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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Hands-on learning opportunities create more responsible business leaders
    bosses from Costain KPMG Greggs Fujitsu Barclays and Thames Water who then feedback to HRH The Prince of Wales on the collaborative action they ve taken as a result of their visits Mike Wareing former CEO of KPMG acknowledges that at the start of his career the responsible business agenda was not on his mind at all and he viewed having a social conscience as a personal thing rather than something to be expressed in the business environment His change of attitude took the shape over a period of time and came to a head during a chance encounter on the streets of London He recounts I was in my very nice quite large chauffeur driven car in London as I was sat there I looked out of the side window and there was a young girl sat in the corner absolutely white as a sheet with a blanket over her It looked very much like she d got a major drug problem She looked at me and I looked at her and I though well here I am in my nice car in my nice suit with somebody driving me and all the rest of it and there s she a few yards away early in her life and the gulf between us was just extraordinary As a result of this encounter Wareing resolved that he should take action and he was invited to attend a Seeing is Believing visit on this particular social issue Although it was quite shocking it helped him realise the skills and experience he had developed in the business world could be used to make a difference He has since established a long term commitment for KPMG on tackling homelessness John Varley former chief executive of Barclays Group chairman of Marie Curie and non executive director to the boards of Rio Tinto and AstraZeneca has always had a strong sense of values ethics and social consciousness But early in his career he held the view that the main contribution business can make to society is through maximising profit generating wealth creating jobs and delivering goods and services One of the things that makes the Seeing is Believing visits he has subsequently led so powerful is meeting people who are experiencing these challenges first hand What I think the Seeing is Believing visit does is take you beyond concept into reality he says We can all conceptualise a homeless person who needs help But we re standing back from it and we ve not crossed into their space Varley acted on this shift in perspective by taking a leadership role in a number of collaborative multi stakeholder initiatives He became president of the UK drugs policy commission for example and chairman of a gay and lesbian community group in the East End both actions that would previously have been outside his comfort zone had it not been for these experiences The BITC and Ashridge Business School research report Developing Responsible Business Leaders suggests that developing

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/hands-on-learning-opportunities-create-more-responsible-business-leaders (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | William Hill HRD: Backing a winning business
    career structure and it s a community based model he continues It s a high energy environment We are driven by results the shop manager can t control If Cardiff beat Man City as happened on 25 August it s great for us but we can t control it We can control the experience the customer has and the turnover ensuring the customer chooses us over our competitors As a business William Hill is a curious blend of the traditional the local betting shop where the manager knows the regulars names and the cutting edge With online gaming worth more than 2 billion in the UK in 2012 and the growth of live betting it needs the skills to innovate rapidly The live markets have changed things enormously says Russell Whereas 10 years ago you put 20 on the result of a football match now you place 10 2 bets over the course of the game We are trading in the same way the City trades Prices are calculated on statistical modelling and a machine that gets data fed into it The need for online skills means the company has decided to open an office in Shoreditch within London s Silicon Roundabout It s admittedly an odd location for this heritage company a FTSE 100 stalwart rather than a hi tech start up It wasn t popular with some as there is a high cost attached admits Russell But there are a lot of challenges around finding the mobile and technology skills we need We ve had to face up to the fact the skills are there The market is developing so fast you ve got to be investing in it Shoreditch is only a few miles from William Hill s London HQ but a long way removed from Nevada and Sydney The British brand is going global and growing through aggressive acquisition in some of the world s biggest gambling markets The UK business was transferred to Gibraltar in 2009 for tax purposes an offshoring that involved the transfer from Leeds of 120 people about 80 of whom have stayed since And William Hill also has offices carrying out back office and customer support functions in the Bulgarian capital Sofia Tel Aviv and Manila Last year the company entered the USA buying and stitching together three small businesses in Nevada We anticipate USA gambling regulation will change gambling is currently legally restricted so having a seat there is strategically important to us says Russell And this March William Hill headed Down Under after acquiring the Australian operations of online bookie Sportingbet in a 459 million deal Last month it bolstered its presence there with the acquisition of Tomwaterhouse com We are positioning ourselves strategically in English speaking and regulated markets places where we can make a living in an honest and socially responsible way explains Russell We are honourable about what we do and how we do business For most people betting is a leisure pursuit and we are

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/william-hill-hrd-backing-a-winning-business (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | The future of work: living with unequal reward
    HR professionals the chance to get their work published and win a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Friday 16 May 2014 The future of work living with unequal reward Recent entrants to the workforce are increasingly asking if it s really worth the effort to work harder longer and faster They seem to be questioning whether it s worth the effort to constantly aspire to climb the next rung on the ladder Perhaps more than my generation these people care about their work life balance and finding new skills and experiences They re often prepared to adjust their salary expectations accordingly Unlike my generation they do not equate salary and promotion to personal worth and don t all believe entering the upper reaches of the salary league table is worth striving for Promotion is desirable more because of the new experiences it brings rather than increased pay and responsibility Instead they want to earn enough enough to live on and for enjoyment but not what they view as excessive Beyond that they see earning power akin to the law of diminishing returns To my mind this should herald the emergence of a new breed of senior leader who sees corporate charisma as equally important to smart business ideas They will paint a picture of their company s vision values and purpose that is compelling enough to inspire newer generations of workers Attracting best talent We are beginning to see the emergence of this new type of leader in technology related areas In the near future however I think we will see more individuals who can enthuse and attract the best talent and with that will come phenomenal rewards Of course the job of constantly painting an attractive values driven picture will be no mean feat It will also be

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/futureofwork (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | ‘Me too’ or ‘My HR’?
    most important asset proclaims the chief executive officer so often that this cliché has almost become a parody of itself But does the HR Director say it and believe it with the same fervour And if they do how do their actions make the statement a reality The typical HR response seems to be to do what everyone else does individual performance incentivisation competence frameworks 70 20 10 learning models high potential schemes the Ulrich model the list can go on Different HR functions Perhaps one of the criticisms of HR today and one which I believe is valid is that HR functions regardless of sector are more similar than different to each other Yet how can this be the case I believe that if people are key to competitive advantage subjecting them to the same policies and practices as other companies do makes no sense A differentiated HR function and people management practice should be the ambition for enlightened corporations because this is how to create business value through a differentiated workforce the most important asset Just as a well known furniture brand urged Brits to chuck out your chintz in the 90s I would urge you to look afresh at HR I d suggest that you resist the temptation to seek refuge in benchmarks and generic best practices this leads to me too HR I d like to see more differentiated my HR Embrace the fact HR is at its best when it reflects your organisation s unique characteristics using your own data and analytics to inform bespoke decision making Data and analytics Data and analytics are key Applied properly HR analytics can show connections correlations and causality between HR processes and business activities which have a tangible impact on the bottom line For example analytics at one

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/metooormyhr (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Cracking the code: a gender intelligent approach to developing corporate leaders
    than their male colleagues despite the lack of opportunities for promotion according to new research published by the 30 Club YSC and KPMG The research encompassing a representative cross section of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies accounting for over 680 000 employees highlights a number of similarities that men and women share in terms of their career aspirations leadership behaviour and push and pull factors for career moves Yet the study also suggests that even small differences can result in markedly different outcomes It s evident that companies are not doing enough to support and encourage women to get to the top and is this is a critical business issue according to the report s authors To deliver fundamental change in the future organisations need to be more honest about the strategic importance of gender diversity All leaders must show a genuine personal interest in the issue of getting women to the top The report provides 3 key actions that organisations can take to realise the full potential of all employees 1 Unlock the power of data Data today is powerful especially when it links both people and business performance Companies are not doing enough to track individuals through their working life firms need to collect and provide more data to help build a clearer picture of employees careers This type of dynamic data enables organisations to manage their talent pipeline in an informed way 2 Authentic leadership Employees of both genders want better quality more career focussed conversations with clear career mapping that leaders understand and support It is often the quality of the conversation rather than the quantity that is important here All those in positions of leadership including line managers have a special role to play and should be given help and support to enable them

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/cracking-the-code (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | The Game is afoot!
    achieve and enhance our status and public standing An interesting question is how can businesses harness these compulsions to drive efficiency increase engagement and create customer interest Gamification is the key to unlocking these powerful human instincts and benefit from them in the workplace Many businesses use gaming techniques in their worlds already some know it and other are doing it by accident a survey by IBM for the Metro newspaper found that gamification in the workplace is experienced by 23 of people in Britain The sales chart on the wall the abandoned call metric on a dashboard etc However most examples do not leverage the power of gamification fully To get the better results you need to think a bit deeper about psychology and how people behave in groups Some things worth considering include having targets at multiple levels having time bound breakpoints where you start the race over again measureing progress in virtual real time making the progress of teams and individuals very visible rewarding people based on their contribution as well as their results At Ceridian we have used these methods with and without knowing it for a number for years Just last year we employed gamification while migrating 2 000 customers to Real Time Information RTI over one weekend We used a horse race theme the weekend coincided with the Grand National and as colleagues converted customers their horse moved along the whiteboard at each break there was a winner and we started again That simple visualisation transformed the weekend we beat the plan and everyone enjoyed the work You can apply the same methods day to day using existing metrics in a more visible and fun way to drive behaviours Have league tables allow people to earn points badges and move up levels and recognise

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/sponsors/wwwhrmostinfluentialcouk (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | Ashridge Business School
    their work published and win a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Ashridge Business School Ashridge Business School helps people and organisations to be the best It takes pride in working in partnership with some of the world s leading business organisations in tackling the complex challenges they face such as formulating and implementing strategic development leadership and change Ashridge has been the research partner for HR magazine s HR

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/ashridge (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | How HR professionals can build a personal brand
    Here are some tips on how HR professionals can develop their own credible and sustainable brand First ask yourself What are the key strengths or skills you want to be known for and how are you currently perceived Are you happy with these perceptions What are the important professional aspects that you want other people to recognise and associate with you When you think of the image you want to project is it both credible and sustainable What is valued in your organisation How is your style or way of working different from your team members How would you like it to be different Successful brands are built on strength they don t try to paper over cracks You need to first define your X factor as successful brands set you apart from your competitors in some way There are two aspects to brand appeal one is rational and tangible and relates to what you do the other is emotional and intangible and relates to how you behave The first is important because it relates to your professionalism But it is the second that is the differentiator How people respond to you at an emotional level is what will cause you to stand out This is your brand essence Stand out from the crowd with your brand essence These are intangible but will include concepts such as your personal presence your charisma your energy loyalty your openness emotional intelligence your attractiveness as an individual Think carefully about what you want to focus on Where are you trying to take your career You can t be all things to all people this will dilute your message Be honest and realistic in developing your brand Start this process by writing down your tangible and intangible strengths Map these on to what you know the organisation values Once you have decided on your brand personality which is how others see you then make sure that everything about you is aligned with this personality One route to a personal brand is to align yourself carefully with the brand image that your organisation wants to project Another route is to choose consciously to stand apart from the brand image of the organisation and to stand for something different but important to what the brand does For example if you are an HR professional working in an organisation which is predominantly concerned with performance you may choose to stand out by being the person who champions performance through relationship building and emotional intelligence Network get connected When you have decided what your brand image is going to be you must project this Get introduced to people who will find your brand image exciting and relevant and look for opportunities to showcase your unique qualities and expertise by seeking speaker opportunities and writing for the media Consider using social marketing tools to widen your brand awareness Be prepared for challenges In a competitive environment colleagues may respond to attempts you make to differentiate yourself They may undermine

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/research/how-hr-professionals-can-build-a-personal-brand (2016-02-14)
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