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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Leadership is changing...are you taking the opportunity?
    enough to meet with many top HR professionals One topic I have heard more mention of recently is Values Based Leadership that is really connecting organisational goals to colleagues and customers personal values Old world macho dictatorships are being ousted in a quiet revolution by caring ethical open and honest team leaders apparently The reasons are of course obvious with the fall of so many established figureheads organisations institutions and even countries The rise in information and intelligence now available through massively changed communication methods means that there are fewer and fewer places to hide for the selfish or unethical There is a recognition that the customers of today and increasingly so going forward will not place their trust and business with organisations that do not display their values proudly and live these in an authentic way It s a movement which is far more significant than the weakening corporate and social responsibility drive which seemed to stall at the first recession This is just great news of course and it appears to be happening all around us Does this give HR and its profession an opportunity to display its real value is the question I have It must do it has to provided the right type of HR leader steps up to the plate The opportunity for HR to lead in the evolution of open honest truthful and yet still powerfully commercial leadership is unprecedented Every modern leadership team worth its salt is striving to find a progressive style in its articulation of itself Once found the second challenge is to internalise that style live it and magnetically draw others along that path A variety of previously softer aspects of organisational management are suddenly hardening up faster than ever before Step forward diversity engagement human capital values listening generational

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Link between commercial performance and HR is holy grail
    people and the reward for the organisation of that focus In the current environment we have an improving economy and thereby improving employment prospects with pent up colleague churn imminent a continued trend to look at business on a global basis stretching existing capabilities an increasing pace of change requiring broader and deeper skillsets in each individual to remain effective in the workplace All of these changes mean that investment in people the right investment in the right people is more critical than ever before It s a time for HR of huge potential to change of huge rewards to draw the right links and reach the right conclusions As the economy changes the balance of power between employer and employee will change enormously over the coming few years and those companies those leaders who are on the front edge of this thinking are the ones who make the biggest impact As the balance changes employees can more readily ask how they will be supported on their journeys through life these questions will come our question is how we respond when they do Those at the leading edge of HR are finding ways to draw a clear line of sight between revenue and HR action We are working with a number of organisations where the HR leadership are developed in their thinking along these lines The sorts of questions this drives are difficult and require evidence not guesswork to clarify For example How does HR initiated activity drive colleague engagement How does engagement improve customer experience or Net Promotor Score How does customer experience drive revenue and profit This final question is often measured and modelled within marketing and finance departments but they have no idea of how to think about the first two We would encourage you all to

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/link-between-commercial-performance-and-hr-is-holy-grail (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | New service models – where next?
    centralising The trend some years ago was to outsource across many of these functional areas as a single unit Now we see a trend towards outsourcing each part individually as the people process and technology links between them are less clear Often key services are specialist requiring detailed experience and knowledge This know how drives quality of service and this quality impacts the costs in the rest of your business tenfold As Sir Henry Royce Rolls Royce said the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten If you employ people in places where education and skillsets are low and engagement with the end client is poor then the temptation is to embed all the intelligence in the technology not in the people This means poor engagement inconclusive service delivery slow and expensive change and therefore unhappy and unproductive employees This generates noise cost and management distraction in your business distracting them from revenue and profit growth Proper partnership approach with a more consultative and knowledge sharing environment This means much more of a one team feeling and driving towards proper end to end process improvements Driving out inefficiency requires both provider and customer to change practices and activities and generates real value in your business In this model how risk and rewards are shared is often open to new ideas and we see these being played out currently Split on and offshore How do you get the best of both worlds The cultural fit of onshore services with the cost of offshore delivery We see organisations like our own having onshore front office and contact centres with tools in place to help the offshoring of some of the more repeatable processes This drives companies and suppliers to think about how to control training process performance reporting and improvement

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/new-service-models--where-next (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | On and offshore service blending – mixed service delivery at blended prices
    a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Tuesday 15 Nov 2011 On and offshore service blending mixed service delivery at blended prices Hands up if you have upgraded your iPad to 5 0 to gain access to its iCloud feature No doubt Apple will bring cloud computing into the common language with this positioning of the virtual storage concept just as IBM did with e business in the not too distant past Even in our own world of HRO service delivery the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics is positioning the concept of Cloud Business Services or Cloud BPO as the virtual delivery of HR processes and supporting technologies Of course there is a third dimension to HR and payroll transactional service delivery namely the people required to drive the processes on the chosen technology platform Here the cloud concept can also be stretched to cover outsourcing and the consideration of the relative strength and weakness of on off and blended service delivery models The maturity of internet based secure manager and employee self service portals and scanning and electronic storage infrastructure means that outsource vendors can fulfill HR and payroll processes with a blended mix of on and offshore resources We use offshore resources for high volume low complexity transaction processing while the practicalities and logistics of other items for example printing and posting contracts offer packs etc are obvious candidates for onshore teams Other key advantages of a blended on offshore approach are to reduce lock in to a specific country or region that may see its low cost base relative to other geographies eroded over time Also helpful is the increased flexibility in business continuity in the unfortunate event of a disaster recovery in a specific location Let s also not forget that HR processes

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/on-and-offshore-service-blending--mixed-service-delivery-at-blended-prices (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Outsourcing – why and how you should lose non-core activity
    buying them All of these ideas are clearly nonsense but they are all examples of where you have decided to buy in a skill rather than developing it yourself so we ALL outsource things today even the most fervently control freakish conspiracy theorists among us The only question really is where you draw the line on outsourcing and how much management time you want to spend on things that are not your company s primary reason for existing If complexity change or strategic decision making in your industry are high then you clearly need to focus time effort and thinking on the core business The same applies if you have removed management layers to the point of having loads of stretch in your senior team And who hasn t nowadays To my mind outsourcing stuff that isn t critical to the running of your business is a must Those areas where we see the best case to outsource include those where there are high fixed costs of entry any complex software question differences in the quality of output that drive a massive difference to total process cost For example if a small set of inaccuracies drive a massive incremental often hidden cost to your business large experience curves on learning where you are likely to be sub scale and not gain the benefits of culture and management skills items where it is easy to move to a place of clearly lower cost structure sometimes offshore or near shore including Scotland or a blend of both How to outsource Have a really clear understanding of the real reasons you want to outsource be it sometimes to help growth sometimes to move away from a single point of failure in your own organisation sometimes to lower costs Choose those areas where there

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/outsourcing--why-and-how-you-should-lose-non-core-activity (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Paying people – proper process re-engineering, not just supplier management
    that are increasingly being performed by third party specialists If you look for the common denominator across these functions you will note that they all feature repeated rule based transactional services that are normally classified as non core to the organisation s main purpose However they are essential business hygiene factors that can cause major problems if not adequately addressed Ceridian s clients emphasise that the skills to drive these processes were often in short supply in their businesses posed a risk when it came to absence or significant changes in volumes of work hence another compelling reason to outsource Specialist service providers are able to provide reliable access to those skills through economies of scale and focused competence development After all it is their core business purpose The net result of establishing good partnerships with such service providers is that heads of HR can reduce business risk and focus their critical and constrained resources on the day job strategic business partnering workforce planning and supporting organisational change What HRO vendors still have not shown is that that they can consistently deliver repeatable and reliable value from core employee lifecycle events and advisory services Why should this be I suggest there are two main reasons HR has been notoriously poor at defining the business rules needed to document processes and knowledge management systems One senior HR director brought a chuckle last week when referring to tendencies rather than policies in the business Such ambiguity or behaviour does not enable successful outsourcing Service providers assume all customers are basically the same and fail to take the time to understand the organisation they are going to support Service delivery without context becomes disconnected from what the customer needs the procedure may be followed but customer service goes missing Luckily we can all

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/paying-people--proper-process-re-engineering-not-just-supplier-management (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Pension reform – a necessary cost? Where’s the upside?
    the pension providers claim to offer free hub black box solutions that on the face of it reduce the technology administration costs However there is no such thing as a free lunch The piece that is being missed is that these solutions cannot stand alone They require significant interfacing or wiring to render them effective Without timely pay data from the payroll they cannot make the most basic of decisions such as who is to be auto enrolled The devil is in the detail and in reality there is a lot of wiring needed to make these solutions work and in some cases with variable pay and weekly pay cycles they simply cannot work at all Bespoke one off interface work is very expensive so the more wiring needed to make a solution effective the more expensive it becomes both to build and to maintain Due to the volume of work needed in the industry those being asked to wire up these solutions have resource constraints and simply will not be able to service this demand Ceridian thinks there are better ways to meet the pension reform demands and help mitigate these costs on business 1 By tightly integrating their pension solution into their payroll and HR systems wiring problems minimise and one off bespoke elements disappear Also the timing problems acute with variable pay weekly pay are removed 2 Ensure the standard pension solution offers self service capabilities for communications with employees This significantly reduces the administration costs massively reduces communication costs and crucially reduces the workload that will otherwise fall on over stretched HR payroll resources 3 Makes sure your payroll pension solution includes s ophisticated salary sacrifice capabilities without the need to go down the path of flexible benefits as this can offset some or all of

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/pension-reform--a-necessary-cost-wheres-the-upside (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | SaaS – the future standard for HR technology available today
    what these words mean in plain English Cloud computing is used to describe software and data storage accessed via the internet and usually provided by another supplier The best analogy is to think of cloud computing as the IT industry s equivalent of a power station run by a utility company providing electricity to your home or office To most of us it would be madness to consider running our own personal power station when there is a national power grid Cloud really moves computing into the same business model adopted by utility based services such as power water and gas What makes Cloud based computing so attractive is that it is near infinitely expandable to meet the increasing needs of computing power without the complexity and cost of buying more servers and adding more internal IT employees Its use tends to be priced on a usage model much like other utilities rather than the fixed capital costs of internal equipment This flexibility and lower reliance on stretched internal IT resources makes this model very attractive SaaS is the concept of putting business application software like HR payroll financial systems Customer Relationship Management CRM software into the cloud and configuring it in such a way that customers share elements of the software Customers then access their bit of the system without the traditional need for buying and commissioning servers in their offices and having unique versions of the software locally installed Most analysts agree that Cloud computing and SaaS based business application is the future so it is more a matter of when rather than if these concepts become the standard way of using software and computing power CRM and HR applications are at the forefront of the SaaS revolution with increasingly high levels of adoption Salesforce com is best

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/saas-ceridian (2016-02-14)
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