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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Employment law changes well intentioned but delivery drives complexity
    this legislation until recently has been in the employee s favour and the costs of getting it wrong for the employer can be large Recent legislation in the main has been well intentioned activity designed to reduce the risks on employers who behave responsibly Often the original thinking has been simple and clear and the principles not overly contentious The implementation of those principles has often proved much less well delivered The delivery often drives complexity thereby workload and cost for employers The key legislation related requests received by Ceridian recently include 1 Redundancy emergency payments to leaving employees 2 Working time directive setting up technology to track those most at risk of working excess hours 3 Equality diversity enabling access to key employee data and analytics to address issues for example inequality of gender pay 4 Right to work storing the proof of process followed to reduce employer liability should a subsequent investigation occur 5 Pensions auto enrolment how to get the most efficient solution at the most cost effective price The largest additional cost from any legislative impact without question affecting many UK companies in 2013 is pensions auto enrolment The costs arise from both the additional pensions contributions and also from the administration surrounding it Some of the more interesting and less well understood aspects are a good indicator of this complexity for example 1 Who qualifies as a worker Freelancers contractors secondees 2 Every time you pay someone you must assess if they are eligible to be enrolled in a pension scheme 3 The calculation periods for payroll and pensions calculations are not aligned 4 Variably paid employees can cause substantial complexity 5 Employees in existing pension arrangements or who are contractually enrolled are still subject to all the same requirements 6 Salary exchange can minimise

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/employment-law-changes-well-intentioned-but-delivery-drives-complexity (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Firms failing to focus on business needs in talent management strategy
    for a changing workforce In my view the problem is that all too often companies dive straight in implementing the latest best practice recruitment development or performance system or process What they should be doing is standing back and asking some searching questions about what talent their particular business needs now and in the future In other words they need to analyse the data at their disposal It s true that most HR professionals are longing for a way to put some numbers and science to the art of people management a longing driven by insecurities after years of unflattering comparisons with associates in finance and marketing and a craving for respect from colleagues At last they have something which may help as analytics holds out the promise of an instant credibility fix Some of the newer cloud based HR and talent analytics systems are even arriving with pre packed analytics in built algorithms to help predict and manage the workforce retain talent and save money It sounds good it even sounds like progress But the inevitable question that follows is how ethically will the data be used In an ideal world someone would take this data together with other contextual information and work out a plan Presumably if an individual is predicted to be a high performer and a high risk for leaving the course of action is clear Speak to their manager speak to them and try to find a way to change the predicted outcome But what if it s the other way around What if low performance and a low risk of leaving is predicted Do you stop investing in that person and remove them from the promotion list Do you start looking for ways to make them more likely to leave One hopes not and

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/firms-failing-to-focus-on-business-needs-in-talent-management-strategy (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Growth is not dead says HR and payroll firm Ceridian
    Sep 2012 Growth is not dead says HR and payroll firm Ceridian Growth is not dead We and some of our customers are experiencing growth I know that this may be an unusual thing to say in today s economic climate but we are and many of our customers are too I don t mean the inching along by the skin of your teeth growth but real double digit revenue increases Interesting you might say but so what The answer is that this recovery in fortunes brings up again a number of very real challenges for companies and their HR leaders The ones we see most acutely are two talent management and analytics Talent Management Talent management is a clear one Many companies have kept senior teams and management headcount very tight for some time and now we are all starting to stretch key leaders and key deliverers yet again We need to be close to those key people identify who they are and tie them in emotionally developmentally intellectually and financially The key HR leaders of today and tomorrow like the ones recognised by these awards see this sooner than others and are reacting more quickly and with better end results Analytics The availability and use of proper insightful information and analysis is coming to the fore mainly as a result of some strong tools becoming available to allow this to happen What are the implications of this for HR Firstly there are now many more facts available to allow you to make progress Secondly to make best use of that information and the analysis that comes with it HR leaders need to consider the capabilities within their own teams More people with maths science and analysis backgrounds are required These skills lead to better analysis rooted in fact

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/nick-laird-ceridian (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR outsourcing – fad, experiment or value?
    rather than the whole of HR So what are the principal reasons for HRO To gain access to better supporting HR technology to identify and recruit better skills sets to standardise service across operations and to reduce costs and improve efficiencies within the HR function Acquiring better technology can help achieve the changes you want as the technology elements are often best in class and up to date The result will certainly drive more rigour into your HR decision making as you will as a minimum be able to plan and budget better Full HRO on recruitment may be difficult for an outsourcer to deliver effectively if the recruitment process does not properly reflect the culture of the employer However workforce labour management can make a real difference For example we recently identified for a client that five per cent of its workforce was paid outside of strict HR pay guidelines by local managers frequently using their own discretion and never in the company s favour In our experience you can get a much better return on your investment by cherry picking which HR activities you outsource namely the time consuming administrative transactional activities Any good provider should help you with the business case With the recent acquisitions in the HR technology market ERP vendors are also looking to substantially reduce the large costs normally associated with ERP implementations and to access more agile technologies This has been a trend in this market and will continue to be so This trend is enhanced by the current move in the market to Software as a Service SaaS approaches which further reduce total costs and allow faster implementations albeit forcing customers to adopt the constraints imposed by the SaaS solution chosen The most valuable option in our opinion is the one of

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/hr-outsourcing--fad-experiment-or-value (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR process re-engineering - why this difficult job adds massive value
    became a lower priority than taking cost out of the company Sadly the HR role in this was often relegated to right sizing the workforce then getting right sized itself However as with many other management fads once you get past the hype there is real value in using process re engineering techniques in the right context Based on my HR experiences both good and bad over the last sixteen years I have come to the conclusion that there are five relatively straightforward steps to success Clearly define and agree the goal with key stakeholders Engage the whole HR team and customers Develop a shared vision Introduce process mapping Encompass people process and technology Let me explain in more detail 1 Define the goal Ensure you understand who has a stake in the outcomes Who can enable influence impede or block the work What will you do to engage them Help them understand how they will benefit from the exercise and if necessary refine your goal to obtain their buy in 2 Engage the HR team and customers Not everything is well defined People performing HR work have a substantial amount of tacit knowledge understand the history and know the shortcuts that make things work With the right facilitation around 70 80 per cent of the good ideas will come from within The remaining 20 30 per cent comes from introducing external thinking as a catalyst 3 Develop a shared vision You are now in a position to fast forward the HR team to visualise the stabilised future process Encourage them to visualise what it will look and feel like through rich pictures and discussion As Covey wisely said begin with the end in mind 4 Introduce process mapping Swim lane mapping is easy to grasp and benefits from group

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/hr-process-re-engineering---why-this-difficult-job-adds-massive-value (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR systems need to be more like Facebook if you are to meet the demands of your employees
    shift in technology and our acceptance and expectation has altered too New devices hit our stores on an almost weekly basis Tablets smartphones advanced web sites apps the list goes on With these new devices employees now are demanding more sophisticated and smarter ways to interact with their employer No longer is it HR that wants to devolve holiday booking or overtime recording to the employee to reduce admin and save cost It is the employee that wants the convenience and simplicity of performing these tasks quickly efficiently and often on the move The challenge for us all is that many of the HR systems have not been able to keep pace with this revolution in technology They have not offered the ease of use simplicity and accessibility that is now desired or even demanded Systems offering advanced HR self service transactions have to catch up with Facebook Twitter ebay Amazon etc to support the plethora of devices now available provide simple yet fun experience of use while still meeting the exacting needs of business rules and security policies of the corporation Even the most modern and well respected solutions on the market are struggling to keep pace There are technology cul de sac s to be avoided along the way Here is a simple five point check list to consider when selecting technology to meet the needs of your now tech savvy employees Can I easily access from anywhere anytime To do this the system probably needs to be in the cloud and needs to be provided in a way that the systems are up 24 7 Can I run the system on any of the popular browsers Internet Explorer is no longer enough Check there is support for Chrome Firefox and Safari on iMac as well as the

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/hr-systems-need-to-be-more-like-facebook-if-you-are-to-meet-the-demands-of-your-employees (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR transformation – what can you achieve if you think afresh
    transformational solutions What does it mean HR transformation solutions mean fundamentally changing the way a business interacts with its people Often this involves letting your people do more for themselves so getting rid of the transactional noise from around your business It means making your managers responsible and accountable helping them make a difference with their own people by giving them the tools to do the job HR transformations that involve substantial IT change and most of them should also have the added bonus of stopping IT departments from constantly placing HR at the bottom of their list of priorities It really doesn t cost tens of millions to buy new technology particularly when it is a Software as a Service SaaS solution which can be used by your people to make a real difference Why should you do it In the current economic client further increased pressure on cutting costs means that things can no longer been done as they used to be in the past it simply is no longer an option This offers the opportunity to review processes and old ways of working After all when was the last time you really looked at the end to end process around your people Underpinned by great technology top suppliers can take the heat away for driving real business process improvements and standards And by outsourcing you also outsource the pains of changing business structure and therefore have much more room to manoeuvre to acquire divest grow or shrink What can you expect at the end HR transformational solutions will provide you with flexibility the ability to make decisions and implement them faster They reduce administration Top ones will lessen the administrative burden on managers by up to 80 per cent HR transformational solutions provide visibility pertinent information which

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/hr-transformation--what-can-you-achieve-if-you-think-afresh (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR: Tried and tested or something new?
    R D function and the same leaders also make sure that these individuals don t disrupt the smooth operations of the day to day business However innovation success does not appear to be intrinsically linked to a company s R D budget The idea that corporate success economic growth and increasing market share are all dependent on the scope of a business s R D activity should be dismissed as Twentieth Century thinking KPMG research suggests that the most successful corporate innovation strategies are the ones that focus on the management of people across the enterprise In other words innovation is best driven by finding and engaging key talent for innovation meaning that HR teams not those in R D are often best placed to lead a business into trying something new It is after all HR that is responsible for incentivising employees and HR who is at the forefront of developing the sort of entrepreneurial and risk skills that are needed to ensure innovation is more than wishful thinking Certainly one overriding theme emerges from studies of successful innovation strategies It is that winning companies first and foremost have developed cultures where innovation is seen as everyone s responsibility and where innovative practices are embedded as an objective for employees at all levels Culture it seems is key to sustainable innovation and while culture is everyone s business from the leadership team to the front line it is the HR function that has a number of the levers at hand that can shape enable and embed an organisation s desired culture And here lies HR s big opportunity The people management function is perfectly placed to develop and sustain the kind of cultural transformation needed if companies are to truly become innovative I believe that HR s time is

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/hr-tried-and-tested-or-something-new (2016-02-14)
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