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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Accessibility
    8 HR News s Site Map a Accessibility t Terms Conditions Using access keys This website should be usable with only a keyboard PC Internet Explorer 6 or above hold down Alt and press the relevant letter number key then press Enter Mozilla Firefox 1 5 or above hold down Shift and Alt and press the relevant letter number key Google Chrome hold down Alt and press the relevant letter number key Opera hold down shift and escape release both keys and press the relevant letter number key Mac Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl and the relevant letter number key Google Chrome hold down Option Alt and press the relevant letter number key Safari press Ctrl and the relevant letter number key Opera hold down shift and escape release both keys and press the relevant letter number key Structured semantic markup This site s markup HTML is semantically correct using HTML elements for their given purpose Well structured HTML has semantic meaning for a wide range of user agents browsers without style sheets text browsers PDAs search engines etc Images All content images used in this site include descriptive alt attributes Purely decorative graphics include empty alt attributes Font sizes You

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Site Map
    levels of performance and personal wellbeing Employers are ignoring huge pool of female talent says Amey HRD Fine and Dando Graham White leaves Westminster City Council to head up Hr at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Hands on learning opportunities create more responsible business leaders HR columnist Fairhurst promoted to continental chief for McDonald s HR Most Influential 2012 your vote counts Influential HR thinker Stephen R Covey 1932 2012 Jackie Orme CIPD chief executive takes the organisation to Asia Jean Tomlin receives OBE in 2013 New Years Honours list LOCOG s Jean Tomlin brings diversity to the London Olympics Maximise performance by managing your mental battery McDonald s David Fairhurst appointed to UK Commission for Employment and Skills Morrisons HR director Norman Pickavance to stand down in June Most Influential UK Thinker Wayne Clarke joins Ban Ki moon and Ted Sorensen as JCI ambassador Sainsbury s customer service and colleague director Gwyn Burr to step down Sally Bott joins Barclays as global HR director Sara Edwards brings HR to the boardroom table at Orient Express Worldwide Sara Edwards joins Cafe Rouge owner Tragus as group HR director The HR profession Our own worst enemies The people philosopher exclusive interview with Charles Handy The Role of Stress in Developing Leaders Will Hutton launches Big Innovation Centre William Hill HRD Backing a winning business Sponsor Me too or My HR Action points for employers when addressing well being of employees Are you paying more tax and NI than you need Auto enrolment A chance to change reward offerings and drive engagement Building a business case for change recent trends Character KnowHow Impact Cracking the code a gender intelligent approach to developing corporate leaders Employment law changes well intentioned but delivery drives complexity Firms failing to focus on business needs in talent management strategy Growth is not dead says HR and payroll firm Ceridian HR outsourcing fad experiment or value HR process re engineering why this difficult job adds massive value HR systems need to be more like Facebook if you are to meet the demands of your employees HR transformation what can you achieve if you think afresh HR Tried and tested or something new Leadership is changing are you taking the opportunity Link between commercial performance and HR is holy grail Mobile working is an HR issue not just a headache for IT New service models where next On and offshore service blending mixed service delivery at blended prices Outsourcing why and how you should lose non core activity Paying people proper process re engineering not just supplier management Pension reform a necessary cost Where s the upside SaaS the future standard for HR technology available today Social media helping employees feel better about their employers Technology transforms the workplace The 4 Rs of HR The 5Cs of talent risk The future of work living with unequal reward The Game is afoot The value of HR how to get in the driving seat at board level Time to

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Results | HR Most Influential Practitioners 2013
    credibility and pragmatism are good at networking and influencing varied stakeholders and have a strong understanding of the internal and external environment They also have vision They are not just showing exemplary day to day HR practice but are driving the function forward through strong leadership HR Most Influential Practitioners 2013 2013 2012 Name position and organisation 1 1 Dean Royles CEO NHS Employers 2 N A Kath Durrant group HR director Rolls Royce 3 8 Deborah Baker director for people BSkyB 3 n a Geoff Tranfield group director of HR Petrofac 4 7 Helen Giles HR director Broadway and MD Real People 5 n a Louise Smalley group HR director Whitbread 6 6 Hugh Mitchell chief HR and corporate officer Royal Dutch Shell 7 11 Gillian Hibberd strategic director resources and business transformation Buckinghamshire County Council 8 n a Darren Hockaday HR director LOROL 9 n a Celia Baxter director of group HR Bunzl 10 n a Robert Potter group strategic HR director Jardine Lloyd Thompson 11 29 Althea Loderick director of HR and transformation London Borough of Waltham Forest 12 12 Tracy Clarke group head of people compliance communications and culture Standard Chartered Bank 13 10 Valerie Hughes D Aeth group HR director Amey 14 n a David Russell group HR director William Hill 15 n a Martyn Phillips CEO B Q UK Ireland 16 16 Geoff Lloyd group HR director Serco 16 5 Claire Thomas senior vice president HR GlaxoSmithKline 17 n a Andrew McEachern global director of people and talent development Norton Rose Fulbright 18 n a Tim Jones group head of HR London Stock Exchange Group 19 n a Des Pullen group HR director Associated British Foods 20 n a Jacky Simmonds group HR director TUI Travel 21 19 Tracy Robbins executive vice president HR

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Results | HR Most Influential UK Thinkers 2013
    in 2013 Greater detail will follow next month HR Most Influential UK Thinkers 2013 2013 2012 Name position and organisation 1 n a Peter Cheese CEO CIPD 2 4 Cary Cooper distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health Lancaster University Management School 3 12 Adrian Furnham professor of psychology University College London 4 n a David MacLeod co founder Engage for Success movement 5 n a Stephen Bungay director Ashridge Strategic Management Centre 6 6 David Guest professor in organisational psychology and HR management King s College London 7 n a Jon Ingham executive consultant Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services and blogger Strategic HCM 8 n a Linda Holbeche co director The Holbeche Partnership 9 n a Claire Genkai Breeze co author The Challenger Spirit 10 13 Wendy Hirsh principal associate Institute for Employment Studies and independent consultant and researcher 11 17 Rob Briner professor of organisational psychology University of Bath 12 n a Nita Clarke co founder Engage for Success movement and director Involvement and Participation Association 13 n a Chris Roebuck consultant and visiting professor of transformational leadership Cass Business School 14 7 Mee Yan Cheung Judge founder and director Quality Equality 15 15 David Clutterbuck specialist ambassador European

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Results | HR Most Influential International Thinkers 2013
    Name position and organisation 1 n a Dan Pink author 2 n a Gary Hamel visiting professor of strategy and entrepreneurship London Business School 3 n a Malcolm Gladwell author 4 n a Edgar Schein Society of Sloan Fellows professor of management emeritus and professor emeritus MIT Sloan School of Management 5 1 Rosbeth Moss Kanter Ernest L Arbuckle professor of business administration Harvard Business School 6 n a Peter Senge senior lecturer in leadership and sustainability MIT Sloan School of Management 7 n a Amy C Edmondson Novartis professor of leadership and management Harvard Business School 8 6 Edward Lawler director Center for Effective Organizations and distinguished professor of business University of Southern California 9 12 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi founding co director Quality of Life Research Centre and distinguished professor of psychology and management Claremont Graduate University 10 n a John Boudreau professor of management and organisation University of Southern California 11 n a Marcus Buckingham author 12 13 Martin Seligman director of the Penn Positive Psychology Center and Zellerbach Family professor of psychology University of Pennsylvania 13 n a Avivah Wittenberg Cox CEO 20 First 14 11 Patrick Wright Thomas C Vandiver Bicentenial chair in the Darla Moore School

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | The Role of Stress in Developing Leaders
    in challenge mode which optimises cognitive processes such as decision making and learning If however we don t believe we have the resources available to meet the challenge we become over aroused and the body perceiving threat prepares to fight or retreat sending blood away from the brain towards our limbs impeding our cognitive performance To maximise learning therefore leaders need to be stretched but supported Research methods Participants on the Ashridge The Leadership Experience Leading on the Edge TLE programme took part in simulated real life high pressure Board level experiences such as dealing with conflict and high level decision making to mimic the working life of leaders Over two days the programme participants wore heart rate variance monitors to analyse their physiological responses to these critical events including while they were asleep This physiological analysis was supplemented by psychological data collected through psychometrics tests and surveys Simulations as preparation for leadership The study shows that the critical incidents involved in the programme did indeed raise participants heart rates demonstrating that these types of simulations do mimic the stress of leadership experiences We also found that this increase in heart rate was related to increases in reported learning which supports the proposition that moderate stress enhances cognitive performance and learning Being able to practise these experiences is likely to have important implications for a leader s ability to deal with these situations when they encounter them in real life This is due to a process dubbed building muscle memory a stored response which helps leaders to feel better resourced in future stressful situations This in turn means they are more likely to perceive a situation as a challenge rather than a threat and as such will respond at their cognitive peak An appreciation of these processes also helps leaders to understand how their physiological responses may impact their performance under pressure Knowing why your face is flushing and your heart and mind are racing and understanding that this is a normal response to a stressful situation may help leaders to regulate their physiological response and improve their performance in the moment Lessons for L D professionals To prepare leaders for the challenges of leadership development needs to be hard hitting challenging and present the potential for failure Carefully taking leaders out of their comfort zone into the stretch zone raises heart rate and can improve both cognitive performance during the experience and perceived learning from it There is however a fine tightrope to walk between the challenge or threat response and so it is critical that these experiences occur in a safe and supportive environment There are also lessons to be learnt in terms of how L D departments evaluate the success of development interventions Relying on the standard evaluation happy sheet which typically only assesses participants reactions to a learning experience immediately after it has happened is not the best way of monitoring the success of development programmes Challenging experiences might not be well received in the moment

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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Cloud based technology is coming - ready or not
    security and is modern and modern IT equipment is faster cheaper more reliable and more energy efficient It s built from modern software Modern software is deliberately designed to be easier to use That s easier for both the user you and the person setting it up for you normally the supplier although due to easy set up tools you could do Reduced time means reduced cost It s designed for humans first Modern software is developed using tools that allows suppliers to build simple clean engaging screens The best user experiences are substantially more intuitive leading to better uptake from your people and less training required It allows vendors to focus R D spend gets you new things quicker With suppliers focussing at fewer versions of their product they can focus more resources at developing it faster This means that newer ideas get into the product faster and at higher quality Someone else manages updates outages service Internal IT departments are not always the best at responding to the HRD s behest to get the HR system up again if something more business critical has just gone down HR is often second best for right or wrong It makes upgrades easier By keeping the number of product variations down it s easier to move customers to newer versions traditional software often requires lots of testing with ties up resources and costs money It helps the customer because they are up to date and it helps the supplier because they don t maintain versions of old technology You pay as you go Most cloud suppliers charge on a per user per month basis This means you only pay as you use the software No large up front fees and no large fees on upgrades It s easier to budget There

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/cloud-based-technology-is-coming---ready-or-not (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Maximise performance by managing your ‘mental battery’
    do what you do What is it that drives and motivates you to do your job Are you clear about the medium or longer term pay offs in your career and or home life Taking time out to remind ourselves of our sense of purpose can help to regain perspective and motivation in the face of short term stresses 2 Know your triggers Emotional intelligence proves a distinct advantage in the battle to preserve energy The ability to accurately identify situations and people that cause your stress levels to escalate or your enthusiasm to plummet allows you to plan at least some of your interactions for when you re feeling more resilient 3 Train your feedback muscle Giving and receiving regular timely behaviour based feedback both appreciative and developmental has been found to increase perceived self esteem which in turn reduces perceived fatigue allowing you to feel more inclined to tackle obstacles or remain motivated for longer 4 Be clear and specific with your goals While it is usually advisable to play to your signature strengths wherever possible from an energy perspective make time to set out and review specific goals and objectives on a regular basis This allows you to deploy your mental and physical energies in the most effective way rather than needlessly exhausting precious reserves by way of unnecessary tasks 5 Focus your to do list Deciding precisely how when and where you will complete a task or activity can double or triple your chances of actually doing it Plus by knowing what you need to achieve you are much more likely to do it without having to consciously think about it at the time therefore expending less battery power 6 Tackle tough stuff first It s all too easy to put off the tough tasks or difficult conversations until later Perhaps unsurprisingly if you make a start on these while you have most energy in the tank you are more likely to complete them quickly and with a satisfactory outcome 7 Avoid making decisions on an empty stomach Glucose is the brain s source of fuel therefore we are more likely to make better decisions and avoid acquiescence when we are well nourished Small regular low GI glycemic index snacks tend to work best Additionally drinking approximately two to three litres of water throughout the day will keep your brain hydrated helping to sustain energy levels For those moments when you need an extra boost ahead of an unexpected meeting or particularly challenging task something sweet for example a mouthful of fruit juice some dark chocolate or a few grapes will increase energy levels approximately 10 minutes after consumption Proof that the occasional little bit of what you fancy can indeed do you good 8 Take more breaks Few of us regularly secure the amount of rest or sleep we need particularly during busy periods When time is short we often shorten or eradicate breaks in the belief that we ll get more done however this

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