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  • This is not Paddington Station – IanVisits
    transport news What s on in London Things to do in London today Things to do in London tomorrow Things to do in London during Feb 2016 Things to do in London in Mar 2016 Things to do in London in Apr 2016 London Calendar Jan Feb 2016 Mar 2016 Apr 2016 May 2016 Jun 2016 Jul 2016 Aug 2016 Sep 2016 Oct 2016 Nov 2016 Dec 2016 Jan 2017 Feb 2017 Mar S M T W T F S 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 15 More Blogs Brixton Blog Cabbie Blog Christopher Fowler City Metric Diamond Geezer Edith s Streets Greenwich Industrial History London Reconnections London Street Views Londonist Reddit Spitalfields Life The Ladies who Bus Wanstead Meteo West Hampstead Life Does this look like Paddington Station to you It doesn t to me and yet what does that clock say It claims to be Paddington Station Thinking I had stumbled upon a curiosity sadly as it happens a bit of googling suggests that this is a generic clock station design and seemingly quite a

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/18/this-is-not-paddington-station/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Weekly round-up of London’s railway transport news – IanVisits
    Blogs Brixton Blog Cabbie Blog Christopher Fowler City Metric Diamond Geezer Edith s Streets Greenwich Industrial History London Reconnections London Street Views Londonist Reddit Spitalfields Life The Ladies who Bus Wanstead Meteo West Hampstead Life A weekly round up of London s rail transport news London Underground London Underground driver is accused of drinking almost an entire bottle of vodka while operating a train with around 500 passengers on board court hears Telegraph Specialist drainage contractor Lanes Group has won a contract to upgrade the drainage and plumbing systems at London Underground stations Yorkshire Post Five Days Of Strike Action For London Underground LBC Crossrail Farringdon the birth of a station The Engineer Crossrail is helping unemployed young people from black and minority ethnic communities to get work in the construction industry The Guardian Mainline Overground Network Rail s 81 million project to replace 12 miles of track signalling and overhead power lines in the Watford area is due to start next month Watford Observer Chiltern Railways says that 200 000 people have downloaded its mobile ticketing app Press Release Two MPs have stepped up their campaign to improve train services for the people of Enfield Enfield Independent Euston station was closed during Wednesday evening s rush hour after a black cab caught fire in the taxi rank outside London24 Boris Johnson asks government to build HS2 link tunnel under Camden Town Camden New Journal DLR The old Pudding Mill Lane DLR station has closed by the time you read this IanVisits Miscellaneous Coming soon A chance to walk through the Thames Railway Tunnel IanVisits Big rise in Tube sex attacks reported after police plea Evening Standard Women and men who ate on the Tube LLB A brand new bus service between Shenfield and Epping via Chipping Ongar and North

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/18/weekly-round-up-of-londons-railway-transport-news-44/ (2016-02-16)
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  • See the other King George’s in the Queen’s Gallery – IanVisits
    Queen s Gallery seeks to answer In fact they weren t supposed to be British Monarchs at all and it was only the regular problems faced by Queen Anne in producing an heir to the throne that sent politicians desperately scurrying for a suitable replacement Protestant being the most important quality and with most of the royal families being devoutly Catholic it took a while to land upon the unlikely figure of Sophia of Hanover who despite being about 50 somthingth in line to the Throne was the top of the list of candidates She rather unfortunately died just before Queen Anne and the title fell to her son the new King George I of Great Britain Not that he seemed that interested in the title He took a while to get to England from Hanover and throughout his reign he never learnt to speak English at all This disdain for the English seemed odd and at the time probably perilous as the Jacobite claim to the throne was still strong and had support within both Parliament and the general public A drawing in the exhibition shows the crowning of the Monarch by the people as vested in the figure of Britannia and law and Parliament in the figure of Liberty who is trampling the Pope underfoot as a reminder of the Monarch s mandatory allegiance to the Protestant faith As Monarch the first King George did do one thing sensibly though he didn t engage in massive spending to bring the English palace up to European standards He stayed at St James Palace and largely left it alone A view of central London from the balcony of the then Buckingham House fills one wall of the exhibition and should thrill most map geeks As should some of the other

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/17/see-the-other-king-georges-in-the-queens-gallery/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Last chance to use Pudding Mill Lane DLR station before it closes – IanVisits
    a regular haunt for the train spotter for it sits right next to a major set of railway lines into central London and is train spotting heaven I stood there once waiting for a steam train only for my camera to jam at the critical moment The line the station sits on was part of the original DLR service when it opened in 1987 but the station didn t exist at the time Planned but not built it appeared as a vacant circle on the early maps as a hint of things to come And came it did eventually in 1996 As a station it feels small and indeed is small but I think the tiny entrance adds to the sensation A lot of DLR stations have an entrance under the tracks but none seem to have been carved out of shallow arches in the same claustrophobic manner as Pudding Mill Lane had A narrow staircase up and to a narrow windswept platform Don t use the lift The new station stands to close to the old and yet seems almost an entire generation away with its glossy finish and huge size If you want an impression of what Canary Wharf station felt like when the enlarged version opened come here There was a huge station with hardly any users in the midst of wastelands The new Pudding Mill Lane station is the same effect But people will come developers are already eyeing up the land for more towers and residents and the DLR station on their doorstep will be a selling point to the foreign buyers who wont know better If you want a better look at the plans for the new station then they are in this PDF document if the link doesn t work seems temperamental mirror d here The new station has an odd counterpoint in its design at Shoreditch Enter under the tracks and up stairs to the two platforms on either side Such similar designs with one key difference There the station is build inside a concrete box because it will eventually be surrounded by office blocks Here the new station is surrounded by glass because that is the modern fashion so that waiting passengers have something to look at other than the person on the opposite platform or their mobile phone The old station closes on Good Friday and the new opens on the 28th April Giving them 10 days to do the necessary and link up the old tracks to the new and apply the final polish to the new roundels At the time of writing Wikipedia seems to be having a bit of a temporal difficulty and thinks the station old station was closed on 18 April 2014 and opened past tense on the 28th April Soon that will be correct but not yet But close it shall and tracks ripped up arches bulldozed and a tiny long abandoned coffee shop torn apart For here comes Crossrail tearing through the land

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/16/last-chance-to-use-pudding-mill-lane-dlr-station-before-it-closes/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Take a short walk through Dog Kennel Hill Wood – IanVisits
    the strangley named Dog Kennel Hill Wood which is odd because there never seems to have been any dog kennels at all on the site Until not too long ago all around here was fields until in 1904 a film studio was set up on the site Not just any film studio though but the Gaumont film company which was such a leading light in the early days of cinema They moved to their more famous home in Shephards Bush in 1912 though and the land was then tennis courts until at least the middle of the 1950s and later playing fields At some point Sainsbury s came along and plonked their gaint warehouse of consumerism on the site and the woodland well that was saved and is today looked after by a local association Today there are a couple of paths through the wood and one happens to be a much nicer route to the supermarket going though the wood rather than skirting around the wood There are a lot of bird boxes up high and the usual beetle bugs hotel down low All in a pleasant little detour Yet oddly hardly anyone seems to use it In fact I sometimes get odd looks when coming up along the gravel path to the supermarket from people preferring the paved path to how nature intended it OK it s a bit muddy in winter but what s the harm in that and quite fun in its own right Then again if more people did use the paths maybe they would be worn away faster I should keep quiet about it Oops Facebook 10 Google 1 Linkedin 0 Reddit 0 Twitter 3 3 14 denmark hill dulwich 2 thoughts on Take a short walk through Dog Kennel Hill Wood Zoe says

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/15/take-a-short-walk-through-dog-kennel-hill-wood/ (2016-02-16)
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  • International Space Station to fly over London on Tuesday – IanVisits
    15th April depending on how much of the horizon you can see and pass right overhead just after 9 05pm To see it face directly to the West a couple of minutes before it is due to arrive to get used to the dark sky then watch out for a single bright star flying in a straight line directly towards you and overheard That s the space station It takes a moment to spot it but once you do it becomes very noticeable You should be able to watch it for a minute or two as it flies over Technically the space station passes just inside the M25 barrier to qualify as over London for my purposes but because of its height it will appear to be right overhead from the ground regardless of where you are in London Don t forget to give the astronauts a wave as they fly over The ISS will be visible from most of England and the flypast last a couple of minutes over England so the times are as above give or take 10 20 seconds Obviously if you are north of London you will need to look very slightly to the southern half of the sky above Facebook 308 Google 12 Linkedin 0 Reddit 36 Twitter 43 43 399 iss space station 7 thoughts on International Space Station to fly over London on Tuesday Graham Tanner says April 14 2014 at 7 20 pm There are visible passes from London by the ISS every evening this week Monday 14th 20 11 20 21 and 21 47 21 58 Tuesday 15th 20 59 21 10 Weds 16th 20 11 20 22 and 21 48 21 58 this 2nd one is more to the southwest of London but will still be visible Thurs 17th

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/14/international-space-station-to-fly-over-london-on-tuesday/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Dr Who and Thunderbirds are Go at the RAF Museum! – IanVisits
    in London during Feb 2016 Things to do in London in Mar 2016 Things to do in London in Apr 2016 London Calendar Jan Feb 2016 Mar 2016 Apr 2016 May 2016 Jun 2016 Jul 2016 Aug 2016 Sep 2016 Oct 2016 Nov 2016 Dec 2016 Jan 2017 Feb 2017 Mar S M T W T F S 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 15 More Blogs Brixton Blog Cabbie Blog Christopher Fowler City Metric Diamond Geezer Edith s Streets Greenwich Industrial History London Reconnections London Street Views Londonist Reddit Spitalfields Life The Ladies who Bus Wanstead Meteo West Hampstead Life In the ye olde days before computer CGI ruined everything science fiction was noted for its use of plastic wood and dubious plotlines The plotlines haven t changed but the model making that was such a critical skill is somewhat less popular A day long homage to the model maker s skill is therefore both a chance to admire the art as well as being a total sci fi geek fest I m flagging this one up early as it needs tickets to be prebooked and they will probably sell out K 9 operator Mat Irvine A day of model making nostalgia surrounded by real life aircraft at the RAF Museum is on offer There will be A one hour presentation on how the Thunderbirds episodes were made including hundreds of behind the scenes photographs Alan Shubrook 12noon Cause and Effect 50 Years of the BBC Visual Effects Department Mat Irvine 1 30pm From Monotrains to Moonmobiles The Art of Mike Trim Mat Irvine in conversation with Mike Trim 3pm The Model Future Talks will run

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/14/dr-who-and-thunderbirds-are-go-at-the-raf-museum/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Remains of an WW2 Prisoner of War camp in Peckham Rye – IanVisits
    there Unlike our visions of Prisoner of War camps from the Hollywood movies while the Peckham Rye camp was indeed surrounded by barbed wire and fences it was closer to a modern day open prison and not at all the sort of nasty environment shown in the movies of their German equivalents There was a joke that the high fences were less to keep the Italians in than the British women out As it happened a large plot of land was set to one side for farming and were allowed out to go shopping and visit local attractions They wore a prisoners uniform and it is presumed there was a nighttime curfew but other than that it seems to have been a fairly congenial way to spend the remainder of the war if you weren t motivated to want to fight that is It might seem odd to have Italian prisoners moved all the way to the UK but they were were initially held in camps in Eritrea but due to shortages of labour in Great Britain many of these men were transported to this country from 1942 onwards to undertake agricul tural work bomb damage clearance and construction work in the cities Some of them build pre fab homes for returning soldiers Rather sadly the last Prisoner of War hut is likely to follow the rest and be torn down shortly as the council has approved funding for a replacement building It might not look much but it is historic so you might not have long to stand there and stare at a curious relic of our wartime past A final side note the B W photo on the display board next to the remaining hut shows the farmed plots of land but the main open grasslands of the park seem untouched That seems a shocking waste of farmland at a time of austerity when even Hyde Park was being torn up for food production Very odd Facebook 30 Google 1 Linkedin 0 Reddit 0 Twitter 16 16 47 peckham peckham rye ww2 6 thoughts on Remains of an WW2 Prisoner of War camp in Peckham Rye Richard Ash says April 13 2014 at 4 04 pm Whether the open grassland was a waste of farm land probably depended on what the soil was like quite a few older public open spaces are like that because the soil was so poor they weren t worth farming Or they may have been grazing the grass same sort of reason poor soils support grass better than arable crops Reply Nicholas Bennett says April 16 2014 at 5 36 pm Fascinating I lived at Honor Oak for most of my youth and didn t know about the camp My father used to talk to the Italian Prisoners of war held in a similar camp on Doncaster Race Course Reply alan bird says September 10 2014 at 1 21 pm I lived in E Dulwich and remember the camp clearly The prisoners wore

    Original URL path: http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2014/04/13/remains-of-an-ww2-prisoner-of-war-camp-in-peckham-rye/ (2016-02-16)
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