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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Emotionally engaged employees exhibit higher levels of performance and personal wellbeing
    enough in itself but we also need to weigh in the fact that people do something when they re on holiday that they seldom get the chance to do during the rest of the year they reflect on their lives and their careers The baggage they bring back isn t just the stuff that trundles around the airport carousel there s often a fair bit of mental baggage too Mental baggage that gets unpacked during September The great news is this convergence of seasonal factors and personal reflection presents employers with an opportunity to re engage their staff re engagement that can benefit the organisation and its employees in equal measure Better still back in May the CIPD published the latest report on an ongoing study Creating an Engaged Workforce it is undertaking with Kingston Employee Engagement Consortium KEEC the conclusions of which point to the way HR can help maximise the impact of re engagement And that s because the KEEC work has parallels with the research physicists have done on the atom for the past 150 years The word atom comes from the Greek for indivisible and since the early Greek philosophers the concept of an indivisible unit of matter had been widely accepted Physicists had a different idea and since the 19th century have been bashing atoms together to reveal their inner structure the Higgs boson the most recent example The KEEC team has been doing pretty much the same thing with the concept of employee engagement taking what the HR community has for the past two decades defined as an indivisible unit and pulling it apart to reveal its structure The difference is that where it will take decades of further research to find a practical application for the Higgs boson HR can begin to apply

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/emotionally-engaged-employees (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Employers are ignoring huge pool of female talent, says Amey HRD
    Amey has called on employers to tap into an overlooked pool of female talent women who have left work after having children Speaking to HR magazine Hughes D Aeth said there could be a number of reasons women drop out of the workforce including a lack of flexibility from their employer when they start a family Hughes D Aeth said these women are often very skilled and experienced and employers should invest them We are all living longer and we are all going to have to work for longer so I think there s a fantastic opportunity to tap into this pool of female talent she told HR Employers should invest in this group in the same way we are seeing with apprenticeships Can women have it all Last week a report from telecommunications firm O2 found half of women think they can t have it all Hughes D Aeth said she agrees and said it s hard for women to combine a successful career and have a family Drawing on her own experiences she said When I first had children I decided to take a step back and go down to three days a week because I d rather

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/employers-are-ignoring-huge-pool-of-female-talent-says-amey-hrd (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Fine and Dando
    of integrating it into everything we do So what does this mean then Talent as our signature is about us running a high level debate about what we need to be do differently he explains Talent has been enshrined as one of our three company pillars the first being strategy and capital allocation and the last being innovation These are the three things that will make up our signature He continues What this means in terms of it making a difference is the way we will differ in our interpretation of talent Most companies operate what I call a generic model of talent management We have turned to a segmented approach going into the business and identifying our company imperatives and then asking how they translate to talent imperatives I have told the company I believe four talent segments will disproportionately impact on the future of the company These are our executive population segment our future leaders our technologists and finally our demand experts According to Dando these four main priorities may or may not change over the next few years but when they do he will know about it and respond accordingly They all have equal importance theoretically although we re not rushing to put our money where our mouth is on all of them all at once he adds Future leaders will take precedence now followed by technologists and our take out teams will begin working collaboratively throughout the business to identify or recruit these individuals Where Thomson Reuters seems to be taking talent management beyond the norm is the extent to which Dando is using this corporate agenda to completely re point and re purpose the HR team too There is no argument that we need to attract and retain the sharpest best people around he says That is the job of every HR department But to do this effectively we need to shape our HR processes around this too I care a lot about having talent at the heart of the HR function s mandate I want to create an HR department that is the mobiliser of talent across the business This means I don t just want it as an issue for our specific talent teams but I want to imbue it in and orientate it to the whole of the HR team By HR aligning to Thomson Reuters four priorities Dando insists he doesn t just talk the talk on segmentation he walks the walk by realigning his HR budget accordingly While it might sound like a recipe for inconsistency it has the full buy in of the top table too We don t admit to having all the answers but we feel it is directionally right for us This way we cease to become a company that may well talk about talent but it is all just talk that doesn t actually alter the business Specific talent strategies will include creating internal centres of excellence and developing HR business partners to support outsourced

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/fine-and-dando (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Graham White leaves Westminster City Council to head up HR at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
    Hospitals is the regional teaching hospital working across two sites the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath The Brighton campus includes the Royal Alexandra Children s Hospital and the Sussex Eye Hospital and the Haywards Heath campus includes the Hurstwood Park Regional Centre for Neurosciences White hopes to relocate to Brighton to be walking distance from work He said Throughout my career I have always sought out opportunities to show the contribution real HR can make I have joined Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust BSUH at an exciting time in its development The vision of the Trust is to be locally and nationally renowned for delivering safe high quality and compassionate care This vision requires the dedicated professional teams to be supported by excellent HR support that puts people first The HR team are supporting the process very well and I am privileged to be able to join them and share their goals and aspirations BSUH is determined to become the regional centre of clinical and academic excellence and I am just as determined to ensure the HR team is part of that challenge I am sorry to be leaving Westminster City Council I have had an amazing time there and worked with an incredibly professional HR team and workforce who have delivered a remarkable set of initiatives that prepare the council well as it now moves into implementation of the first elements of tri borough I know have the opportunity to lead another great team and I am in no doubt they are up for the challenge ahead In 2010 White jumped nine places up HR magazine s most influential ranking of practitioners to number 14 not least because of his decision to publish the salaries of 30 members

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/graham-white-leaves-westminster-city-council-to-head-up-hr-at-brighton-and-sussex-university-hospitals-nhs-trust (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR columnist Fairhurst promoted to continental chief for McDonald's
    a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Sunday 11 Sep 2011 HR columnist Fairhurst promoted to continental chief for McDonald s HR columnist David Fairhurst has been promoted to the position of chief people officer for the whole of Europe for fast food giant McDonald s Fairhurst was previously responsible for Northern Europe and will supervise the HR for the company s operation throughout the continent from the 1st January

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/hr-columnist-fairhurst-promoted-to-continental-chief-for-mcdonalds (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | HR Most Influential 2012: your vote counts
    influential people in HR could be measured and identified Henley examined current ideas of leadership of and in the HR field through a literature review including HR s role both within the business and leading outside the HR function investigated concepts and measurements of influence both externally and internally and looked at other popular magazine published rankings of admiration influence and leadership From this Henley developed draft criteria which were examined and critiqued by a focus group from the school s leadership change and HR faculty Our list was measured against the final criteria In 2010 we partnered with Ashridge Business School to build on this work We grew the sample size for ranking by adding executives responsible for HR at board level from Ashridge s database We also added in qualitative interviews with CEOs City analysts and media commentators to establish an external view of HR s influence For 2012 we decided it was time to review the criteria of influence and brought together a panel at Ashridge Business School to discuss this and to sense check all 120 names that had been nominated or previously appeared on the HR Most Influential list We settled on criteria including personal impact both internally and externally and particularly with the CEO and board in the case of HR practitioners applicability and effectiveness of ideas and practice and commercial impact We also reviewed each HR director in context of sector and organisation size and considered visibility internally and externally although this was less about self promotion and more about using visibility to move the HR field forward There are two main changes to the shortlist this year Firstly we measured everyone against a 2011 2012 timeframe Therefore a number of significant practitioners and thinkers do not appear on the list as their influence has not been as wide during this period For example a practitioner may have moved roles during the past year and it is too early to say whether they have gained significant internal influence in their new role even if their external influence is still high Or a thinker may be holed up writing a book or researching a paper Secondly we decided to narrow the definition of thinkers to people whose work was grounded in academia and who had a cumulative body of work in the field This removed a number of important management thinkers and writers in both the UK and international lists We still believe they are influential particularly in terms of accessibility and real world relevance to HR practitioners However we are emphasising academic research because of the impact that has on change development and innovation in the field Our practitioner list includes people who have taken HR to board level for the first time such as Carpetright s Claire Balmforth those who have increased the influence of HR internally such as BskyB s Deborah Parker and Catherine Brown at the Bank of England and those who have made the leap to CEO in this

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/hr-most-influential-2012-your-vote-counts (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Influential HR thinker Stephen R Covey (1932-2012)
    would be as a teacher Beginning with his role as a professor of business at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah and then as an internationally renowned author speaker and consultant he has impacted on the lives of millions worldwide From school pupils and university students to Fortune 100 CEOs and heads of state he made the teaching of principle centred leadership his life s work Covey was recognised as one of Time magazine s 25 Most Influential Americans of 1996 He is the author of a number of acclaimed books including the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which has sold more than 20 million copies in 40 languages throughout the world In 7 Habits Covey argues against what he calls The Personality Ethic something he sees as prevalent in many modern self help books He instead promotes what he labels The Character Ethic aligning one s values with so called universal and timeless principles Other bestsellers include F irst Things First Principle Centred Leadership The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and The 8th Habit In 2002 Forbes named The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People one of the 10 most influential management books ever written while Chief Executive magazine recognised it as one of the two most influential books of the 20th century Covey received the Fatherhood Award from the National Fatherhood Initiative was named Speaker of the Year received the Sikh s International Man of Peace Award and The National Entrepreneur of the Year Lifetime Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership In 1984 Covey made the decision to leave full time teaching as a university professor to establish a business organisation Covey Leadership Center to take principle centred leadership throughout the world From the inception of that business Covey s focus was on writing and

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/stephen-covey (2016-02-14)
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  • HR Most Influential 2011 | People Updates | Jackie Orme, CIPD chief executive takes the organisation to Asia
    published and win a cash prize https t co PnKeI8Y0UM Sunday 11 Sep 2011 Jackie Orme CIPD chief executive takes the organisation to Asia The move to open an office in Singaporecomes after the organisation found a third of its members reported international responsibilities form part of their roles and current and potential members want and expect more international insight and global reach The CIPD s chief executive Jackie Orme said A greater international profile for the CIPD will serve to raise the profile and strengthen the credibility of CIPD professional membership as the professional badge of competence for HR professionals operating on a global stage to the benefit of existing and future members We believe the only way we can deliver truly global reach and insight is to establish ourselves more comprehensively in other parts of the world Singapore hosts the regional headquarters of a large number of multinational corporations It boasts a high quality education sector and an already established track record in acting as a regional centre for learning hosting regional bases for Western higher education establishments and corporate universities for multinationals It also offers the ideal geographic hub to give us access to the high growth Asia region The Singapore Government has actively supported our plans to locate our regional base there They see a strong fit between our plans and their own ambition to establish Singapore as a talent hub for the region We ll also be working to establish productive partnerships with respected local education providers And we ve already seen plenty of examples of innovation and agility in HR in the region just the kind of examples we ll be looking to learn from and capture for the benefit of CIPD members operating in the UK and around the world This is an

    Original URL path: http://www.hrmostinfluential.co.uk/people-updates/jackie-orme-cipd-chief-executive-takes-the-organisation-to-asia (2016-02-14)
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