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  • Topics and arguments - HousePriceWiki
    Older revision Latest revision diff Newer revision diff Why renting is not dead money The measure of house price affordability The pros and cons of renting The type of property most at risk in a house price crash Why the housing shortage won t stop the crash Why a house price boom is not good for homeowners Who has a vested interest in a house price boom Restrictive planning leads

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  • The measure of house price affordability - HousePriceWiki
    Simply divide the average house price by the average earnings figure Historically it was always around 3 4 Now it has risen to around 7 In some areas this is around 10 The typical amount the banks would lend you for a house was 3 1 4 times your sole salary or 2 1 2 times a joint salary The very fact that people aren t able to obtain a

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  • Why the housing shortage won't stop the crash - HousePriceWiki
    stop a crash from occurring Let s examine these issues one by one Is there a shortage of homes The facts The number of new homes built in 2002 was the lowest ever since World War 2 The population is at it s highest level ever The number of people versus homes in the UK has fallen slightly However the fall in people vs homes has been more than offset by rapid rise of the number of single occupant homes and single parent homes Will it stop a crash No there were home shortages during both the previous crashes so it s pretty clear undersupply does not shore up prices In fact the evidence is it makes them worse Even the government acknowledges this Its own report into the housing market concludes that undersupply makes booms and crashes worst The Barker Review of Housing Supply examined the supply demand situation in great detail and concluded that the lack of housing supply and reactiveness to market conditions were the main contributor to the volatility of the UK s housing market i e why are booms and crashes are so much worse than other countries It also concluded this is why we have the highest long term house price inflation compared to other European countries Some people have mistakenly claimed the Barker Review says undersupply is the only cause of the current house price boom and believe it is a government whitewash This does it a great disservice and we d suggest these people actually read the report Why do people think undersupply will mean house prices only every go up Because they are confusing the short term nature of house prices during the house price cycle i e boom crash with the long term trend of house prices which is upward

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  • Who has a vested interest in a house price boom - HousePriceWiki
    estate agents prosper Banks They profit from mortgage application fees During a boom people take new mortgages so banks prosper Property speculators They buy and sell property but usually have little or no interest in using the property for accomodation or other purpose such as retail They prosper unlike homeowners because they can sell when prices are high without the need to buy or rent another property Home improvement businesses

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  • Bankruptcy - HousePriceWiki
    debtor is protected from extra bankruptcy action by creditors by a legally imposed stay Taken from Wikipedia article on Bankruptcy Before you consider Bankruptcy Government guide to Bankruptcy Consumer Credit Counselling Service Citizens Advice Bureau Process Involved Fill out a Debtors Petition in triplicate and a Statement of Affairs in duplicate File these with the local county court Pay the court fee and administration fees See a Judge who will check that a bankrupcy order is appropriate Meet with the Official Receiver who will try to determine what lead to your bankruptcy and then set out a repayment plan known as an Income Payment Order This will be based on what you can afford and will last for three years The Upsides No longer has the stigma associated with it that it once had Frees you from overwhelming debts Allows you to make a fresh start Shares your assets fairly amongst your creditors The Downsides You are likely to loose any of your possessions that have value This will include your house However you will be able to keep the following items unless their individual value is more than the cost of a reasonable replacement tools books vehicles and other items of equipement that you need to use in your employment business or vocation clothing bedding furniture household equipment and other basic items you and your family need in the home You will be required to make a contribution towards your bankrupcy debts from your income for up to 3 years from the date the IPO is made You will face certain restrictions as an undischarged bankrupt It will be illegal for you to obtain credit of 500 or more either jointly or alone carry on in business directly or indirectly in a different name from that in which you

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  • Talk:Possible triggers for a house price crash - HousePriceWiki
    blog wiki forum boss Navigation Main Page Recent changes Random page Help Views Page Discussion View source History Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Talk Possible triggers for a house price crash Any more ideas Retrieved from http www housepricecrash co uk wiki index php title Talk Possible triggers for a house price crash oldid 2343 About us Contact us Glossary Link to us

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  • View source for Possible triggers for a house price crash - HousePriceWiki
    low and also erode mortgage debt too slowly leaving the monthly repayments at proportionally high levels for longer than in the past Rapid and sustained rise in the Stock market causing speculators to leave the property market Property over supply linked to rush to avoid HIPs lack of First Time Buyers or properties dumped onto the market by Buy to let Speculation speculators Drop in First time buyers usually around 30 40 of purchases now just 7 and drop in parents willing or able to stump up the deposit Drop in Second Time Buyers due to increasing relative cost of that extra bedroom leading to families toughing it out rather than moving i e low affordable affordability Continued levels of low renting rental income for Buy to let Buy to Let investors and increased costs of being a Land Lord Evidence of widespread price fixing by Estate Agents http news bbc co uk 1 hi magazine 4826444 stm See excellent Secret Agent Article by the BBC Evidence that the banks are as bad as Estate Agents http business timesonline co uk tol business money mortgages article1845230 ece Mortgage Mistakes Demographics decreasing birth rate coupled with the passing of the WWII baby boomers into old age care thereby releasing a lot of additional housing stock Increases in household inflation ie what people actually have to pay to live not the current basket of prices of the CPI I E increases to Council Taxes end to free banking domestic oil prices fuel gas prices water prices electricity prices etc etc Reduced flood and coastal protection plans http www dailymail co uk pages live articles technology technology html in article id 504539 in page id 1965 See article Huge swathes of England will be abandoned to the seas under controversial plans to cut

    Original URL path: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Possible_triggers_for_a_house_price_crash&action=edit (2016-02-09)
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