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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | HR News
    combination of achieving a more diverse ownership structure and economic benefits such as productivity Read more Monday 21 Sep 2015 One in eight workers would have to be hospitalised before calling in sick HR Magazine More than one in eight 13 workers would have to be hospitalised and have no other choice before calling in sick Read more Monday 21 Sep 2015 HR Most Influential list announced tonight HR Magazine

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Building a business case for change – recent trends
    implicitly others much more explicitly Over the last year we have seen some interesting trends emerging that we thought might be useful to share The balance between revenue increase cost reduction is changing Traditionally most of the demand is for simple cost reduction More recently we see a shift towards really understanding how HR activity affects revenue too It s clearly helpful in those organisations where people s time directly drives revenue e g professional services or project based organisations but we also increasingly see it where the link is there but less direct e g retail and entertainment Cost reduction efforts are now mainly focused outside of HR itself and the key two we see that cross all internal boundaries include poor process performance and the impact of attrition rehire Impacts of poor engagement normally result in employee attrition and we often see substantial underestimates of the impact Items to consider more carefully on attrition include What is the impact of the vacancy and learning curve time in the commercial outcome of the team operation division What is the diversionary impact of more senior management in the assessment hiring onboarding process Signs of poor process and thereby costs to remove include Lack of measurement of a process and subsequent claims that it s 100 perfect when no process ever is Inactive time in a process from the start to the end might take a week but only two hours of the week is active on the process the rest is waiting for something to happen Rework at particular points in the process usually manual The relationship between HR finance and vendors is getting closer Increasingly we see HR getting strong analytical support from the finance function to consider options benefits and costings Vendors also appear more open to sharing

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/caseforchange (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Ceridian
    great performance each year from those at the forefront of thinking and of delivery in the HR arena and 2012 is no exception Our congratulations go to HR magazine for its leadership and for recognising those people who have made the biggest impact in the UK and around the world We also would like to applaud those who have made this year s rankings and to those who are rising fast The top HR leaders are all increasingly embodying a stronger commercial and business focus than before As David Ulrich said at the ceremony unveiling the awards HR people can increasingly balance the needs of the company with the needs of the people to allow increased shareholder value and also do social and community good It s difficult to see how a good HR strategy on its own can deliver the impact it would like to unless it s firmly rooted in the overall business strategy and development As one of the UK s leading HR and payroll software and outsourcing providers we recognise the high level of expertise commitment and know how needed to even make the short list We are lucky enough to work with some brilliant HR leaders in business that are driving a new agenda some on the Most Influential shortlist We see HR leaders who are embracing technology and new ways of delivery HR leaders increasing quality of output whilst at the same time driving down costs and HR leaders reshaping the skills and capabilities of their own teams to meet the challenges of tomorrow not those of yesterday These people are at the forefront of their profession and their passion to innovate and to make life better is infectious It s interesting to note that from time to time people enter the HR arena

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/ceridian (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Mobile working is an HR issue – not just a headache for IT
    realm of the IT department if they re taking up people s time then it s an HR issue too Many companies I speak to now recognise that mobile working is part of business as usual The demand for collaboration across departments and locations means that it s an issue they can t avoid There is also a wider recognition that mobile working is actually a business issue first and an IT issue second Technology s important of course but not as much as how it affects employees and their personal productivity which drives corporate performance and this plays to HR s strengths Leaders are starting to recognise the benefit of staff being given a choice of devices in order to perform better At KPMG for example while we haven t gone down the bring your own device BYOD route yet we have just rolled out a programme giving employees more laptop and smartphone options So with laptops staff can now choose between three different models and with smartphones there s a choice between three different brands and operating systems It s a clear recognition of the fact that employees value choice and that we recognise different people have different requirements and preferences As I see it there are huge practical implications to BYOD that HR is well positioned to deal with Take for example when an employee is given a computer or smartphone by their employer They ve usually got a helpline for any technical issues and there are policies on what to do if their corporate device is lost or stolen I m not saying that BYOD isn t a good option for some companies but there are definitely questions here that HR should be asking Questions such as who has responsibility for solving technical issues Is it

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/mobileworking (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | KPMG
    of the Big Innovation Centre HRMI Supplement Click here to download the 2011 HR Most Influential Supplement Twitter Feed hrmagazine HR magazine and RoffeyPark offering HR professionals the chance to get their work published and win a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM KPMG KPMG works with leading organisations to create and protect the sustainable value of their business Working from 152 countries our global network of member firms helps

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/kpmg (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Profiles | Will Hutton, principal, Hertford College, Oxford University and chair of the Big Innovation Centre
    Tracy Clarke Group head of people compliance communications and culture Standard Chartered Bank Nita Clarke Director Involvement and Participation Association and co founder Engage for Success movement Guy Claxton Research director of the centre for real world learning and professor of the learning sciences University of Winchester Next 15 Featured Profile His involvement in major governmental studies propels him to the top Will Hutton Principal Hertford College Oxford University and chair of the Big Innovation Centre HRMI Supplement Click here to download the 2011 HR Most Influential Supplement Twitter Feed hrmagazine HR magazine and RoffeyPark offering HR professionals the chance to get their work published and win a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Will Hutton Principal Hertford College Oxford University and chair of the Big Innovation Centre HR Most Influential 2013 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Will Hutton is the Principal of Hertford College Oxford University He is also the chair of the Big Innovation Centre at The Work Foundation Regularly called on to advise senior political and business figures and comment in the national and international media Hutton is today one of the pre eminent economics commentators in the country He began his career in the City as a stockbroker and investment analyst before moving to the BBC where he worked both on radio as a producer and reporter and on TV as economics correspondent for Newsnight Prior to joining The Work Foundation Will spent four years as editor in chief of the Observer for which he continues to write a weekly column He also regularly contributes to the Guardian and the Financial Times Hutton s books include The State We re In 1996 which was seen at the time as setting the scene for the Blair revolution His latest book Them and Us Changing Britain Why we need a

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/profiles/will-hutton (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Dealing with the shadow side of leadership
    research and many years of coaching executives and supporting leadership development our new book draws on insights from psychiatry and psychotherapy to reveal how derailment occurs when managers strengths are overused and how to avoid downfalls HR departments and the shadow side Human Resource departments have a key role to play in ensuring managers throughout an organisation are effective Past research studies have shown that effective managers as defined by business unit performance subordinate satisfaction and subordinate organisational commitment spend 50 per cent more time on routine communication and 30 per cent more time on Human Resource management than average managers There is also a strong case for being able to work with upward feedback being open to criticism and leadership suggestions from staff In short to be effective leaders need to facilitate communication inform and be open to upwards communication Politics networking and traditional management activities are less crucial It is important for HR professionals to play a key role in the recruitment promotion and development of leaders Human Resource departments are at risk of focusing on a candidate s best characteristics their bright side and on their social skills However when recruiting HR professionals would do well to also examine an applicant s shadow side or propensity for derailment Evaluating the dark side of personality e g with the Hogan Development Survey helps when identifying and promoting leaders and managers Being aware of how individuals perform under pressure and putting in place tailored development such as executive coaching can reduce turnover as well as the detrimental impact on teams and organisations Managing and learning from the shadow side of leadership requires a strategic and psychologically informed HR function Leadership types In the book we identify 11 patterns or strands of personality that emerge at different times and in

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/dealing-with-the-shadow-side-of-leadership (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Harnessing the power of HR within organisations
    to stand back and take a hard rational look at the contribution an organisation s people are making to its success Inevitably and rightly business executives look to their HR colleagues for guidance insight and direction in how to make a positive shift In addition those executives also want to know how HR is going to change itself to better support such a shift Therein lies one key to success being able to look outwards and inwards at the same time while recognising the fundamental relationship between the two perspectives One thing that has not changed in my observations about HR leaders and their teams is that everyone is under huge time pressure There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get through the workload Initiatives pile on top of each other with scant regard for evaluating their alignment or overall fit To avoid offending stakeholders it sometimes feels like the HR team s customer service just goes too far Saying no can sometimes add value by challenging assumptions or helping clients come up with better more creative solutions If only we had a way of becoming more focused about how we spend our precious time and energy on the things that really matter The HR world is littered with interventions that either fail to deliver or result in teams becoming lost in the process of implementation blinded to the original purpose of what they set out to achieve At least that s how it often appears to many executive teams and line managers HR s image is damaged further when those same executives and managers have put their own reputations on the line by having agreed to be associated with such failures However with more careful planning and tracking you can increase your chances of interventions

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/research/powerofhr (2016-02-14)
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