The Bank of England has a tough job It s main responsibility as far as interest rates are concerned is to keep inflation within the governments target but in doing so it has to keep an eye on all parts of the economy and try to decide on what the interest rates should The recent spate of rate cuts over the last few years have benefited the manufacturing sector which has been suffering from rising imports a strong pound and falling order books But at the same time the low interest rates have been fuelling the consumer boom Everyone has been out spending on credit and the retailing sector has seen a boom This coupled with the boom in house prices has created a two tier economy No matter what the Bank of England do someone is going to critise them External Links Bank of England website Retrieved from http www housepricecrash co uk wiki index php title Relationship between

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  • Difference between CPI and RPI - HousePriceWiki
    and RPI Consumer Prices Index CPI based on an EU wide formula allowing direct comparison of the inflation rate in the UK against that in the rest of Europe Retail Price Index RPI is an average measure of change in the prices of goods and services Once published it is never revised RPI X this is RPI excluding mortgage costs It was previously the target measure for the MPC with a symmetrical target of 2 5 RPI Y this is RPI with both mortgage costs and the impact of changes in taxation removed The Bank of England is legally obliged to set interest rates so that the Consumer Price Index is below 3 Previously the RPI X figure had been set so as not to exceed 3 5 but as the CPI figure focusses on a narrower basket of goods many manufactured and excluding items such as rent and council tax it is considerably lower In February 2007 the CPI figure was 2 7 while the RPI figuire was 4 5 See also Statistic ONS External Links Inflation goals to move again Mervyn Somerset Webb Moneyweek 16 September 2005 Inflation February CPI up to 2 8 RPI up to 4

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Difference_between_CPI_and_RPI (2016-02-09)
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  • Euro mortgage - HousePriceWiki
    Then in a years time you need to repay JPY 20 100 000 plus interest meaning a total of JPY 20 160 300 So from GBP you need to find JPY 20 160 300 If you are lucky then the GBP JPY rate of exchange will not have moved over 12 months If this is the case then you have indeed paid a very low interest cost in comparison with what is available in the UK and you repay GBP 100 300 00 meaning you achieved borrowing costs of 0 3 well done If you are very fortunate indeed the GBP JPY will have risen to say 215 00 and then this will cost you GBP 93 768 84 to repay the loan less notional than you borrowed If you are less fortunate the GBP JPY rate will have fallen to 180 00 and then this will cost you GBP 112 001 67 to repay the loan a wapping interest payment of 12 The borrower is doing nothing but pure speculation by creating an exposure in a currency asset that he would not normally use in day to day business Is it possible to protect yourself against currency movement Yes of course If you purchase JPY today but forward dated for delivery in one years time the rate received will be approximately 192 00 meaning you would need to find GBP 105 000 to repay the loan i e the same economic cost of borrowing GBP 100 000 for 1 year The forward rates offered by banks simply mean the bank buy the JPY today and hold on deposit and calculate the economic cost of forgoing the normal return on GBP in the UK There is no way round this It would be the same for the Euro against GBP

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Euro_mortgage (2016-02-09)
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  • Foreigners opinions about UK house prices - HousePriceWiki
    since my last visit A phone box call minimum charge had trebled a coffee and a cake cost nearly 5 pounds It didn t take me long to discover the reason for the price inflation House prices in Britain have risen by 250 over the past 7 years I tried to explain to some gloating relatives that they hadn t really got richer it was just inflation after all you ve always got to live somewhere This so called wealth effect has spread out and driven up prices across the board I was also interested to learn that the UK monetary authorities are fiddling the inflation statistics to exclude house prices completely Massaging statistics has been raised to the level of a science in the US where the CPI figure bears no relation to real world inflation as experienced by the man on the street They should offer a course on it at MIT you d be guaranteed a high paid job when you came out By the way if you are the sort of person who enjoys spending lots of money and getting very little for it Britain is definitely the place to head for especially London A holiday

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Foreigners_opinions_about_UK_house_prices (2016-02-09)
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  • Famous historical bubbles - HousePriceWiki
    link Famous historical bubbles Rather than us summarise these bubbles ourselves here are some external websites which explain them very well The South Sea Bubble Stock market crash net southsea A Short Sketch of Events Erasmus School of Economics The Tulip Bulb Mania Bubble stock market crash net tulip mania Wikipedia Tulipmania History House Tulipomania The Mississippi Bubble stock market crash net mississippi Erasmus School of Economics John Law and

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Famous_historical_bubbles (2016-02-09)
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  • Lifecycle of a bubble - HousePriceWiki
    Lifecycle of a bubble Study this diagram and you see what makes a bubble One thing that is obvious is that if human emotions were not involved then bubbles would simply not exist The main 2 emotions being greed and fear What stage are we at now Well at the time of writing it is 18th April 2006 and I would estimate that we are in the Anxiety or Denial

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Lifecycle_of_a_bubble (2016-02-09)
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  • Interest only mortgages - HousePriceWiki
    as well as paying the interest only mortgage so that you can pay off the mortgage when the period expires However there are thousands of people these days that are so desperate to get on the housing ladder that they take out an interest only mortgage without allowing any money to pay off the capital lump sum debt at the end of the mortgage term If you can t afford to pay for a repayment mortage or be able to contribute enough to an investment such as an endowment as well as the interest on a mortgage then you are taking some very serious financial risks which could lead you into serious financial difficulty e g bankruptcy To compound this problem many people have taken on 2 or 3 year discounted interest only mortgages with artificially low incentive rate which upon expiry revert to the standard variable rate We have seem exceptionally low interest rates over the last couple of year well below the average long term base rate of around 5 If you struggle on a discounted interest only mortgage then you should not really be buying a property It should be a warning to you that all is

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Interest_only_mortgages (2016-02-09)
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  • View source for Read what the Newspapers were saying last time around - HousePriceWiki
    have requested is limited to users in the group Users You can view and copy the source of this page A selection of headlines and abstracts from The Times covering the years 1988 1996 This period cover the lead up to the crash the crash and then after the crash If you think todays headlines are new then just look at what they were saying back then and you ll

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Read_what_the_Newspapers_were_saying_last_time_around&action=edit (2016-02-09)
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